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Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum
177A Bleecker Street, New York City NY 10012-1406 on the corner of Bleeker Street and Fenno Place in the heart of Greenwich Village.
About this creation


So lots of fun details in this one, which is pretty awesome, adding in details is one of my favourite things to do when MOCing, so this was a real pleasure

I have hidden all 6 Infinity Stones in this MOC. See if you can find them all ;)

There's also a couple of Ninjago references in here too, those are a bit more obvious though

So I watched Venom... Don't worry I'll spoil nothing, but I really enjoyed it.

The post credit scenes are awesome by the way, don't forget to stay for those

That said it did fall apart towards the end, which was a shame. But it was very enjoyable and Venom/Eddie were great!

This was displayed at Bricktober 2018. I was pleasantly surprised by how many kids were super excited to see Dr. Strange

To be honest I can't make up my mind about which Dr. Strange figure I prefer. Both are really cool.

Still super hyped for Inifiniy War Part 2/Avengers 4 whatever you want to call it

I'm not really reading many rumors or speculation posts about it though, honestly they are starting to get a bit outlandish... well some at least

Some are fun though, or little things like did you notice this or additional facts and things are always enjoyable.

Also The Captain Marvel trailer is so exciting, I can't wait!

I'm curious to see how Captain Marvel being the most Powerful Avenger will work with the greater MCU.

Marvel does a fantastic job with balancing and scaling the Hero's abilities and power levels, and that's one thing people say is an issue with the DCEU, everyone is very OP, and their powers/skills aren't portrayed to be all that different to eachother, so it'll be interesting to see what that's like in the MCU

That said they have a great track record, so I have total faith in them


Pretty much everything we know so far about The Mandalorian sounds amazing!

Anyway back to Marvel

I'm enjoying what I'm seeing with these leaked set photos of Spider-man far from home

New Costumes look brilliant, and there is a lot of interesting stuff going on, looks like it'll be another great movie!

Oh and I'm so hyped for Into The Spider-Verse, I do wonder if we'll get more Spider-men in it, or if who we've seen is everyone?

I had a few ideas for new MOC's while watching Venom, I might attempt to make a MOC from that actually.

Or I'll expand on the idea, and add in Spider-man or something :P

So I wonder if Marvel will announce lots of movies after Avengers 4? Once that's out we'll have no idea of their line up of movies like we used to have... I wonder how they'll approach that

But yeah, pretty happy with the MOC overall

And that is all folks!

Fourth Wall Commentary:
Some of you may remember the Peter Parker Apartment MOC I made a while back, to this day it still holds up as one of my favourite MOC's, and one of the most fun to make. I wanted to make something in a similar vein, and this was the result. Pretty pleased with the end result :) Now I just need those Marvel Infinity War Exclusive figs, so I can add Wong to the MOC

Up next, more Bionicle ;)

Couple final things:

I have a Flickr, take a look if you wish:

Also check out my Youtube for weekly videos:

And I post pretty much daily on Instagram, so check that out:

Please donīt hesitate with any comments, questions or criticisms...
Till Next Time
See Ya~


  December 20, 2018
the detail is amazing, and all the knick-knacks lying around really add to it.
 I like it 
  October 21, 2018
Great job! I could only find four Infinity Stones, so I'll keep looking for the others.
 I like it 
  October 13, 2018
Awesome work once again! The level of detail is incredible!
 I like it 
  October 12, 2018
Awesome!! All the little details and references are cool! I could only find three Infinity Stones, though...
  October 11, 2018
Yay, multiple comments again! Part 1
Quoting THE MOC
Very nice, I enjoy how crammed with details it is. A wizard is neither clean, nor is he messy, he is in organized chaos. I am not going to even try and find all those Infinity Stones, it'll just get my epilepsy acting up and you don't want that on your conscience.
Quoting MOVIES
And as for Venom, I am electing not to see it. It never looked all that good to me, it was supposed to be R but they edited to be PG-13, it's a Spider-Man world without Spider-Man (how does that even work), and I don't want Sony to win in the battle over Spidey characters. I will see it eventually, but it will be awhile. But I will see Into the Spider-Verse, if Sony did nothing but animated Spidey stuff, I could get behind it if it all looked like this movie does. And Spider-Ham's in it throughout! I'd have thought they'd leave him as a one off joke. And yeah, Avengers 4 is totally Infinity War Part II until they finally release a name, but even when they do, it's still going to be called Infinity War Part II. I theorize it will be Infinity Gauntlet but then that's just one of those things that's going to confuse everyone that wants to know the comic stories. Infinity War (Part I) was more Thanos Quest, and Infinity War Part II might be more based on the Infinity Gauntlet comic, which is totally different from the Infinity War comic. And when it comes to the MCU, I think they are going to try to book end Phase 3 as much as possible because even though there are going to be more movies, if that can be a stopping point for people, it would be nice. If someone told you that you needed to watch their favorite movie franchise, and it's only a trilogy, alrgiht, that's no big deal. Even Star Wars, you have OT, six movies, nine movies, or everything with all the anthology movies and shows. You have options there. MCU, 22 movies for the first three phases. That's daunting. Even when someone tells you to watch a show, you have an idea of what you're in for because it is a longer format, but if someone told you that there's 11 seasons, you're not going to want to, especially when they say, it starts off good, then it dips, then it gets really good halfway through Season 4. I don't want to deal with that roller coaster. Plus, what if Phase 4 and on turns out to be not very good, or half the people can't get into it? At least we closed the story about the Infinity Stones and the universe was restored and we can assume everyone lived happy lives if they lived through Avengers 4. What happens when you introduce the X-Men? I've seen the movies and they aren't mind blowing to me, and I tried watching the 1992 animated series and it just wasn't doing it for me. I might just not care much for the X-men. What if that's all I've got to work with in the MCU because all the other actors are too old and snapping their ankles like Harrison Ford and can't be in half their movies anymore? I don't want the story to fall apart when I've been invested for so long. Having a stopping point somewhere along the way would be nice.
 I like it 
  October 11, 2018
Part 2
Marvel characters seem to be more grounded in their abilities, especially in the MCU. Most of these people don't even have secret identities in the movies, let alone powers. Captain America is just super strong, can heal quicker, and when he wants to, jump a shallow river. Iron Man's all tech. Hulk is super tough and strong. Thor is super tough, does lightning, and only recently has he gained the Thor Force since Odin kicked the bucket. Loki does illusions. Hawkeye is just a skilled fighter and marksman. Black Widow is just skilled fighter and assassin. Falcon is tech (pretty sure he can command birds in the comics though, right?). War Machine is tech. Winter Soldier is just a guy with a metal arm, and he's a little enhanced. The Guardians of the Galaxy are really just people but with some alien physiology or have been enhanced by tech that makes them tougher than people on Earth, Groot's really the only one with so-called powers since he can grow plant stuff out of his body, and I'm guessing Peter's back to being a normie for the most part. Black Panther is enhanced by the heart shaped herb and there's tech with all the vibranium, but no real obvious powers except for when he's also jumping across a shallow river. Only now have we really delved into characters with POWERS. Doctor Strange is magic everything. Scarlet Witch is chaos magic, but we've really only seen her do telekinesis and mind manipulation. Quicksilver (lolrip) had superspeed. Vision's a robot that can fly, shoot lasers, phase through things, and in a way, shape-shift. Spider-Man does what a spider can and more. Captain Marvel can absorb energy and redirect it (I'm not sure, but can't she amplify it, too, since she can also make energy blasts?) and is also super tough and strong and can fly. Skrulls can shape-shift. And then there's all the shows and stuff, too. Everything's going to change though when you introduce the X-Men and Fantastic Four. With the DC movies, we're dealing with gods, but we also have yet to see everything about the characters. Marvel has had 10 years of stuff and they dosed everything out slowly and gotten more comicsy as they went. DC went all in too soon and we haven't had time to learn about the characters and what they do. And we're dealing with gods, I mean, that's not easy. Superman is Superman. Batman is Batman. Wonder Woman is tough, strong, and fly (the jury is still out on that last one when it comes to movies) but I guess she can burst energy or something being part god. The Flash is a speedster and can do some more that we have yet to see him do. Cyborg does tech things. Aquaman controls the seas and commands creatures of the deep (STOP SAYING HE CAN TALK TO FISH! FISH CANNOT HAVE CONVERSATIONS! THEY ARE INCAPABLE OF DOING SO!), and is also super tough because his body is built to be underwater without a pressure suit. Green Lanterns have a ring to thank for their powers, so I'll just chalk that up as tech, but they can literally do just about anything they imagine. They aren't necessarily OP and they are different, but Aquaman barely did anything in Justice League with his powers. Flash just looked silly because it didn't look like Flash and nervous guy humor only goes so far, he should be more comical naturally (Or maybe that's Wally, I don't know). Cyborg should be with the Teen Titans because he just works better there. But there's no real emotional investment in these characters with the exception of Wonder Woman because she was done properly. Batman is acting like the Punisher. Superman doesn't save people or act like he should until after he is resurrected and tries to beat everyone to a pulp. These movies are just all over the place and not fun like they should be with the exception of Wonder Woman. If they got the character right, people wouldn't be complaining as much. If anyone wants to, they can watch the DCAU, or at least the Justice League shows because even though you are thrust into a show with seven characters you don't know about (five if you watched Batman and Superman's shows earlier), and later 5 billion with Unlimited, you learn pretty quickly, but there's also just more time with the characters to know what they are all about and how they work together as well as apart. Warner just focused on the wrong things with the movies, like trying to catch up by too much too soon and reacting to everyone's complaints in real time. And now we're having movies that may or may not even be connected, so the whole thing's a mess.
DAVE FILONIIIII!!!!! I hope he likes working in live action because we might get some sweet anthology movies or shows or something out of him. Come on, I want my Maul and Qi'ra followup!
Quoting THE END
Oof. I wrote too much again.
  October 10, 2018
I left MOCPages a long time ago due to a waning interest in lego products as well as the slow death of the site and its community. Despite having a long list of favorite builders, the only emails I still receive from MOCPages are when you post a new build. My first instinct was to unsubscribe, but despite no longer being interested in building myself, your creations are continually beautiful and inspiring. For years now, I've received the occasional email from the website, and I never fail to show up and take a look at what remarkably complex scene you've brewed up this time. <p> I don't know why you've chosen to remain here, long after so many others have left, but I wanted to let you know that I still appreciate your work here. You're like the brightly shining embers of MOCPages, still glowing long after the fire has died. <p> At the end of the day it's really a little thing but it makes me feel happy and inspired. Thank you Ben. :)
By Ben Cossy
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Added October 10, 2018

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