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The Insurgency S1E22: Corsair (FB)
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Freebuild for The Insurgency (Galactic Imperium)
About this creation

IIA Headquarters (Yet again...)
January 4, 2098

Mercer Bowen looked across the room from his desk, a scowl on his face. He watched his enemy saunter around in his expensive clothes acting as if he owned the place. Of course, he probably had the money to do so. Seeing his stupid face infuriated him. It wasn't fair. He had slaved away at this desk for years, completely unappreciated, but then this man shows up out of nowhere and they make him famous. And then he steals the girl he intended to marry. That was the the worst part. The love of his life left him for... For someone clearly superior to him in every way. He had seen the looks she had given him. He hoped it was nothing but no. It ended up being something.

He hated him. He ruined his life. He hated her. She broke his heart. His first thought upon waking up every day was how he had to see them together. It drove him mad. He couldn't take it anymore. He had to do something. Oh how many times he had fantasized about him getting hurt. Not necessarily by his hand. But not necessarily not by his hand... But he knew he didn't stand a chance. What could he do against a highly trained... Killer, essentially. But he needed to try. He couldn't take the pain anymore.

Mercer stood up, staring at Will with great intensity. He clenched his fist and slowly began walking towards him.

Will and Dino were too busy talking to notice him approaching. At the last second Will saw the movement in the corner of his eyes. As skilled as they were, neither of the agents were able to react fast enough.

Mercer delivered a strike to Will's face with all the strength he had. It was effective, Will was pushed back into the wall. Dino quickly grabbed Mercer and tried to hold him back. But Mercer wasn't done, he writhed in Dino's arms trying to escape.

Dino: "Hey! Stop!"

The entire floor had gone silent and everyone watched what was happening.

Will looked up at Mercer, rubbing his face where he had been hit. He didn't say anything, he didn't fight back, only looked. He had expected something like this to happen. He had stolen the man's girlfriend after all.

Upon hearing the commotion, Arthur shot out of his office and saw the struggle. He understood what had happened but it was totally unacceptable behavior.

Arthur: "Mercer!" he shouted with anger, a rare sight. "In my office, NOW!"

Dino finally let him go. Mercer glared angrily at everyone until fixing his gaze on William and then on Arthur.

Mercer: "Screw you William. Screw you Arthur. Screw the whole damn IIA!"

He stormed to the turbo lift, not bothering to get his things.

Arthur watched him. A most uncomfortable situation he had created. Or was someone else to blame? But it didn't matter right now. It was time to regain control.

Arthur: "An example of what not to do in the workplace. Let's try to get back to work, everyone."

He glanced at Will who nodded indicating he was fine. Arthur then returned into his office.

Dino: "You okay?"
Will: "Yeah. He's not that strong."
Dino: "He should've known better than to do something like that."
Will: "Probably. But I get it... I sort of... Ruined his life. But it's not my fault, right? I mean Claire wasn't exactly happy with him."
Dino: "I don't know. It is what it is."
Will: "Right... Well, uh, I'll be around."

Will walked into the research and development wing of the building. The recent excitement had been... Interesting. But he didn't have any current assignments and was back to being bored. He hoped something here could relieve his boredom.

Will: "Hey, you hear about what happened upstairs?" he said to Q when he saw him.
He moved past the other scientists doing their own work to talk to the head of R&D.

Q, hunched over some piece of tech, did not reply either having chosen not to or simply having not heard.

Will: "Q?"
Q: "Not now, William, I'm busy," he said still working on his project with intense focus.
Will: "You look terrible. You need to sleep."
Q: "No, I'm fine."

Instead of arguing over his health, Will decided to change the subject.

Will: "Is this the Swiss Hunter armor?" he asked noticing what Q was working on.
Q: "It's classified."
Will: "I can literally see that it is..."
Q: "Then you didn't need to ask did you?" he snapped.

The scientist turned around and stared at Will for a few moments. As the staring kept on, Will began to feel slightly uncomfortable, and unsure of what to do. Finally Q turned back around and put down his tools to analyze his work.

Q: "I suppose I haven't exactly kept this well under wraps. But still not everyone knows what I'm doing."
Will: "And what is that?"
Q: "Can I trust you?"
Will: "Y-yes. Yes you can," he said, eager to find out more.
Q: "Right. Well I've been asked to reverse engineer this armor so that we may outfit Imperial troops with it. It is called Project Bedford."
Will: "Is it really that hard? I mean it's just armor..."
Q: "I figured out the armor ages ago, the difficult part is the cybernetics that are infused within it and that were inside Luccar Marron. They're more advanced than anything I've ever seen."
Will: "Well Luccar was from Qoter. Maybe if you find who turned him into a cyborg, you can figure out the process."
Q: "I can't find anything about Luccar's creator. There's no leads."

Will looked down at the Swiss Hunter helmet. He turned it in his hands until he spotted the detail he was looking for. The same "C" logo that was on the android, Parabola's head was on this helmet albeit on the inside.

Will: "Do you know what this means?"
Q: "I'm guessing it's a logo of some sort, possibly related to the creator. But there's no information on that either."
Will: "I've seen it before..."
Q: "You have? Where?"
Will: "There was an android on Soateria. It was covered in an older version of Luccar's armor. That logo was on its head."
Q: "An android? Where is it now?"
Will: "I destroyed it. It's programming was bad, it was killing villagers."
Q: "Bugger. It could've had information."
Will: "It called its creators 'monsters'."
Q: "I should like to meet these so called monsters. Perhaps they would be willing to provide me with some insight. I can't make anymore progress here."
Will: "I can go to Qoter, see if I find anything."
Q: "I'll come with you. Been here in the lab for too long, I think."
Will: "Alright. But we can't search the entire planet."
Q: "Well there's one person we could ask for help..."


Will and Q arrived on Qoter via an Imperial transport. Will always enjoyed seeing the sleek cityscapes of the planet. It was decades ahead of Earth in technology. The future is now.
They walked through the streets towards their destination.

Q: "Come on, its this way," he said impatiently.

Q was eager to find something useful here to further his project. If he succeeded, the Galactic Imperium would be able to create numerous cybernetically enhanced soldiers. With such super soldiers fighting in the front lines, the war would be over in an instant.

They made their way to the governor's offices.

The two of them walked through the polished corridor towards the governor's aide stationed outside the main office. He was a rather gruesome figure, dressed in all black with dark hair hanging around a disfigured face. Perhaps not the ideal choice for him to be the first thing people see upon entering the office. But what can be done when he is the governor's brother?

Manerre: "Yes?" he asked as they approached him.
Will: "Hi, we-"
Q: "We are from the Galactic Marshal service and we must see governor Boan immediately to discuss an urgent matter."

They didn't have an appointment so Q thought this would be an effective way to get inside. Will wasn't sure why Q didn't just say they were from the IIA. What were they supposed to do if they were asked for their identification?
But they weren't. Manerre pressed a button on his desk to activate the intercom.

Manerre: "There are two Marshals here to see you."
Judas: "Send them in."

Governor Judas Boan looked up from his desk at the men entering his office and frowned.

Judas: "You're not Marshals," he said somewhat confused by the deception.

Manerre should've asked for their badges. It frustrated him that he hadn't. He sometimes wondered if his brother did things like this on purpose, just to wear him down.

Will: "I apologize for my friend, it was his idea. We're actually with the IIA. Still can't show you our badges though. But I'm William Nantucket and this is Dr. Q."

Judas: "Oh... Yes, Agent Nantucket, senator Cardinale told me about how you saved his life. Please sit," he said motioning towards the chairs in front of his desk.

Judas: "You know I spoke with your brother just recently," he said as they sat down.
Will: "Really?"
Judas: "Yes. He's a good man. Now what was so urgent that you couldn't make a simple appointment?"
Q slid over his comm displaying an image of the "C".
Q: "Do you know what this?"

The governor looked at the image closely.

Judas: "I do. This is the Corsair logo."
Q: "Corsair?"
Judas: "Yes, it was once a corporation here on Qoter. They were quite revolutionary, built some of the first androids and whatnot. However ultimately they were forced to shut down after some of their creations became hostile. One of my predecessors made his reputation from dealing with them. But this was many many years ago. Why are you asking about it now?"

Q: "We're researching their technologies for use in the Imperium."
Judas: "For the military I'm assuming? I'm not an expert on that but there's certainly much more up to date technology you could use."
Will: "The Swiss Hunter's armor and cybernetics were more advanced than anything we've seen even for Qoter standards."
Judas: "The Swiss Hunter? I'm sorry, I don't see how he fits in with this?"
Q: "He shared very similar design elements with Corsair androids."
Judas: "I am not sure where Luccar Marron acquired his cybernetics but it couldn't possibly have been from Corsair. Xion Corsair ran all of their operations and they stopped after his death."

Q and Will looked at each other. This was becoming quite the mystery.

Will: "What else do you know about Luccar Marron?"
Judas: "I believe he was once a factory worker. His family was murdered, he was horribly disfigured in an accident, lost it all I suppose. And then he chose to turn to a life of crime and bounty hunting."
Will: "A little cliche..."
Q: "The accident, what do you know about that?"
Judas: "Well I remember having to do interviews about it. There was some sort of leak at the Wision Industries chemical plant where he worked. Killed many people."
Q: "We could look there,” he said to Will who nodded.
Judas: "The IIA doesn't usually do investigative work, does it?"
Will: "Anything to protect Galactic security," he said with a smile.
Judas: "Well should you find anything I should know about, please inform me."

After exiting the Governor's office, Will and Q walked through the streets on their way to Wision Industries.

Q: "I rather like this. I feel like a detective," he spoke a little jubilantly.
Will: "Must be nice to get out of that lab, huh?"
Q: "Oh yes. It's been years since I was out in the field."
Will: Well we're not exactly... In the field right now... But I get what you're saying."

Q: "Some of the military commanders have been on my arse to finish up Project Bedford. The plan is to give critically wounded soldiers cybernetic enhancements so they may return to battle with their capabilities more than doubled."

Will: "But they wouldn't be forced to, right? Some of them might not want to be turned into cyborgs..."
Q: "Oh no, the procedure would be volunteer based of course. But we're not quite there yet. Perhaps we'll be closer if we can find out more about Marron."
Will: "The Wision plant is just up ahead."

Once the two had entered the chemical plant, they tried to find the foreman. A man saw them looking around and went over to see what they wanted.

Foreman: "Can I help you?"
Will: "Are you the foreman?"
Foreman: "Yes. Who are you?"
Q: "We're investigating a former employee that worked here on behalf of the Galactic Imperium. Luccar Marron?"

Foreman: "Yeah, Luccar worked here. Shame what happened to him and his family."
Will: "What happened to him after the accident?"
Foreman: "Well he got hurt real bad in the leak. Doctors said he wouldn't make it. Not sure what happened after, he just disappeared. I assumed he died."
Q: "So you didn't know he became the bounty hunter known as the Swiss Hunter?"
Foreman: "Bounty hunter? Don't know nothin' about that. He never seemed like the type to do that stuff."

Will: "When was the last time you saw him?"
Foreman: "A couple of years ago in the hospital."
Q: "Notice anything strange, peculiar about him?"
Foreman: "Not really. Although before he disappeared, I saw this weird guy talking to him. He was wearing some sort of lab uniform but he wasn't from the hospital."
Will: "You don't know who that was?"
Foreman: "No clue. Can I ask what you're looking for? Is Luccar alive?"
Will: "No. He's not. We're just... Trying to find out what turned him into a bounty hunter."
Foreman: "Sorry I don't know anything else."
Q: "Thank you for your time. We'll figure it out."

They left the plant and returned to wandering the planet.

Q: "I think that man in the lab coat is who we're looking for."
Will: "There's no way to find him. We're at a dead end."

Q sighed and shook his head. He was frustrated to have come all this way to find nothing. They kept walking aimlessly.

Q: "You don't reckon Corsair is still active do you?"
Will: "The governor said they were shut down."
Q: "But it would make sense that they were behind the Swiss Hunter. The cutting edge technology, the armor styling."
Will: "So... What, there's still a couple Corsair guys making stuff?"
Q: "It could be possible."
Will: "Except the company was shut down over a hundred years ago. I doubt many employees would still be alive."
Q: "Right..."

Eventually they stopped when they came to a rather ominous part of the city. There were almost no other people around and it was getting dark. But an old abandoned building drew their attention.

Will: "Hey, whaddya know," he said when he saw the faint red letters spelling "Corsair" still on the face of the building.
Q: "Shall we have a look?"
Will: "Might as well."

Will and Q went to the entrance of the building. Q attempted to press the button to open the door but it wasn't operational. Will tried prying the sliding doors open but they wouldn't budge.

Will: "It's sealed off. Don't think we'd find anything inside."
Q: "Shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, I suppose."

A faint voice came from behind them which they didn't hear at first.

Voice: "He's not there," it said again.

Will and Q looked around.

Will: "You hear that?"

Then they saw him. A homeless man sitting on the street corner across from them. He was staring right at them. Will and Q exchanged a hesitant look before walking towards him.

Will: "You said something?"
Bum: "He's not there, the man you're looking for," said the bum in a tired voice.
Q: "What do you know?"

The bum didn't answer. Instead he turned and pointed to an underground train station entrance a short distance away. It seemed to be blocked off.

Bum: "In goes one man. Out, come two."

Will and Q weren't quite sure what to make of that. But they figured there was something underground, perhaps even what they were looking for. Will thanked the man and dropped him a couple credits before he and Q went to the station entrance.

There was a gate that barred passage into the train tunnels. Will took out his gun and aimed it at the lock mechanism but did not immediately shoot it. He looked at Q.

Will: "Is this a good idea?"
Q: "I need answers."
Will: "I'm a little curious myself but going down into abandoned train tunnels? Who knows what we'll find. And if it's dangerous, we're not exactly prepared for a fight."
Q: "Are you scared?" Q asked surprised at the agent's reluctance to continue.
Will: "...Are you not?"
Q: "I don't believe William Nantucket is scared to explore an old train tunnel!"
Will: "It's not that, Q. I just don't want you to get hurt if there's something bad down there."
Q: "I can handle myself, trust me."
Will: "Alright," he said before shooting the lock mechanism.

The gate opened and the two walked through.

Using lights in their communicators to light the area, Will and Q walked through the station. It was hard to see clearly with inadequate illumination but there didn't seem to be anything out of place so far. Just regular things found in a train station.

Will: "So what are we looking for?"
Q: "The lab coat man. Or his lab."
Will: "And if we do find him, what then? You think he'll just give us his information?"
Q: "Well I'm sure you'll be able to persuade him."

Soon they made it to the station platform.

Will: "Now what? Go on the tracks?"
Q: "Yes. If we go left, the tunnel should go right under the Corsair building."

They jumped down onto the train tracks to go into the tunnel.

As they made their way deeper into the tunnel, they began to hear music. It wasn't Earth music but was somewhat similar to the classical genre. Walking even further and they could see lights. They seemed to have found the lab.

Will looked at Q who nodded at him.

The first thing they saw, going closer, were four display cases. The first contained an android like the one on Soateria. It was shut down. The second held another one that looked more like the Swiss Hunter. The third android looked a little different but still shared similar design aesthetics to the first two. The fourth case was empty.

A man then walked in to the area and was startled when he saw Will and Q looking at the displays.

Man: "Who are you?" he asked as the music stopped.

The Imperials were startled as well. They turned around to see an old man staring at them.

Will: "Who are you?"
Man: "I asked you first."
Q: "I am Dr. Q. This is Agent Nantucket."
Man: "Imperials? Have you come here to arrest me?"
Will: "We don't exactly have that authority. But is there a reason you should be arrested?"
Man: "Luccar Marron. I didn't know he would do those things! He forced me to build him weapons! You must believe me, I didn't mean to-"

Will: "Hey, take it easy," he said trying to calm the man. "Let's start with your name."

The man took a deep breath and relaxed slightly.

Xion: "My name is Xion."
Will: "Xion..."
Xion: "Corsair."
Q: "The Xion Corsair?"
Xion: "No, his grandson. Why have you two come here?"

Will looked around the area. There was various lab equipment everywhere. But the style didn't match the rest of the train tunnel. Obviously it had been modified a lot. The tracks had been removed, there was smooth wall and floor paneling. Everything was neat and clean. It looked like a proper lab even if the location was odd.

Will: "What are you doing down here, Mr. Corsair?"
Xion: "I'm continuing my grandfather's work. What the government wouldn't allow him to do."
Will: "Building androids?"
Xion: "Amongst other things."
Q: "So you turned Luccar Marron into a cyborg."
Xion: "I was trying to save his life. I had no idea he would become a murderer. Can I ask, gentlemen. What is it that you want?"

Q: "We want you, Mr. Corsair. We believe your work could be of great use to the Galactic Imperium."
Xion: "At least someone is appreciative. However I must refuse."
Will: "The IIA would pay you generously."
Xion: "I have no need for money."
Q: "Why won't you help us?" With your androids or cyborgs, the war could be brought to a quicker end."
Xion: "I have no intention of getting mixed up in this war. Your offer is a kind one, but I must decline."

At that moment another man came in, carrying a tray of something.

Man: "Your tea, sir."
Xion: "Thank you, Gentry. I'll get it in a moment. Gentlemen, this is Gentry, my assistant," he said. Then he looked at his assistant. "These men are from the IIA."
Gentry: "A pleasure to meet you."
Q: "Is there any way we could get you on our side?"
Xion: "I don't believe so. I wish to conduct my research in peace and the way I want."
Will: "You could have a proper facility, though. And your own team. You wouldn't have to work in an abandoned train tunnel."
Xion: "The answer is no. Now I must ask you two to please leave."

Q: "Very well. I suppose we tried, William," Q said as he began turning around and walking back.

But Will didn't move.

Will: "Hang on. I have a ton of questions. Now maybe we won't go back with you, Mr. Corsair, but I'm going back with some answers."

Xion: "What questions do you have, Agent?" he said sighing.

Will: "There was a Corsair android on Soateria that took over a village. They treated him like a god. How could you allow that to happen?"

Xion: "Oh... You're talking about Parabola. Yes, he was part of one of my grandfather's projects. He sent an android probe to every planet and moon in System 54 for data collection. However there was a severe bug in the software of those early models."

Q: "That's why they shut down Corsair?"

Xion: "That's right. Those androids started to believe primitive beings needed to be eradicated. The company had to issue several recalls, public opinion went down. It caused quite the havoc in Qoter. But eventually the governor at the time was able to dispose of all the androids and that was the end of that."

Will: "But what about the ones on other planets? They're still there. Still functional."
Xion: "Most of them anyway. The ones on Etrion, Fuyoria, and Soateria were destroyed. Perhaps you had something to do with that?"
Will: "The one on Soateria, yeah."

Xion: "Right. Well I'm not sure about the two on Iapra. Obviously nothing on Earth or it's moon. But the remaining planets... Their probes are still active. It's an issue, I know, but nothing I can do about it. It's up to the planet authorities if they find them."

Will: "So all these bugs yet you're still making androids..."

Xion: "I've perfected the software now. What you saw in the third display over there is the ultimate android. I can't make them for commercial use so it's just a hobby, really. I did hope to revive the company once but it's too late now. Had I an heir, maybe..."

Will: "One more question, Mr. Corsair."

This had been on his mind ever since they had found the lab. It wouldn't stop pulling at him and it also made him slightly uneasy. The displays. They sort of showed an evolution of Corsair androids. But there were only three. The fourth display had a severe lack of any contents.

Will: "Your display cases. They show the succession of your androids. But one of them is empty. What goes in the fourth display, Mr. Corsair?"

Xion: "I was wondering when you would ask that," he said. "Gentry. He goes in the fourth display."

Q: "That's an android? But he looks identical to a human."
Xion: "No, Doctor. Not an android."

Will and Q stared at Gentry wondering what he was. Gentry simply smiled back as Xion began to explain.

Xion: "I call them Casts. So far I've only done humans but I may move on to other species. But they are the exact same as humans to the cellular level. Only they can be modified to be better."

Q: "You... You created a human..." he was barely able to speak.

Will was completely speechless.

Xion: "You missed the point. Casts are the next step in evolution. They can be programmed with the most superior of qualities. Strength, intelligence, name it. And they don't age. Practically immortality. Gentlemen... I realize that I'm actually glad you stumbled onto my laboratory. I've not yet had the pleasure of explaining this to anyone. Gentlemen... What you see here, is the future of humanity."

It took a few seconds for all of this to soak in for the two Imperials.

Will: "I don't believe this..."

Xion: "Gentry, here, was the first one. He's a little more limited in his capabilities so that he's loyal to me but the others aren't."

Will: "How many others are there?"

Xion: "I've created twenty-five so far. All living independent lives across the system. I monitor them from time to time of course but they don't suspect anything. They don't even know what they are due to the memories implanted in them."

Will: "They don't know they're not real?"

Xion: "Oh but they are real! I've told you, identical to us down to the cellular level."

Q: "Mr. Corsair. So you won't be sharing your technology with the Imperium?"

Xion: "I dislike having to repeat myself..."

Q: "Then we must be on our way. This was very enlightening and I wish you the best in your future work. Come on, William."

Will reluctantly turned around, still wanting to know more, but then joined Q as they began to leave.

Xion: "Stop right there. You have something that doesn't belong to you, Doctor."

They slowly turned back around.

Q: "I don't know what you mean."

Xion: "Show me your hand."

Q didn't flinch for several moments, he just stared at Xion.

Will: "Q?" he asked confused.

Xion: "Show me your hand, Doctor," he repeated, this time his voice more commanding.

Q sighed and raised his hand, revealing a small black device.

Will: "What's that?"

Xion: "While we've been talking, he's hacked my computers and made a copy of all of my work, my property. Give me the device, Doctor."

Q looked at Will.

Q: "We need this," he whispered.

Will thought what they should do. Xion didn't want to be involved but he was sitting on a goldmine here. His work in the hands of Imperium scientists could bring about so many new innovations. It could end the war. It could end all wars. And what if Aurelia was to get its hands on this. They couldn't let that happen. So he made a decision.

Will: "Run, Q!"

They turned around and began sprinting back the way that had come.

Xion groaned and reached for a control panel. Upon pressing a few buttons, the androids in the display became active.

Xion: "After them!"

All three androids ran towards them. When Will had put enough distance between himself and them, he stopped, turned around, and fired his gun at one of the androids. It was the Mark I. His perfect headshot destroyed it immediately. He then shot at the other two. His bullets did no damage. The armor had been improved.

Will continued firing until he was out of bullets. Now the remaining two androids were right in front of him. They grabbed him and he began to struggle.

Q stopped running and looked at his ally in trouble.

Q: "William!"
Will: "Keep going!"

Q hesitated but listened and ran out of the train station.

Once he was back above ground, he pulled out his communicator with shaky hands. Fear had gotten him out of the tunnels but now he was out of breath and he could feel the pain in his legs. It had been too long since he'd ran this much. But he had to quickly compose himself. He opened a channel to the governor's office.

Judas: "What is it, Doctor?"
Q: "You said to contact you if we found anything."
Judas: "And did you?"
Q: "Xion Corsair's grandson. He's alive and he's making more androids in an underground lab."
Judas: "Oh?"

Q: "But that's not all. He's somehow managed to create, and you'll have to believe me on this, a perfect replica of a... human. From scratch. He calls it the next step in evolution."

Judas: "He created a human... From scratch...? If what you say is true, this begs several ethical questions that he must answer to the government."

Q: "Can you send some help here? William's in trouble."
Judas: "I will send a team over there. They'll capture Corsair."

Meanwhile in the tunnels, Will attempted to hold off the androids. But this wasn't the first time he had fought things like them. He knew without a weapon, he didn't really stand a chance. Especially not against two. They quickly bested him and dragged him back to the lab.

The Mark II android gave Will's empty gun to Xion while the Mark III held him in place.

Xion: "What about the other one?"
Mark III: "He got away," said the android in a deep mechanical tone.
Xion: "He's the one that had the research! You needed to get him!"
Mark II: "Should we go back for him?"
Xion: "No. Forget him. Gentry, begin wiping everything. We can't work here anymore."
Gentry: "Yes sir," he said walking towards some of the equipment.

Xion: "You shouldn't have come down here. You should've let me work in peace! It's all I have, my work. I won't allow any of your governments to take it away from me."
Will: "And what are you going to do with me?"
Xion: "The androids should have no problem in disposing of you."
Will: "I thought you fixed the bugs."
Xion: "I did. The original models were not meant to become hostile. But these will do anything I want them to."

Will thought for a moment. He didn't want to kill Xion and... Well even though Gentry was physically identical to a human, he just didn't seem like one. But he didn't want to kill anyone. However in his current position, he didn't have a whole lot of other options to preserve himself. So he needed to act in self-defense. He was sure Q had gotten away safely with the research. So Xion would not be a huge loss. He scanned the lab looking for something he could use. Then he saw them.

Will: "What's that over there?" he asked jerking his head towards a corner of the lab. "Next to the love potion number nine bottles?"

Xion turned around to look at what he was talking about.

Will: "Are those fuel cells?"

As Xion and the androids looked at the fuel cells, Will took off his watch and twisted the dial. Xion turned back around and was confused when he saw Will holding up his time piece.

Xion: "What are you doing?"

Will: "You're quite the genius, Mr. Corsair. Now Dr. Q may not be able to replicate humans like you can... But he can make some pretty cool gadgets," he smiled as he spoke.

Xion heard the watch emitting a faint beeping noise.

Xion: "Detonating an explosive device here with all these volatile substances? You'll kill us all!"

Will: "That's the plan. You won't play God anymore, Mr. Corsair."

Will chucked the watch at the fuel cells while Xion stared in horror. The androids were unable to react as well. Will pushed them forward and started running away.

The various substances in the lab turned the explosion from the watch into a huge fireball. After it killed Xion and Gentry and destroyed the androids, it chased Will through the tunnels.

Only when he had made it to the platform, he was safe. The fireball dissipated and Will picked himself up. He went towards the exit and back outside.

Q was still standing next to the station entrance, still waiting for the governor's reinforcements. He then saw Will come out.

Q: "Are you alright? What happened?"
Will: "Well... I think I'm gonna need a new watch."
Q: "The explosive... You destroyed the lab?"
Will: "It was them or me. But I mean... He was an old and unarmed man..."
Q: "I wouldn't exactly call him unarmed. Two androids programmed with combat ability? It was self defense."
Will: "Right..."

They both looked up when they heard footsteps. The troopers had finally arrived.

Trooper: "What's going on? Where's Corsair?" asked one of them.
Q: "You're a little late, I'm afraid. He's dead, his lab's been destroyed."
Trooper: "You two alright?"
Will: "Yeah."
Trooper: "Then we'll escort you back to the governor's office. He wants a word."

Eventually, after they spoke with the governor and explained their findings to him properly, Will and Q returned to Earth safe and sound and back in the IIA building. Q, excited by all the new research he had acquired, returned to work on Project Bedford. Later, Arthur dropped by the R&D wing.

Arthur: "Have some fun today, mate?"
Q: "A bit too much, I think."
Arthur: "I heard you did some running."
Q: "Oh yes. Enough for the next few years."

Arthur chuckled but then took a more serious expression.

Arthur: "I spoke to Governor Boan. He's greatly disturbed by the presence of these... "Casts"... In the galaxy."

Q: "What's he going to do?"

Arthur: "He wants to find them first before making any decisions. He's asked for our help with that. But I... I can't believe someone's managed to do this. It seems straight out of fiction. Have you looked at any of Corsair's research on his Casts?"

Q: "Unfortunately those files seem to have been corrupted."
Arthur: "Perhaps for the best. But is there anything in there that would help you with Bedford?"
Q: "Oh absolutely. With all of his notes, I should be able to complete it."

Arthur: "The commanders want their cybernetic soldiers. They're giving you eight months to come up with a prototype set of armor."

Q: "Eight months?"
Arthur: "Can you do it?"
Q: "Of course. The commanders will get their prototype."
Arthur: "Good... Good."


Big thanks to R.K. Blast for the Governor Boan pictures!

I kind of had to cram in the Mercer part somewhere and this was the only episode where it could somewhat fit. So that may seem out of place. But it's something that needed to be shown before too long...

I've been wanting to get to this episode for a long time. I think it concludes or brings closer to conclusion the whole cyber armor story arc. So the thing with the Casts is inspired by Blade Runner (or even Synths from Fallout). I thought that would be cool, I'm pretty sure stuff like that is common in cyberpunk and Qoter is the perfect place to show all of that. I guess I killed off Xion pretty quickly but you have to wonder, a person able to replicate a human could surely have some sort of "back-up plan"...

Anyways two more episodes in this season. They'll conclude another story arc that was started at the beginning of the season that I may have waited too long for...


 I like it 
  January 16, 2018
Ooh! Good one! After Corsair died, I did wonder if there would be some sot of backup. Sounds very Dr. Lobotomy-like! I like where this is all going! Full points! --Blast--
 I like it 
  January 16, 2018
So exciting! This is some pretty extreme stuff here, I wonder what it'll lead to...
 I like it 
  January 16, 2018
Absolutely insane, in a good way! Loved the whole idea with the android and the 'Casts', very inspired. Also quite liked Q and Will's general banter, and the Governor's scene was great as well! Looking forward to seeing more of this mate!
Captain Kenbo
 I like it 
Grandson Fifticinco
  January 15, 2018
Epic part! I love your series, It feels just like a TV show! ~G~
 I like it 
  January 15, 2018
Great! I loved it!
 I like it 
  January 15, 2018
This reminded me of the old "Get Smart" television show. Great episode!... Hey, on a completely unrelated note, is there a way I could get and use this poster(( in a future episode? You might want to add your signature in the lower right corner. If you can get this to me that'd be great.;)
  January 15, 2018
Very nice episode! It felt a bit like one of Max Power'Power's old episodes with all the crazy science stuff going on. Over all well done!
By Captain Kenbo
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