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Nuxen, The Gentle Brute
A revamp of an old favourite of mine, points if you remember him, and who he was inspired by ;)
About this creation
Name: Nuxen
Gender: Male
Species: Matoran
Element: Earth
Race: Onu-Matoran
Title(s): Toa, Monk, Guardian, Traitor, The forsaken one, Toa Lotem Member
Mask: Kanohi Pakari
Weapon(s): Dual Lighting Blades

Nuxen ran through the mountains of Ko Wahi. Pushing harder and faster. As he ran he let out a yell of excitement, nuxen darted over rocks punching the air and reminding himself that he was the best, and the most handsome matoran that ever lived. Nuxen had an ego, He didn't care for anyone but himself. This ego caused him to abandoned his friends and family to go on a quest to train with the best. Nuxen had heard about The Guardian's of The Light, an order of Monks that Nuxen believed would train him to be the strongest warrior in all of Mata Nui.

The Guardian's of the Light had now recently set up a new temple in the Mountains of Ko Wahi after The Great Cataclysm. Nuxen strutted through its magnificent gates towards the Guardians Temple, banging on the door as he entered and declared his presence with an echoing shout. Little did he know that he was entering a very sacred space, and his manner of entering was highly offensive.

A monk of the order entered frowning, disgusted by Nuxen's disgraceful enterance. Nuxen declared that he would now be trained by the order and be made the strongest Matoran in the land when he became a Toa. The monk looked at Nuxen baffled. The order didn't train anyone for Combat. They were a group of pacifists who found enlightenment through the great spirit. They did learn a style of combat, but it was very different to traditional combat and was very defensive and was only ever used in self defence or for ceremonial events to honour the great spirit. The Monk continued to stare at Nuxen assuming he was in the wrong place. Just as the Monk was about to kick Nuxen out of the temple, Lakuva walked in, asking what the commotion was about.

The Monk began to rave on about how disrespectful Nuxen was being, Lakuva just smiled and got on a knee to speak to Nuxen face to face. Nuxen explained his desires. Lakuva chuckled to himself, this young matoran reminded him of himself when he was young and brought to the temple. Lakuva promised to train Nuxen, but not in the way he was expecting. Training would start early the next morning.

Nuxen awoke to the sounds of a powerful bellowing Gong. The sound reverberated through Nuxen ears, startling him as he woke. Lakuva entered and the day's training began. They started with meditation which Nuxen hated, Where was the combat? Where were the people telling him how good a fighter he was! Nuxen stood up in a defiant rage and demanded he be trained in combat right away! Lakuva explained how their method of combat could only be mastered through discipline of the body and mind and meditation was the only way this was possible.

Daily Nuxen meditated, prayed and studied. He hated every second but relished the moments of combat. Lakuva would preach how the Light would bring enlightenment to Nuxen, but first he had to remove his ego, and that only through knowing himself would he be able to strip himself of his ego. Nuxen dismissed this nonsense and only paid attention in combat lessons. One day in training Lakuva showed Nuxen the most sacred temple in all of their city. It was the largest temple, its halls and walls were covered in golden murals depicting the history of the Guardian's of the Light. Inside, the temple housed a shine with 7 Toa stones on It. Nuxen's eyes widened in excitement. But he wouldn't get one today. Lakuva smiled saying to Nuxen that one day one of these could be his, but he had to at least try and give over in meditation. Lakuva proposed that the struggle would be worth the goal of getting one of these stones. Nuxen, however wanted one now. Lakuva shook his head saying that this temple is so sacred to their order. These stones were gifted to them by Toa and that only by right of passage can you obtain one. Getting one too early would not only disrespect the order, but disrespect the Toa who so graciously gifted these to the Guardians of the Light, most importantly it would disrespect the Great Spirit himself. Nuxen rolled his eyes but promised he'd do better in training

After many hours of resisting and Nuxens reluctance, Nuxen became a competent fighter.... but he still had much to learn, and his ego had yet to diminish.

One night after rigorous training with Lakuva, in the dead of night, Nuxen snuck into the temple where the Toa stones were housed. He snuck out taking the prettiest one
and transformed. Nuxen couldn't sleep he was so excited about how he'd finally become a Toa, he stayed up all night testing his new strength and powers.

Nuxen greeted Lakuva as their training for the day began, Lakuva rose from his meditative posing, his eyes narrowing in suspicion as he questioned how he'd become a Toa? Nuxen lied saying he'd been blessed by the Great Beings, he'd found enlightenment and they magically gifted him his new Toa form! Lakuva frowned in disbelief and without a word got up and walked off. Nuxen's heart sunk. He'd never seen his master upset. Lakuva was a patient man even when a Nuxen was being extremely difficult to teach. Nuxen followed Lakuva out.

The higher order members of the Guardains of the Light stood around the temple with Lakuva, all frowning at Nuxen. Lakuva asked Nuxen where the Toa stone was in a stern voice that petrified Nuxen. Nuxen was paralysed with fear and did not speak.

The Guardians leader stepped before Nuxen. He was a Turaga old and wise. With a stroke of his beard and a pointing of his finger the Turaga expressed his deepest dissapointment in Nuxen. Lakuva had taught him so well, taught him all the values of the order. But Nuxen did one of the most disrespectful and sacrilegious things by stealing one of these sacred artifacts. With a frown of dissapointment and stifled hesitation, the Turaga declared that Nuxen was no longer welcome in their order. Nuxen walked off declaring he didn't need the order, and that they were making a mistake exiling him. Nuxen walked out the gates until he was out of sight, dropped to his knees and wept.

Nuxen returned to his home in Onu-Wahi and took it upon himself to guard his city from dangers, all the while training, trying to master the combat he was still learning before he was expelled from the order.
His village already had a Toa guardian who was a skilled fighter. He appreciated Nuxen's help and in return Nuxen learnt a lot about combat from him.

The other villages guardain, named Paru, often asked Nuxen about his past but, he was always vague and unspecific. A Toa team came through the village one day and questioned why Nuxen was there, the city already had a guardian, while it was helpful they didn't need a second guardian. Nuxen expressed it was his duty and he had nowhere else to go. The teams leader requested Nuxen be taken back to the order and assigned to a place that needed him. Reluctantly Nuxen accepted.

Nuxen was assigned to protect a small village on the outskirts of Onu-Wahi. The city was cold and isolated, it was inhabited by both Ko-Matoran and Onu-Matoran due to being so close to both sides. Nuxen liked his job but was frustrated he didn't see combat. In his eyes he was the strongest and smartest and most capable fighter. Despite the blow to his ego after being exhiled Nuxen was still just as arrogant, and now even more bitter. What did the order know? they had no right to kick him out! These thoughts crossed his mind daily. A lot of the matoran disliked Nuxen, for he was either bitter and angry, complaining about every little thing, or egotistical and rash, proclaiming his skill and power.

One day while patrolling the city, Nuxen stopped and drew his sword at the sound of screaming and crashing. A Kane-Ra smashed through a market stall and ran past Nuxen roaring in anger. With a smile Nuxen chased after the Rahi

Nuxen pursued the beast striding across the snow filled landscape. In the corner of his eye Nuxen saw silhouettes in the distance, they were too far away to make out details of, more Kane-Ra? Was Nuxen in even more danger? Nuxen had no choice but to press on and continue the task at hand.

Nuxen leapt forward tackling the Rahi, with a roar it slashed at Nuxen. The two exchanged slashes and punches for some time, but every blow or attempt to subdue the rampaging beast only made it angrier and stronger. This beast was powerful. Nuxen smiled at the challenge and brushed off his battle scars, ready to fight, ready to win. Nuxen clutched his blades and slashed them forward, but the Kane-Ra was quick and dodged the attack biting Nuxen's arm, its teeth sinking in deep. Nuxen yelled in pain, and looked down at his injured arm. In a fury he kicked the beast, releasing its jaw. Nuxen took a second to examine his wound, but that moment of distraction gave the beast the upper hand and it head butted Nuxen sending him to the ground, dazed from the blow Nuxen got up, stumbling as he did, the blow had hindered and blurred his vision.

Nuxen took a few steps back trying to shake off the ringing in his head and surveyed his surrounds. Nuxen's vision was returning but it was hard to made out details. Nuxen heard a battle cry come from behind him, he quickly turned to face whatever was attacking him but doing so he lost his footing and feel to the ground. The ringing and pain in his head intensified and Nuxen pounded the ground in frustration. Nuxen could hear the Kane Ra and whatever else had appeared fighting... but the fight was lessening and soon over. Nuxen rubbed his eyes and grabbed his head in an attempt to lessen the pain, he sat up and readied himself, whoever this new player in the fight was may want to kill him. Nuxen's vision was burying but returning and a green armour warrior stood before him, he spoke, but the ringing in Nuxen's head was louder, he couldn't understand him, but the warriors voice seemed familiar. Nuxen assumed the worst and reached out with his element powers, forcing waves of sound forward to explode into the warrior.

The ground underneath Nuxen shook and ice cracked, his elemental attack had weakened the ice around him and now the entire floor was collapsing. Nuxen felt himself falling and ice flying by him as everything went dark.

Nuxen awoke, the ringing had stopped. The cold encompassed Nuxen's whole body, he shivered.
Nuxen looked around, he was in an ice cavern below the surface, it appeared Ice had frozen over the entrance to the cavern and Nuxen's attack caused a cave in to reveal the massive natural cavern below. Looking down, he realised the damage to his arm was worse then he thought, he went to examine his wound, but moving it only caused pain, Nuxen grunted in pain which echoed across the whole cavern. A familiar voice answered back, appearing before Nuxen. A green and black armour Toa, the same one who defeated the Rahi appeared before Nuxen, it was Lakuva. With a grimace, Nuxen asked how they ended up here and why Lakuva of all people was with him. Lakuva explained he was on business concerning The Guardians of the Light and that he saw someone was in need of saving. He continued saying the Rahi's attack and the cave in knocked out Nuxen for a few hours, Nuxen nodded. He hadn't forgiven Lakuva for exiling him, he just held a grudge, because in his opinion, he did nothing to warrant exile. After a few minutes of silence Lakuva added that the other Guardians who he was with would return to rescue them, but it was too late and too dangerously cold, so they'd need to wait out the night, until it was safe to rescue them

The two sat facing each other in silence, not making eye contact. No one would speak of the elephant in the room. Various small talk was exchanged, but no conversation lasted longer then a few seconds. The silence outweighed their discussion.

Finally Nuxen broke the tension yelling at Lakuva, exclaiming he had no right to exile him, how dare he! Lakuva's eyes narrowed in disgust. He launched back a verbal attack stating that Nuxen was his greatest failure, a fool who's ego stops his own rationale thinking. Nuxen clenched his fist, and would have punched Lakuva if he weren't injured. Lakuva added that Nuxen was nothing like him, he learnt nothing from his teachings, he deserved to be left in this pit when the Guardians arrive to save them. Nuxen yelled back, exclaiming that Lakuva was an old fool. In a rage he stood up and attempted to climb the walls over the cavern to leave. Lakuva in a passive aggressive tone stated that he'd already tried that and the ice was too slippery to climb. Nuxen glared at Lakuva, declaring that he'd be able to do whatever his master fails too.

Nuxen clutched his swords and stabbed one into the icy cold walls of the cave. He stabbed his other sword slightly higher and began to climb. Nuxen only made it so far up the wall until his swords would no longer hold and he slipped falling to the icy cold floor. Lakuva laughed at Nuxen's attempt and smiled stating through laughter that Nuxen was a failure at all he did. Nuxen clenched both fists, turned and faced Nuxen and ran towards him, punching him square in the jaw. Nuxen demanded a fight then he'd show his old master who the true failure was. Lakuva swiftly turned and placed Lakuva in a headlock, Nuxen elbowed Lakuva freeing himself from his hold on him, but was met with a swift punch to the chest. Nuxen glared at Lakuva and with a mocking smile stated that he thought The Guardians didn't resort to violence. Lakuva went to punch Nuxen's face saying, what would he know of the Guardains ways? He never followed or listened to them anyway. The two continued to fight, the fight was close with no clear winner, but it was stopped when a loud roar echoed through the cave. The quarrelling Toa stopped their fight and looked up towards the opening above them, there a Frost Dragon, looked down on them with an angry grimace.

The dragon roared spewing up a wave of cold, frozen death, the two Toa dodged the attack and readied their weapons to fight the beast. Nuxen slashed at the dragons feet, but was met with a strike from its powerful tail. Lakuva swung down his mace towards the dragons head, but the frost dragon had such speed it dodged the attack with ease. The warriors and the Rahi exchanged blows, but the two Toa were easily overpowered and due to their lack of team work, failed to gain any upper hand in the fight.

Lakuva was wiped by the dragons tail flinging him to the floor near Nuxen. Nuxen realised he couldn't beat this thing. For the first time in his life he felt he wasn't strong enough, or the best at what he did. He looked down and Lakuva and extended his hand to help him up. Maybe they could beat the beast together. Swallowing his pride Lakuva accepted and the two worked in unison, slashing, swiping and striking at the beast. They'd finally done some damage, but this only angered the beast and it grabbed Nuxen with its claws and forced it to the ground. The beast was about to deal and final blow to Nuxen, but Lakuva was quickly upon the beast, freeing Nuxen from its grasp just in time.

The two reached out with their elemental powers and unleashed hell upon the beast, knocking it out. They'd won. The two cheers and smiled, embracing each other in joy. The embrace was quickly over when they realised there weren't at each others throats. They smiled and hugged each other. Tears rolled down their eyes. They'd learnt valuable lessons today. Nuxen learnt just how egotistical he was, he couldn't do everything alone and needed others help. He wasn't always the best at things. He learnt humility. Lakuva realised he had no right to judge and be so rude to Nuxen, sure he made a mistake in his past, but he could easily forgive him for that. He also learnt he wasn't so high and mighty, he wasn't perfect. But that was ok. Two warriors who thought they couldn't be more apart both realised just how alike they were and overcame their flaws. Together.

Day broke and Lakuva's and Nuxen's now rekindled friendship was as strong as ever. Their once awkward and often silent conversation was a distant memory as they talked for hours on end. The Guardians arrived and rescued the two from the cavern. Lakuva smiled and said that it was an honour fighting with him, and that he was welcome in the back into the Guardian's gates. Nuxen smiled but declined saying his duty lied with the Toa. The brothers embraced and went their separate ways.

Nuxen was a changed man. He gained a sense of humour, developed a sense of love and empathy. He was strong, but humble. He had a heart of gold and despite his strong hardened appearance, was really just a big teddy bear inside.

After the reformation of Spherus Magna Nuxen continued his guard duty in various cities throughout Onu-Wahi, but this was short lived as the order needed new members to join a new team of Toa called the Toa Lotem. Nuxen arrived at the rendezvous point to meet his new team and train, he was pleased to learn that Lakuva was in charge of the team. After the reformation of Spherus Magna, Lakuva had left the monks order to bring its teachings into the order of Mata Nui. Lakuva felt he had a new destiny with the Toa and his knowledge was a valuable tool to help other Toa grow and learn.

The Toa Lotem stormed through Shakahv's base. Their mission was to find and capture Shakahv and subdue the dark Toa who followed him. Nuxen fought his way through the Dark Toa's base fighting off whoever stood in his way, Nuxen turned down an alley to see five Dark Toa in purple armour standing before him. Nuxen smiled and soon a frenzy of fists and punches erupted from the warriors. Nuxen was punched in the side, kicked in the head, but he was stronger, a stern jab in the stomach, an elbow to the side and a punch to the head made short work of the Toa who thought they could take him. Nuxen looked down at the unconscious Toa at his feet cracked his knuckles and continued on. Suddenly the noise of combat around him had stopped, was the fight over? Had the others found Shakahv? Nuxen exited the base to see the rest of his team standing around something. He broke through the crowd and fell to his knees tears streaming down his eyes. Lakuva lay on the floor, a dagger through his chest.

Lakuva's, death took a toll on Nuxen but he was ready to avenge his brother. Cossy and Nuxen's friendship grew, and they became strong friends. Nuxen felt it was his duty to look after and teach Cossy. Lakuva had taught Cossy and Nuxen so much, so it only made sense that they got along so well and that Nuxen could finish and refine the teachings of Lakuva

When The Apocalypse war began Nuxen was tasked on a stealth mission to defeat Caetissa of the Apocalypse. Him and two Zatth wearing Toa used the cover of a secret underwater dock to sneak a submarine filled with explosives past Caetissa's Citadel. The Citadel's crew detected the submarine and its turrets opened fire. The Zatth wearing Toa used their masks powers to summon an army of aquatic creatures to shield the submarine from any damage.

Using this as a distraction the Toa snuck onto the Citadel armed with explosives. The Toa wearing Kanohi Zatth's placed charges on board as Nuxen headed for the bridge where the malicious Caetissa sat commanding her forces with the help of an enhanced Tryna machine. Caetissa whirled out of her seat and ran head on into Nuxen, he normally was able to tank the force of a blow like this but Caetissa was strong, and the impact sent Nuxen flying out the bridges window and into the Citadels main deck.

Nuxen readied himself, but Caetissa was soon upon him in a rage fuelled fury, after a series of blows Caetissa had the upper hand and was ready to deal the final blow, but the two Zatth wearing Toa were there to stop her, charging Caetissa from behind, knocking her towards the rail of the Citadel. Furious Caetissa struck back and kicked the Toa into an array of pipes and machinery, the impact was enough to kill them.

Nuxen spotted in his fallen comrades hands the detonator for the explosives they'd set, Nuxen sprinted towards it, however before he could reach it, Caetissa had launched a powerful orb of water towards Nuxen! He then summoned forth his elemental powers at the projectile, the impact of the two elemental blasts caused a massive explosion which threw Nuxen off the edge of the ship into the water. Caetissa however, was thrown into the main deck, Nuxen saw the opportunity and activated the detonator he retrieved. He watched from the water as the Citadel, and Caetissa were no more.

Fourth Wall Commentary:
Howdy all! So here's a new Bionicle, I ended up changing a bunch of things from the old version. I added more Gun Metal and added a bunch of trans-yellow. Nuxen used to be a Toa of Red Lightning in the past, but honestly I added the yellow onto Nuxen on a whim and loved it, so he's just a Toa of Earth now. But yeah really happy with the overall design of Nuxen, think he looks great!

Also those Black Hordika Necks are prototype parts, no paint!

And, yeah lots more to come in the near future including:

- A few more Bionicle MOC's
- My Avengers Battle of New York Diorama
- A Daredevil MOC
- A system robot I made
- A new Star War's MOC
- And heaps more Bionicle Inspiration Series episodes!


Couple final things:

I have combined my story with Cody G's Bionicle storyline, so take a look at his page:

I have a Flickr now, take a look if you wish:

Also check out my Youtube for weekly videos:

And I post pretty much daily on Instagram, so check that out:

Please don´t hesitate with any comments, questions or criticisms...
Till Next Time
See Ya~


 I like it 
  May 15, 2019
Awesome build I also like the story that comes with him that helped him change for the better!
 I like it 
  December 30, 2017
nice build.
 I like it 
  December 8, 2017
Love the bulk, great MOC!
 I like it 
  December 3, 2017
Love how bulky he is, and the highlights are a fun touch to his element. Good job!
 I like it 
  December 3, 2017
More fantastic work here, and the write up was excellent! Really liking the plating on this guy, especially around the lower arms. Well done!
 I like it 
  December 3, 2017
I’ll say the same thing I said on Flickr, he looks fantastic! His brute nature is intimidating and he looks very solid! He gives me Crucible vibes honestly, spectacular!
 I made it 
  December 2, 2017
Thanks all!
 I like it 
  December 2, 2017
Awesome build man!
 I like it 
  December 2, 2017
Cool! you're back from the dead! this guy is really cool, lots of modern pieces combined with some older ones. The different rounded pieces give this guy a smooth, finished look.
 I like it 
  December 2, 2017
Nuxens back! that is what I call a brute (also is Nuxen still related to Nexus?) the story is great as always! the build is much the same as the original which is pretty cool, and I think you fixed a lot of problems that the first one had. Anyways, cool MOC, cool story, cool post!
 I like it 
  December 2, 2017
Great stuff man- loving it! He's definitely improved from the last version, a lot more solid with a more refined colour scheme (though the upper arms do look a bit weird from the back, kinda exposes the facade on the front). I'd say you've got a good thing going with the trans-yellow, though I'd say add a lot more, to really make the colours pop. Other than that, he's great! Also, it was Legofreak's guy that Nuxen was based off, right? Nexus?
 I like it 
  December 2, 2017
My goodness, it's like a tank with arms and legs! I wouldn't mess with him.
By Ben Cossy
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