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The Insurgency S1E21: Bloodline (Rank-Up)
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150 points rank up for The Inurgency (Galactic Imperium). It's a little long...
About this creation

Wilmington, North Carolina
December 20, 2097

At Claire's house, she and Will lazily sat on her sofa, watching a movie. Will had his arm around her and between them was a bowl of snacks. No mission, no lives at risk, just the two of them enjoying each other's company. On the holovision was an old Mission Impossible movie. A classic.

Will: "I'm serious, don't I remind you of him?"
Claire: "Um... No?"
Will: "Come on, strong jawline, the hair. Obviously I'm a little taller but still."
Claire: "You don't look like Tom Cruise, Will."
Will: "Fine. But, hey, I'm really glad we're getting to spend some time together. You know... While not being shot at."
Claire: "I think Arthur was more than willing to give you some time off."
Will: "Is he mad at me?"
Claire: "Probably, considering you let a ton of criminals and fugitives get away all because you couldn't find a comm to call for backup."
Will: "But I almost died!"
Claire: "And did that finally give you a sense of your own mortality?"
Will: "No," he said as they both grinned.
Claire: "Go get more food."

Will quickly got up to refill their bowl while Claire remained sitting. Suddenly Will's comm on the table lit up. Claire grabbed it and looked at who was calling. Oliver.

Just as Will was about to go back to the couch, Claire came into the kitchen showing Will his comm.

Claire: "Someone named Oliver is calling you?"

Will reluctantly grabbed the comm and answered the call. The sound went directly into his ear so Claire couldn't hear the other side of the conversation.

Apparently it had been a while since Will had seen this Oliver person and they were now agreeing to meet somewhere.

Claire: "Who's Oliver?" she asked as Will hung up the comm.

Will: "My brother."

Claire: "I didn't know you had a brother. You never talk about him. You don't really talk about any of your family, actually..."

Will: "Yeah, we're not uh... I'm not really close with them... But yeah Ollie's my older brother. He does deep space exploration so we don't really see each other much. He said they've come back to Earth and he wanted to meet up for a drink. I don't want to leave you here but..."

Claire: "No, you should totally go see your brother."
Will: "Are you sure?"
Claire: "Yeah, it's fine. We can do this some other time."
Will: "Okay well we'll be down at Dorin's."
Claire: "Have fun," she said smiling.

But Will wasn't sure if he would have fun. Like he had told Claire, he wasn't really close with his brother. He called Oliver once in a while but that was it. It wasn't just because they were both very busy but because Will didn't really care that much about keeping in touch with him. It's not that he disliked Oliver. But he didn't necessarily like him either. He was kind of just there to him.

Shortly after leaving Claire's home, Will arrived at the bar called Dorin's. He went inside and looked around for his brother.

Oliver stood up and waved at Will from a table. Will began walking towards him.

He sat down at the table. The two brothers smiled slightly at each other.

Oliver: "I missed you, Willy."
Will: "Yeah it's been a while."

The two sat awkwardly for a bit.

Will: "So how long are you gonna be on Earth?"
Oliver: "At least for the holidays. The ship's here for maintenance but I'm trying to get them to let us stay longer, give the crew a little break."
Will: "You find anything interesting out there?"
Oliver: "Gosh, there's so much out there beyond 54 and 55. All kinds of different species and planets, it's crazy."
Will: "And you're boldly going where no man has gone before?"
Oliver: "Haha pretty much. So what about you? How's the writing thing going?
Will: "I stopped that actually."
Oliver: "Oh yeah?"
Will: "Yeah I work for the IIA now."
Oliver: "So that's why you're in North Carolina. IIA, how'd that happen?"
Will: "I did some... Freelance work for them at the beginning then they gave me a job."
Oliver: "How do you like it?"
Will: "It's good. I'm the leader of a squad... They're some good guys."

Awkward silence again. Will wondered why Oliver kept checking his watch.

Oliver: "You talk to dad?"
Will: "No I haven't talked to dad. Why would I talk to him?"
Oliver: "You should. We don't have much else left in terms of family."
Will: "I don't really care. God, I can't even look him in the eyes anymore..."
Oliver: "Well you might have to."

What? Had Oliver told their father to come here? Of course he had, anyone would.

Will: "Did you invite him here?"
Oliver: "He should be here any minute now. It'll be good for us to all be together again."
Will let out an exasperated sigh and slowly got up from the table.
Will: "Ollie, it was good seeing you. We should get together again before you leave."
Oliver: "Where are you going?"
Will: "I cannot see him, alright? I'm sorry. We'll talk later."

Just as Will turned around and was about to leave, he stopped when he saw him. George Nantucket. A stupid grin over his stupid face that he just wanted to punch.

George: "Boys!"
Oliver: "Hey dad."

George walked over to them while Will just stared feeling several emotions inside him.

George: "You leaving, Will?" he asked putting his hand on his son's shoulder.
Will: "I, uh, have somewhere I need to be..."
George: "Bulls***. You don't call or nothin', the least you can do is have a drink when your brother's back. Come on, sit down!"
Oliver: "Yeah, Will, stay."

Will glared at Oliver as he reluctantly sat back down at the table.

George: "What are we doing down in North Carolina?" he asked thinking anywhere else would've be better.
Oliver: "Will lives here now. He's working for the IIA."
George: "My son's a spy? I wish you'd tell me what you're up to, I wanna know these things."
Will: "Like you'd approve."
George: "Well I suppose it's a step above being a military grunt. Honestly you could've done anything with your life, especially with the money I gave you. You could've gone into business. Or you could've even come in to my company."
Will: "How many times do I have to tell you? I didn't want to do any of that."

Before they could talk further, a waiter came to their table.

Waiter: "What can I get ya?"
George: "Bring me a Vancouver."
Waiter: "Sure thing."

When the waiter left they resumed their conversation.

Oliver: "How's the boat, dad?"
George: "Like a dream. I keep telling you guys to come up, we can take it out. Hell, we can go right now."
Will: "A little cold isn't it? Especially in New Hampshire."
George: "Always an excuse."
Will: "It's not-"

He didn't bother to finish his thought. His frustration was already beginning to grow. Will couldn't have a conversation with his father for more than a couple minutes without feeling the need to get away. Looks like it had been a couple minutes.

George then turned to look at the waiter that was approaching them. He immediately frowned.

George: "Glass is wrong..."
Waiter: "Here you go," he said putting the drink on the table.

George grabbed the drink, took a sip and quickly put it back down. His expression was not of satisfaction.

George: "What the hell is this?" he asked the waiter.
Waiter: "Your Vancouv-"
George: "I don't know what this is but it's not a Vancouver."
Waiter: "If you'd like something else we can-"
George: "Do I look like an idiot?" George spoke his anger rising.

Oliver looked at Will but Will remained staring at his dad, hoping he would stop his unnecessary antics.

George: "You think I don't know my cocktails?"
Waiter: "Sir, it's really not a problem..."

But George wasn't even listening.

George: "If I'm paying for something, I better get what I ordered! I could buy this whole place, you know. I could buy this place and fire all of you morons, replace you with some competent workers."

He was shouting now. Everyone in the establishment had stopped their conversations to look at George Nantucket making a scene. The waiter was frozen in his place, unable to speak and not knowing what to do while the customer in front of him was going berserk over the most minute thing that really wasn't even his fault. He was definitely not getting paid enough for this.

Eventually the manager came out to see what the problem was.

Manager: "What's going on here?"
George: "Are you the manager?"
Manager: "I am."
George: "Whoever made this drink must not have passed bartending school, it is completely wrong!"

The brothers sat, dumbfounded, listening to their father go off on a rant. They thought about saying something but that usually led to them getting yelled at also. Will refused to take anymore. He simply got up and left the situation to be sorted out. Oliver watched him leave knowing that now he would be the one having to deal with this.

Outside, Will felt the cool evening air brush across him. The quiet here was better. His father's "charming personality" was sometimes too much to bear. He decided he needed to get his mind off things. Will pulled out his comm to contact his girlfriend.

Claire: "Hey, you having fun?" she asked picking up.
Will: "Absolutely not. What are you doing?"
Claire: "I went to the office."
Will: "Really?"
Claire: "Yeah I got bored. And they need a lot of help here."
Will: "I think I'll join you in a bit."

Shortly after, Will entered the IIA headquarters. The office building was still packed with staff bustling about even though it was so close to the holidays. He looked around for the Director for a while before he was told he would find him in the control room.

The control room was a buzz of voices from personnel overseeing several active missions. In the center stood Arthur, darting his eyes from screen to screen. He turned around when he heard Will approaching.

Arthur: "I didn't expect to see you."
Will: "Thought I could be of some use."
Arthur: "Oh you could have if you had just called us from The Spire. So many of the most wanted, all conveniently in one place!"
Will: "You seem upset..."

Arthur: "I bloody well am, William. We're struggling here. Too many targets but no real helpful intelligence to find them. The Benefactor, The Boss, all these mysterious characters causing trouble. Although some things seem to be working out like the Firepack Gang."

Will: "A Christmas miracle."
Arthur: "Could you imagine if we all went on holiday? The galaxy wouldn't stand a chance."
Will: "So let me help. Give me a mission."
Arthur: "There is something... The rest of Delta have already been briefed and were ready to head out with a stand in for you but I suppose I could put you on it."
Will: "What is it?"

Arthur: "We've had a few data breaches at our server farms over the past few months by Aurelian intelligence. Apparently there is going to be another one soon, we're tracking an Aurelian team heading to a farm in Canada. Go there and intercept them before they get anything. You can handle that, can't you?"

Will: "I won't disappoint."

Montreal, Quebec

In the Aurelian transport, four agents sat quietly, waiting to approach the drop zone. They knew their mission, it was a textbook operation.

Agent 1: "So you guys got any Christmas plans?" asked one of the agents breaking the silence.
Agent 2: "Not really," replied a woman.
Agent 3: "What is Christmas again?" asked another, his voice obviously alien.
Agent 4: "Hey, quiet everyone. We're coming up on the drop. Also, Jager... Let's not go psycho this time, alright?" he said referring to the first agent.
Jager: "Sorry, I just get a little patriotic sometimes."
Agent 4: "Right... Well you have the device, right? Once we're inside, we'll cover you while you get to hacking."
Jager: "Yes, I know my plan that I came up with."
Agent 2: "You mean the Director's plan?"
Jager: "How about let's not forget who she made agent in command."
Agent 3: "We won't. Not when you keep reminding us every five minutes."

Pilot: "Alright guys hope you got your jump packs ready. We are right above the server farm. Rendezvous back at the LZ when you're done."

The team quickly cut the chatter and went towards the opening at the rear of the transport. One by one they jumped out using their jump packs to land gently on the surface.

Their Imperial counterparts were also making their way to the server farm. The squad, comprised of Will, Claire, Dino, and Victor, ran towards their destination.

Will: "Come on, we gotta get there before they leave!"

The Aurelians had already taken out the security and were getting ready to hack the servers.

Alien Agent: "Imperium security is a joke."

Suddenly the server room was flooded with red light and a deafening alarm began to ring.

Jager: "Looks like they know we're here."
Female Agent: "I'm picking up more targets coming towards us from the east quadrant. It must be the IIA team."
Male Agent: "Jager, get to the servers, we'll cover you."
Jager: "Already on it," he said moving towards them.
Alien: "Think they sent Commodore? I've been wanting to meet him."
Female: "I don't know, just stay focused."

The Imperials entered the facility. The first things they saw were the bodies of a security team.

Dino: "They're already here."
Will: "Fan out," he said quietly.

They moved slowly through the dark area looking for the enemy agents. The flashing red lights and blaring alarm were annoying but they'd just have to ignore them.

The female Aurelian agent saw some movement in the corner of her eye and immediately turned to fire her gun in that direction.

Claire hid behind a server to avoid the bullets.

The Imperium agents spread out inside the server farm to find the Aurelians. Dino found one of them and their battle began.

Elsewhere, away from the fighting, was Jager. He had located the server he needed to hack. He pulled out a device engineered by his agency's scientists that would do all the work for him. The only problem was it took some time.

Victor and Dino defeated their opponents. The Aurelians were skilled, they definitely went down with a fight.

Claire pushed her enemy towards the others. Three of the four were down.

Dino: "Shouldn't there be one more?"

The agents looked around for their last target. Claire spotted him first.

Claire: "There he is! He's hacking the servers!"
Victor: "I'll get him."
Will: "No, make sure these guys are secured. He's mine."

Jager's device had hacked the server and retrieved all the data they wanted just in time. Will sprinted towards him as he was about to escape.

He chased Jager through the server farm. He fired off several shots at him but none hit him.

Jager: "This is Agent Jager, I have acquired the data," he spoke into his helmet's communicator. "My team is down. Requesting immediate extraction from facility."
Aurelian: "Request denied. Transport vehicle is waiting at the rendezvous."
Jager: "I can't make it to the rendezvous!" he yelled in frustration.
There was no reply from the other end.

He slowed his pace when he found a ladder leading to the roof of the server farm. Jager began climbing but Will was hot on his heels.

The Aurelian agent burst through the door on the rooftop and activated his comm once again.

Pilot: "Everything alright over there?"
Jager: "I've got William freakin Nantucket on my ass, I need you to bring the ship to my location!"
Pilot: "I'll bring it around. Just hang in there."

Finally Will made it up.

Will: "Nowhere left to run!" he said aiming his gun at the Aurelian.

Jager raised his gun and fired two rounds, one of which hit Will's gun, knocking it out of his hand.

Before he could shoot again, Will tackled him to the ground. They wrestled each other for several minutes until Jager's transport finally arrived.

Jager kicked Will off of him and grabbed onto the rope the pilot had dropped down. He was whisked away while Will remained on the ground.

Eventually the other agents made their way to the rooftop as well. They looked at Will for answers.

Victor: "Where'd he go?"
Will: "He got away."
Dino: "And the data?"
Will: "Right here," he said showing them the device. He had managed to take it from Jager during their fight.
Claire: "Great. We got the data and three of their agents."
Dino: "I think Arthur will be pleased. Come on, let's go back."

Raleigh, North Carolina
IIA Headquarters

Delta squad returned to their headquarters to talk with the Director.

Arthur: "A job well done, everyone."
Dino: "It was Will who stopped the last agent from escaping with the data."
Arthur: "Was it?"
Will: "Just doing my job."
Arthur: "Well I suppose it is a good start to making up for your recent failures... I joke. I'm sure we're all trying the best we can. Keep it up. You lot are possibly the IIA's most efficient squad. Although I wonder how the Aurelians learned of our data centers. Their locations are kept secret. Hmm..."

Arthur then left them and soon Dino and Victor walked away also. Only Will and Claire remained in the room.

Claire: "I think he's under a lot of stress."
Will: "If the Director of intelligence wasn't under stress during wartime, we should probably be worried."

His comm then began to vibrate. Will answered it and saw the image of his brother.

Will: "Hey man, sorry I left you there. I had something I needed to do."

Oliver: "Will, something happened," he spoke with a very somber expression.

Will's face fell when he listened to his brother explain. When he was done, he hung up the call.

Claire: "What's wrong?"
Will: "Uh my... Dad... He's in the hospital..."
Claire: "Oh no."
Will: "Yeah. Apparently it's bad..."
Claire: "Well are you gonna see him?"

Will thought for a moment before answering.

Will: "No."
Claire: "What do you mean no?"
Will: "He's a world class a**hole. He's getting what he deserves."
Claire: "Even if you don't have a good relationship with him, he's your dad. This could be your last chance to talk to him. You'll regret it if you don't."

Claire wasn't speaking from personal experience but she imagined those were the right words to say.

Will: "They're in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Never thought I'd go back there..."
Claire: "Is that where you grew up? I kinda thought you lived in-"
Will: "Nantucket?"
Claire: "I mean..."

Will smiled slightly.

Will: "Yeah, no my dad changed his last name so..." he said trailing off.
Claire: "You have to see him."

Will knew she was right. He probably would regret it if he never saw him again. He needed to put his feelings aside. He could face his father one last time. Then he'd be free.

Will: "Okay."
Claire: "Good. Then I'm coming with you."

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The two quickly went to the hospital in New Hampshire where Oliver had taken George. Will had not been back to his birthplace since he had joined the army. It was a strange feeling to return.

They held hands as they walked through the hospital entrance.

Spotting the front desk, they went towards it where they were greeted by an alien woman.

Will: "I'm here to see George Nantucket."
Lady: "And you are?"
Will: "William, his son."
Lady: "Third floor. Your brother's already there."
Will: Thank you."
Lady: "She'll have to stay here. Family only."
Will looked at Claire.
Claire: "It's fine."

Will nodded and made his way up.

He saw Oliver standing outside the room.

Oliver: "Will-"
Will: "What happened?"
Oliver: "We went to the house and he collapsed. He's sick, Will. He's been sick for a while now. Never said anything to anyone."
Will: "Is there treatment?"
Oliver: "Nothing that would save his life."
Will: "So he's dying?"
Oliver: "It looks that way."

Will looked down at the floor. He didn't know what he was feeling. A mixture of anger, sadness, remorse, and even relief.

Oliver: "You should go in while he's awake."

Will looked back up at Oliver and then at the door of the room. He stared at it for a few seconds before hesitantly walking towards it.

When he entered, he looked at his father, lying in the bed. The color had drained from his face and he looked very weak.

George: "Will."
Will: "Hey dad. You comfortable?"
George: "It's alright."

They looked at each other for a few more moments before Will came to stand by his bedside.

Will: "Why didn't you tell us?"
George: "I didn't want you to worry."
Will: "Did mom know you were sick?"
George: "No. No, this started after she passed."

Will chuckled.

Will: "You know I couldn't believe she never left you. Not after the drinking, the cheating..."
George: "I never claimed to be a saint bu-"
Will: "You're not even close... To a saint... You're a terrible person. You're a terrible father."
George: "You say these things to me? After all I've given you. Everything you wanted-"
Will: "What? What did you give me? Money? That's not what I wanted. I wanted you to not treat me like the dirt you walked on. I wanted you to care. I wanted you not to be a freakin sociopath all the time!"

They both went quiet for several moments. Tears were welling in in his eyes.

George: "You hate me," he said. It was a statement more than a question. It was something he had known though Will had never said the words.

Will: "Never had a reason not to."
George: "It's a shame. It truly is. I hated my own father. Probably felt the same way about him as you feel about me."

Will looked up. Part of him felt bad for what he had said. The other part was angry that his father was once again finding a way to make him feel bad. Once again refusing to apologize for his mistakes.

George: "It's hard to be a father. Maybe not for some. But it is for many. You try to be better than your own parents, try not to make their mistakes. But you can't. Maybe it's fate or destiny or whatever but you can't avoid making their mistakes... I tried my best Will. I want you to know I tried my best."

Will: "It wasn't good enough."

Will left the room and saw his brother sill standing in the hallway.

Oliver: "What did you say to him?"
Will: "What I've always said to him. What he never understood."

Oliver opened his mouth to say something else but Will had already walked away.

In the lobby, Claire stood up when she saw Will coming towards her. After seeing his face, she immediately reached out and gave him a hug.

Claire: "Are you okay?"
Will: "I'll be fine."

He pulled away and looked at her. He loved her. She was possibly the only person in the entire galaxy that would have his love. He wasn't sure what he'd do without her. However right now, he couldn't be with her. He needed to think.

Will: "I need to be alone for a bit."
Claire: "Okay. I'm here for you though, alright? Anything you need, I'm here."

Will gave a faint smile before walking off.

He walked alone through the city until he finally reached where he wanted to be. He sat down at the end of a small dock on a lake near his family home. Will dangled his legs off the edge, his toes almost touching the water. He stared out at the horizon. It was peaceful and pleasant here.

The peace was soon disturbed when the wooden planks of the dock began to groan when heavy feet walked over them. Oliver sat down next to Will and for the first few moments, didn't say anything.

Oliver: "I thought I'd find you here. You'd always run down here whenever you needed to get away from him."

Will remained quiet until finally deciding to say what he had been thinking.

Will: "You left me with him. As soon as you were old enough, you rushed off to the Exploratory Corps and left me with him."
Oliver: "I... I'm sorry, Will. I didn't mean to abandon you, I just..."
Will: "I get it. I just wish things had been different."

They sat in silence for a while longer until Oliver spoke up again.

Oliver: "I wanna show you something."
Will: "What?"
Oliver: "Come on. You'll see," he said getting up.

Somewhere in Iowa

They went to Iowa. Oliver led Will to a large field. He could see what Oliver wanted to show him in the distance. It was his ship, surrounded by several structures built to perform maintenance on it.

Will: "So that't it, huh?"
Oliver: "Yep. The GIS Trident."

The two marveled at it for a bit longer.

Oliver: "Let's go inside."

They went to the main bridge of the vessel.

Oliver: "And this is my chair," he said putting his hand on it.
Will: "It's very nice. The ship, I mean. Not the chair. Although it's not a bad chair..."

Oliver chuckled.

Oliver: "You could come with us when we head back out. It's unbelievable the things we find."
Will: "It's tempting. But my life's here."
Oliver: "Yeah, I know. But the offer stands. Not many Nantuckets left now, eh? We should stick together."
Will: "Yeah. We should."

The brothers looked at each other and smiled. Everything would be okay.


I didn't know I needed to do a rank up and I had already written most of this episode so I had to cram in the server farm bit as the "ranking up". It's a little hard to come up with ways to do these since I'm not using the actual positions but oh well... :p

I know the "daddy issues" thing is pretty cliche but whatever, here's my take on it. There's a little more background on William from it too.

Also I do have plans for fleshing out the Aurelian side of intelligence work. Jager will be a big part of that. I purposefully hid his face here. He is a character that's appeared before in my series for the tiniest amount...

Anyways 3 more episodes to go!


 I like it 
  January 10, 2018
Good one! I liked the fact that the 'daddy issues' didn't have a 'happily-ever-after' ending and the rest of the episode was just as good. Your points have been added! --Blast--
Captain Kenbo
 I like it 
Grandson Fifticinco
  January 8, 2018
Awesome episode! Will is certainly becoming a very deep character. I'm interested to see what you come up with next! ~G~
 I like it 
  January 8, 2018
I like the window into Will's personal life done here. The sting operation was pretty great too.;) An all 'round great episode!
  January 8, 2018
Don't worry, it's not the most abstract rank up that people have made. Very nice episode! Interesting to see more of Will's family life, and neat to see that is went somewhat unresolved. The server farm bit was cool, and well written, basically everything in this episode was well written.
 I like it 
  January 7, 2018
A truly great episode, very nice stuff! The sting operation was good as well. Data centers; quite the unique concept for a heist. Also really liked your take on Will and his 'daddy issues'. You've wrote the whole thing, especially Will's perspective, very well. Great stuff!
By Captain Kenbo
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