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New Bionicle MOC, this one is a revamp of an older character. Big thanks for Galaxus Instant Noodles for the awesome edited photo at the start too ;)
About this creation

Altairon rested his feet up on the table in the local tavern, leaned back and took a sip from his glass. He lived in one of the outlying cities of Onu-Koro, a city that specialized in mining exotic jewels and searching for relics deep below. Altairon’s smile grew wide as he locked his fingers and placed his hands behind his head. Their city had a reputation for danger. The rare minerals were more desirable because the caverns they were found in were highly unstable and very likely to collapse, or in rarer cases explode due to gas build up and their close locations to lava pools. However the Matoran miners had stumbled across one of the largest ore pockets they’d found in years, they’d been mining it for weeks and all the necessary precautious had been put in place, so there was no danger what so ever.

Altairon used to spend his days in the mines with the Matoran constantly protecting them and keeping a watchful eye on everyone to ensure their safety… but now his duty as a Toa had changed. Now he spent his days drinking, eating, relaxing and telling stories with the local Matoran when they’d returned from work. Altairon was a man of few words, unless he was telling one of many stories from his past. He had a relaxed demeanour, and he had a reputation for being hardened, cool and a man who always gets the job done. If he wasn’t out hunting you’d find him in the local Tavern.

The Matoran poured in as the first mining shift of the night ended. With a half smile Altairon greeted his friends as they crowded around his table. The Matoran shared stories of the days exploits and merrily drunk with Altairon. Life was good. No danger, no worries. Just friends and a couple of drinks.

Altairon cocked his head and furrowed his brow, something was wrong he could feel it. Altairon had a strong connection to the earth, The Toa Council considered him one of the most talented and connected to his elemental powers. Suddenly the floor shook and the Matoran screamed, a loud explosion quickly followed, dust from the roof of the Tavern feel to the floor and everyone’s wide eyes went straight to Altairon. Altairon rose from his seat held up one hand and took a slip from his drink, a long sip. Everyone’s confused and frightened screams fell into stunned silence, waiting, begging for Altairon to speak, he kept them waiting. He placed the now empty cup on the table and looked around at the Matoran with his signature half smile. “Lets go save some Matoran” he said in his deep, rich voice. The room erupted, and cheered as he slowly strolled out of the Tavern

With swagger in his step Altairon slowly strode down to the entrance to the mines. He was in no rush, he was a hero, he’d be able to save whoever was left in the mines. Before entering Altairon saluted at the crowds that had assembled nearby, they roared with praise and admiration. Altairon entered the Cavern, everything looked normal. Odd? Would there be no one to save? This wouldn’t bode well for his reputation.

As Altairon descended deeper and deeper into the cave it began to fill more and more with smoke and dirt, the walls were thinner then normal, and he could hear muffled screams from below. Altairon raced to the central cavern where the Matoran had been mining the past few months, a pool of lava lit the room with an eerie red glow and rocks and rubble littered the cave. Altairon could make out a few trapped Matoran and began lifting rocks to save them. Some who were free now expressed that many more of their friends and brothers were trapped deep below the rocks and rubble. Altairon half smiled and began to show off before the Matoran, He placed his hand on the floor and slowly the rocks and rubble began to float. Altairon’s skill and mastery over his element was a sight to behold, The Matoran’s jaws dropped as they watched. Tonnes and tonnes of rock magically rose higher and higher, almost seeming like it was child’s play to Altairon. The rescued Matoran went in to help the others who were slowly behind freed by Altairon.

The room had been silent for a few minutes now, everyone was in awe of Altairon’s skill, it almost seemed like magic. This stunned silence was soon broken as a Matoran’s scream echoed throughout the cavern. “STOP!” he yelled in a fury as he raced towards Altairon. Altairon opened on eye and looked at the Matoran in confusion. In a rush of panic, he explained how the cavern was extremely unstable and Altairon’s element powers could make things even worse. Altairon half smiled and told the Matoran it was under control. As soon as the words left Altairon’s mouth, almost as if the Great Beings were mocking him, the entire floor gave way and an even larger cave-in began, everyone was doomed.

As the stones crumpled and dropped, Altairon’s cool demeanour dropped too and was replaced with panic and fear, he screamed as he feel deeper and deeper. It seemed this cavern the Matoran had been mining was directly above a much larger cavern, The floor had been weakened and now everyone began to fall to their doom in a cavern that seemed to never end. If the sharp rocks bouncing and plummeting to the bottom didn’t destroy you, the fall to the bottom of the cavern would. Altairon took a breath and began to reach out with his elemental powers. He did all he could to stop the rocks, but there were too many, he couldn’t focus. He grabbed a hold of something, anything. His hands plunged into a falling rock that Altairon was able to levitate. He was held in the air and everything else tumbled below him. When the dust settled Altairon couldn’t believe what he saw.

Below him was all the Matoran he attempted to save. In his arrogance he could save no one, he looked down at the bodies and wept. As he studied them in horror he questioned how he could see things so well. Everything seemed to be illuminated by faint blue Moonlight. Moonlight? That’s impossible. Altairon looked up to realise the roof too had collapse. In horror Altairon Levitated his rock to the surface to see that the entrance to the mines, and all the Matoran who’d gathered around it were gone. They too had fallen to their doom as the ground collapsed beneath them… All because of Altairon. Altairon slammed his fist into his thigh in anger and to in some way punish himself for what he’d done. In his attempt to save the Matoran he made it all above impressing others and ignored his duty as a Toa. In his need to please others, he betrayed himself.

He raced through the city hoping to find survivors. He did. Some managed to escape the sinkhole, others were hurt and being treated and healed by other survivors. A group of Matoran stared at Altairon with narrowed and angry eyes. They questioned in anger why he couldn’t save the others? Why he didn’t save anyone!? That was his duty as a Toa and he’d failed in their eyes. Altairon had indeed failed, he knew that. He walked away slowly his head filled with negative and self-berating thought. He wasn’t sure where he was going, but he just kept walking.

Altairon wasn’t sure how long he’d been walking, maybe days. His feet hurt but he felt the punishment was necessary. Before him was a market stall and a small hut. Unsure of what to do with himself he entered. Before him was a small blue and white Matoran who introduced himself as Ignam. Altairon collapsed to the floor and Ignam rushed to help him.

Ignam let Altairon sleep for days, as he watched over him and made sure he was safe. When he finally awoke he thanked him and began to tell him what happened. Altairon declared he’d never use his elemental powers again. He simply couldn’t. He had no right to after what he’d done. He’d continue his life as a Toa, he’d done it most of his life he really knew no other path, but he refused to continue down that old path. Ignam wasn’t sure he agreed with Altairon’s decision, but he respected his wishes. Ignam smiled and rushed off to grab something. He returned with an experimental devise he’d been working on and presented it to Altairon. Altairon’s eyes narrowed and he questioned what it was. It was a devise that Ignam himself had made that when used correctly granted the user power over Electricity. It only worked for the duration of the battery pack, but it did work. Altairon put it on placing the backpack on first and fitting the two gauntlet’s around his wrists.

The two went outside and Ignam ran Altairon through a crash course on how to use the devise. They trained for a bit and Altairon was impressed, now he was ready to start his life over again, free of failure as a Toa, a new Toa, one free of the ego he once had. Ignam said he knew someone, a Toa who he’d been friends with for a long time, he said that heading to meet him would be the best place to start a new life.
Years passed, by now Altairon had joined with the Toa Lotem and had been welcomed into the team. The team was assigned on various tasks and missions and Altairon learnt to use the tech Ignam gave him with precision and skill. No one ever questioned Altairon about his elemental powers, and he preferred it this way. If he could bury his past, he could forget the pain he felt.

When the Apocalypse War came, the remaining members of the Toa Lotem gathered in Ko-Koro. Here they would make their final stand against Zethlin and his armies, the battle would not be easy, but with the might, power and defences Ko-Koro possessed, they could very well do this. Altairon and his brother Arvach watched on as the first wave of Toa Crippled the first Citadel that was attacking by sea, So early into the fight and they’d already gained the upper hand!

Arvach and Altairon of the Toa Lotem cheered as some nearby Toa disabled a Citadel’s main cannon. Drawing their attention to the advancing Dirvum, the two Toa then steeled their nerves, and charged into the fray. Dirvum are fast, but not as strong as Toa, and were defeated quickly once their stationary guns were disabled. Altairon and Arvach placed the charges they were given before the attack, and retreated. From a safe distance, the Toa of Stone and the now Toa of Lightning watched as the four Citadels that floated in the bay exploded, sending plumes of flame upward like a dragon rearing its head. The Toa regrouped with the strike forces assigned to the other Citadels, and the company began the march back to New Ko-Koro. As Arvach reached the top of a hill, however, he saw a sight that chilled his blood: an army of undead, controlled by a massive, shining Citadel, standing between them and the city of Ice. The sun rose above an icy peak, and the armies charged.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as Arvach and Altairon fought for their lives. Their numbers were too few, and Toa were being dragged down all around them. Back to back, the Toa fought off the surrounding hordes, but the dead do not tire, and they do not feel pain or fear. A corpse whose legs were cut off crawled beneath Altairon’s defences and stabbed him in the ankle with a small dagger. The Toa cried out in pain, and Arvach wheeled around to aid his friend, ignoring his own safety. He beheaded the rusted, crawling being before it could stab Altairon again. Altairon looked into Arvach’s eyes and barked orders at him saying to leave him and continue the fight. More of the undead armies swarmed closer and the two Toa let out bursts of Elemental power in desperate attempts to stop them. Altairon adjusted himself and rose with fury in his eyes, he began charging a strong burst of Lightning from his elemental gauntlet, but in the heat of battle an undead warrior managed to sneak up behind him and stab the power pack on his back. Both his Gauntlets began to overheat and vibrate, with haste Altairon grabbed the device, tossed it towards a group of Undead warriors and covered his eyes as the device exploded obliterating a large number of them.

Now Altairon was defenceless… his new elemental powers were gone, what could he do? He looked around the battlefield, he saw countless brothers fighting with honour, but their numbers were few, and the Undead army they faced vastly outnumbered them. Altairon closed his eye, swallowed his pride and accepted what he had to do. He extended his hand out and began to react out with his elemental powers. Fear rose up inside him and memories filled his mind of his past mistakes. Altairon cast those unwanted thoughts and feelings aside, he had no time for them, he had friends to save.

The ground beneath the hordes of undead rose up, Altairon’s brothers stopped and looked on in awe as the rock forced the army in front of them to stagger, fall or rise up along side the rubble and rock that Altairon was controlling. With a swift wave of his hand Altairon levitated rocks off the side of the mountain sending the army with it. In a single movement Altairon had defeats most of the horde.

Arvach placed his hand on Altairon’s shoulder, and the rest of his brothers erupted in excitement, they could do this. The Citadel above them deployed more troops, but not nearly enough to stop the remaining Toa. Altairon pressed on, filled with a sense of purpose and a new-found sense of self, he rushed forward leading the charge, Altairon rushed towards the new reinforcements and ordered Arvach to send the rest of his brothers back home to regroup. At first Arvach hesitated, but then began to lead the charge back home.

Altairon sprinted forward towards the oncoming army, glancing up at the brothers he had saved, he stopped a few feet in front of the horde and used his elemental powers to launch the group around him towards the undead army, many fell to Altairon’s powerful head on attack, Altairon smiled, larger then he ever had before, he finally was himself again, he was the Toa he was born to be, a Toa of honour willing to risk his life to save his friends, A Toa not afraid to be who he was. Altairon continued his attack, but three undead soldiers leapt forward and ran their weapons through Altairon’s chest. The Toa of Lightning gasped, fell to his knees, and exhaled as his heartlight faded, he may have fallen, but at least his friends were safe.

Fourth Wall Commentary:
Here's another Story MOC, fairly happy with the colour blocking and over design here, very pleased with the end result. I've started planning a new Bionicle MOC I want to make, and aim to start it this Weekend, so you'll likely see another Bionicle MOC from me very soon. This is actually a surprisingly old character, and I used to regard this as my Secondary Self MOC, I no longer do however, but he's up there as one of my favourites :)


Couple final things:

I have a Flickr, take a look if you wish:

Also check out my Youtube for weekly videos:

And I post pretty much daily on Instagram, so check that out:

Please don´t hesitate with any comments, questions or criticisms...
Till Next Time
See Ya~


 I made it 
  May 1, 2018
Thanks all! Oh hey man great to see you back! I'll be sure to leave a comment ;)
 I like it 
  April 16, 2018
Hey Cossy, long time no see! I don't think you'd remember me, but I'm back and glad to see you still active. I love the build, great use of Tarix's weapons and I love the sleak design. The little guy with the Zamor Sphere head was looking great too, I'll have to look for his post. I wouldn't mind if you could check out my newest and only recent post, and look out for me in the future!
 I like it 
  April 8, 2018
Such a cool moc I love the color scheme and the gold on black it makes such an awesome combo although I think the arms are a little to thick and the entire moc looks a little bit stiff and looks like mobility is limited but overall looks fantastic
 I like it 
  April 1, 2018
I love the well-formed armor plating on this guy! The color scheme creates a wonderful regal look.
 I like it 
  March 30, 2018
I love those blades on his wrist! are they removable?
 I like it 
  March 29, 2018
Awesome moc!
 I like it 
  March 29, 2018
I love how the Tarix blades match that golden armor!
 I like it 
  March 29, 2018
Wow! You have done it again.
 I like it 
  March 29, 2018
Awesome, Ben!
 I like it 
  March 29, 2018
Sweet holy moly, he's gorgeous. :3
 I like it 
  March 29, 2018
Great job! The torso kind of oversizes the legs but other than that, great job man! (Now to go look on bricklink for those claw parts...)
 I like it 
  March 29, 2018
Oooh, it's been a while, hasn't it? Nice re-imagining of Altarion, he's almost completely different to his original counterpart, but I like where you've taken it. I really like the idea of the power-pack, and the fact that he's completely monochrome underneath it. I do miss the old Von Nebula mask he had, but I understand why you changed it- those sweet shoulders were worth it. Proportions are a bit off on this one, the torso feels a little too tall and bulky, compared to the really sleek and slim legs. Overall, I really like what you did though. Really nice backstory too- very narratively satisfying, and I really felt for him at the end there. Well done man, great job!
 I like it 
  March 29, 2018
Great job! Your bio builds are awesome! Still waiting for marvel MOCs... :P
 I like it 
  March 29, 2018
So I'll start with the negative. I think the thighs might be a little short. But that might also be because of the shin armor having that knee which juts up really far, or it at least appears that way. HOWEVER I really like the sleek physique and the bulky armor. The CCBS helps sell this so well.
By Ben Cossy
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