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The Insurgency: S1E3 - The Shadows of Robots (RC)
Top of the bloody mornin' to all of you lovely ladies and gents', and welcome back to the long awaited, and eagerly anticipated, return of The Insurgency! Now before any of you, or anyone, starts getting confused by asking "where's the next chapter for Star Wars: The Jedi Mercenary that you promised us all?!", that will all be explained soon. So if you are not interested in reading this, that's fine. But for those of you who want to read this chapter and/or want to read about our other series, welcome and hopefully you all enjoy!
About this creation

Planet: Qoter
Location: Upper Ward Streets
Date: September 25, 2097
Time: 11:37 AM
Last Entry: A Year and a Half Later

The streets were somewhat quiet in the night times of Qoter's Upper Wards. In the day time, the city were always lively, full of energy, the excitement of what the day had to offer to the next.

But the nights...the nights were different. Every night was different.

The nights were where the troubles of gangs, criminals, murderers, all of each violent type groups wander about. And not just them, but also where you can forget your troubles; the bar, the strip clubs, the roulettes, you name it. The quieter the nights were, even the areas of where you would be what you called a dangerous time of night. You never know what was gonna happen, nor could happen at these times. Even at this specific time of the night was bad enough.

The shady, older looking man moved about in the shadows of the alley ways cautiously, but quickly. He knew the nights well, and he didn't want no part of it. He was more of a day type of man, where he felt more protected by the local planetary police and their government. But because of a simple contact a couple days ago, he didn't feel safe anymore. As fast as his feet could carry him through the areas, he hurried on, hoping that he can retreat into his own apartment as quickly as he could possible.

The feel of a warm drink, the softness of his cushioned pillows, the coziness of his bed and blankets, the sweet sound of sleep. Sigh. All of it, just the thought of it, sounded amazing.

As he passes the final corner of the alley way, he spots his target of meeting place. His eyes widen as a small smile formed on his lips, not wasting anymore time moving up to the structure. He hurries towards the building, catching his breath as he started to gasp for air.

After all that running and sneaking about stuff, he was already lacking oxygen. It had been years since he had done anything like, but back in the Core he was younger and full of energy. But now, years becoming later, it was much more difficult for him.

Still, either way, he had the guts and balls to meet with his secret contact, even if that alone scared the living daylights out of him. He knew about his contact some- mysterious, unknown, terrifying- he heard it all. He wasn't dumber than most people thought he was. If anything were to happen to him, he would always be able to fight back due to his days of training. Perhaps be able to escape if the situation would worsen itself.

He walks up to the rusted, broken steel door, standing in front of it as he knocked on it a few times, issuing the "code".

Waiting patiently, his inner nerves started to kick back up again. He hated when he was in the dark with any of his contacts. The more he knew about the other person or alien species, the more he could use their own information against them. It was his greatest and most powerful tool to keep in handy. And each time he was able to blackmail any of his contacts, he would feel the overwhelming excitement and benefits of victory within his grasp.

Feeling like it's been forever, the same knock from the other side was heard in the same knocking sequence as his. Slowly, the rusted, creaking door opened, voluntarily inviting him into the looming structure. He cautiously opened the door more as he gazed upon nothing but pitch blackness inside. Gulping within his dry throat, he enters the darkness, unaware of what awaited him from within.

Unaware, however, the moment he entered the facinity and moved into the darkness, the rusted door behind him had closed...

Planet: Qoter
Location: Upper Ward Apartments
Date: September 26, 2097
Time: 11:37 AM

Brent let out a tiring but satisfied sigh, laying down one of the tools he had just finished using. He stood up from his position as he looked at his achievement he had just completed, a broad smile plastered on his lips.

Being an entire year and a half since the whole situation on Rerador with the G.I. and Aurelia has left him and his team completely exhausted and overwhelmed with everything that has happened since. A lot has happened so much since then that it is hard to go into full detail, but ever since then the team had to leave Iapra and move to Qoter. The "move" took longer than expected for them all, but after a couple months of looking and taking some odd jobs here and there for "The Broker", they were able to find a nice, simple but pretty good apartment that could let them all call home. Plus, it had quite the garage for their ship to park at to.

Now, after 3 months of getting cozy in their new home, Brent and his crew have been able to take it slightly easy now with the whole Iapra situation out of the way. The stress, anxiety and negativity that they were all going through and facing for an entire year has slowly and almost vanished. Their lives now almost peaceful. Besides the chaos that is all happening in the systems as of late, it was pretty normal.

Brent stands up from his sitting position as he strodes towards his workbench, placing the tool he had just used back on the table. Just as he was about to grab another tool from the bench, the sound of a ringing tone was heard coming from his pocket. Knowing very well who was calling, he pulled his device out from within and pushed the activation button, a small grin crept his lips.

Brent: "Mr. Broker! Glad to see you well today."
Mr. Broker: 'If things were well, then I'd feel a bit more relaxed.'

Brent chuckled slightly, knowing absolutely what he meant. Whenever "The Broker" would contact him, it was always either some new assignment that he wanted him and/or his team to handle or be some brand new news that even the public wouldn't know beforehand.

Brent: "So what's the agenda for us today, Broker? Job or news?"
Mr. Broker: 'I wish it was news, but apparently our enemies don't wish for it to be. Have you seen the news this morning about the incident last night?'
Brent: *Slowly nods* "Yeah, I heard about it. Local police was patrolling last night and found half a body inside an abandoned building in the Lower Wards. They were saying that the dead man seemed to have had his lower torso fried off, as if..."
Mr. Broker: 'As if someone was using some kind of Collective power?'

A slight shiver went down Brent's spine. He saw the image on the web afterwards this morning, and it was not a pleasent sight to see. It wasn't like anything he had ever seen, considering that he has been in fights with a few, and even they scared him some. He knew of the Collective powers they possessed, and at times, they could be terrifying.

Brent: "I'm guessing that there is something more to this than to the public eye, right?"
Mr. Broker: *Smirks* 'More than likely. I had one of my other informats to examine the body and check the building out, see if there was anything suspicious about the incident. My informat just contacted me right before I contacted you, and I think we have found what we originally thought.'
Brent: "I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say that this wasn't some kind of ordinary murder?"
Mr. Broker: 'Correct. We took a sample of the victim and found out who it was. His name was Gurt Hexion; ex-cop, husband and father of two, and a former agent for The Core.'

Brent's right eye raised up into confusion, that name sounding oddly familiar.

Brent: "The Core? Never heard of it."
Mr. Broker; 'It's known only to very few people. The Core was a place where they would train the finest, most elite soldiers and agents in the galaxy. Many of them had the strength of overcoming hundreds of regular soldiers, even tougher than the most elite G.I. agents and soldiers combined to date.'
Brent: "Huh...remind me to never face a Core agent then..."
Mr. Broker: 'I wouldn't be saying that if I were you. The last thing we knew of Slank's whereabouts was that he had come from a underground, illegal gambling show. They call it the Robot Combat.'
Brent: "Robot Combat, huh? Sounds electrifying if you ask me haha!"

Brent's pun soon died off as Mr. Broker shook his head. Brent chuckled in embarrassment, his laughter dying off with a quick cough.

Mr. Broker: 'Anyways...whatever Gurt was at the Robot Combat for must be where he met a contact.'
Brent: "Do we have any leads on who to find there?"
Mr. Broker: 'Find Ronrev Darnoc. He's the owner of Qoter's Robot Combat arena. if anyone would know who Gurt Hexios is, it would probably be him. And hopefully we can understand what Gurt was doing, and why.'
Brent: "We'll get right on it, Broker."
Mr. Broker: 'Remember Brent; just be careful. This case could lead us to somewhere we may or may not want to be at. So don't try to cause trouble.'
Brent: "Come on Broker, when was the last time we...wait, never mind...scratch that."
Mr. Broker: 'I'm serious, Brent. Whatever Gurt was doing may have some connection to the mysterious attacks. We need that information, one way or another.'
Brent: "I understand. We'll contact you once we find out anything."

Hanging up the call, Brent places his device back into his pocket as he stared at his car he was working on. He sighed relucantly and his shoulders sagged, knowing full well that his day-off has just changed.

Brent: " much for my day off today..."

Planet: Qoter
Location: Lower Wards
Date: September 26, 2097
Time: 7:19 PM

Jet: "So...explain to us again...why are we here again? I mean, I don't actually mind! It suits my taste! But...for you?
Brent: "Like I said Jet; in order for us to get even close to Ronrev Darnoc, we will need to participate in the RCA. By competing in the match, we can almost guarantee that we'll be meeting with him directly and personally. Once we meet him, we won't know if he is affiliated with Gurd Hexios, so we might have to capture him one way or another at that moment."
Shaina: "So what is plan 'B' if things don't go our way?"
Brent: *Smirks* "You leave that to me, Sha'."
Herin: *Russian ascent* "Why do I feel that it involves me in the vents again?"

Brent's smirk turned to grin after Herin's words left his lips, the team continuing their trek through the lower levels of Qoter.

Their conversation continued on as they made their way to one of the Lower Ward's buildings, the stench, broken down alleyways and streets torned up as if looking like none of it had been fixed for hundreds of years.

The closer they were reaching their destination, the louder they could hear a great crowd roaring from inside the large structure ahead. No doubt that they were heading in the right direction, the audience's cheering even louder as a surprising bang was heard from within. The echoes of metallic metal clanging, scraping and yanking blasting throughout the vicinity, leading only to more outcry of excitement and energy all throughout.

They finally reached the entrance of the RC Arena, identifying themselves as the contestants of one of the battles that was still suppose to begin. Passing through the entrance way, the crew continues down through the corridor stairs as the noise from the crowd slowly draws in, the high pitch sounds being overlapped by both the cheering and fighting.

As they reach the arena, they were immediately met with the looks of the arena and crowds. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of people across the galaxy were shouting with excitement, all riled up from the previous and present fight(s). Armored machines clashed together, each side trying to outdo the other enemy as each side took their shots one-by-one, either slashing or penetrating with their own specified weapons in hand. Or claws, if that was the case.

The group stood in somewhat awe, gazing upon their surroundings left to right. There were so many things that were happening at the same time, their minds clogged with everything they were seeing before them.

Brent, knowing that they needed to complete their mission rather than stare at the amazement of the arena, ushered the team along making their way down towards where the other contenders were stationed at. Passing through the large crowds and security guards that have been posted in certain areas, they reached the room where the other competitors awaited their turns.

Their eyes met with each and every different race within the vicinity; from Humans to Zaraans, from Chetinueks to Cylians, all being either the criminal scums they are or the most wanted by the G.I. themselves. Every one of them were here for one thing only. Well...two things; the violence and the credits. Like seriously, what you would expect them all to be after?

Their main objective, however, wasn't to fight all the criminals within the facility. Their only goal is to find the clues and mystery of their victim's fatal death, and the only way they could do that was to compete in this arena. Otherwise, what they have come to do would slip from their fingers.

Time passed and Brent and his team were finally called to the arena, making their way to the boxed, controlled stands where the rest of the audience and their opponent awaited. Taking the lead, Brent entered first as the shouting and screaming excitments of the crowds roared through the building, his ears drumming and pounding as if being pierced by the noise around him. Upon entering the box, he was face-to-face with his opponent; Nick Xezir, one of the galaxy's nitorious smugglers among the G.I's wanted criminal list. He remembered a report being made six months ago, about the slaughter of a small half dozen people who had slowly develop powers like the Collective within the times of their arrival. Apparently, each and everyone of them were killed in a single night, every single victim reported to have their throats sliced open.

Brent shivered ever so slightly to the thought of his own throat being cut. He subconsciously ran his hand around his throat, gulping what felt like a handful of saliva...which, of course, didn't feel exactly right. Shaking his head, he looked down to the control panel and punched in his signature code for the fight.

The arena theme music bursted out of the speakers as the announcer spoke out with great excitement. Perhaps too much excitement from the sound of it.

Announcer: 'Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the seventh match of the Robot Combat Arena Tournament! Tonight, we got a special show for you all to see. Introducing the red box; a man so terrifying that he is able to cut down his enemies like a simple breeze, notorious for his dealings on Rerador and other Imperium sectors...Nick Xezir!'

The audience roared and applaud, the murderer bowing before his fans in a gentlman-like fashion, mocking his opponents before, including Brent. He narrowed his eyes at the criminal before hearing the announcer once again.

Announcer: 'And in the blue box; a relative newcomer to the arena scene. Emerging from the shadows with no history, no past and no name...the Mysterious Stranger!'

Brent's crew looked very puzzled from the announcement, looking towards Brent with raised eyebrows. Brent turned to his team and chuckles in embarrassment, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck as they shook their heads in disapproval.

Announcer: 'And now......ladies and gents', let get ready to RUMBLLLLEEE!'

Both Brent and Nick readied themselves as their respectful machines rose from the floor to the arena. Each machine was large and different from the other; one slightly shorter than the other, one has more or less guns, more or less armor, the little things like that that he noticed. The floor stopped rising, the two large machines having taken position between one another as the machines waited for their commands to pursue. Brent didn't know how he was gonna win, or if he was going to win at all, but all he knew was that he needed to meet with Ronrev. One way or another, he cannot fail.

Audience: "THREE...TWO...ONE...FIGHT!"

As the last word was spoken out, everything endes in a flash;

Brent didn't have much time to do anything before Nick quickly controlled the machine. Nick ordered the machine to whip up an energy saw from its lime green arm as it spun in a very fast speed, slicing right through Brent's robot in an instant. It literally was over within not even thirty seconds, the fiery machine dropping to the floor with a loud crash and thud. The crowd roared once again, but only louder and louder as they have possibly seen the quickest fight in RC history.

Brent blinked in utter confusion, finally comprehending what had all just happened in the past minute. Well that was fast..., he thought to himself as he watched Nick Xezir waving his hands to the crowd of fans cheering at him. He let out a sigh of sadness, but, in reluctance, relief too.

Brent: "At least that's over with..."

Shaina, Jet and Herin have all but shook their heads or slapped their foreheads in embarrassment to Brent's loss to, possibly, the most quickest fight in history.

Shaina: "That went well..."
Herin: "I literally did not see that just now?"
Jet: "I can't believe that I betted three hundred credits on this match..."

From within the viewing window of the office box, Ronrev Darnoc watched intently at what he presumed to be the quickest fight ever, sipping out of his wine glass. The alcohol poison slipping through his inner throat, giving off the burning but pleasurable feeling as it slowly drained into the pit of his stomach. As he put his wine glass down and slowly applaud the victor, he couldn't help but feel that someone was standing right behind him, besides his personal security.

He turned around to confirm his suspicions, but was met with only the dark room before him. However, even in the darkness, he could still see silhouettes within, but they weren't standing in attention. Rather, he saw them spread across the floor dead, their arms and legs sprawled out across the floor before him.

Frighten and nervous, he turned his head back around and prepared to get up. But when he turned his head back to the window, a black silhouette stood before him, the stranger's yellow eyes piercing into Ronrev as if trying to cut into his inner soul.

Ronrev trembled in fear somewhat, his last words escaping his shivering lips as he spoke very little words.

Ronrev Darnoc: "W-W-Who are you? W-What do y-you want?! Why are you--!


The crew casually walked down through the hallway after their utter defeat in the arena, which happened to be Brent's fault in the first place. The team kept wondering why and how he lost and how he could lose to the likes of Nick Xezir, the murderer of dozens of people across the galaxy.

Brent: "I keep telling you guys, I think the match was rigged! Both machines were to be evenly matched by under standard rules. I really think Nick Xezir was behind all of this..."
Shaina: "Whetherhe did cheat or not, a match is a match. Nothing more we can do now but meet Ronrev personally."
Jet: *Depressed* "All that dough...the pretty littl' coins and chips slipped through my fingers...
Herin: "Well, Jet ol' boy, there is always a next time."
Jet: "Yeah, maybe..."
Brent: "Well, let get this over with team and see if Mr. Darnoc knows anything about our dead friend."

Brent knocked at the door a couple times, hoping that Ronrev would be somewhat of a gentleman at the least. But when he smacked his knuckles on the door, it slowly opened a crack in a very unusual way. Brent and his team all simultaneously looked between one another, utterly confused as the next person. Brent slowly opened the door, trying his best not to peak into the man's lair.

Brent: "Mr. Darnoc sir? We would like to speak with you in pri-..."

Brent's words ceased when he saw the unexpectes before him, his eyes darting around the room.

Before them all were two dead body guards sprawled across the floor with their limbs outstretched, blood and small organ flesh oozing out of the two men...or women...whatever kind they were in their species.

But what took the cake; was Ronrev Darnoc's body, as dead as the guards before him. However, besides the guards' limbs torn from their torsos, Ronrev's was ripped right in half, in the exact same way as Gurt's was in the police reports. His half upper torso gushed out the blood and organs slowly, the lower one seeping blood running down the legs as it stained the clothing.

Jet: "So...does this mean we aren't gonna get to talk, and our small pay now?"

The three looked right at Jet with narrow eyes, silently telling him to "shut-the-heck-up". Jet shrugged in confusion to their looks as they all stared back at the bodies before them all. Another case was now open, with little clues left to go by. The only thing question they all thought first was;

Who or what killed these men, and why?


It has been a long while since we have written anything like this, gives us that motivation again to keep it up. Also, we know that this wasn't our greatest builds of a chapter, but we're proud that we were able to get back into it. So officially...we are back haha!

Credit goes to Philip Pip9766 for his creations on the mechs. An awesome builder and funny person at that lol. So if any of you have the time, swing by his 'pages and check his stuff out!

That will do it for now, so thank you everyone for tuning in to our side of the pages, and as always, have a fan-tucking-tastic day/night! See ya' in the next one.

- Director K.W.


 I like it 
  January 23, 2018
Cool RP! Have any suggestions on what active groups I should join, and what groups get the most ratings and comments? I came from the LEGO Star Wars gallery and there were likes and comments on pretty much every post but I notice that is somewhat different here
 I like it 
  January 21, 2018
Always great to see something new from you!
 I like it 
  January 13, 2018
Interesting! I like the mystery that you've built up. The fight was rather short and it's a shame that you didn't have a go at building your own bots, but hey ho. Your points have been added! --Blast--
Director K.W.
 I like it 
Humanoid Typhoon
  January 9, 2018
Welcome home... excellent season to build from...2nd on needing more mech pics Awesome mechs...from what little lego you showed
Director K.W.
 I like it 
Grandson Fifticinco
  January 8, 2018
Great chapter! Robot battles are always awesome!
 I like it 
  January 8, 2018
Great episode! I can't say I see why you used my Robot Combat pictures, but okay. I'm glad you found them good enough to use in your part. :P Thanks, especially for the shout-out at the end, that was very kind of you.
 I made it 
  January 8, 2018
Quoting Werewolff . Great episode, and good to see you building again! Loved the robot figth, and how quickly it was over :D. One thing though, could you change Brent's line about the Core? It's just that very few people knew of it's existence, so I doubt Brent would've heard of it. Also, what was Gurt's Core codename? Thanks, and once again, a great episode!
So sorry about that, changes have been made. Hopefully that is better. Gurt's codename back then was called "Slank". Also, appreciate it good sir! - Director K.W.
 I like it 
  January 8, 2018
Great episode, and good to see you building again! Loved the robot figth, and how quickly it was over :D. One thing though, could you change Brent's line about the Core? It's just that very few people knew of it's existence, so I doubt Brent would've heard of it. Also, what was Gurt's Core codename? Thanks, and once again, a great episode!
 I like it 
  January 8, 2018
Definitely highly anticipated! :p Good to see the gang another time, interested in where you take them. Also quite liked the beginning scene and the way you depicted Qoter both with the build and the writing.
By Director K.W.
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