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The Insurgency S2 E3 - BH - Starting Out Soft
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This is my for Insurgency Bounty Hunting challenge entry. Enjoy!
About this creation
Hello every-Lego-body! I apologize for the length of time between my last post and this one, but a lot of stuff got in the way. Firstly, I moved, so that took a while to get settled in. Then, I had to get a new camera, which took longer to get here then it was supposed to. But now, I finally have everything done, and ready to show you. So without further adieu, I present to you, my Bounty Hunt challenge! (Which I accepted over 2 months ago. ;P) Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

ETRION - March 29, 2098

An apartment complex

Insurgency 3.1

Gold turned around, pacing from one side of the small room to the other, then back again, repeating herself, then stopping in the middle of the room. It had been well over a month since Virgil had recruited her to join his... group, or whatever. And in that time, she had done practically nothing. One job. Whacking an old mobster in police custody. She'd gotten that done the same night she'd got the mission. Since then... nothing. Just a deposit into her account every week. Quite a sum, but credits could only do so much. could only hold you back for so long. She needed an outlet. She needed a job. and she needed it now.

Then. In her pocket. Her COM buzzed.

Jerking slightly, actually kind of surprised, Beryl's hand shot into her pocket, diggin for the annoying buzzing thing. Her fingers brushed quite a few things, a stolen wallet, a credit chip, a plastic knob that she wasn't sure what she was using it for, among other things. Finally, her groping fingers found and grasped the COM, lifting it out and snapping it on.

Insurgency 3.2

A familiar voice greeted her. "Beryl. I'm glad to see you again. It's been a while, how have you been?"

With an effort, Beryl resisted the urge to comment on her lack of patience and recent work, instead contenting herself with "Fine. Do you have something for me?"

Virgil nodded. She could see his face this time which was a surprise, since he'd never shown her his face before. Well, she could kind of see it. It was still in shadow, but it wasn't distorted or anything. But then he spoke, snapping her mind back to his words.

"Alchet V'Choos. He's a wanted trafficker and slaver. Tricks civilians into thinking he's taking them out of a war zone, then sells them off to the highest bidder. The G.I. is putting up a hefty reward, but they don't know where he is."

Beryl puckered her lips a little. "And you do?"

"Of course" Virgil's tone wasn't proud, or bragging, just stating the obvious. A fact. "He's on Etrion. Regrouping. Putting together a new team. About a day or so away from you, on foot. He's booting his operation back up. It's been a while since he's gotten a good sale, and his account is running thin. He'll be desperate, and maybe a little careless. You should be able to grab him without much trouble. The reward is for alive, so don't kill him. I'm transmitting the location of his base of operations to you. Once you have him, take him to the G.I. on Qoter. They don't know you, so you can just pass as another bounty hunter. Are we clear?"

Beryl nodded. "One question though." Virgil shrugged slightly in response.

"How do you know all that?"

Virgil may have smiled, she wasn't sure. "Because I own the banker he deposits with. His favorite girls work in a club that one of my minions runs. And because information, Ms. Gold, is my livelihood. And no one is better at it then me." He paused slightly, for effect. It worked.

After a second, he spoke once more. "You'll be contacted with your next assignment after you're done with this one. And even though you don't need it, good luck." With that, the call cut out.

Insurgency 3.3

Beryl stood there for a moment, her mind racing, planning. This was it. Her first real target with Virgil. Not a terribly difficult mark, granted, but challenging enough. She needed to get ready.

Insurgency 3.4

Moving over to the wooden table that had been waiting for her when she'd arrived at the apartment, Beryl picked up the rifle she'd purchased a week or so ago. It wasn't the greatest weapon she'd ever used, but it was untraceable, and she would be dumping it after this mission, anyways. She snapped in a full clip, yanked back the small side bolt of the gun, and heard a round click into place in the breach of the gun. Satisfied, she let the bolt spring forward into position, placing the gun back on the table and placing a couple clips of extra ammo in her belt.

Insurgency 3.5

Picking up her silenced pistol next, Beryl slid it into her shoulder holster under her jacket, taking a grenade in her other hand. She debated with herself over that one for a moment, then shrugged slightly, slipping it into her pocket.

Insurgency 3.6

Once more picking p the rifle, Beryl turned sharply on her heel, striding out of her room. She didn't look back. She knew she had everything she needed.



Insurgency 3.7

The line of people straggled into the yard, most of them panting hard, seemingly not used to the physical exercise they'd gone through recently. One of them, a man in a red dress coat, gasped out through panting breaths, "You said... that it was... wasn't that far away, from where... where we were. It's been 4... 4 hours since we left. Why... why'd it take so long?"

The figure in front, an alien with long, green, tentacle-looking hair, chuckled slightly. "Well, Mr. Moralls, if I'd taken you straight here from where we started, we would all be dead. There's a gang war going on right now, or have you forgotten? That's why you came to me, isn't it?" Over his shoulder, he called to the man in the back, "All clear now, Snak?"

The man called Snak looked back behind them for a few seconds, then yelled a response. "Yeah! All clear now, Dezos! We're out of the gangs' territory now!"

Insurgency 3.8

Dezos smiled slightly, turning to face the group he was leading. "See, Mr. Moralls? Without me, you'd have gone straight through a war zone, and you'd be dead. This way, you're alive, and hopefully, we can keep you that way."

Moralls let out a long breath, too tired to argue much. "Yeah, you're right, Dezos. And thank you, for agreeing to get us out of here. I'm sure we're all grateful." The other 2 men both nodded in agreement, still recovering their breath. The woman smiled at Dezos as well. "Yes, thank you, Dezos. I'm very thankful for our current agreement."

Insurgency 3.9

A second later, the click of a gun sounded from behind them. Morals and the other two men stiffened in shock. Dezos' smile grew larger. "Oh, and by the way, thank you for the payments in advance. It'll add nicely to the price I can bring for you all." He nodded behind them to the man who was now training a gun on them. "Thank you, Snak. Hold them there, will you?" As Snak nodded, the woman walked over to stand besides Dezos, who nodded pleasantly at her. "Silia. Thank you for the assistance in finding these men for me. Your cut should be fairly large, considering I think we'll get a good price for these specimens."

Moralls was nearly shouting in his disbelief. "You kidnapped us?!? You tricked us?"

Dezos smiled amiably at him. "And you were so easy, too. Thank you for that, by the way. Silia here was very helpful in pointing you out to me. So you can thank her too, for your new upcoming life."

Insurgency 3.10

Behind Dezos, the door of an old warehouse slowly inched open, and several men spilled out, all armed, and all rather rough looking as well. Dezos chuckled rater loudly. "Well, I think this has been a good start to our new outfit, don"t you, Silia?"

The woman straightened her long, flowing coat delicately with her fingers. "Yes, it certainly has the potential to be so, Alchet."

Dezos paused, turning to look at her, a puzzled look on his face. "Um... I don't think I ever told you my name, did I?"

Silia pursed her lips, thinking. "No, I don't think you did, you're right."

Dezos' eyes slowly narrowed. "Then how did you -"

Insurgency 3.11

Just then, his voice was cut off by the bark of an auto rifle, coming from the way they had come. Whirling that way,Dezos and Silia saw a lone gunman, a merc by the look of him, charging towards them, his rifle spiting lead at them. Snak was already lying dead on the ground, blood leaking out of multiple holes in his chest.

Insurgency 3.12

The civilians fell backwards, crying out in alarm, as opposed to the men behind Dezos, who made their way forward, bringing their guns up and opening fire on the merc. The young man ducked behdin a sign for a slight amount of cover, spitting bullets at them around it, but Dezos' men knew how to do their job, and they were pretty good at it. They didn't back down, kept pushing forward, forcing the merc to back up a couple steps, exposing his position.

Insurgency 3.13

The lead shooter saw his chance and didn't waste it, opening up with a long burst at the young merc. A couple of the shots connected, ripping through the merc's non-shooting hand, not fatal, but painful nonetheless; the merc fell backwards, grunting in pain.

Insurgency 3.14

Dezos' man lunged forward, looking to finish the kill and get the credit for it. It was his last mistake. The merc pushed himself upwards through the pain, raising his rifle and firing one last burst. Every shot found it's mark, ripping his attacker the shreds and sending him crashing onto the ground, twisting in his death throes.

The merc had seemingly used up the last of his energy, though, as after killing that man, he fell backwards with a gasp of pain, cradling his hand, clumsily endeavoring to remove a strip of bandages from his front pocket, and obviously taking way longer at it then he wanted. Dezos felt a shot of relief. This bounty hunter would be dead soon, and then they could get back to work.

Insurgency 3.15

Suddenly though, from above and behind them, there was a loud boom, and Dezos heard another meaty smack behind him. A bullet into flesh. His breath stopped for a second, and he whirled around to try and identify this new danger. There was no one on the ground nearby, but then he looked up.

Insurgency 3.16

Up above the door, her rifle resting over the low wall, Beryl nestled the rifle butt tighter into her shoulder, carefully aiming down the scope. She had been sitting up there for close to 3 hours now, not making a sound, just observing V'choos' crew. They were quite the rabble, and she didn't approve of them at all, either as people or a fighting men.

She had been expecting V'choos to come back an hour or so earlier, but she knew how to be patient. And she also knew how to read a situation. She had seen the merc coming before anyone of his crew had had any idea at all, and had decided to wait and see how that would play itself out. Now, it was time she stepped in. Squinting down the scope one more time, she slowly pressed down on the trigger.

Insurgency 3.17

The bullet tore through the face of another thug, knocking him backwards and ripping out through the back of his head. Dezos stumbled backwards, terrified now. It seemed like the whole world was conspiring against him. His last man, in a show of incredible bravery, and complete stupidity, charged forward, firing his long-barreled rifle wildly up towards the roof.

Silia was taking off now, running surprisingly fast for the outfit she was wearing, although Dezos could have sworn that she had looked up at the shooter on the roof and smiled slightly before she took off, but he had no idea of what was going on anymore. Everything was dead bodies, blood, and the smell of guns.

Insurgency 3.18

A second later, more of all that was added on, as his last man fell face down on the ground, a bullet lodged in his brain. Dezos looked around, panic starting to rise in him. He was the only one left. Everyone else was running for it. Silia, the civilians, and all his men were dead. Backing up slowly, his foot slipped on a puddle of blood, and he fell backwards, his head smacking against the ground, hard. He grunted with the impact, his breath knocked out of him, his vision blurring slightly.

Insurgency 3.19

A second later, Beryl swung over the edge of the building, dropping lightly to the ground. Hitting the gravel, she landed in a quick forward roll, coming up to one knee. Rising to her feet, she slowly walked towards Dezos, dropping the rifle as she advanced, not sparing a glance towards either the corpses she'd just piled up, or the fleeing civilians, who were now quite a ways away.

Painfully, Dezos pushed himself up onto his hands. "Now, look here, ma'am, I'm sure we can to some kind of arrangement, can't we? I mean, the bounty on me can't be that large. Whatever it is, I can pay more. Just walk away, and it's yours. Whatever you want. All you have to do is -"


Insurgency 3.20

The silenced shot kicked up gravel right next to him. Dezos squeaked in alarm, yanking his hand away from where the bullet had hit.Beryl's face could have been carved from stone, the pistol rock-steady in her hands. "Keep you mouth shut unless I ask you a question, V'choos. And yes, I know who you are. Really, are. So answer my questions, and I won't kill you nod if you understand."

V'choos nodded weakly, his eyes twitching wildly. Beryl nodded back. "Good. Then tell me where you keep your files, and where your cash resources are."

"Of course, absolutely. My files are in the warehouse over there, on the main hard-drive. The password is Theo8502, and it also requires a fingerprint I.D., so you could maybe leave me alive for that, if you wanted -"

The crack of metal on bone sounded through the yard, and V'choos spun around to land on his face, unconscious. Beryl let out a quick breath, her muscles relaxing every so slightly.

Insurgency 3.21

Then her attention was caught by a movement to her left. Quickly looking over, she saw that the younger merc had risen to his feet, and even though the remains of his left hand were bloody and pretty much useless, his right hand still gripped his gun. For a few seconds, there was a tense pause. Then Beryl broke the silence. "Are you going to do something?"

Insurgency 3.22

The young man hesitated, looked at the corpses, then at his hand. "No, I don't expect I will be. But can I take the others in, or at least search them afterwards?"

Beryl pondered that for a second, then shrugged. "If you want to. I just want him, and his data. You're welcome to the rest of it when I'm done."

The merc nodded, then turned away, slowly walking back down the path he had come, leaving Beryl alone in the middle of the carnage.

Insurgency 3.23

Looking down at V'choos' sprawled body, Beryl's eyebrows puckered in thought. Then her hands went into a back pocket on her suit and came out with a pair of handcuffs. She sighed slightly. "It' gonna be a long afternoon."

APRIL 4, 2098


Insurgency 3.24

"So, can you authorize me the reward, or not?"

The detective drew in a long breath through his teeth. "It's on the way, Ms. Gold. Please believe me. He's just been on the wanted lists for quite some time, so we're having to dig our way through to find it."

Beryl shook her head. "This is taking too long, Detective West. I had hoped that the G.I. would be more punctual with their rewards. Like with their news laws."

Insurgency 3.25

West's mouth pressed together slightly. "Watch your words, bounty hunter. You're useful to us and I'm grateful for our current partnership, but it might be better for both of us if you put a curb on your tongue while we do direct business together."

Beryl shrugged slightly. "Fine. Just get me my reward, please. I've got another one I'm tracking, and I don't know how long he'll stay where he is right now."

West raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Someone we're looking for?"

Beryl shook her head. "I don't think so. Just a murderer, but it's a private contract, by a large family. And it's first-come, first-served. So, that's my rush."

West nodded knowingly. "I see. Well, I wish you well with it."

Insurgency 3.26

Then he looked down at the chip in his hand, and smiled slightly. "Well, now you can get to that bounty, Ms. Gold. Your payment just came through." He held out his hand, palm open, the chip resting in the middle of it. "You've earned it."

Beryl smiled in return. "You're too kind, Detective." Reaching back, she grabbed V'choos by the arm, shoving him forward. "He's all yours. Treat him as he deserves."

West nodded a little nod. "He will face justice, Ms. Gold. You can count on it. And I believe that concludes out business." He reached out his hand towards her. Beryl hesitated for a second, then met his hand with her own, their handshake firm and brief, businesslike.

"Good luck, Ms. Gold. Maybe I'll see you again."

Gold smiled at him. "Maybe you will, Detective. and good luck to you as well."

Insurgency 3,27

Turning to walk away, Beryl let her smile grow slightly larger. There was a lot she hadn't told West. Like that she had copied all of V'choos' data and sent it to Virgil then destroyed the original, via her instructions. Or that the whole story about her next target was a lie. But it had gotten the job done. And now, she had a contact in the G.I., if she ever needed an out. always something useful to have.

Now, she would go to the spaceport, and wait for further instructions. She knew it wouldn't be long. She'd proven herself now. And Virgil seemed to be a man who respected a job well done. She smiled to herself once more. She could go a long way in this business, she thought to herself. And it was gonna be...


APRIL 6, 2098


Insurgency 3.28

Virgil was sitting comfortably in his chair, his travel-friendly operation terminals up on a rough metal table in front of him. On the left side of the table, a blue hologram fizzed and winked. The figure that it showed seemed to be scrolling through something on a screen, occasionally going "Oh," or "Ah-ha" or something like that.

Virgil glanced at the data pad in his right hand. "Have we gone through all the relevant data then, Mr. Kelsey?"

The figure nodded. "Yes, I believe so, Virgil. Obviously, V'choos had a lot to comb through, but most of the primary transactions and contracts have been identified and labeled. They will be dealt with as usual."

Virgl nodded. "Good. Once you're done with that, I have another task for you."

Kelsey's image nodded. "Yes sir, Virgil. I'm looking forward to..." his voice trailed off as he looked down something on the screen that Virgil couldn't see. " Hmm. That's odd."

Virgil turned his head to look. "What is it, Kelsey?"

Insurgency 3.29

Kelsey seemed to be comparing screens now. "This is weird, Virgil. There's a transaction that's been wiped from the memory of the hard-drive. No trace of it anywhere."

Virgil sat up a little bit. "Can you not back trace his accounts?"

Kelsey shook his head. "No, sir. I already tried that. Every physical trace has been wiped clean. The only way I saw is because his expenses went up dramatically several times over the past several years, even though there's no extra deposits listed in his account. And they're not cash payments, either. It's like one-time chip use, or something. Untraceable."

Virgil was now flipping through screens on his pad. "Send it over to me. And look through his private logs, around the dates of when those payments were made."

Fr a few minutes after those orders were given, there wasn't a word spoken. Then Kelsey let out a soft "Aha!" Virgil looked up. "Got something?"

Kelsey nodded. "Yes, sir. It's not much, but I do have a name."

"Then give it to me." Virgil commanded.

Kelsey leaned forward to read his discovery. "It says here that he needed to advance all his employees an extra month in advance, cause of the G.I. cracking down on them a little harder. However, it say he could do that because, and I quote, "Thank the gods that I still have enough left over from the Storm jobs, otherwise we would be toast."

The Storm.

Virgil leaned back in his chair, digesting this new information. "The Storm. Hmm. I've never heard that name before. And I've heard every name."

Kelsey nodded slightly, still scanning his screens. 'There's no other mention anywhere else, sir. Not of them, or of anyone else that would fit. Whoever this group is, sir, they're masters at covering their tracks. They must have gone into his system and completely scrubbed it after the transactions were complete. And they did an incredible job, too."

Insurgency 3.30

Virgil's mind was spinning up now. "Well, if they're that good, but completely unnoticed, at least by most groups, then they have someone covering for them. Some official, high up, with a lot of power. Either they've got him in their pocket, or they work for him. I would be inclined towards the later, since if he was being blackmailed, it wouldn't be that thorough. The government is never that thorough."

Kelsey looked up at him. "What should we do with this, sir?"

Virgil looked over at him, but didn't respond for a second, considering. Then he spoke. "Set a group of our hackers and rats on it. Good ones. If this, "Storm", is as good as they seem, we'll have to be careful with how we proceed here. Let me know if there's any progress on it. It's not the highest priority as of this moment, but its up there. An unknown group is bad for business. Now get to it. I'll contact you when I need you again."

Kelsey's image nodded. 'Aye-aye, sir. My pleasure." Then Virgil disconnected the call.

Insurgency 3.31

Sitting back in his chair, Virgil mused over this new direction he was heading in now. In his mind, he was already reviewing characters, officials or otherwise, that could possibly head up an organization like this. Granted, it could be a tiny operation, which would be why they weren't listed at all. But Virgil found that very unlikely, given the obvious skill in avoiding detection. To bad for them, though. They were facing the master of detection now.

A small smile played around his lips. This... this felt like it was gonna be fun. "Softly, in a tone low enough only he could hear it, he spoke. "Bring it on, Storm."


So, there you go! My Bounty Hunting challenge, finally complete! I'm so sorry that it took so long to get it up, but I hope it was worth the wait. And that part at the end, I've been looking forward to that for a while now. Ever since I got back, in fact, and discovered the master storyteller known as Werewolff Studios , who's story intrigued me right from the start, especially his villain, Uek Ferris, who in my opinion, is one of the best villains I've ever read. Hopefully one day I can as good as he is, and this, with his permission, is the intro to what very well may be a partnership of incredible proportions between us and our stories.

But anyway, enough of that. I have some extra pics, if you want to see them.

Insurgency 3.32

An overall shot of the first set. Simple, but it got the job done, and I kindalike the bed, too.

Insurgency 3.33

And an overall of the second set. I did like the way I was able to get the doors to work here, so that's something I'm kinda proud of, in regards to that.

Insurgency 3.34

Another look at it.

Insurgency 3.35

The side that doesn't get shown hardly at all. Because there's just a pile of gravel there, apparently. ;)

Insurgency 3.36

The top of the building. That was sooooooooo hard to get it to hold together!! bt it ended up working out alright, I thing. I hope. ;D

Insurgency 3.37

The doors open. Not much else new there besides that. Moving on!

Insurgency 3.38

An overall of the alleyway. A basic set, but again, it got the job done. And btw, what did you think of Detective West? Just curious. Did anyone recognize the costume? ;)

Insurgency 3.39

And an overall of the last set. I kinda liked the setup on the table, even if it wasn't the greatest one I've ever seen, or made.

So there you go! Again, I'm so sorry for the time it took between my last post and this one. A move, getting a new camera, new job, all that, all happened at once. But I'm back now, and I should be able to get into a routine, at least a little bit. So, anyway, I hope you liked this! My next one won't be a huge one, I don't think, so hopefully it won't take that long to put together. Anyway, until then... Allonsy!


 I made it 
  April 10, 2018
Quoting --R.K. Blast-- Good one! The wait was worth it! I agree with Wolff that Virgil is a great character and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with between him and The Storm! Points for Improvement: I agree with Traykar to some extent about the sets. The alley for example, just reorientate it to have a blank wall at the far end, instead of showing a background. But overall, good stuff! Your reward and points will be dispensed! --Blast--
I see what you mean. I'll definitely aim for that next time. But thank you for the compliment about Virgil. :D I'm glad you like him, and the story overall.
 I like it 
  April 10, 2018
Good one! The wait was worth it! I agree with Wolff that Virgil is a great character and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with between him and The Storm! Points for Improvement: I agree with Traykar to some extent about the sets. The alley for example, just reorientate it to have a blank wall at the far end, instead of showing a background. But overall, good stuff! Your reward and points will be dispensed! --Blast--
 I made it 
  April 9, 2018
Quoting Traykar Pawfoot Interesting story, but you need to work on your sets. Not saying that they were bad, just that you showed a lot of the background and such. Perhaps that is more of a photography thing.
Yeah, I know they do. It's just part of my current setup, with my available backgrounds. But I'm glad you liked the story.
  April 9, 2018
Interesting story, but you need to work on your sets. Not saying that they were bad, just that you showed a lot of the background and such. Perhaps that is more of a photography thing.
 I made it 
  April 9, 2018
Quoting Captain Kenbo Nice! I might have said this before but I like the sort of gritty feel that your series has it definitely shows our universe's underworld stuff well
Thank you, Captain! I'm glad you like it. And yeah, I guess I kinda did end up going for more of that gritty, down-and-dirty feel in my stories. I'm glad that it's working.
 I like it 
  April 9, 2018
Nice! I might have said this before but I like the sort of gritty feel that your series has it definitely shows our universe's underworld stuff well
 I made it 
  April 9, 2018
Quoting Werewolff Studios Wow! That was fantastic! Really liked Beryl's scenes, some top-notch action there! And the end...bring it on indeed :D Virgil's a fantastic character mate, and I'm looking forward to working with you in the future! Oh, also, I'm incredibly humbled by your kind words. To have an author of your caliber say them means a lot mate. Thank you!
I guess we're gonna have a lot of complimenting back and forth, aren't we. ;) and you deserve all of them, man. Thank you for your generous comments, and for letting me work with you like this as well. I can't wait to see where this (currently future) partnership goes!
 I like it 
  April 9, 2018
Wow! That was fantastic! Really liked Beryl's scenes, some top-notch action there! And the end...bring it on indeed :D Virgil's a fantastic character mate, and I'm looking forward to working with you in the future! Oh, also, I'm incredibly humbled by your kind words. To have an author of your caliber say them means a lot mate. Thank you!
 I like it 
  April 8, 2018
Just finishing work now. Will read once I get home :)
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