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The Insurgency S2E7: The Man from I.I.A. Part 1 (FB)
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Freebuild for The Insurgency (Galactic Imperium)
About this creation

March 4, 2098

In the atmosphere of Rerador was a large Imperial Victorious-class cruiser - the INV Defender. From its safe position in the skies, it monitored the activity on the planet below. Specifically the revolutionary war, between Qoter Imperial soldiers and the miner population, that was raging over much of the planet.

On the bridge, Captain Tyden Gallius and some other officers observed a battle on a holotable.

Tyden: "The miners are putting up a far better fight than I anticipated."
Officer Jalpa: "It's the tanks they stole from that base last week. It gave them an edge."

Gallius' Lieutenant, Elias Zal, stared frustrated at the holotable for some time before deciding to speak.

Elias: "I don't understand. If we initiate an orbital bombardment, this petty revolution would be over in an instant."
Tyden: "An excellent thought, Elias. Let us annihilate all of our miners. They weren't much use anyways," he spoke sarcastically as the other officer snickered.

Elias: "At least we'd be doing something! But that's right, you always prefer to sit in the skies, twiddling your thumbs."
Tyden: "Settle down, son."
Officer Jalpa: "Perhaps he's planning another mutiny."
Tyden: "You're not doing anything like that, are you Elias? I thought you'd learned your lesson last time."

Elias groaned and clenched his fist.

Elias: "You'll be retiring soon, old man. Then I'll be captain. And I'll never waste my time like this," he said before storming out of the bridge.

Tyden looked at the officer and raised his brow.

Officer Jalpa: "How delusional of him. Why do you bother to keep him around? Even after his little attempted mutiny?"
Tyden: "He's got a lot to learn. Especially about respecting authority. But I think I can make something of of him."

Then a female crew member's voice came over the intercom on the bridge.

Crew: "Captain, the Admiral has a message for you in your office."
Tyden: "I'll be right there."

The Captain wasted no time heading to his office. It was a few decks below the main bridge so it was a bit of a walk on a ship this size.

Once inside, he saw a hologram of Admiral Grenetch Hartway already projected in front of his desk. Hartway was in command of the fleet that included Gallius' ship.

Tyden: "Admiral, sorry to keep you waiting."
Grenetch: "Not at all, Tyden. How goes the Rerador campaign?"
Tyden: "Commander Elun has his work cut out for him. I have to say, I think I'd rather be fighting Aurelians than our own people."
Grenetch: "I agree, it's unfortunate. But I have new orders for you, Tyden."
Tyden: "Sir?"

Grenetch: "A very large object has suddenly appeared behind Tirunei. We don't know what it is, it has never been seen before. Very curious how it got there..."
Tyden: "Near Tirunei? I remember hearing of some gravitation anomalies around that planet..."

Grenetch: "Possibly it is related. Because the Defender is the closest ship, I want you to investigate the object."
Tyden: "We'll head there immediately."
Grenetch: "Be careful Tyden. We don't know what we're dealing with here."

The Captain returned to the main bridge to inform the crew of their new mission.

Tyden: "Attention, all crew. The Defender has a new assignment. A mysterious object has appeared behind the gas giant, Tirunei, and we are to investigate. Prepare for immediate departure."

Soon the dreadnought made a quick warp jump to the coordinates the Admiral had sent. Upon their arrival, they were met with a terrible sight.

Officer 1: "Captain, two Aurelian Cartographers dead ahead!"
Tyden: "Blast! They beat us to it. Shields up, evasive maneuvers!"

It didn't take long for the Aurelian cruisers to detect them and begin an artillery barrage. Fortunately the Defender's shields were holding. For now.

Officer 2: "They've opened fire. Shields holding."

Tyden: "Elias, call for reinforcements."

The Lieutenant nodded and went to a terminal.

Officer Jalpa: "We're outgunned here. I suggest we retreat."
Tyden: "We have our orders. If this object is of any value, we can't let it fall into their hands."

Elias: "Reinforcements are on the way. Our shields won't hold forever," he said returning to the Captain's side.

Officer 1: "Shields at 70 percent and dropping!"

Tyden made some quick calculations in his head before giving his next orders. If they just stayed there, eventually their shields would be gone. They had to try fighting back.

Tyden: "We need to go on the offensive. Forward batteries, concentrate fire on their main bridges."
Officer 2: "We can't fire with the shields up."
Tyden: "Lower shields. Fire forward batteries."
Officer 2: "Lowering shields!"

Officer Jalpa: "Are you sure about that, Captain?"
Tyden: "We need to hold them off until help arrives."

Officer 3: "Captain, Blaze Squadron is standing by."
Tyden: "Tell them to deploy."

A swarm of CX-22 starfighters flew out of the Defender's hangars.

They whizzed around the Aurelian ships, shooting at different critical points. The fighters were compensating for the fact that there were two Aurelian ships while the Imperium had one. The Cartographers would have little trouble decimating the Defender.

Officer 1: "They're gonna tear us to shreds without those shields!"
Tyden: "We just need to hold out for a little longer."

A few seconds later something odd happened.

Officer 3: "They've stopped firing."

Tyden looked out of the view screens and scrunched his brow. Why would they do that?

Officer 3: "Message from the Admiral. He's telling us to stop firing as well."
Officer Jalpa: "A cease fire? What for?"
Tyden: "Call back the fighters and deactivate the batteries. And bring the shields up again."

Elias: "What's going on?"
Tyden: "I wish I knew. Have we got a fix on the object? Can anyone tell me what it is?"

Officer 1: "Looks like some sort of space station."
Tyden: "Turn us 45 degrees starboard, I want it in our sights."

Everyone looked out of the screens as the object came into view.

Tyden: "Scan it for everything. I want to know all that we can find out."

Gothenburg, Sweden
Slottsskogen Park

The Director of the Resistance Intelligence Service, Irina Volkov, sat casually on a park bench. She did not immediately turn her head as a man came and sat down next to her. It was Arthur.

Irina: "Arthur, my darling, I have missed you," she spoke in her soft voice with noticeable Russian accent as she looked at the IIA Director.

Arthur: "Irina. I am very cross with you," he said sitting next to her.
Irina: "What ever for?"
Arthur: "Are you joking? You destroyed my building! I've had to work out of what's essentially a shed for the last week."
Irina: "Oh, that. Well you were holding one of my men prisoner. I needed him back."

Arthur: "Hmph," Arthur said sulking.
Irina: "Darling, what do you expect? We are at war. Although I must say... Not a day goes by when I don't think of you."

Arthur's eyes widened and he nervously cleared his throat.

Arthur: "Is that... So?"
Irina: "Da. Do you remember all those nights in Tangier? Madrid?"
Arthur: "We worked well together back then."
Irina: "I wish we could now."
Arthur: "Perhaps things could've been different had you not run off to join Corvin."
Irina: "Perhaps they could've been different if you'd come with me."

Arthur: "We both knew that was never going to happen."
Irina: "Hmm. Well enough dwelling on the past. Do you know why I asked to meet?"

Arthur: "Something about that object behind Tirunei. Those destroyers nearly tore each other apart getting to it."
Irina: "All of them have been called back so more qualified people can take a look. Do you know what it is?"

Arthur: "Some sort of space station, I've been told. Very old by the looks of it. Hidden, up until now I'm assuming by some sort of cloaking technology."

Irina: "I have a theory."
Arthur: "Do tell."
Irina: "It's the weapon that Qoter hid. Project Salvation."
Arthur: "So you found out about it too. I take it that's what you were digging for in our server farms."
Irina: "And why I needed Victor Vardos back. He discovered some intel. The prophecy behind it. The prophecy about William Nantucket."

Arthur: "According to the prophecy, he will deliver it to us."
Irina: "He mustn't. Think, Arthur. If the rumors are true, this could be a weapon with immense destructive power. Qoter hid it for a reason. To use it could mean the death of millions."

Arthur: "What it takes to end a war."
Irina: "But at what cost? It might not kill soldiers alone. What of the innocent? What of the children? Would you give this weapon to the Imperium high command? You know they will use it."

Arthur said nothing for a moment.

Irina: "I know you better than that, Arthur. I know you care."
Arthur: "Are you proposing something then?"

Irina: "An alliance between our agencies. Just for this. We destroy the weapon so neither Aurelia nor the Imperium gets a hold of it."
Arthur: "Destroy it?"

Irina: "It's the only way."
Arthur: "Alright. But how?"
Irina: "We send two agents there. They'll blow it from the inside. However there is one complication..."
Arthur: "What?"

Irina: "It's going to be hard to get inside the station."
Arthur: "Ah, yes. You're talking about the molecular fusion lock?"
Irina: "A key of any shape can fit as long as it is made of the right material."
Arthur: "Have you found out what material it needs?"
Irina: "It could be anything."

Arthur: "No, not anything. Whoever built that station must have been a clever bunch. They went through a lot of trouble to make sure no one found it. But they knew their cloaker wouldn't last forever. So in case it was uncovered, they'd make it extra hard to get inside."

Irina: "Well, yes, obviously they have. What is your point?"
Arthur: "A lock on the entrance. Anything to make access difficult. Not quite impossible, but very close to it. For such a lock, it'd have to be a very special key. Oh this is good..."

Irina: "What is?"
Arthur: "I too have a theory, Irina. A lock that's next to impossible to open that has a key that's next to impossible to acquire. Something rare... Perhaps... Quirium?"
Irina: "That's one of the the rarest elements in this system. The only source I know of is that monument in Knightborn."

Arthur: "Yes."
Irina: "But the sword is stuck. No one can lift it."
Arthur: "It's not stuck anymore. William lifted it."
Irina: "Of course he did."
Arthur: "The impossible key that only he can use. He is fulfilling the prophecy."
Irina: "Which ends with Salvation in Imperial hands. It needs to be destroyed, Arthur."
Arthur: "It will be. That part of the prophecy will just have to be wrong."

Irina: "Very well. So now what?"
Arthur: "Now we get our boys," Arthur said with a smile.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

A little boy sat sadly on the steps outside of a boarding school. The last day of class had ended and all the other children had gone home for the summer. Except for him. The boy looked up when he heard the sound of a hover car approaching him.

George Nantucket pulled up to the side of the curb and looked at his son.

George: "Hey, kiddo," he said amiably.

William looked at his father, keeping the dejected look on his face. He noticed there was a young woman sitting in the passenger seat.

William: "Who's that?"
George: "She's my friend."
Woman: "Hi sweetie," said the woman trying to be friendly. But the truth was she couldn't stand kids.
George: "You gonna stand there all day? Get in."
William: "I've been standing here. School ended hours ago."

George: "So what, I'm late? Well sorry if I had better things to do. You should be grateful that I'm even here."

William didn't respond and started moving towards the car.

George: "You know what, why don't you just stay there?"
William: "What?" he asked stopping.
George: "If you're not gonna be appreciative, I don't have to drive you."
William: "Dad, please-"
George: "If you want to come home, you can walk."
Woman: "Oh don't make him walk-"

George: "Shut up, this doesn't involve you. You need to learn a lesson, William."

George put the car back in drive and sped off with William briefly attempting to chase after.

William: "Dad! Wait!"

William suddenly woke up, startled. He looked to his left to see his girlfriend in the driver's seat of his new Porsche. They had stopped.

Claire: "We're here," Claire told him with a smile.

William rubbed his eyes as they both stepped out of the car.

William: "Thanks for driving."
Claire: "Sure. You have a good nap?"
William: "Uh... Yeah," he lied.

The oddly vivid dream of a childhood memory was enough to ruin it. William looked around at the familiar sights of the city where he had grown up. He remembered what they were there for. His father had left him and his brother a few things in his will.

William: "I hate coming here," William spoke as he and Claire walked down towards the marina.
Claire: "Really? I think it's beautiful."
William: "It could've been," he said coldly, remembering more of his childhood.

Claire: "Well still, it must be nice to have your dad leave you his boat. Maybe he did care about you."

William scoffed.

William: "His definition of care was spending money on you. And then getting angry if you expected something more real."
Claire: "Right... Probably shouldn't have brought it up, sorry."
William: "No, I'm sorry. It's probably silly for me to complain about stuff considering how... Privileged I was."
Claire: "Well people with money have problems too. Anyway isn't Oliver coming to get his stuff?"
William: "No, he already left. ExCorp needed his ship back in space."

As they walked further, William could see the sailboat at the end of the dock. Part of him was excited because he loved sailing. But he knew every time he went out, he'd be reminded of his father who he desperately needed to forget.
William stopped walking when his communicator suddenly started vibrating in his pocket. He grabbed it to see who needed his attention at this moment.

Claire: "Who is it?"
William: "Arthur," he said as he read the message on the screen.
Claire: "What does he want?"
William: "He needs me to come to Sweden. For "the most important moment of my life"," William scoffed.
Claire: "Tell him it's your day off and that other people do actually work for him."

William then read the last line in the message. "We found it."

William: "Actually I think I really need to go. And I need my, uh, sword..."


The IIA Agent promptly made his way to Sweden and to the park where Arthur had asked to meet. He saw the Director waiting and went towards him.

William: "I feel like an idiot carrying this thing around. And do you know how hard it was to get it through customs?"
Arthur: "But you were destined to use it. Perhaps not as a weapon but as a key."

William: "A key to a weapon," he said as they began walking through the park. "So you actually think you found it? Project Salvation?"
Arthur: "I don't know what else it could be. Although I'm not sure I expected it to be inside of a space station."

William: "Or the space station is the weapon."
Arthur: "It's possible. I suppose you'll be finding out soon enough."

They then came to a slower pace when they saw a man in a red coat walking a short distance in front of them, looking around for someone.

William: "Wait is that..."

Bernd then turned and saw them. He immediately started sprinting over.

William: "Oh no..."

William was tackled to the ground by the RIS agent. The two spies began wrestling like small children while Arthur watched them. Irina then slowly walked over and stood next to him, also watching the show. Soon she decided that their brawl had gone on for long enough and she loudly cleared her throat.

Bernd, not having noticed her before, quickly pulled himself off of William and stood up straight.

Bernd: "Irina? What's going on?"
Irina: "I apologize for my agent," she said as she helped William off of the ground. "Irina Volkov. It is a pleasure to meet you."

William looked at Arthur with confusion.

William: "Why is the Director of the RIS here?"
Arthur: "Oh did I not mention?" he said grinning. "We formed an alliance."

The four of them sat down at a table in a nearby cafe.

Bernd: "I cannot believe we're working together."
Arthur: "It's for the greater good of this system. If this weapon is as powerful as we believe, it's better that it gets destroyed."
Irina: "Correct. We don't want something like what happened to System 42 to happen to us."

William: "I guess I see what you're saying. So you want me and Bernd to get inside and blow it to hell."
Bernd: "Well... From a safe distance right?"
Irina: "If you like."
Arthur: "We haven't been able to collect much data on what to expect inside of the station. Essentially you'll be going in blind."
William: "Great..."

Irina: "We've secured a transport you can use to get to the station. However, on it is a molecular fusion lock that will prevent you from docking. You will have to open the lock from the outside first so that means a short space walk."

Arthur: "Charges, space suits, everything you need is in the transport."

William: "So this is what everything has led up to?"
Arthur: "It would seem so. Perhaps it was always your destiny, William."
William: "Helping Aurelia?" he asked turning to the RIS Director.
Irina: "You don't have to look at it that way. From a point of view you are doing what's best for your Imperium."

William: "Maybe... Actually Director Volkov, since you're here, could I ask a favor?"
Irina: "That would depend on the favor."
William: "Are you familiar with Vladimir Zakhar?"
Irina: "As it happens I am. A most irritating mob boss in Russia."
William: "He's put a bounty on my head..."
Irina: "Ah, I see. Of course, I will take care of that. Consider it a token of gratitude for your cooperation."

Arthur: "Excellent. I'm glad we're all getting along. Now I must get back to glorious America... But I suggest you get moving, gentlemen. We don't want some marauder getting there first and ruining things."

Everyone stood up. Arthur went his separate way and William and Bernd began walking towards the transport that was waiting for them at a nearby landing field.

Irina: "Bernd, wait a moment."

The RIS agent looked back and wondered what else his boss wanted. He went towards her as William kept walking.

Irina: "I have an additional assignment for you."

Bernd listened for whatever else she needed him to do.

Irina: "It is likely the space station holds schematics for its weapons system. Before you destroy it, I want you to steal them."
Bernd: "Ah, I knew we weren't just outright working with the Imperium."
Irina: "Never."
Bernd: "And what about William?"

Irina smirked.

Irina: "Kill him."

William sat in the cockpit of the ship and flipped several overhead switches as he prepared for takeoff. Bernd then entered and took a seat in the co-pilot's chair.

William: "So I bet you never saw this coming," he said with a grin.
Bernd: "No."
William: "You're not mad at me for shooting you that one time, are you?"
Bernd: "Oh you mean when you shot me in the foot and it got infected and I almost needed to have it amputated? Nah, the past is behind us."
William: "Yeah this is gonna be a long ride."

Soon they left Earth's atmosphere and began their journey to Tirunei.

Some time later...

Tirunei Space

The ship came out of warp close to the location of of the space station.

William: "There it is," William pointed out as they saw the station through the view screen. "It's smaller than I expected."
Bernd: "Size doesn't matter."
William: "Let's not do that..."
Bernd: "This is as close as we can get until we open the lock."
William: "I'm on it," he said standing up. Bernd followed.

Bernd: "So you're just gonna put your sword into it?"
William: "Lovin' all the innuendo, pal."
Bernd: "It was actually a legitimate question."
William: "Well yeah. Arthur thinks it's the key."
Bernd: "And if it's not? What if none of this is part of your prophecy? I mean we are pretty much working on just speculation here."

William: "I think this is it. And in a way it all makes sense. There's been way too many coincidences in my life recently and it really made me believe everything happens for a reason."

Bernd paused for a moment before speaking.

Bernd: "I'll do it."
William: "What?"
Bernd: "I'll open the lock. You bring the ship around."
William: "You can try," he chuckled.
Bernd: "I will. Give me the sword."

William shrugged and tossed Bernd the sword, knowing what would happen next.

Bernd caught the blade and held onto the hilt for about a second before feeling a strong burning sensation in his hand.

Bernd: "AAGH, what the hell?!" he yelled dropping it. William picked it back up with a smug look on his face.
William: "It's my fate, not yours. And it takes a certain someone to be able to hold it."
Bernd: "What, it's magic?"
William: "Apparently."
Bernd: "Yeah not sure if I believe that... But alright whatever. Get going."

After donning a spacesuit and securely attaching the sword to it, William stood at the back of the ship where a landing ramp opened. He then jumped down.

Upon landing on the surface of the space station, his boots magnetized, preventing him from floating away. He could see the molecular fusion lock up ahead. It wasn't like a traditional lock, it was very sophisticated Qoterian technology.

William walked towards it and looked down at the round "key hole" which emitted a strange blue light.

William: "I'm at the lock," he spoke to Bernd over his comm.
Bernd: "Great. Moment of truth. Let's see if this was all a huge waste of time."

William grabbed his sword and raised it over the lock, a much more difficult task in zero gravity. He desperately hoped this would work. The agent thrust the sword into the lock. After waiting for a few seconds with nothing happening, he began having doubts.

But the suddenly several lines of blue light shot out from the sides of the lock and William could feel some mechanisms working underneath his feet. He pulled out the sword and activated his comm.

William: "I think it worked. Try docking."

Bernd aligned their ship with the space station's docking port.

Bernd: "Yeah it worked. I'm shocked."
William: "You just have to believe," he said smiling underneath his helmet.
Bernd: "Don't give me that fate crap. Now I'm heading in. Meet me inside."

The two spies were now inside the space station. They looked around at the clean looking interior. The station had to be at least a hundred years old yet somehow it didn't look it. William then looked at Bernd in horror when he realized something.

William: "Bernd, where's your suit?!"
Bernd: "Oh crap, I forgot. I guess I don't need it though, oxygen seems good."
William: "How are you standing?"
Bernd: "Artificial gravity must be on."

William took off his helmet and then his suit.
William: "Ah, that's better. These things are really ugly."
Bernd: "I know."
William: "Do you? I mean you're dressed like a valet."

Bernd: "Hey this is a bespoke Savile Row suit."
William: "Oh... Then I take it back... You have great taste."

Bernd rolled his eyes.

Bernd: "So the gravity's been kept on for over a hundred years? That's gotta be a real drain on the batteries."

William: "It looks like everything's on. Lights, oxygen filter... I don't know of any power source that lasts that long without being replaced."
Bernd: "I don't think there is one, at least not in this System. Not even on Qoter."
William: "Strange."

Before they could talk any further, a man's voice came over some speakers that the agents just could not locate.

Man: "Welcome to the Orbital Defense Platform. My name is... Never mind. I'd rather not have my name on this. If you are listening to this message, that means you figured out what it took to break the lock and have now made it inside. So congratulations."

William: "I think it's prerecorded."

Bernd nodded in agreement as they continued to listen to the rest of the message.

Man: "However the power of this space station must not be used. Misplaced sentiment has prevented the destruction of our creation. But I'll be damned if I make this easy for you."

The two agents then heard a nearby wall panel slide open. Out of the hidden compartment, stepped a large robot covered in white armor.

William and Bernd stared at the machine at the end of the corridor with a hint of fear on their faces.

Man: "Behold! The latest and greatest in robotic technology from the Corsair Corporation. It's going to kill you now."


So the title is a reference to another franchise which I wonder if anyone will recognize... This episode sort of has a similar premise as well.

I decided to split it into two parts because I realized it would be too long... But also because I just couldn't finish the pictures and I really wanted to have an episode out today. I think it makes sense for it to be a two part story though since it is the conclusion of one of the most significant arcs of the series.

The space battle was pretty fun even though it was short. Hopefully I'll be able to show more stuff like that in the future.

I included the lines about Vladimir Zakhar because I'm not continuing that storyline... I had some ideas for it but I don't really have time to squeeze it in somewhere. It was pretty minor anyway, not really worth focusing too much on.

Anyways I'm hoping for the second part to come out next week(end) so we'll see how that goes...


 I like it 
  May 9, 2018
Ooh! Good stuff! I really liked this one! I look forward to the second part! Full points! --Blast--
 I like it 
  May 8, 2018
Alright! What a read! Epic stuff as always mate, and I really enjoyed the chemistry between Will and Bernd. It was also nice to see a little of what William's father was like when he was younger (and by that I mean a right tosser). Awesome stuff! Looking forward to the follow up!
 I like it 
  May 7, 2018
I love reading your stories! I also like how the font was large and eye-friendly. It made reading so much easier. I like that. Nice Work.
 I like it 
  May 7, 2018
Apologies for the late comment, I've been crazy busy! Will read through a little later and comment properly. I'm sorry mate.
 I made it 
  May 6, 2018
Quoting Benjamin O I got it, Captain. Nice shout-out to it. ;) Just wondering, are you referring to the old TV series, or the new movie from a few years ago? But, either way, I very much like this episode. The plot is advancing well, and the bit of backstory was touching, I thought. Nice cliffhanger at the end, too. Can't wait to see what happens next!
I've only seen the movie it's actually one of my favorites. Don't really have any intention of watching the show though... Thanks for the comment!
 I like it 
  May 6, 2018
I got it, Captain. Nice shout-out to it. ;) Just wondering, are you referring to the old TV series, or the new movie from a few years ago? But, either way, I very much like this episode. The plot is advancing well, and the bit of backstory was touching, I thought. Nice cliffhanger at the end, too. Can't wait to see what happens next!
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