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The Insurgency S2E19: The Return (FB)
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Free build for The Insurgency (Galactic Imperium)
About this creation

September 6, 2098
Earth Space

William had left Etrion and was now flying in his starfighter back to Earth. He had decided it was time for him to return. The plan was to find Percival Thane and ask for his job in the IIA back. While the IIA had been the cause of many of his problems, he figured he had little other choice.

Los Angeles, California

Before meeting Percival, he stopped at his house in Los Angeles to clean himself up. He looked in the mirror of his bathroom as he shaved his beard. A news report was playing on his communicator in the background.

Announcer: "The new Governor of Earth, Percival Thane states his intentions for the Galactic Imperium going into the future."
Percival: "Citizens of the Galactic Imperium. I promise you all that before the year's end, the Rerador conflict will be settled and we will be one step closer to ending the war. I will bring our troops home."

William continued listening to the news. He had been surprised to see Percival had made his way into the Governor's chair. He had always liked Governor Sterling but wondered what changes Percival would bring.

Once he had finished grooming himself, he went to his closet to pick out an outfit. He considered going with the navy blazer, his favorite look. This one was new and crisp compared to the old one had fallen apart during his little journey. Then he looked at a light colored trench coat. Perhaps it was time for a change.

After dressing himself William entered the garage and got in his hover car.

In no time he was on the road, on the way to New York to see the new Governor.

New York City
Administrative Building

Inside the polished office that once belonged to Christopher Sterling, Percival Thane sat at his desk looking at important documents on his computer. The voice of his secretary came over the intercom.

Secretary: "Governor, there is a William Nantucket here to see you."

Percival's head shot up. Had he heard that correctly?

Percival: "Send him in," he said wondering if this was indeed William.

He stood up when William walked in.

William: "You look like you've seen a ghost," said William smugly.
Percival: "And where the hell have you been?"
William: "I take it I was missed? Congratulations, by the way. That's quite the move up."
Percival: "Was it too much to ask for a little notice before you just up and left?

William: "I'm sorry. I just had to leave... But I've figured things out now and I'm back."
Percival: "Why have you come to me?"
William: "I figured the IIA would have a new director so I thought maybe I could ask you for a reference or something."
Percival: "You want to go back to the IIA?"

William: "I was good at it," he said as they both sat down. "I'm not really good at much else."

Percival sat silently thinking for a few moments. He then pressed a button on his desk and the door to his office slid shut. William looked back, surprised and confused.

Percival: "What if I make you another proposition?"
William: "Like what?"
Percival: "I am looking for a... Right hand. Someone strong and intelligent. Someone capable of getting things done. I think you might be an suitable fit."
William: "Um... I'm flattered you would think of me, sir. But I kind of just wanted to be in intelligence again."

Percival analyzed William and gave a soft smile.

Percival: "Do you really want to be a spy again? It seemed to me you were never really happy working there."
William: "I was. Once upon a time..."

Percival looked sympathetically at William.

Percival: "You've endured a great deal of suffering, William, much of it at the hands of Aurelia. I can't say I understand how it must feel but I can see it when I look at you. I think there's a rage that has been burning inside of you for a long time.
William: "I don't know why I'm so angry..."

Percival: "You have every right to be. You've been wronged in life. Those you loved were taken from you. Those you trusted betrayed you."
William: "Nothing feels right anymore. And I feel helpless to change it."
Percival: "I can help you. Join me and you will become one of the most powerful men in the Imperium. Together we can work to defeat Aurelia. You can destroy your enemies, get your revenge."

William considered this. Indeed Aurelia had taken much from him. It was time they paid. With blood.

William: "And how do we do this?"

Percival: "You see, I have a vision, William. A vision for the Imperium. It's time for us to expand our empire, extend our reach throughout the galaxy. We must bring order to the stars, prevent these insurgencies from rising."

William: "You have a plan for this?"
Percival: "I do but before I tell you, I must know that you are with me. I must know that you are loyal and that I can trust you."

William considered Percival's words. It looked like the Governor was out for galactic conquest. Working alongside him, securing the Imperium's future was looking like a better and more purposeful option than going back to the IIA. And this would give him power. Power to do the things he couldn't have done before.

William: "I'm with you. I want to join you."
Percival: "Good," said Percival before pausing.

Percival: "It is called Operation: Supremacy. We are going to take System 55. Over the past few months, I have worked in secret, making sure that our troops have been infiltrating the System and moving into strategic locations. They have been met with some resistance which means the people need persuasion to join us. It is time for an invasion."

William: "Taking over System 55? That's ambitious."
Percival: "It is necessary. And thanks to you, we have the perfect tool to use."
William: "The Orbital?" he guessed.
Percival: "The primary weapons system is nearly complete. It is going to be truly magnificent. The fear it invokes will make anyone bend to our will."

William: "So what do you need me to do?"
Percival: "There are still a number of things left to be done here. First we must acquire the Onyx Route coordinates. It is a key warpspace lane to System 55 that will allow us to launch secret attacks on their planets. The coordinates are in the possession of an Imperial defector by the name of Grant Wylom. He's hiding out somewhere in the jungles of Fuyoria."

William: "I'll find him."
Percival: "I have a lot of faith in you, William. I believe we are on the verge of greatness."


The people of a small village looked up at the sky when they heard the rumble of engines. Several GI transports flew above them and landed in a field nearby.

A woman with a look of worry on her face dashed into a small cabin. The man sitting on the floor looked up at her.

Woman: "They've come. They know you're here."
Grant: "I was afraid this would happen... You have to hide."
Woman: "You have to run."
Grant: "Run where? They've likely surrounded us."
Woman: "I promise, we won't let those monsters take you."

William took purposeful strides out of his transport. He was followed by several soldiers. He stopped when he saw an elderly man running towards him.

Villager: "What is going on here?!"
William: "You speak for your people?"
Villager: "I do and on behalf of everyone, I'm telling you that you have no right to be here!"
William: "You know why we're here. You're harboring a fugitive. Bring him to us and we'll be on our way."

The man blinked a few times and attempted to hide his fluster.

Villager: "I don't know what you mean. Now I'm asking that you leave. We've done no wrong."

William's frustration was growing.

William: "We'll be staying here until you comply."

The man frowned but realized he needed to back down.

Villager: "Very well," he said walking away to talk with another of his people.

William turned to two of his men.

William: "You two, search the village. Do it quietly."
Soldier: "Yes, sir," said one of them as they went to find a way to sneak into the village.

William's communicator then began vibrating. He went off to the side to answer the call.

Percival: "Have you found him?"
William: "Intimidation isn't working. The villagers are refusing to give him up. I sent two spies to try and locate him but it might take a while."
Percival: "We do not have a lot of time to waste. I suggest you speed things up."
William: "What should I do?"
Percival: "Whatever is necessary," he said sternly before ending the transmission.

William understood.

William: "Sergeant," he motioned towards one of the troopers.
Sergeant: "Orders, sir?"
William: "These people need some motivation. You got anything that can help?"
Sergeant: "We've got about a dozen flamethrowers and several incendiary grenades on the transports. We can light this place up."

For a moment he hesitated but then he gave his order.

William: "On my signal," he nodded.

The speaker for the village looked up and saw the GI troops bringing out their weapons. Alarmed, he marched back over to William.

Villager: "What do you think you're doing with those weapons?!"
William: "Last chance. Are you going to give us Wylom?"

The villager stared William down.

Villager: "Not on your life."

William looked at the ground for a moment and then reach for his sword.

William: "Not on yours either, then," he said as in a swift move he plunged the blade into the man's gut.

Once again it was feeling heavier in his hand but William convinced himself he was imagining it. As the man's body fell to the ground William raised his fist in the air and gave the order for his men to move into the village.

He had given them enough opportunity. Now they would face the consequences of resistance. All those that stood against the Imperium would face those consequences. Percival was right. The galaxy needed to be brought to order and they were the ones to do it.

The soldiers set the town ablaze. Several of the people were captured and taken away but those who refused to move would perish in the flames.

William watched from the perimeter and waited for Wylom to be given up. He ignored the villagers' screams and pleas to stop. They would suffer. Just as he had suffered.

In the cabin the woman and Grant cowered in the corner.

Woman: "They're destroying the village," she trembled.
Grant: "I have to go."
Woman: "They'll kill you."
Grant: "I think I know what they want. And they need me alive for it."
Woman: "You don't know that."
Grant: "I can't let your people die for me."

Grant stood up and left the cabin with the woman right behind him.

Grant: "Stop! I'm here!" he yelled as he ran towards William. "I'm the one you want, just please stop!"

William activated his wrist communicator.

William: "Everyone stand down."

A couple soldiers grabbed the Imperial defector to bring to William. Another grabbed the woman and took her to the rest of the prisoners.

Grant was pushed onto his knees in front of William.

Grant: "You didn't have to do this."
William: "This is what happens when you betray the Imperium."
Grant: "The Imperium itself is a betrayal! All the things it once stood for are gone."
William: "Save it. I want the Onyx Route and you'll give it to me."

Grant: "You burned an entire village for a lousy warpspace lane?!"
William: "Take him away," he spoke to the men.
Grant: "You're what the Imperium has become. Evil!"

Evil? He wasn't evil. He was justified. The words of a traitor held no meaning to William. When Wylom was aboard a transport, the Imperials took off, heading back to Earth.


When they finally arrived, William immediately made his way back to New York to again speak with the Governor.

Percival: "Job well done, William. The Onyx Route coordinates are being extracted from Wylom as we speak."

William looked down and rubbed his thumb on the armrest of his chair. The trip back had given him time to reflect on what he had done. He recalled his talk with Norri on Etrion. For some reason she believed he was a good man. William wasn't sure what he was anymore. However he did feel there was no longer a place for good men in the world. Good men don't win. Perhaps he didn't deserve Norri's forgiveness. But it didn't really matter when he'd never forgive himself.

Percival noticed William's disquiet.

Percival: "Something troubles you?"
William: "I think I went too far on Fuyoria."
Percival: "Nonsense. You did what you had to do."
William: "Most of those people were innocent."
Percival: "They protected a traitor. They broke the law. They were not innocent. Do you know why I admire you, William? Because you always bring in results. You don't disappoint. You're exactly what I needed."

William: "Thank you, Governor. I... Appreciate that."

Percival smiled. He then grabbed a datapad from his desk drawer.

Percival: "Well your work isn't over. I have a new task for you," he said sliding it towards William.

William looked at the screen and saw that it was a list of names.

Percival: "This is a list of people that will stand in the way of our operation. Most of them are politicians that object to the Imperium's expansion. Make them change their minds."
William: "What about the other planetary governors? Are they on board with this? And the council, how come we never hear from them?"
Percival: "You don't need to worry about all of that. Just do what I ask."

William grabbed the datapad and took another look at the list.

William: "Alright, I'm on it."

William was glad to be kept busy. Focusing on these assignments helped him drown out all the painful thoughts and memories that tormented him constantly.

Over the course of several weeks, William worked through Percival's list. Many of the politicians were easy to convince or made reasonable demands that would win them over. Others, however, would not budge. There was simply no place for them.

William stood over the body of a particular senator in his apartment.

William: "Make it look like a suicide," he said to the squad of IIA agents that he worked with.

In his office, Percival opened a transmission that he received from William.

William: "I'm working through the targets. Only a few left."
Percival: "Excellent work."

When he shut off the hologram, a wicked smile came across Percival's face.

Percival: "The boy is remarkable, isn't he?" he said to the man sitting across from him.

Xion: "I'm glad he's on our side," smiled Xion Corsair.
Percival: "Anyways, we were discussing the army."
Xion: "Yes. I have three legions ready for combat. They're just waiting on your word."
Percival: "Good. Everything is proceeding... Perfectly."


I've decided to split the season finale into two parts. I want part 2 to be released on the game's 5 year anniversary so hopefully I'm able to finish it by then and it all works out. The episodes will be called "Black Hole" and "Fall of the Heroes" so that might give you an idea of what to expect....


 I like it 
  January 11, 2019
Brilliant! You've really painted William as quite the war-torn anti-hero in this one; something that I didn't think I'd see. Really nice work on this one mate; way to switch up the status quo!
  December 29, 2018
Yeah, there were peace talks and negotiations early on. System 55 is still ruled by the Government based on Deltar 5, but there is a strong GI presence now too. Perhaps Percival can want a complete take-over? --Blast--
 I made it 
  December 29, 2018
Quoting --R.K. Blast-- Great stuff as usual and I'm very much looking forward to seeing our plans unfold for the anniversary. Just a shame I won't be able to actively join in with it. One confusion though is why they want to attack the planets of System 55 when the Imperium already has a strong presence there? --Blast--
Oh I thought they didn't..... Well maybe that presence can be increased idk..
  December 29, 2018
Oh, and 6 points! --Blast--
 I like it 
  December 29, 2018
Great stuff as usual and I'm very much looking forward to seeing our plans unfold for the anniversary. Just a shame I won't be able to actively join in with it. One confusion though is why they want to attack the planets of System 55 when the Imperium already has a strong presence there? --Blast--
 I like it 
  December 28, 2018
Very nice, I've always liked seeing the Imperium shown as a antagonistic force by Imperium players.
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