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Rebels: Twilight of The Apprentice
The Sith Temple on Malachor, where many destinies collide.
About this creation

So Twilight of The Apprentice! Two fantastic episodes.

A lot happens to some of my favourite Star Wars Characters in these episodes. I'm never a fan of picking favourites, they always tend to evolve each day or depending on my mood. That said Kanan, Maul and Ahsoka are easily up there as my favourite Star Wars Characters.

So this MOC does have a fun surprise to it... I'll shed some 'light' on what that is exactly as we progress with the pictures on this post

I suppose I'll have a good old chat about my love for Star Wars Rebels now actually, why not :D

The overall arc of Agent Kallus is incredible. The journey he goes on is insanely cool and very moving. Where he ends up by the end of Season 4 is very heartwarming.

I loved seeing Hondo and all the other Clone Wars characters returning. Mannnn I had no idea just how important Rex was to me till Rebels, legit any moment he was in harms way I was freaking out haha

Also AP-5 is great. I will fight anyone who says him singing in space is bad. Brilliant moment!

I look forward to hopefully seeing Bendu in future Star Wars material. I'd love to see him in Star Wars Resistance and hopefully even some early Old Republic stuff too. He says he's seen Holocrons joined before, I wanna know what he means by that.

Twin Suns is a great episode too. I also have a lot of love for Trials of the Dark Saber, Sabine is a fantastic character.

Man I cannot for the life of me decide which is my favourite hairstyle/paintjob on Sabine's armour/hair haha. I really like all of them.

Re-introducing Thrawn into Rebels was so lovely. He's a brilliant addition. I just bought my Thrawn novel btw. Hyped to read it.

I need to catch up on the old Legends Thrawn Trilogy too actually, be interesting to see what all the fuss is about.

One episode I always enjoy is Shroud of Darkness, where Ahsoka, Kanan and Ezra head back to the Lothal Temple. Always love watching that, seeing the Grand Inquistor again is awesome, love the decision to make him present at Barris's Trial.

Oh and how can I forget how incredible the Epilogue is. So cool, so so cool!

Man I can't wait for Star Wars Resistance to start, I know I'll cry when old characters return haha :P

Now I have a fun theory. In the original episode that introduces the Purrgil, Hera says that stories spoke of them quote "travelling between the worlds" Now could they have something to do with the World Between Worlds maybe? What if the whole Sabine and Ahsoka looking for Ezra thing is still happening around Star Wars Resistance? Maybe they are hardcore struggling to find him because he's not even in the Galaxy, but in The World Between Worlds... Or even another Galaxy entirely?

I still think Season 2 wins as my favourite seaoson btw

Numa returning in Rebels was one of the coolest connections ever. I loved that

I still want to see all the Seige of Mandalore stuff in an episode format one day. It was awesome reading about it a bit in the Ahsoka Novel. Sadly I had Ahsoka's return spoiled for me, but I freaked out seeing her return in S1

I also love all the re-occurring Imperial officers. Lieutenant Lyste is one of my favourites for sure :P

Still a shame we never saw Cade Bane or Boba Fett in Rebels.

What are your favourite Rebels moments/Characters?

Well that's it for this MOC, yes it does have lights build into it!

And here's a close up of the Inquisitors too

Fourth Wall Commentary:
Star Wars Rebels has a very special place in my heart, and the two part arc of Twilight of The Apprentice is without doubt some of the greatest Star Wars Material in history, and ranks very highly on my all time favourite Star Wars moments. The fact that we see; Vader fight Ahsoka, Kanan be blinded, Maul re-meeting with Ahsoka and the others, and in general having the mass culmination of some of the coolest Star Wars characters, well it's just awesome haha. So yeah, I just had to make this MOC. The moment the first part of these episodes ended, I was very excited for the coming battle, and so I chose to immortalize that scene in Lego. As Maul once said...


Couple final things:

I have a Flickr, take a look if you wish:

Also check out my Youtube for weekly videos:

And I post pretty much daily on Instagram, so check that out:

Please don´t hesitate with any comments, questions or criticisms...
Till Next Time
See Ya~


 I made it 
  July 22, 2018
Quoting MCLegoboy !
Quoting The Epilogue
What if Episode IX ended with Poe and Finn making a test tube baby by splicing their genes together, Chewbacca finds Lando and the two take the Falcon and make more Calrissian Chronicles, and then Kylo Ren lives, not reformed, and runs off to another planet, but by way of weird Force stuff that is nearly untraceable, and now Rey is going on a search to find and help him?
I think that's different. Those are Saga films, they very much are the backbone of Star Wars and need to have very clear beginnings and endings for everything. A series like this though I don't think needs that... Also 10/10 another epic long comment ;)
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Pa'Haka C.
  July 21, 2018
Wowza! Those light up bricks tho...!
 I like it 
  July 21, 2018
Amazing !!!
  July 15, 2018
Really great build with cool lights!
 I like it 
  July 14, 2018
Excellent build! I really enjoyed this episode too! :)
 I like it 
  July 14, 2018
Fantastic job! Yeah, Twilight of the Apprentice is certainly one of my faves too! --Blast--
 I like it 
  July 13, 2018
Part 1/2:
Quoting The Intro
Soooo MOCpages servers can't handle my comment so I'll be breaking it up. I'm going to try something new here and see how it goes, so first... THIS IS RAD! Someone has spent too much time on Bricklink, but it paid off. The floor, beautiful. The light function, neat! The shaping of the structures is very well done. Now on to the catawampus!
Quoting Rebels
I get to just talk Star Wars? (T~T) thankyou...
Quoting Kallus
I greatly disliked (because I am skeptical of the h word on creations despite it working in groups) him in the beginning because he was just the mustache twirling villain and doing bad things for the sake of being bad. His episode with Zeb was great because they both got character and it was the spark for Kallus to question the morality of the Empire. It was fun having him be Folcrum and Through Imperial Eyes is a great episode because not only does it help him, it also expands on the Empire, which I would like to know more about because not everyone is evil and they are always just treated as the worst thing ever and they might actually not be all that bad but we never get to see more than the fights with the rebels. #theempiredidnothingwrong #rebelsarethebadguys And Kallus making it through to see that he didn't wipe out the Lassat was nice. The bromance between Kallus and Zeb is nice, I just wish we got to see more of it because we see Kallus for a hot two seconds on Yavin and then he's in the finale. :1 You spent so much time making him good and then we don't see how he functions with the Rebels within their company.
Quoting Clone Wars Characters in Rebels
This has bugged me and not bugged me. On the one hand, they are great characters, and on the other, they always stole the spotlight from the main cast and that took away from their character development. But yes, Hondo makes everything better, and I felt connected to Rex, but even more in Rebels because he was one of the few clones left that we know of, and losing him would be rough. I was never asking for Cad Bane or Boba Fett in the show, although I would have loved it. I never ask for things in Star Wars per say, or I guess what I mean is that I never ask for things and expect them to come true. The Last Jedi wasn't ruined for me because I was not asking for wise old man Luke and making Ahch-To a Dagobah 2.0, and I actually like grumpy Luke. Cad Bane in Rebels would be interesting, like what if he was working with Saw Garerra? What if Bounty Hunting under the Empire didn't pan out for him and he had to find work another way? Or maybe he's just as bad as ever and we had him as a major threat for an episode. Oh well, wish not, want not, and you have more pleasure in what is gifted.
Quoting AP-5
Him singing in space works! He's such a bombastic character, it just works. C-3PO singing? I think he'd be too uptight. AP-5, although very calculating, his personality is more crass and being in solace finally just let his servers relax.
Quoting The Bendu
I imagine there would be a comic or novel some point down the line. Ahsoka is getting a sequel novel, and there is that concept art of Ahsoka meeting Bendu, so don't give up hope on seeing him again in some capacity. Bendu is on Atollon because it was quiet and peaceful. What if he meets Ahsoka on another world? He showed to be of some connection with the Force to shapeshift, and with The World Between Worlds, he could have found a way to move from planet to planet to be left alone and change his form to blend into the scenery.
Quoting Sabine as a seemingly fantasic character
Eh... I disagree. I don't really like her that much because she's grown up but not grown up, saying things that don't need to be said (I'll blame the demographic and the writers doing that but still), she's every type of thing to make a strong female character crammed into one. Trials of the Darksaber is good and so is the next episode, but then Sabine comes back to the show, and I'm thinking, "NO! Save Mandalore and leave the group. Your character got elevated enough to be left to finish your story that is important here, but left open for the other people that care." The Mandalore episodes at the beginning of Season 4 are rough and I'll blame the show being on Disney XD for not being as grizzly as it should have been considering what we got in The Clone Wars, but also the whole Duchess weapon and how it functions feels like lazy writing to me. It can target Mandalorian armor? No, give all the Imperial forces on Mandalore a personal shield that can protect them while the machine's going at it and then it acts more like the Defoliator Canon and taking out all living things instead of being very specific magnet lightning. Even Bo-Katan acted out of character to me. The thing is called The Dutchess and she flips out because Sabine named it "after her sister" when that is a generic term and it being called The Satine or The Kryze would be something specific and actually disrespectful. That's like getting mad at something being called The Widow Maker and you're a widow by means of something unrelated to it. But back to Sabine, she's a great character design and I think that Season 2 looked the best. The blue hair works the best and is used in promotional material the most like Forces of Destiny, and that is followed be Season 4. Super short hair at the end also works.
 I like it 
  July 13, 2018
Part 2/2:
Quoting Thrawn
Good character, I hear that he was not made as cold and calculating as he was in Legends or in anything by Timothy Zahn in Canon, but again, Disney XD. I liked what I saw, so I am interested in more stories, but I am more of a movie and television guy when it comes to my Star Wars, so until Resistance (maybe) I won't know what happens to him until Star Wars Explained reads the story that concludes his story.
Quoting Inquisitors
I hear there are good things about them in the current run of the Darth Vader comic, so consult that for more about them.
Quoting The Epilogue
Good and not good. Nice conclusions for Hera, Rex, Zeb, and Kallus. Great intrigue for Ahsoka, Sabine, Ezra, and Thrawn. Disappointed that it wasn't 100% contained because now we are going to get bleed in on Resistance because I can't see them going outside television to finish these characters' stories, and unfortunately, although we don't have a trailer yet, I am only interested in Resistance for what I want which is conclusion to those characters' stories, which is not the premise of the show. We're going to have to wait forever to do that. Filoni wanted to end a show on his terms, but there are threads that are left hanging. What if Episode IX ended with Poe and Finn making a test tube baby by splicing their genes together, Chewbacca finds Lando and the two take the Falcon and make more Calrissian Chronicles, and then Kylo Ren lives, not reformed, and runs off to another planet, but by way of weird Force stuff that is nearly untraceable, and now Rey is going on a search to find and help him? That's not an ending to end the Skywalker story because Kylo Ren is still out there and he had no resolution. Ezra grew up, and blasting off into nothingness is interesting, but then Filoni had to say that he is alive. And Ahsoka was doing nothing for a few years when she would be greatly appreciated, so what's up with that? And to touch on Sabine again, why did she stay on Lothal? Yeah, she was supposed to do something for Ezra, but Mandalore was not saved by destroying that one Star Destroyer. Bo-Katan is in charge and all the clans are banded together, but it's still your home, Sabine, and you want to go back and fight and continue to try to right your wrongs for your own personal cleansing.
Quoting Pergil
I like them. I never had a problem with them, and I didn't know a lot of people did, so now they're like The Last Jedi and being a big middle finger to the haters because they were relevant after all. Fantastic use. It's possible they went to the unknown regions, were a lot of people thorize Snoke is from. And in Legends, there is an alien species from another galaxy called the Yuuzhan Vong and they invade way later beyond the time of Return of the Jedi and interrupt a second Galactic Civil War that forces the opposing forces of that war to unite and fight the Yuuzhan Vong. There's still a chance that they could be introduced because there were some concepts for them to be in The Clone Wars for an arc. So Ezra and Thrawn may have had to work together to survive wherever they are, even if the threat is not the Yuuzhan Vong. As for traveling through The World Between Worlds... no. That seems like a very specific thing with very specific rules in how to access it.
Quoting Seasons of Shows and Story Arcs
Season 2 might be the best Season, but I think there are some better stories that happen in later Seasons. By that I mean that cohesively and Season 2 is better, but Season 4 was mostly one large arc, and it just got better with each episode. And I would love to see visualizations of those Clone Wars stories. I want to see Mandalore, I want to see Kashyyk, I want to see fully rendered Utapau and Bad Batch, I want to see Plo Koon and Babysoka, and I want to see Maul's story work it's way to where we saw him in Solo. And then I want an additional two Seasons that start at the end of Episode II and lead right into the Clone Wars movie. I want to see long haired Obi-Wan again because lol, and I want to see Anakin get knighted. Basically, take some of Genndy's Clone Wars and recanonize it. And then in Resistance, I do want there to be a good flow into the hanging threads from Rebels, but it won't be much of a shock as Ahsoka's reveal in Season 1. I never expected her, I thought she was forever gone from Star Wars, and you missed out on a truly wonderful moment because you were spoiled.
Quoting Favorite Characters and Moments
Hands down, I love Hera. It's weird, but she might be my first animation crush because I have heard of that before and dismissed it as being deviant and weird, but man, she is such a good cahracter. Still weird though because she's the mom and I was shipping her with Kanan just like everyone else, but man, she's the best. Character design rocked, too. I also like the Seventh Sister because she was weirdly sensual and seductive, her design was great, and I love the parrot droids she has. As for moments, Ahsoka's return in A World Between Worlds. I was never in the camp that thought she was dead because we clearly see her walk down stairs into that doorway, and Star Wars doesn't do symbolism like that to represent someone dying, at least not to my knowledge, so that said she was alive, but badly wounded like Vader. Then BAM! TIME TRAVEL IN STAR WARS BUT IT WORKED AND I WASN'T MAD! I don't know how they did it but I was pleasantly surprised, and happy with how it was done. Ahsoka was again out of the picture to me because I was fine with her being trapped on Malachor, and then we saw her one last time (until we saw her one more last time.) I never thought I would be a big Ahsoka fan, but Dave found a way to get me wrapped around his finger and I am beholden to him until we get a conclusion to Ahsoka's story.
Quoting THE END
 I like it 
  July 13, 2018
Dude, that build is great! I love the lights, the minifigures, all of it! That was DEFINITELY my favorite part of Rebels. I certainly enjoyed Clone Wars WAAAAAY more, but Rebels was OK. I need a poster of that shot of Vader walking out of the smoking temple.
  July 13, 2018
Rebels was pretty good. Not my favorite though. I honestly didn’t care for bendu’s look (maybe a more human-esque design would’ve interested me). Excellent recreation of the scene, overall. EDIT: as for favorite rebels moments, the evacuation/battle at chopper base was awesome. I love naval battles. The scene where all the X-Wings were crashing as burning fireballs in Siege Of Lothal was cool too. Kanan’s Death was touching. The world between worlds was interesting, though, to be honest, I’m glad it blew up.
  July 13, 2018
One of the all time great scenes in star wars history!
 I like it 
  July 13, 2018
Yeah man this is awesome. Never expected a moc from this scene. Also did not expect a light up floor just made it that much better
 I like it 
  July 13, 2018
Oh my goodness... That floor is fantastic! Then you went and lit it up and made it 3x better. Awesome job!
 I like it 
  July 13, 2018
Love it! those lights make a huge difference!also, you got carried away again... :P
 I like it 
  July 13, 2018
Great job Ben! Nice addition of the lights!
 I made it 
  July 13, 2018
Quoting Silver Sword05 Quick question: Is there an interior?
I considered it, but no. The interior houses the controls to the lighting stuff. Otherwise it's basically hollow in there.
 I like it 
  July 13, 2018
I haven't actually seen Rebels but at this point it's literally impossible to avoid spoilers xD STUNNING MOC! The fact that it lights up is MINDBLOWING. Great job all around, even when it comes to the frozen Sith. I have no words (Does that make sense? I say that half-way through the comment xP). There is no criticism... Quick question: Is there an interior?
 I made it 
  July 13, 2018
Quoting Cameron Wilson Also, what are those lightsaber hilt pieces that Ahsoka has?
They are the official Sabers she has in the set she appears in :) Thanks for your kind words everyone! Good to hear your favourite Rebels Moments too ;)
 I like it 
  July 13, 2018
This is absolutely stunning Ben! The whole design and architecture is incredible and the fact that it lights up is awesome too! I love the translucent red details everywhere and I also love the way you made the holocron! The two custom inquisitors are great too. Those are probably the pieces that I would have used were I to make them. That being said, I do have most of those pieces so I might make them at some point! I was thinking of building something like this a while ago but a lot smaller. I was just going to have Ezra and Maul holding up the doors. Anyway, fantastic job on this! Also, what are those lightsaber hilt pieces that Ahsoka has?
 I like it 
  July 13, 2018
That is incredible!
  July 13, 2018
Your moc is fantastic! It excellently recreates the sith temple. For Favorite Rebels moments, I really liked the theft of the Y-Wings, The B-wing prototype,the fact that Kanan regained his sight literally a second before he died, Anything with Hando, anything with Lando,anything with rex, and anything with Saw Gerrera, the infiltrator droid, The X-wing Battle Over Lothal, The Emperor's hologram shifting between his Palpatine look and his true look,Governor Ryder, the Fact that bearded guy in Return of the Jedi has been retconned into being rex, the Tie Defender theft, the points you brought up, and basically any other Star wars Rebels moment. I also really liked how much stuff from rebels was based upon concept art for the original Trilogy, like the A-wings, The At-DP, both the Lothal astromech and protocol Droids, The ghost, ect Oh, and as good a movie as it is, Solo ain't got nothing on Darth Maul.
By Ben Cossy
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Added July 13, 2018

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