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Furvens, The Raging Fire
Here is another revamp of the Toa Lotem, and this time I finally have the right mask. Enjoy!
About this creation
Name: Furvens
Gender: Male
Species: Matoran
Element: Fire
Race: Ta-Matoran
Title(s): Toa, Toa Lotem Member, Hot-head, Ta-Wahi Honour Guard Member
Mask: Kanohi Miru
Weapon(s): Multi-Purpose Shield/Sword, Lava Board

With a roar of excitement Furvens leaned forward, as the wind rushed past him. He could feel the heat of the lava beneath his board as he skated over the boiling hot surface, making waves and doing tricks, this was exactly how Furvens liked it! Today Furven’s had a slightly different plan, while he’d often spend his days surfing around New Ta-Koro for thrills, today was about showing off. A group of Ga-Matoran were coming into the city today, he’d overheard that they planned to stop but the Lava falls near the edge of the city for some sight seeing. Here Furvens would wait for the perfect time to show off his best tricks and impress the ladies.

The time was almost upon him, Furvens stood above a high rocky canyon, looking down the largest lavafall in New Ta-Koro falls, Furven’s walked up and down the edge of the rockface, one slip and he’d be a goner, but Furvens lived for thrills and was a Daredevil at heart! He glanced over towards the city, and could see the Ga-Matoran heading towards the look out, this was Furvens cue. Grabbing his board he jumped off the edge of the rock face, free falling, he could hear the screams of the Ga-Matoran as he feel towards the lava, with a grin, Furvens hurled his board below him, it splashed as it hit the lava below him, soon after Furvens followed, landing directly on his board, the impact propelled the board forward with Furvens on top, soon he was making waves and pulling out all his best tricks, he heard the Ga-Matoran clapping and cheering, Furvens smile grew even larger now, and he continued his performance.

Finishing off his act, Furvens brought his board around and landed safely back on shore, he strutted forward and kicked his board up into his hands and held it over his shoulder, flexing his muscles as he did. The Ga-Matoran rushed over screaming and fawning over Furvens. Furvens loved every second of it. One of them asked Furvens to do another trick for them, he grabbed her hand, kissed it and leapt back on his board and into the lava. Furvens felt the wind rush past him and heard the scream of his adoring fans behind him, he smiled and rushed forward.

Furvens’ board bumped up and down, surprised he looked to see what was wrong, before he could see anything he was suddenly propelled off his board and thrown onto nearby rocks. Furvens listened out for the Ga-Matoran, but the ringing in his ears and the pounding of his head overpowered all his senses. He snapped back into reality when he heard high pitched screaming, he looked over at the Ga-Matoran who where petrified in fear. Before them stood a giant Fire Serpent, who’d risen out of the Lava pool and was hissing wildly at the Ga-Matoran. The Fire Serpent roared and let out a ball of fire that narrowly missed the Ga-Matoran. In an instant Furvens grabbed his board and hurled it towards the Fire Serpent. The board met it’s mark and hit the beast square in the head, it turned around and hissed at Furvens in anger. Furvens realised he had no other way to protect himself and began wildly throwing rocks at the beast, many missed their mark, the ones that did manage to hit the beast were merely an annoyance.

The Serpent used it’s mighty tail to splash lava up towards Furvens, the wave of Lava came rushing towards him. His bravado disappeared and all that was left were girlish screams as he ran forward with his eyes closed, he heard the lava splash behind him, but he kept on running, suddenly the rock below him gave way and everything went dark
Furvens awoke to find himself in a small cavern below the rocks. He looked up realising he’d fallen down a hole, the hole would have been pitch black, however a glowing stone illuminated the whole cave with it’s bright red glow. Furvens took the stone in his hands, mesmerised by it. A voice interrupted his thoughts and Furvens looked up towards the hole he fell down, where he saw Tahu standing before him, he extended his hand down and helped him get out of the cavern.

Tahu sat down with Furvens overlooking the Lava Falls, he told him he defeated the Lava Serpent and rescued his friends, he was just glad no one was injured. Furvens thanked him for rescuing him and asked him if he knew what on earth he’d found. Tahu’s eyes widened as he realised Furvens had found a Toa Stone. He congratulated Furvens and told him to take what he had found to Turaga Vakama.

Vakama congratulated Furvens, and told him it was destiny that he found this stone. Furvens face was a mixture of confusion and excitement when Vakama explained that 5 other Matoran had found stones, and now they could collectively use them to become Toa.
The 6 matoran looked at each other, their hearts filled with excitement, today they would become Toa, they gathered around the Suva and placed their stones inside it, a bright like engulfed the room and suddenly each matoran was transformed into a powerful Toa. They looked at each other, their faces lit up with joy and wonder, this was a day to remember! Vakama entered the room explaining that these new powerful Toa of Fire would become a strike force that would protect new outlying cities of Ta-Wahi from recent Makuta attacks.

Furvens spun his shield above his heard then swiftly swipped it below him, jumping ontop of it and gliding back onto the lava pool, before him was a Lava serpent, much larger then any he had faced before, his comrades attacked the beast and used their mask powers as a battle raged on. Furven’s Miru lit up as he took flight, grabbing his Toa Brother Makio, Furvens flew in at a safe enough distance behind the Serpent’s head. Makio’s mask glew bright and he extended his arm, softly whispering to the beast. The Serpent shuddered and slowly turned to face Makio and Furvens. It’s eyes closed and it’s breathing slowed, Makio commanded the beast to return to it’s home stop attacking the nearby city. That battle was won.

Triumphantly the heroes walked back to the city to celebrate, they walked down the streets but were surprised to see no one Matoran in their homes or on the streets. Everything seemed to be deserted. The Toa exchanged looks of confusion and uncertainty as they continued to walk forward, their triumphant swagger soon turned to despair when then walked towards the city square to see countless bodies littering the streets, the Toa drew their blades as 3 Purple armoured Toa stood before them. The largest of the three was hold a blade to the throat of a Matoran and threatened to kill it if their demands were not met. Furvens and his team dropped their weapons and began to hear the Purple armoured Toa’s ransom.

His demands were extensive, and his list seemed unending, Furvens felt a heaviness in his gut, something was wrong, why would this Dark Toa be doing all of this, and why take so long… this had to be a distraction. Furvens look up to the roof tops of the buildings around him, he saw glimpses of movement, This was all a trap, buying time while their reinforcements came so they could finish the Toa off… Furvens looked towards his brothers and nodded, his mask glowing as he lunged forward for his weapons, his brothers followed. No sooner though did the Dark Toa order his men to strike, soon at least 30 Purple armoured Toa were upon them and a battle erupted.

Blades clashed and masks glew as the battle raged on, Furvens and his team did well, but not all survived the onslaught of these warriors, the team of 6 fell to a team of 3 and soon Makio had no choice but to order the team to surrender. The Toa were stripped of their weapons and restrained.

The remaining Toa were brought before the Dark Toa’s general, he drew a blade and swiftly beheaded one of the Toa, now only Makio and Furvens remained. The general laughed and explained that this was his mission, destroy the city, show the Order of Mata Nui the true strength the Dark Toa wielded, then leave no witness. Furvens looked to Makio, there had to be a way to survived this! Makio smiled and his mask glew, the general’s eyes narrowed, and he readied his blade to strike!

Before he could a loud shriek filled the air. The Lava Serpent had returned, but this time it was listening to Makio. The Toa of fire ordered it to breath fire onto the Dark Toa battalion, as it did he ushered towards Furvens, telling him to run. Furvens refused saying he would fight by his side to the death, as brothers. Makio smiled, appreciating the offer, but said he had a plan, and pushed Furvens, telling him he needed to run and tell The Order of Mata Nui what he had seen. The push caused Furvens to fall down a rocky ledge which separated him from his brother, the battle raged on… Furven’s had no choice but to listen to his brothers orders, and run.

Furvens ran further and further away from the battle occasionally looking back, hoping his brother was ok. A high pitched squeal filled the air, follow by a loud thud, Furvens looked back at the city to find the Lava Serpent had been defeated… did this mean Makio had fallen? Furvens couldn’t help himself and ran back to the city.

He arrived to see the Fire Serpent had indeed been killed, it’s lifeless body had fallen, squashing and killing the Dark Toa. Furvens furiously searched for his brother, he fell to his knees when he saw his brother on the floor, a blade through his chest. Furvens slammed the ground in rage. He could have stopped this. He could have saved his brother had he not ran. Furvens sat in shame and despair angry at himself.

A hand touched Furvens shoulder, his tear-filled eyes looked up to see a purple armoured figure standing before him. Furven’s slapped the arm away, he reached out with his elemental powers and drew fireballs in the palms of his hands, ready to attack the warrior. Suddenly Furvens felt a sense of calm. The Dark Toa introduced himself as Shakahv, and told the Toa that he had a place for wayward and troubled souls like him, a home out in the desert. Furvens felt an odd sense of understanding and trust, all he wanted to do was follow this man. Shakahv held out his hand asking him to come with him, Furvens happily accepted, and went to shake the hand of the purple warrior. Suddenly a fire ball flew towards Shakahv and knocked his hand away. Furvens snapped back into reality and saw the Komau of the Toa glowing bright. Furvens realised Shakahv had gotten into his head, he lashed out at Shakahv in a rage, but he was nowhere to be seen… he simply disappeared into the shadows. Furvens looked around in confusion, bewildered as to how the Toa could disappear so easily.

Furvens heard a faint voice call his name, it was Maiko, he was still alive! Furvens rushed towards him apologising and thanking his for snapping him out of Shakahv’s mind control. Maiko was too weak to speak, him simply smiled at Furven’s and told him to remember the mission. Soon after the life drained out of Maiko and Furven’s held his now lifeless body.

Furven’s ran and ran until he reached the Toa council. He told them what had happened and he specifically mentioned the fact that Shakahv mentioned a desert hideout. The Council thanked Furvens for this new knowledge and sent scouts out to the various deserts of Spherus Magna in the hopes of finding something. They didn’t have much information, but the small amount of knowledge they gained from Furvens’ encounter with Shakahv was a start. The Council assigned Furvens to a new Toa team, the Toa Lotem.

When The Apocalypse war began, and the Toa learnt that Korrin’s army was marching on New Ta-Koro, the city was struck with fear. Many Toa were preparing for battle, but most had not encountered a Citadel before. The Turaga of New Ta-Koro ordered all Toa to take cover within the walls of the city. Toa Cossy, however, did not agree with trying to weather the storm. He went to the elders to reason with them, but they ordered Cossy to remain in the city. Cossy stormed off, and shared the news with a small group of Fire Toa. Furven’s and the Toa agreed with Cossy. Furvens spoke with Cossy about his past battle with Citadel, and explained them that the walls of New Ta-Koro were no match for these machines. The only advantage that the Toa could gain is the element of surprise. With that, the Toa assembled a small strike force of their best warriors and set out in the direction that the Citadel was thought to be coming from. Cossy, Furvens, and five other Toa of Fire sped towards the horizon on a small, unarmed transport, the only vehicle they could commandeer without drawing the attention of the Turaga.

As the Toa sped off towards there new mission, Furvens looked towards his brothers. Standing beside a team of Fire Toa, he felt right at home, and he promised himself he would not fail like he did last time. As they neared their foe, they saw that there were not one, but four citadels approaching: two by land, two by air. Cossy hesitated, but pressed on, determined to destroy at least one of the machines. The Toa gained a surprising amount of distance before the Citadels began to fire on them. Cossy guessed that they did not expect the fight to happen so far outside the city, and did not have their defences prepared. Pulling up towards one of the flying Citadels, the Toa spotted some damage on one of the propellers keeping the Citadel in the air. With the combined elemental power of seven Toa, the heroes sent a massive jet of flame towards the damaged turbine. The fire found its way to cracks and dents in the armor, and quickly melted the propeller into a twisted ball of metal. With a terrible groan, the Citadel began to fall to the ground, trailing smoke behind it.

Cossy did not wait for the smouldering wreckage to collide with the earth, but instead he activated his Mask of Supersonic Flight, and screamed towards the next flying Citadel. With a burst of lightning, Cossy killed one of the gunners and landed safely on the deck. Furven’s looked on in wonder, and ordered the rest of the Toa to follow him, they landed shortly after, but as they were boarding, their vehicle was destroyed by an artillery shell. One Toa took control of the vacant gunner’s seat, and the rest fought their way through Dirvum guards and undead warriors to the second main cannon. After defeating a group of gunners, another Toa used the turret to fire upon the land Citadels. Cossy, Furvens, and the remaining Toa then worked their way to the Citadel’s bridge. Despite heavy resistance, the Fire powers of the five Toa proved to be most effective in the cramped halls and rooms within the Citadel, and before long, the bridge was under their control. Furvens brought the Citadel around to a more optimal firing position, while Cossy and the other Toa stood guard or helped Furvens to navigate.
When Korrin saw that the ship was moving into attack position, he could not wait any longer. The Toa had completely taken over the Dirvum’s Citadel, there was no doubt. Korrin ordered all guns to fire on the airborne fortress, and the two walking behemoths quickly disabled the cannons and engines of the Toa’s Citadel. Korrin smiled at his victory, and watched as the Citadel began to plummet towards the ground.

Furvens was knocked to his feet by the impact of the explosives hitting the Citadel. Regaining his footing, he struggled to keep the massive war ship in the air. The Citadel was losing altitude, and there wasn’t much time left. Furvens thought for a moment, thinking of his past failure. Toa had reminded him again and again that he did the right thing, but he believe he owed Makio. It was his duty to Avenge him. Driven by determination and willpower, Furvens then spun the Citadel around, and headed straight for Korrin and his walking death machine. He yelled to the other surviving Toa to find a way off the Citadel before it was too late. Cossy protested, but Furvens was adamant. Cossy grabbed the other Toa, and smashed through one of the bridge’s windows. Activating his Kanohi, Cossy managed to carry himself and three other Toa to relative safety. From a rocky ledge, the four Toa watched in morbid interest and deep respect as Furvens piloted the Citadel towards his target.

Korrin ordered every last gunner to fire upon the airborne Citadel, but despite the holes and tears in the plummeting mass, Furvens kept his projectile on course. Explosions seemed silent in Furvens’ ears, but the pulsing of his heartlight was like a hammer pounding on his mask. He took a deep breath, and steeled himself for his impending death. Korrin’s eyes grew wide as the two machines collided. He felt a massive surge of heat, and then nothing more.

The explosion was massive, and sent the remaining land Citadel stumbling to remain upright. Cossy covered his ears and closed his eyes to protect them from the light and sound that followed the explosion. The shockwave was still deafening, and the four Toa were knocked backwards. Cossy’s head struck stone, and he was knocked unconscious.

When he awoke, the wreckage was still burning, but the still-operational walking Citadel was nowhere to be found. One other Toa was still at his side, but the other two were gone. The remaining Toa explained to Cossy that the others left in pursuit of the final Citadel, but they have not returned for some time. Cossy got to his feet, and the two of them limped back towards New Ta-Koro. When they arrived, however, all they found was a smoldering pile of rubble and a few broken weapons. The Citadel was nowhere to be found, and Cossy could see no survivors. Struggling to keep his emotions in check, Cossy fell to his knees and held his head in his hands. Three Citadels were destroyed, but New Ta-Koro had fallen.

Fourth Wall Commentary:
Glad I was able to bring back and expand on this character. Always loved his design, and I'm happy with how he turned out. I do feel there's a few things I could do to improve him, but I'm still happy with the overall design really :)



Couple final things:

I have combined my story with Cody G's Bionicle storyline, so take a look at his page:

I have a Flickr now, take a look if you wish:

Also check out my Youtube for weekly videos:

And I post pretty much daily on Instagram, so check that out:

Please don´t hesitate with any comments, questions or criticisms...
Till Next Time
See Ya~


 I like it 
  March 29, 2018
Awesome work my friend- definitely an improvement over the original- I really like the colour blocking you did with him- particularly with the metru red on the forearms and shins- the textures match surprisingly well, too. The shoulders I'm not a huge fan of, they feel particularly detached from the torso, especially with that massive gap between upper arm and torso. Overall though, this was a really nice redux of this character- well done man!
 I like it 
  February 17, 2018
Awesome build and sweet story!
 I made it 
  February 9, 2018
Thanks all, and cheers for the helpful advice, I'll be sure to look into fixing a few things now ;)
 I like it 
  February 9, 2018
Once again, an awesome moc Cossy. My suggestion is to make the legs longer and feet bigger to fit better with the tall body. I love the shield!
 I like it 
  February 9, 2018
Great job!
 I like it 
  February 9, 2018
Another brilliant build from Benjamin Cossy!
 I like it 
  February 9, 2018
How did this go under my radar!? Well great build, although the upper legs and the hand need some work.
  February 9, 2018
 I like it 
  February 9, 2018
Nice revamp of Furvens, always good to see you revamping the Toa Lotem again. I have to agree with Daniel and Pontel though, it is one of your weaker builds the ccbs kinda looks out of place on the very greebled moc. Overall, it's still awesome!
 I made it 
  February 9, 2018
Thanks man, yeah good point, I think the waist might indeed be a tad thin, I'll have to address that. As for where to start honestly, it doesn't matter, start on the part you're most inspired to build first.
 I like it 
  February 9, 2018
Looks great! Have to agree with Daniel though on the shoulders/neck. And, it may just be me, be is the waist line really thin? Love that color scheme though, maybe give him a sword? (Didn't read the text so you may address his lack of a sword, if so disregard this) awesome mask! Exited to see more Mocs somebody by you! I am also wondering, where do you recommend starting on a bio/CCBS Moc? Like on the arms, legs, torso, etc. thanks!
 I made it 
  February 8, 2018
Yeah good call man! thanks for that, I'll look to update that stuff ;)
 I like it 
  February 8, 2018
Very cool, I like it. I've a few criticisms though- I feel like either the shoulders are too low on his body, or the neck is too tall. And the textures are kind of all over the place, it's smooth CCBS shells in some places, and heavy greebled Bionicle in others. Dunno, might just be me. Overall, a great build!
By Ben Cossy
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Added February 9, 2018
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