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The Insurgency S2E13: Impeded Excursion (FB)
Freebuild for The Insurgency (Galactic Imperium). Maybe did too many pictures but the writing is not that long, I don't think.
About this creation

System 54
June 14, 2098

Aboard the Imperial Exploratory Corps' starship, the GIS Trident.

Oliver: "Captain's log, June 14, 2098, Earth Calendar. Because the Imperium's starships are in such short supply these days, we found ourselves running errands around System 54 as opposed to continuing our deep space exploration. After assisting Captain Melville of the GIS Venus on what I have to call a frivolous escapade, it seemed we would soon be ready to depart from this System and journey once again into the vast unknown. Little did we know, things were about to take a turn for the worse."

Oliver sat forward in his command chair on the bridge of the Trident as he listened to the words of one of his helmsmen, Frank Jackal.

Mr. Jackal: "Engineering reports our warp drive is primed and ready for a... Very long voyage."

Oliver: "Don't sound too excited, Mr. Jackal."
Mr. Jackal: "Sorry, Captain. Still need to get my sea legs back. Just give the word."
Oliver: "Punch it."

The helmsman pushed forward a lever and the starship went into warp speed. The voice of a female crew member then came over the intercom.

Ensign: "Captain, Mr. Dryden has requested for you in his quarters."
Oliver: "Thank you, ensign. I'll be there momentarily. Lieutenant Morris, take over," he said to one of his female officers as he got out of his chair and went to the lift tube.

Oliver: "What's going on fellas?" he asked as he entered the room and saw his Chief Engineer and and First Officer with worried looks on their faces. "Everything alright?"

Kane Dryden turned to look at the Trident's entrusted caretaker, Colin Trammel.

Mr. Dryden: "Show him what you found, Mr. Trammel."

Colin showed the Captain a fairly large disk shaped object.

Mr. Trammel: "This was on the Trident's hull."
Oliver: "What exactly am I looking at here?"
Mr. Dryden: "We've analyzed the device and it seems to be some sort of... Tracker."
Oliver: "A tracker? So who's been tracking us and for how long?"

Mr. Trammel: "I only just discovered it, Captain. It could have been there since before we went on shore leave."
Oliver: "Well that's-"

He didn't get to finish his thought as the ship suddenly gave a violent lurch. The three men lost their balance and staggered around the room.

Mr. Dryden: "What the hell was that?"
Oliver: "Colin, get down to engineering. Kane, we're on the bridge."

Colin nodded and left the room with Oliver and Kane right behind him.

The Captain and his First Officer immediately returned to the main bridge and took their places with Oliver in his chair and Kane by his side.

Oliver: "Mr. Jackal, tell me you didn't break my ship."
Mr. Jackal: "I don't know what happened sir. Everything was fine one moment and then suddenly we just dropped out of warp."

Oliver pressed a button on his chair to open a channel to engineering.

Oliver: "Mr. Trammel, what's the word?"
Mr. Trammel: "A large explosion was set off in the fusion core. Fried our warp engines."
Oliver: "What was the cause?"
Mr. Trammel: "I'm not sure, Captain. It shouldn't have happened."

Mr. Dryden: "Sabotage?" whispered Mr. Dryden to Oliver.
Oliver: "Let's not jump to conclusions. Alright, Mr. Trammel. Can you get our engines back?"
Mr. Trammel: "We're working on it but it'll take time. There was a lot of damage. Until then... I'm afraid we won't be going anywhere."

Oliver turned off the comm and sighed. He then looked at Kane.

Oliver: "First that tracker now this?"

Lieutenant Morris: "Captain I'm getting a reading. There seems to be a single starfighter approaching us. Unmarked. It's hailing us."

Oliver: "On screen."

The crew was shocked by the face that appeared on the screen.

Oliver: "Sargon..." muttered Oliver when he saw the snarling face of an alien male.
Sargon: "Captain Nantucket. At last I have caught up to you."

Oliver frowned at the sight of this man. He was a dangerous foe they had encountered on their previous voyage. And it seemed he had followed them from the depths of space all the way to System 54.

Oliver: "You're behind this?"
Sargon: "The work of a saboteur whom I had infiltrate your crew."

Oliver and Kane exchanged brief glances however the First Officer was far too professional for an "I told you so".

The Captain pushed down the button on his chair for the comm and was about to speak before Sargon cut him off.

Sargon: "Don't bother finding him. He's already gone."
Lieutenant Morris: "Captain, an escape pod has just jettisoned from E Deck."
Oliver: "What do you want, Sargon? Why have you followed us to our home?"
Sargon: "I want you to pay! You stood by and watched as my world burned.
And did nothing to stop it!"

Oliver: "It wasn't our place. It wasn't our war."
Sargon: "My family is gone... Because of you! So now you will face me. I will make you feel the pain that they felt."
Oliver: "Quite the challenge. What makes you think I'd accept?"
Sargon: "Oh, you will find that you have no option."

Lieutenant Morris: "Transmission from engineering, sir."

Oliver slowly reached for the comm button without taking his eyes off of Sargon.

Oliver: "Mr. Trammel."
Mr. Trammel: "Captain, our Myre crystal was destroyed."
Sargon: "Without your precious crystal, you have no chance of repairing your warp drive. But it so happens that I possess what you need."

Sargon then raised his hand to reveal a large blue colored crystal.

Sargon: "Best me and it is yours. But if I best you, your ship and your crew are finished. If you choose to face me, come to the tidal locked planet. And come alone."

With that, Sargon closed the channel.

The bridge was silent and everyone was looking at their captain. Oliver rubbed his chin and looked around the room to realize all eyes were on him. Finally the helmsman broke the silence.

Mr. Jackal: "You're not actually going to fight him are you, Captain?"

Oliver thought for a moment and then turned to his First Officer.

Oliver: "Suggestion, Mr. Dryden?"
Mr. Dryden: "We've seen his power before. I'm sorry, Captain, but I'm not too sure about your odds."
Mr. Jackal: "I agree, Sargon is very deadly."
Oliver: "Come on guys, I'm tougher than I look. Besides, don't we need that crystal?"
Mr. Dryden: "It's not worth risking you. I recommend we call another ship to help us. They can apprehend Sargon."

Lieutenant Morris: "Sir... We have a new problem."
Oliver: "What is it, Lieutenant?"
Lieutenant Morris: "We're drifting dangerously close to the sun. It's only a matter of time before we're caught in its gravitational pull."

Oliver: "Great. More good news... I think that settles it then," Oliver said standing up."
Mr. Dryden: "Captain, you're not serious?"
Oliver: "What other option is there? By the time help gets here, we'll be scorched."
Mr. Dryden: "Then we evacuate."
Oliver: "We don't have enough shuttles. Come on, Kane. You know our only chance is to repair the warp drive. And for that we need Sargon's crystal."

Mr. Dryden: "Then I'm coming with you."
Oliver: "No, I need you here."
Mr. Dryden: "You can't go alone."
Oliver: "I have to. That was the deal."

Frank came over with a laser pistol for Oliver. He thanked him and then the crew wished him luck. Oliver then made his way to the hangar to get into a shuttle.

He piloted it down to Iapra, the tidal locked planet. He needed to work fast to save his ship.

Soon enough, Oliver landed the shuttle on Iapra's desert side. As he hopped out of the craft, he adjusted his gun holster and wiped the sweat off of his forehead. The climate of this region was less than pleasant and he still had a ways to go to reach where Sargon was waiting for him.

Oliver squinted his eyes and looked around at the barren landscape. There was almost nothing in sight for miles except for some plants and pools of agru, an acidic liquid, purple in color, which did not evaporate. He'd have to make sure to avoid those if he didn't want to get melted.

The Captain then pulled out his communicator.

Oliver: "Nantucket to Trident. I've reached Iapra's surface. How's it going up there?"

On the Trident's bridge, everyone was dripping with sweat, looking completely exhausted. A yeoman brought around bottles of water but that did little to help.

Mr. Dryden: "Don't worry about us, Captain. We're just enjoying that nice ocean breeze."

Oliver: "Yeah well don't think I don't know how you feel. It's just as hot down here. I'm on my way to Sargon now. Just hang in there."

Oliver ended the transmission and began walking through the desert.

Eventually he reached the coordinates Sargon had given him for their battle. He looked around to find his adversary was nowhere in sight. Then suddenly he heard a voice.

Sargon: "Captain!"

Olivier turned around and saw Sargon standing atop a ridge.

He then jumped down dramatically and landed a few feet away from him.

Sargon: "How long I have waited for this moment," he snarled.

Oliver took out his pistol and pointed it at his enemy.

Oliver: "I'll give you one last chance to do this the easy way, Sargon. Surrender yourself to the Galactic Imperium."

Sargon let out a wicked laugh.

Sargon: "Oh I don't think so, Captain. I've seen your pathetic excuse for an empire. I'm not impressed."
Oliver: "Well... I tried."

Oliver then began shooting. Sargon started running to avoid the blasts. He then pulled out two swords and lunged towards Oliver. Using one blade to knock the gun out of Oliver's hand, he left the captain defenseless. Oliver was now resorting to ducking and rolling away from Sargon's swings.

Sargon's blades cut through Oliver's torso a few times. Without any weapons, he wouldn't last much longer. Eventually he found an opportunity. He kicked Sargon's hand, making him drop a sword. Oliver picked it up and used it to block his opponent's blows.

The two clashed blades for some time. Sargon was far stronger than the Imperial Captain and far more skilled with his weapon.

Oliver was pushed back towards a dead tree. His uniform caught on a branch and tore away but he didn't let that distract him.

After dueling for some more time, Sargon had had enough. He let out a monstrous roar and made a move with his sword that disarmed Oliver. He gave him a strong kick to the chest and Oliver fell to the ground. Just as Saron was about to bring his sword down onto him, Oliver noticed he had fallen near his pistol. He quickly scrambled for it. Once he had it, he fired two laser blasts into Sargon's stomach. Immediately he toppled over.
Oliver went towards him.

Oliver: "It's over, Sargon. You've lost. Now give me the crystal."

Sargon gave a chuckle as he pulled out the Myre crystal from his pocket.

Sargon: "No, Captain. It's you that has lost!"

Using his last bit of strength, Sargon threw the crystal into a nearby pool of agru.

Oliver: "No!" shouted Oliver dashing over to the pool. But it was too late. The crystal was destroyed.

He turned back around to look at Sargon and saw him grin before breathing his last breath.

Without that crystal, the Trident was doomed. Oliver realized he had failed. He took out his communicator to contact his crew.

Oliver: "Nantucket to Trident... I defeated Sargon but... The crystal was destroyed."

The crew on the bridge was shocked when they heard this.

Mr. Dryden: "That was our only hope, Captain. What do we do now?"
Oliver: "I'm coming back on board. We'll figure something out."

By the time Oliver flew his shuttle back to the Trident, the ship was already caught in the sun's gravitational pull and was getting closer and closer to burning up.

Oliver returned to the bridge while putting on the new uniform he had been given.

Oliver: "How long do we have?"
Lieutenant Morris: "Minutes, Captain."

Oliver sadly pressed the comm button to contact engineering.

Oliver: "Mr. Trammel, anything?"
Mr. Trammel: "We've tried everything. I'm sorry sir, I don't know what else we can do."

Oliver let out a sigh and looked at the men and women on the bridge.

Oliver: "Well then... I certainly did not expect this day to go like this. As these seem to be our last moments I would just like to say... It has been an honor to serve as your Captain. All of you have performed admirably... And I could not have asked for a better crew. I thank you all."

Mr. Dryden: "I refuse to believe this is it."
Oliver: "Stubborn right to the end, Kane," he said with a soft smile.
Mr. Dryden: "There's one thing we haven't tried."
Oliver: "And what's that?"

Mr. Dryden: "Eject the warp drive and detonate it. The blast would push us out out of the gravitational pull."

Oliver thought about his First Officer's theory.

Oliver: "Mr. Trammel, did you hear that?"
Mr. Trammel: "I did, sir."
Oliver: "And could that work?"
Mr. Trammel: "Theoretically yes. But given how unstable our warp drive is at the moment, it's very possible it could detonate too soon and kill us all."
Oliver: "We're gonna die anyways. It's worth a try. Do it."
Mr. Trammel: "Yes sir. Jettisoning the warp drive now."

Everyone waited in silence, praying this would work. After a few moments, Mr. Trammel spoke again.

Mr. Trammel: "Warp drive jettisoned. Detonating in three.... two... one..."

And right then there was a massive explosion behind the Trident. Everyone was thrown about the bridge.

Just as planned, the explosion pushed the vessel out of the gravitational pull and a safe enough distance away from the sun.

Oliver: "It worked!"

Everyone cheered and began clapping. Oliver patted Mr. Dryden on the back as it was his idea.

As the cheering died down, Mr. Dryden gave a reminder to everyone.

Mr. Dryden: "But we're not out of the woods yet. Our engines are still dead."
Oliver: "You're right. Lieutenant Morris, send out a distress signal. Hopefully someone's close by to pick us up."

Lieutenant Morris: "I'm getting a transmission from Captain Melville of the GIS Venus."
Oliver: "Open channel."

The dignified voice of Captain James T. Melville was heard over the bridge of the Trident.

Captain Melville: "Captain Nantucket, I thought you'd be well on your way into deep space by now."
Oliver: "Captain Melville. I thought I'd gotten rid of you," he said jokingly.
Captain Melville: "It's unwise to maintain that sort of attitude when you're so obviously in desperate need of help."
Oliver: "You're right. Is there anything you can do for us?"
Captain: "Just sit tight. We're on our way to rescue you. Again."

Oliver and his crew chuckled as they waited for help to arrive.


Extra Picture

Ships created by Kermunklin and Indy Beetle
Captain James T. Melville by Kermunklin

Besides using his ship, I used Kermunklin's Star Trekking episode for some inspiration throughout this post. While it seems his episode was based on The Next Generation, I based mine more off of the original series. If you've seen the show, you can probably tell which of my characters represent the ones from it.

TOS has a lot of moments where the actors dramatically jump around if there's like an explosion or something. While hard to show with still pictures, I sort of exaggerated minifig placement more than I normally do... Also Kirk's uniform is often ripped off to "show off" his body (though it's nothing that special.....) so I had to include a nod to that too.

This episode was meant to be pretty cheesy with sort of generic plot devices. It's something I wanted to do ever since I introduced William's brother. But yeah it'll be a little while before we see William again.... So in the meantime, fillers. lol


 I like it 
  August 13, 2018
A great nod to Star trek and a nice change of pace, especially after he last episode! I also quite like the character of Sargon, and his history with the trident's crew. Overall, a great little adventure!
 I like it 
  August 6, 2018
Very nice! I'm sorry it took me so long to read it, but I like it a lot! Like has been said already, more of a spin off then filler, or anything like that, but still very nice. Looking forward to more!
 I like it 
  August 2, 2018
Yes, a very heavily Trek-influenced episode, but good never-the-less. 5 points! --Blast--
 I like it 
  July 26, 2018
Very reminiscent of Star trek. well done!
 I like it 
  July 26, 2018
Great work! I couldn't help but read Mister Trammel's parts with a scottish accent. I wouldn't consider this filler, though. You introduced William's brother in William's story, so I see this as more of a spin-off series. Keep on brickin'!
By Captain Kenbo
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