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The Insurgency S1E24 Season Finale: Up for Grabs (FB)
Freebuild for The Insurgency (Galactic Imperium) and season 1 finale.
About this creation
January 15, 2098

A small stealth boat sped through the icy waters of Earth's Southern Hemisphere. Victor was at the helm and behind him was the rest of Delta squad. They sat in silence having exhausted all of their conversation topics. Now they were just waiting to reach their destination.

Will stared at the waves crashing against the sides of the craft. Even his insulated uniform was not enough to keep the harsh winds from biting at his skin. In his head he cursed Arthur for sending them here. But then he remembered what was at stake.

Arthur: "Because Agent Bard's search was unsuccessful, the X-12 nerve gas remains missing. So we'll have to try something else."

Dino: "Too bad we can't just ask Dane where he hid it."
Arthur: "Precisely, Dino. We must make another attempt at getting the information out of Duscott. It seems to be the only option."
Victor: "Wait... Isn't he dead?"
Arthur: "No."

Claire: "How much further?" she asked. The cold was getting to her too.
Victor: "We're almost there."

The boat was going at maximum speed but it still didn't seem fast enough.

Claire: "He's alive? I kind of just assumed he was executed."
Arthur: "No. Mr. Duscott is very much alive, a fact that will remain unknown to the public to avoid backlash."

Will: "So why wasn't he executed?"

Arthur: "We believed him to be of more use alive than dead. And if he gives us what we want, we'll be proved correct. And that brings me to your mission. Duscott is being held in one of our black sites in Antarctica. Try to get him to reveal the information and if he does, go to retrieve the nerve gas. I'm afraid Aurelia is getting close to finding it also."

Claire: "The black site's in... Antarctica?"
Arthur: "Yes, you'll be going to the coldest place on Earth. So wear something warm," he said with a grin."

Dino: "I see the shoreline!"
Claire: "Finally," she muttered as Victor brought the boat closer to where they could dock.

After securing the boat, the agents stepped onto the ice and made their way to their destination. They followed Dino who held a navigation device.

Claire: "I hope we see some penguins."
Will: "We're on a mission here, not a trip to the zoo."
Claire: "Come on, you love penguins."
Will: "Yeah..." he admitted smiling.

Victor looked at Will and Claire.

Victor: "So Arthur was alright with this? You two, on the same squad?"
Claire: "You got a problem, Victor?"
Victor: "Oh no. Just... It feels a little bit... Unprofessional."
Claire: "Unprofessional? What about you and Alyssa?"
Victor: "I don't know what you mean. We're just colleagues."
Claire: "Mmhmm. Well she's always talking about you."
Victor: "Really? What does she say?"

Dino: "Hey, we're here," Dino said, interrupting them.

The black site came into view. One of the perimeter guards held up his hand and started walking towards them.

Guard: "Delta team?"
Will: "Yes, sir."
Guard: "We've been expecting you. Head on inside."

The squad was relieved to finally be inside of a heated facility.
Claire: "Oh thank God," she spoke gladly as they took off their masks.
Dino: "I feel bad for the poor bastards that have to work here."

As they warmed up a bit, a man approached them.

Agent 14: "Delta team, welcome. I'm Agent 14. I hope you all feel a little more comfortable in here."
Will: "It's cold as hell out there. Who decided to put a black site in Antarctica?"

Agent 14: "Yeah, sometimes I feel like the agency's trying to punish me more than the prisoners... But Antarctica's remote location does provide an advantage. Useful for some outposts, although it's true; No one wants to come down here because of the cold. But anyways, I know why you're here. Follow me, we'll go to Duscott's cell.”

As Agent 14 led them further into the facility, Will began feeling very anxious. Seeing Dane again would be interesting after what they had been through. Will felt a strong resentment towards the former IIA agent, not only because he had turned to Aurelia but because he had used him for his goals and then framed him for everything. Of course everything worked out in the end but still, Will couldn't understand why he hadn't been executed. Months ago, Dane was one of the most hated people on Earth.

Finally they reached the cell. Will could see him through the glass. Dane looked up when he heard people approaching. He looked a little weak. He had lost a lot of weight, his hair was longer now almost falling into his eyes, his beard scraggly. It took a few seconds to click who he was seeing. His eyes widened when he recognized him. The man who had put him in here.

Dane: "William?"

Agent 14: "Bring him out," he said to a guard positioned outside the cell.
The guard opened the cell doors and led Dane outside.

They moved to a different room with a table. Dane sat across from Will who had all the other agents standing behind him.

Will: "Well... You look like crap."

Dane didn't reply, he only stared with weary eyes at Will.

Will: "Not still coming up with ways to overthrow the Imperium, are you?"
Dane: "I've changed."

Agent 14: "He says that a lot," he whispered leaning in towards Claire.

Will: "Have you?"
Dane: "I... Made some errors in judgement... I see that now. Aurelia isn't the answer."
Will: "Are you just saying that so we'll let you out? Because that's not gonna happen. Probably ever."

Dane looked down sadly at the table. He didn't want to stay here anymore. He couldn't. It was driving him insane. More than how much he might already be.

Will: "That's what you were asking for last time, right? Your freedom in exchange for the X-12?"

Dane looked back up.

Dane: "You're still looking for that?"
Will: "Agent Bard was. He's dead."
Dane: "Jack's dead?"
Will: "His death could've been prevented had you told us what we wanted to know last time. So here's your second chance. If you really are back on the Imperium's side, you'll tell us where to find it."

Dane didn't say anything immediately.

Agent 14: "You've got another chance here. You should cooperate."

He thought for a moment before finally speaking.

Dane: "I want things."
Will: "Of course. I've been authorized to make a demand list. But nothing too crazy, alright? So... What do you want?"

Dane knew exactly what he wanted. He started his list immediately.

Dane: "Move me one cell over to the left. That one has a better view."
Will: "Of ice?"
Dane: "It's better, okay? Next: no more protein cubes. I want proper cooked gourmet meals. Get a chefbot if you have to."
Will: "Okay... What else?"
Dane: "A suit. Something British. I'm tired of this horrendous uniform."
Will: "Done. That uniform is pretty... It's horrendous."

Victor rolled his eyes.

Will: "Is that it?"
Dane: "No. Last thing. You let me take you to it."
Will: "No," he said shaking his head.

Dane: "It's non-negotiable."
Will: "We're not letting you out of here. Meeting your other demands is generous as it is."
Dane: "You can do it for this one day. I want to feel fresh air, warm air."

Will thought about it.

Dane: "It is non-negotiable. If you don't let me out for one day, I won't tell you where it is."

Will turned around and looked at his friends. Dino shrugged.

Dino: "There's four of us. I think we can keep an eye on him."
Will: "Alright, fine," he said facing Dane again. "But you'll be in restraints the whole time. And you'll have a tracker on you."
Dane: "Very well."

Will: "So you've got what you wanted. Or most of it anyway. Now will you please enlighten us with the location of the X-12 sample.
Dane: "It's on Earth."

Victor: "Seriously?" he muttered, surprised it wasn't elsewhere.
Dino: "I was thinking he took it to a different system," Dino whispered.

Will: "Where on Earth?"
Dane: "Australia. There's an IIA safe house just outside of The Skarr. That's where I hid it."

Will: "Alright then," he said looking at the others.
Agent 14: "There's a ship in our hanger you can use. I'll prep Duscott with the tracker and meet you there."
Will: "Sounds good. And Dane? This better not be a ruse."
Dane: "You can trust me."

Will started laughing when he said this.

Will: "Oh man... That's funny."

He and the others made their way to the black site's hangar.

Delta squad waited next to the small shuttle for Dane. Agent 14 led him to them after having put him in restraints. Dane rubbed his arm where they had injected a tracker into him.

Will: "Let's go," Will said as they all began to board the craft.

Soon Victor flew the shuttle off of Antarctica and towards Australia.

Inside, they talked amongst themselves.

Claire: "So what's the deal with this nerve gas? Where did it even come from?"

Dane: "A few years ago there was an independent scientist who created a formula and a small sample. I believe he was one day killed and his work was taken. It swapped hands until eventually the GI got a hold of it. They were supposed to keep it secured in some underground facility."

Will: "But then the transport carrying it crashed and you tricked me into stealing it because you wanted to give it to Aurelia."

Dane: "Well... Yes. But the nerve gas is quite dangerous. Direct exposure for even a couple seconds can lead to a painful death. In mass quantity it'll destroy armies."

Dino: "Then we'd better find it before anyone else."


A short while later they had entered Australian air space.

Victor: "Approaching the safe house, beginning descent."

Victor landed the shuttle on the roof of the safe house. They all exited and went inside.

They followed Dane to a tiny kitchen inside the building. He opened a cabinet and pulled out the silver case. He set the case on the counter and flipped it open after entering a passcode. The agents looked inside and sure enough, it was the nerve gas. The case contained a small clear tube filled with a green gas and next to it was a data pad which presumably had the research on it so that it could be produced in larger quantities.

Dino: "It was here the whole time..."
Dane: "I had to stash it somewhere until I had a chance to hand it off. But William captured me first..."
Will: "Okay!" he said grabbing the case. "We got what we came for. Now it's time to put you back in that freezer and get this to the IIA."

They all went back to the shuttle believing this was almost over.

RIS Headquarters

Millions and millions of kilometers away on the planet Zarus, the Aurelians were not sitting idly by. They were finding ways to get the upper hand. After the loss of their prisoners in Dark Gate, they desperately needed a win. The Director of the Resistance Intelligence Service, or the RIS, was especially busy.

Irina Volkov had once been a Russian intelligence operative on Earth before the Galactic Imperium created a more united international intelligence service in the form of the IIA. After war broke out between Aurelia and the Imperium, she quickly defected, having her own private reasons. When the Shift occurred, she made her way to Zarus and helped Aurelia create its own unified intelligence service. They've been a thorn in the IIA's side ever since.

Irina looked up from her computer after seeing something of importance.

Irina: "Put me through to Agent Bernd Jager," she said pressing a button on her desk.
Male Aurelian: "At once, ma'am."

After waiting a few seconds, she was on the line with her agent.

Bernd: "What can I do for you, Irina?" he asked.
Irina: "Our bugs in the IIA safe house outside the Skarr have picked up some activity. William Nantucket seemed to have made a visit."
Bernd: "Why would he go there?"
Irina: "Apparently there was something of great importance there. You're still in Australia aren't you?"
Bernd: "Yeah."
Irina: "Then you have a new assignment. Follow the IIA agents, see what they're up to."
Bernd: "I'm on it."


In the shuttle, the IIA squad was having some problems.

Will: "Victor, why aren't we moving?" he asked after he and the others had been waiting for several minutes.
Victor: "Sorry, Will, I'm trying but the shuttle's not starting."
Dino: "What's wrong?"
Victor: "Computer says there's a problem with the tachyon converter."

Will: "Okay everyone out," he said standing up. "You too, Dane." They all exited the ship.

Victor opened up the engine compartment to take a look.

Victor: "Yeah, it's fried."
Claire: "Everything was working fine just a while ago."
Victor: "It's a common issue with these shuttles."
Will: "Can you fix it?"
Victor: "I can try but it might be better if you guys look for a new one."
Dino: "There's markets in the Skarr."

Will groaned.

Will: "I was really hoping not to go there... Alright, Dino, you stay here and help Victor. Me and Claire will try to find another... 'Whatever' converter."
Dino: "I don't know anything about ships."
Claire: "I'll stay. I know a thing or two about these things."
Will: "You?"
Claire: "Yeah, my dad's an engineer. So now you two can go have fun in the Skarr."

Will: "Fine. Let's go Dino."
Dane: "Should I do anything?"
Will: "Yeah, you'll come with us too. I'm not letting you out of my sight."
Dino: "You're bringing the X-12?" Dino asked when he noticed Will still holding the case.
Will: "Not letting this out of my sight either."

The three of them left for the Skarr while Claire and Victor stayed behind to attempt repairs.

Meanwhile a young Collective acolyte walked through the crumbling streets of the Skarr's slums. Her name was Norri Gothos. She kept her head down trying not to attract any attention but it was fairly obvious what she was.

Man: "I'd like to register her powers!" yelled a man sitting against the side of a building.

She was pretty so she had gotten comments like that before. She had learned to ignore them. While she walked, Norri was communicating to her tutor telepathically without moving her lips. No one else would have realized.

Norri: "It's a most disheartening place. There is so much violence and crime. I cannot believe these beings can behave this way."

Tutor: "It is good you are keeping up with your studies. However, I fear for your safety, Norri," he spoke with her.
They both had very calming voices but Norri's was especially soft.

Tutor: "In light of these recent events, this system has become more dangerous for us. I think it is time you return home."

Norri did not reply immediately to their telepathic conversation. Something had caught her attention. She saw a familiar face in the crowd of the market she was approaching. The face belonged to a killer. It belonged to the man that had killed her brother.

In the market, Will, Dino, and their prisoner, Dane, were growing tired of their search. None of the vendors had the part they required. They approached yet another one, hoping they would have some luck.

Vendor: "What can I do for you?" asked the vendor in a very nasally voice that could become irritating after a while.

Will: "We're looking for a tachyon converter."

Vendor: "My friends, you are in luck," he slobbered slightly as he pulled out the device and placed it on his counter. "This is the last one. No one else has a tachyon converter anywhere in the Skarr!"

Dane: "It honestly seems that way," Dane muttered.
Will: "I think this should cover it," he said pulling out a generous amount of credits from his pocket.
Vendor: "No, no, no, credits don't work here. But I will make you a trade. Say... What is in that case of yours?"

Will looked down at the case containing the dangerous bio-weapon capable of killing thousands of people and began thinking leaving it with Claire and Victor might have been better.

Will: "Not a chance."

Dino: "Maybe we can trade Dane."
Dane: "Not funny."
Will: "Do you have anything, Dino?"
Dane: "What about my handcuffs?" Dane asked sarcastically.
Will: "Nice try."
Dino: "Uh, what about this?" he asked the vendor taking out his communicator.
Vendor: "I have plenty of those. This tachyon converter is worth something a little more. What about... That time piece," he said noticing Will's watch.
Will: "Oh come on, I just got this."
Vendor: "It's very nice."
Will: "Yeah cause it's a vintage Omega Seamaster."
Dino: "Just give him the watch."

Will pouted as he reluctantly took off his watch and gave it to the vendor. He then gave them the part.
Vendor: "Pleasure doing business with you!"

Agent Jager had now arrived in the Skarr as well. After looking around for a bit, he had found the IIA agents along with Dane. When he noticed the silver case in Will's hand, he pressed on his earpiece to open a channel to RIS HQ

Bernd: "Irina, I've got some good news for you. I think I just found that X-12 nerve gas sample."
Irina: "Are you sure?"
Bernd: "Positive. I've got eyes on Nantucket, with Dane Duscott, holding a silver briefcase."
Irina: "Dane is alive? He must have led them to it... Bernd, I need you to get that case!"

The RIS agent ended the transmission and began quickly walking towards them.

As the three walked towards the perimeter of the Skarr to head back to their ship, they came across a restroom facility. Dane suddenly had the urge to relieve himself...

Dane: "I have to go."
Will: "No more stops, we're getting out of here."
Dane: "I have to go," he said again with a little more emphasis.

Will stopped walking and turned around to look at Dane. He stared him down for a few seconds.

Will: "Fine. But make it quick."

Will and Dino waited outside while Dane used the facilities.

Inside, Dane saw a man washing his hands at the sink. He quietly snuck up on him and covered his mouth with one hand and wrapped his other arm around his neck. The man tried to scream but couldn't. The handcuffs made it a little difficult but Dane's IIA training didn't fail him. He gently dropped the unconscious man to the floor in an effort to not make any sound. He quickly searched him until he found what he was looking for. He took from the man a communicator and a knife and rushed into a stall.

Dane winced as he drove the small blade into his arm. He used it to take out his tracker. While wiping the blood with some papers, he crushed the tracker under his boot. He rolled down his sleeve to not make his wound so obvious and turned on the comm.

Dane: "Hello, am I speaking with Armie Tedrow?" he asked after opening a channel.
Armie: "Who is this?" asked a distorted voice.
Dane: "This is Dane Duscott. I am in need of your services. Are you still in the Skarr?"
Armie: "Dane. Didn't think you were still alive. Yeah, I'm here, what do you want?"
Dane: "I'm prisoner to two IIA agents. I need you to take them out so I can get away."
Armie: "Sure thing. But this marauder doesn't work for free. What can I expect in terms of payment?"

Dane groaned.

Dane: "They're carrying a top secret bio-weapon. Sell it on the black market and you'll never have to work again."
Armie: "Sounds worthwhile. I'm on my way."

Outside, Will and Dino were getting impatient.

Will: "What's taking so long?"
Dino: "I'll check on him."

Dino entered the bathroom and saw Dane at the sinks. He looked around suspiciously but didn't see anything, not even the body Dane had hidden in one of the stalls.

Dino: "Okay, come on," he said pulling Dane away.

When the three of them were again outside, Will's communicator began to vibrate. He put down the case to pull it out. It was Arthur.

As Will was answering the transmission, Bernd quickly walked past them, bumping into Dino and Dane.

Dino: "Hey, watch it!"

Arthur: "William, how goes things?"
Will: "We're in Australia, we've got the X-" he didn't finish his thought when he looked down and saw the case wasn't next to him.
He and Dino looked around them but it was gone. Will stared at his friend with fearful eyes.

Will: "I just put it down for a second..."

Dino looked behind Will to see Bernd walking through the crowd, the case in his hand.
Dino: "The guy that bumped into me."

Will spun around and saw him.

Arthur: "Is everything alright, William?"
Will: "Someone took the case."
Arthur: "What?!"
Will: "Six foot human male, red coat, blonde hair."

Arthur instantly knew who he was talking about.

Arthur: "It must be Agent Jager from the RIS. Yes, we knew he was in Australia, we should've warned you... He cannot get away with that case!"
Will: "He won't."

Will turned off his comm and just as they were about to run after him, Norri appeared in front of him out of nowhere.

Norri: "Stop!" she yelled blocking their path. She had been watching them for some time and had decided to confront them.

Will was shocked to see the girl. He darted his eyes between her and Bernd getting further away.

Will: "Excuse me," he said going around her and after Bernd.

Dino jabbed his gun in Dane's back.
Dino: "Run or I will shoot you."

As all three of them ran after Bernd and the case, Norri watched them. William Nantucket had taken her brother's life and he had just now completely ignored her. This made her anger grow even more. She needed to get to him. Norri joined the chase.

The chase led to a more secluded part of the Skarr. But Bernd was having a serious deja vu moment. William Nantucket on his tail while he was carrying some precious cargo.
He pressed his earpiece to contact his headquarters once again.

Bernd: "Agent Jager requesting immediate extraction from the Sk-"

But he didn't finish when Will tackled him to the ground. The case rolled out of his hand.

Will dived for the case and grabbed it. As Bernd was getting up he swung it hard into the enemy agent's face, making him fall to the ground again.

Dino and Dane had now caught up. But Norri was right behind them.

When they saw Will looking strangely at something behind them, Dino and Dane both turned around.

Norri opened her mouth to say something but stopped when she saw what was in Will's hand. She had been paying attention to Imperium affairs. Judging from how the Aurelian and the GI were fighting over it, she had a strong feeling she knew what it was.

Norri: "Is that the biological weapon? The one that went missing?"

She had seen the destructive capabilities of people in this hovel. She knew the people of the two warring factions possessed even more. If either side had the weapon in their possession, it could spell doom for a lot of people.

Will: "Who are you?" he asked puzzled as to why this girl seemed to be following them.

When she heard him speak, she remembered the main reason for why she hadn't yet left the Skarr. Norri wasn't quite sure what she wanted but she knew she was angry. She didn't want to kill this man even after what he had done but she wasn't sure if she would be able to stop herself from hurting him.

Norri: "I am Norri Gothos," she spoke, confidence in her voice.
Will: "Is that supposed to mean something?"

That hurt. How could he take so much from her and not even be aware of her existence? She tried to pull herself together, she didn't want to look weak to them.

Norri: "You... You don't remember War Mage Gothos?"
Dino: "She's Collective," Dino realized.

Will racked his memory for the name Gothos. Then he remembered. He had faced a War Mage Gothos in the war. And he had killed him... He knew he had a sister. It didn't take long for Will to put two and two together.

Will: "I..."
Norri: "I know exactly what happened! He had surrendered! But you killed him anyway!" she yelled trying hard to hold back tears.

Will had no idea what to say. It was all true. But it was war and he had his reasons at the time. He had killed many people over the course of his adult life and had convinced himself none of them were innocent. He tried not to think about all the dead but every once in a while it came into his mind. How those deaths had affected others, friends, family. And now what he prayed wouldn't happen was indeed happening. He had met a relative.

Before he could say something Bernd picked himself up and lunged at the case.

Bernd: "Give me that!" he yelled swiping it from Will's grasp.

Norri had to forget her personal quarrel with Will and remember the greater good.

Norri: "No! That weapon is too dangerous for either of you to have!"

Bernd: "Oh, do shut up!" he yelled as he took out his pistol and fired a spray of bullets at everyone that wasn't on his side.

As they all ducked for cover, Bernd took off again.

Norri stood up and took out her wand.

Norri: "Esterni!"

As she yelled the word, a bubble of water surrounded Will and Bernd's heads. They both fell to the ground drowning and unable to breath. Will tried to break the liquid sphere with his hands but it was no use. He then pointed at Dino wanting him to do something.

Dino and Dane were both stunned when they witnessed the acolyte's power. But then Dino snapped out of his daze and struck Norri in the jaw. This made her lose her concentration and the water bubbles dissipated. Bernd and Will were on the ground gasping for air.

They all looked up when suddenly a man on a jet pack flew down to them. This was Armie.
He shot several lasers from a heavily modified laser rifle that made everyone scatter. He used the fact that he had surprised everyone to his advantage.

Armie: "Dane!" as he yelled, Dane raised his hands in the air and with precision aim, Armie shot his restraints.
After punching Dino in the face Dane ran off.

Will: "DANE!" Will roared, watching him run away.
His prisoner was escaping. This was not going well.

Armie then came over and gave a strong kick to Will's side making him yell in pain.
As Bernd was getting up, Armie kicked him in the face.

Armie: "Don't mind if I do," he said snatching the bio-weapon case out of his hand. "Later, guys."

Armie clutched the case close to his chest and used his jetpack to fly to higher ground. However Norri wasn't going to let him get away that easily.

Norri: "Eris'e" she yelled using air against the bounty hunter.

Armie: "Wooah!" he yelled flying out of control. Eventually his jetpack slammed into the side of a building and stopped working. Armie began falling back to the ground.

Bernd shot Norri's wand and the broken pieces flew out of her hand. Now she wouldn't be able to use her power. Then he and Will both went for the case at the same time. Will grabbed it from the bounty hunter first and fought off Bernd.

Will: "Dino, go after Dane!" he shouted after pushing Bernd back.
Dino pulled out his tracking device but then immediately frowned.
Dino: "His signal's gone."
Will: "Then get the part back to the shuttle! I'll handle these guys."

Meanwhile back at the shuttle, Claire and Victor had given up on repairs.

Claire: "They should've been back by now..."
Victor: "Call them."

Claire tried contacting both Will and Dino but was unsuccessful.

Claire: "They're not answering."
Victor: "I hope nothing happened."

Back in the Skarr, Will, Bernd, Norri, and Armie all stood circled around the case. Their muscles were tense, each of them thinking about when they should make a move. Members of four factions of a divided system, all in one place and all after one thing.

Will: "So... I guess we all want this thing..."
Armie: "Well I don't really know what it is, I just know it's worth a lot of money."
Norri: "You're quite the mercenary. This weapon in the hands of any of you three would cause the deaths of thousands of people." she then turned to Will. "Although I suppose that doesn't concern you at all. You're all killers!"
Will: "Look, your brother knew what he was getting into. It was war. I'm sorry."
Bernd: "And what exactly is the Collective going to do with this?"
Norri: "We would keep it safe."
Bernd: "Sorry, I just have a hard time trusting the Collective."

Will glanced at Bernd and almost smiled but stopped himself.

Armie: "Alright, guys, this was fun but I don't have all day," he said as he began walking towards the case.
Bernd aimed his gun at him.
Bernd: "Aah, aah, ah. I don't think so."
Will: "It's empty bro."
Bernd: "No it's not."

But when he pulled the trigger he found out that it was.

Will: "Fired all eight."
Armie: "You counted that?"
Will: "Yeah, it's kinda my thing," he said before taking out his own gun and aiming it at the bounty hunter. "But I'll promise you mine isn't empty."

Norri: "Enough of this!"
Armie: "Don't think you can boss us around without your wand."

Will: "Actually you know what? I change my mind. This isn't worth it. You all can have at it."

The others stared suspiciously at Will when he began walking away.

Bernd quickly went for the case and opened it only to find it was missing all of its contents.

Bernd: "It's empty..." he looked up at Will who was now running away. "Nantucket!" he yelled.

Bernd, Armie, and Norri all chased Will out of the Skarr. At one moment during all of the commotion, Will had taken out the case's contents and put them in his pockets. The members of the other factions had made a good effort but clearly the Galactic Imperium was superior.

As Will ran, he saw a ship fly ahead. It was the shuttle. Will had stalled for just enough time so that the shuttle, now repaired, could come get him. Victor positioned it in front of Will's pursuers, blocking their path. Claire and Dino stood on the landing ramp and began firing at the others, making them run for cover. As soon as Will was close, they helped him on board and then they took off.

Claire: "Did you get it?"
Will grinned and took out the small tube from a pocket on his uniform.
Dino: "Where's the case? Will, that's actually dangerous as hell," he said half joking but also half serious.
Will: "Yeah... So I wanna get this back to HQ as soon as possible."
Claire: "What about Dane?"
Will: "He's gone. Someone will have to find him again."
Dino: "Probably us. The missions never end..."

Soon they all returned to IIA headquarters. The X-12 sample was handed off to the proper people and now Arthur was talking to Will in his office.

Arthur: "Obviously the sample you recovered is not even close to being usable in battle yet. It will take time for our scientists to produce more but still, better that we have it than anyone else. I imagine if used correctly, it could do quite a bit of damage to Aurelia. So job well done, William. You never cease to impress me."

Will: "Thank you, Arthur. But I'm sorry we lost Dane."

Arthur: "We'll find him again, I'm not too worried about that. But seriously, you should be proud of yourself. You might be the best agent we have and we are lucky to have you. You truly are the 'Hero with no fear'."

Will had been smiling but his expression changed when he heard what Arthur said. 'The Hero with no fear'. He had heard those exact words before. On Soateria.

Will: "What did you say?"

Arthur: "I'm sorry?" he asked confused.

Several memories flashed before him and he remembered several more lines those villagers had said. 'The prophecy', 'The chosen one', 'The man with the scar'. He had ignored that detail because too many people had scars, it wasn't a major indication of anything. But Arthur did have a faint scar next to his eye. Could it be possible he was the "coward" the villagers had referred to?

Will: "You said 'the Hero with no fear', why did you say that?"
Arthur: "I... I don't-"
Will: "It was you. You went to that village on Soateria didn't you?"

Arthur was silent for a moment.

Arthur: "So you found them as well. When you crashed?"
Will: "Yeah."
Arthur: "Did you kill their master?"
Will: "Yeah..."
Arthur: "Then you are the one in the prophecy. We weren't completely sure but this more or less proves it."
Will: "Who is "we"?"

Arthur: "I initially discovered the prophecy and told Earth's Governor about it. He informed the council. The 'disgraced soldier'? It had to be someone discharged from military service. We believed it was you."

Will: "Why didn't you talk to me about it?"
Arthur: "The council didn't think that would be wise. They wanted to keep you close so that you would bring Salvation to the right side."

Will: "Wait... That's why? That's why you let me join the IIA? What, did the council think I'd join up with Aurelia?"
Arthur: "We all wanted to be safe. To make sure they wouldn't find out about any of it. It doesn't change anything, you are a tremendous asset, I'm sorry the others didn't see that."

Will thought for a moment. He felt a little hurt that the Imperium had welcomed him back not for his talents but because of a "prophecy".

Will: "So you actually believe those villagers? How do you know any of it's real?"
Arthur: "They've accurately predicted many things. It must be."
Will: "But then what does it all mean? What am I supposed to do, what is Salvation?"

Arthur: "Those that know about it have reason to believe Salvation is real. It's hard to explain... But there have been rumors and whispers. Rumors that match up with the prophecy."

Will was utterly confused and also slightly worried. It was possible that there would be a large burden placed on his shoulders. And he wasn't sure if he could manage it.

Will: "Arthur... What is Salvation?"
Arthur: "Well as I said there are rumors and if they're true then our speculations would be-"
Will: "Arthur. What do you think it is?"

Arthur: "It's a weapon, William. A weapon that will end the war."


The Skarr by Werewolff

Finally the season is over! It took a while but we got there... I hope it was enjoyable, I know some episodes might have seemed like a waste of time but I think others were pretty good. Still there's quite a lot I might have done differently but oh well...

So it felt a little odd that the bio-weapon I showed in one of my early episodes was somewhere out there missing... So this episode and the last one resolve all of that. I don't think I will do anything more with X-12 so I guess it is, like the title, "up for grabs" if any of you want to show it being used......

I have to say I'm not super pleased with this episode... I think there was just too many things going on and too many characters and it made it really long. But the characters will be important for next season. Not sure if anyone noticed but Jager had several cameos throughout the latter part of the season. He bumped into Victor on the yacht episode and was hidden in the background of other scenes but I guess it would be hard to tell since I'm a little lazy with background characters and sometimes reuse them...

For a while I wanted all the factions to get together and just duke it out. I was a little scared to show a Collective character because I didn't want to portray them incorrectly... So hopefully this is alright.

Anyways what to expect next? I definitely will be doing a second season and it should start soon. Obviously there's still tons of unresolved storylines. Season 1 was really more about just planting those seeds and season 2 will resolve them. I hope to make it a shorter season and perhaps even try to make the episodes shorter but we'll see. But I've already got most of it planned. There shouldn't be any weird fillers about shopping or playing golf or anything like that... But yeah I'm excited, there's a lot in store!

Okay commentary over.....


  January 30, 2018
That was awesome! Nice story!
Captain Kenbo
 I like it 
Grandson Fifticinco
  January 29, 2018
Amazing finale, Kenbo! It ties up loose ends nicely and pages the way for what I'm hoping is an even better season 2! This truly is one of the best insurgency series. thank you, for your story, sir. Cant wait for more! ~G~
 I like it 
  January 29, 2018
Quoting Captain Kenbo Thanks man. If you want we could come up with a crossover thing or if not a full on crossover then just something that ties our stories together a bit
Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but I've got to get at least my first episode out before I do that. I do have an idea, but I don't know how much it would upset your story line.:P
 I like it 
  January 29, 2018
A very nice finale Kenbo, way to go! Loved all the new characters, though as others have said, I feel their introductions were a tad rushed. Regardless, a great fight scene and it was nice to see Dane again. Also, great use of the Skarr! (Though I will point out that Imperial uniforms would probably attract some of the Skarr Zealots). Very nice stuff, and I look forward to season 2!
 I like it 
  January 29, 2018
This is really good! Also, below comment: This is The Insurgency, a space/scifi RPG group
  January 29, 2018
Wait? Is this star wars? I am so confused!
 I like it 
  January 29, 2018
Good stuff! Overall, I enjoyed it, I think it was a good length, but some parts did feel a little rushed. Also, I liked all of the new characters, but their introductions all seemed very brief. I feel like we should have met them in previous episodes. But yes, a good season finale! I look forward to Season 2! 5 points! --Blast--
 I like it 
  January 28, 2018
Nicely done, Captain! ;) A good end to your first season. Nice way to leave a cliffhanger to start off the next one, too. Looking forward to see where your story goes next!
 I made it 
  January 28, 2018
Quoting Winslow "Whit" Wadsworth Whittier The Wise™ 10/10 my friend.;) I really need to find a way to more solidly tie in to your story somehow, in the future of coarse, but still...
Thanks man. If you want we could come up with a crossover thing or if not a full on crossover then just something that ties our stories together a bit
 I like it 
  January 28, 2018
10/10 my friend.;) I really need to find a way to more solidly tie in to your story somehow, in the future of coarse, but still...
 I like it 
  January 28, 2018
An Excellent end to an Excellent season. I really liked the fight for the bio-Weapon, that was well written.
 I like it 
  January 28, 2018
I did enjoy it, thank you. :P I can't wait to see what else you have in store.
By Captain Kenbo
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