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Hoplite MK III ‘Peacekeeper’
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I present to you the third generation of my ‘Hoplite’ mechsuits, the ‘Peacekeeper’.
About this creation
Finally, after over two and a half years of being a perfectionist and overthinking the design to the point that I am almost sick of it, the Hoplite Peacekeeper… actually and truly finished. A fact that has taken me a lot of extra time to let go and accept as objective complete, since I have finally faced some demons of the past and now exit my own ‘dark age’ of neither building much nor even letting myself be creative while I followed trends.

However, that will hopefully no longer be a problem, as the Hoplite Peacekeeper signifies an evolution of not just my own Lego mechsuit MOC design skills, but also an evolution of my own personal wisdom and maturity as I progress through life and grow as a person. I look forward to seeing what the future brings.

So, with that being said, let’s take a look and see just how far this new ‘Hoplite’ has come…





Meet the new Hoplite, named the Peacekeeper.

This thing turned out to be an extreme pain to build. I originally intended to make it a smaller, lighter, simpler, and more streamlined Hoplite design. However, as I was constantly unsatisfied with the form and shape, and perpetually tinkered with it, I ended up making it taller, heavier, and more complex than I had hoped. That also meant that I spent a lot more time building it than I wanted to, as well. Got to love how all that works.

However, after spamming a bunch of pictures for it, I have to say that I can’t really argue with the final results of the finished product.

Front view.

The aesthetic form, style, and color scheme really did come out well. My favorite kind, in fact. I feel like this thing really does have a lot of character, and can kind of reflect me myself.

While the proportions of the previous Hoplite Defender are largely preserved, the overall shape and form draws most of its inspiration from Halo Spartan designs, most notably the Mk IV Master Chief from ‘The Package’ episode in Halo Legends, the Noble Armor set for multiplayer in Halo 5, which was based on the Commando helmet in Halo Reach, and War Machine from Iron Man 2. The cover and intro mech of Armored Core 3: Silent Line also played a small part, somewhat influencing both the head and jetpack design. I would like to say Optimus Prime from various Transformers helped as well, but I cannot really isolate any particular feature. All of this is combined to give the Peacekeeper a sleek yet rugged theme of adaptability.

Back view.

The color scheme is based on Clone Trooper ranking stripe patterns from Star Wars Episode II, with light grey as the primary color, and dark grey as the detail color, to give the Hoplite an unphased and military/industrial look that implies order. Basic blue trim and stripe accents this with a theme of honor, truth, and nobility. Then, the visor as transparent red is meant to contrast this slightly with a more menacing and intimidating look to imply that this Peacekeeper is a mech of action.

Lastly, the more minimalist weapon setup is designed to subtly fit in with all of the above themes, as opposed to the overkill setup that the Defender had.

Overall I just love it, and I thank the Lord for it.

In the fictional backstory for this MOC, the new Hoplite Peacekeeper is designed to replace the old Hoplite Defender. The former retains the latter’s trademark rugged durability and armor, while featuring significantly enhanced speed, agility, and flight capabilities, with a much more streamlined, efficient, and adaptable weapon arsenal. The Peacekeeper is therefore much more effective at offensive hit-and-run tactics and CQC, while being just as tough to destroy. A worthy successor to serve as the third generation of Hoplite mechsuits.

Holstered at it's right hip, is the Peacekeeper’s primary weapon, a Gauss Assault Rifle, with an underbarrel Plasma Accelerator. This weapon is a streamlined combination that replaces the Defender's Gauss Gattling Gun and Plasma Concentrator Cannon, respectively. While usually a two-handed weapon, this setup allows the new Hoplite more room and flexibility to maneuver with ease in combat, and can simultaneously do so with increased precision and reaction speed.

The Gauss AR has a notably slower fire rate than the old Gauss Gattling Gun, but is much more powerful and accurate per shot, especially at range, with a similar total ammunition capacity that as a result lasts for much longer.

The underbarrel Plasma Accelerator sacrifices power per shot for a more compact frame that also significantly boosts projectile velocity, therefore greatly increasing range and making the plasma bolts much more difficult to dodge.

With this newly increased emphasis on range, efficiency, and mobility, the new Hoplite has no need for the heavier back-mounted Anti-Armor Railgun that the old Defender had.

Holstered at it's left hip, is the Peacekeeper’s new close range weapon, a compact plasma-sheathed CQC blade. This weapon compliments the new Hoplite's increased agility with a versatile weapon for engaging targets at close range. Designed to be small, a bit blunt, and able to be stabbed through tank armor, this short sword is mostly used for defensive survival situations and as a backup dagger option to compliment the new Hoplite’s main rifle weapon. Also stored here, is an extra magazine and power cell for the Gauss AR and Plasma Accelerator, respectively.

A close-up of my awesome new hand design, which is by far my favorite feature of this MOC.

Similar to the first version found on the Defender, this one features a wider range of thumb articulation and thanks to the incorporation of Mixel joints, now even has convincing wrist articulation. On top of that, the new design also allows for better color coordination.

The only real flaw with this design is that the nature of the Mixel joints means that the hands cannot support as much weight for weapons, which are still connected directly to the hand via the studs on the palm. They also still only have three fingers and the thumb instead of four, but that is something that I can live with. I don’t mind it at all.

However, as you will soon see, the hands are the star of the show. They really bring out the character of the Peacekeeper.

It can actually manage to grasp it’s hands together, as if popping it’s knuckles in an intimidating fashion.

Or hold it’s hands as if in prayer.

Just warning you now, I am not kidding when I say that I spammed a lot of pictures for this thing, to the point that I almost couldn’t wait to stop. Was it possibly too much?

Well, I don’t know.

But what are you waiting for? Let’s continue, shall we?

Freeze! Comin right at ya. My favorite action shot of the Peacekeeper ready to engage and fire upon targets with its rifle.

I can’t help but think of this as the Red vs Blue(Rooster Teeth machinima series) stance.

The sky sure looks nice today doesn’t it?

From this angle that same pose makes it seem as if at attention and combat-ready.

Locked and loaded.

Taking aim.

Crouching for stability and a ‘smaller’ target profile.

So, how did you like that? I’ve got more where that came from.

Pulling out the knife. Unfortunately, when setting up this pose, I realized that the thumb does not allow for a clean reverse grip. I had to reposition its connection just for this one pic.

Calling out it’s targets. My favorite pic with the sword.

For honor and victory!

Getting ready to sprint into action.

Then said sprinting. Like the Jedi do in Star Wars battlefront 2 Classic.

And yes, it can even still hold its sword with both hands! Ready for defensive blocking.

Now this is an awesome pose, taking to the ground, landing with both weapons out.

As you can see, this sleek and rugged pair of weapons is much less cumbersome and much more streamlined than the arsenal that the old Hoplite had.

Ready for anything, the Peacekeeper also has twenty medium Surface-to-Surface/Air Missiles cased in pods on its shoulders and calves.

Unleashing missiles!

While a lower number are equipped than the Defender’s thirty-two, these medium SSAMs have much more powerful payloads than the compact ones used in the old Hoplite. They are now meant for more heavily armored targets, saving ammo where otherwise two or more missiles would have been needed.

Lastly, if all else fails or it doesn’t have time to draw its larger weapons, the Peacekeeper has a pair of Ion Rayguns on each forearm, which draw from the new Hoplite’s primary power source, a Plasma Reactor. This can amplify or adjust the damage output as necessary.

Like with the Defender Hoplite, those Ion Rayguns come standard with the Peacekeeper. Even when there are no other armaments equipped. Speaking of which...

Believe it or not, the main weapons were a last-minute final addition to the new Hoplite. The Peacekeeper spent most of its prototype life without them, in this basic robot form.

I will say though, that the extensive time without weapons really helped me focus on nailing the actual shape and form of the mechanized robot body. It really came out spectacular.

As you can see in these left and right side angles, this thing is heavy enough as is to lean forward, especially with this proud pose.

The cause is in how the legs and feet are spread and rotated outward a little. Otherwise, without its gear, the Peacekeeper can support its own weight just fine.

I particularly like the silhouette of the new Hoplite in this top-down picture. Even the head design on the Peacekeeper looks awesome. I cannot help but be proud of the complete product, and I thank the Lord for it.

Now this is how it was always meant to look.

And honestly, I think that I managed to get it pretty much spot on.


You know, now that I thought about it as I took these pictures...

With the primary Ion Thruster flight engines removed, the back of the new Hoplite still looks fairly good even with just the auxiliary Ion Dash Boosters, which allow it to still have short and sudden bursts of speed for evasive maneuvers.

Further still, the top of the upper arms still look nice and smooth without the floating shoulder armor too. Not bad either.

I mean...

Just look at that mechanical muscle!

You know the form is good when it still looks nice partially deconstructed.

Perhaps this is part of how I could slim it down to make a smaller version in the future…

Anyway, now time to put the shoulder armor and thruster packs back on...

With a quick close-up of the lower back under the Ion Thrusters.


And ready for deployment again.

The Peacekeeper still connects the torso to the waist with just a single Technic peg. Considering how heavy this MOC is when fully equipped, I think that it is fairly reliable! Especially since the leg joints are prone to crumpling under all that weight, when being fiddled with. It is almost easier to pose this thing by splitting it in half first!

The Peacekeeper ended up with longer legs than I had planned originally, but this was necessary to give the new Hoplite a much more athletic look with better form. The calves and feet together as the lower leg are my favorite part of this section.

As you can see with this comparison to the equivalent leg frame reconstruction of the Defender, the Peacekeeper is a total of 4 studs taller just from the waist down to the feet. The torso height by itself is pretty much the same as the old one, however, so I didn’t bother showing a comparison. Just know that the Peacekeeper is about 4 studs taller than the Defender was.

Brought to its knees and picking itself back up, I realize that I forgot to get a good standing height comparison pic with a minifigure. I hope that this can do...

Those old helicopter rotors make nice form-fitting drag flaps for the Ion Thrusters. I mostly used them for the fact that folded down they look really nice, but hey, they can have this purpose too.

Looking at it from the rear here, I guess that now is a good time to point out that even the bottom of the feet have useful detail! The feet are equipped with smaller Ion Thruster engines to help support the primary Ion Thrusters used for flight on the back.

Kneeling down, watching over my current sigfig. One of my favorite pictures of the new Hoplite, period.

Now this is pretty similar to the ‘ground pound’ stance that I liked to use for the Defender, as if landing from the sky. I still don’t see many mech MOCs able to pose like this yet, so this is still a favorite stance of mine.

However, for the Peacekeeper, with one palm face-down on the ground and the other resting on its knee, this stance takes on a more noble look as it kneels in humble accord.

Extreme articulation is the name of the game for any mechsuit MOC that I personally build, otherwise what is the point? If it doesn’t meet my standards I consider it a failure. Considering the Peacekeeper a success, here is a round of applause.

Now hold on, wait, just a moment...

Nah, we are not quite done yet. Sshhh… I know...

At a total height of 11 inches or 29 centimeters, the new Hoplite has a commanding presence as it towers over the battlefield.

And yes, this new Hoplite still has room to hold a minifigure in a cockpit, so I will show you how that works. The torso was the most frustratingly difficult part to get right the shape, form, and function that I wanted. I am so thankful that I managed to succeed in doing so...

First, open the main hatch at the bottom.

Then, just swing out the smaller section at the top to fully reveal the pilot behind the controls.

Now, climbing out… The minifigure fits snugly inside, but is not connected via studs, so it can just slide out.

A quick peek at the details inside the cockpit. The main control screen folds down in front of the pilot, but there is still a keypad and a radar screen to his sides.

Also, the pilot uses advanced arm control sensors just like in James Cameron’s Avatar.

Anyway, here is the pilot, SMARTAN 427. Who else would it be?

Thanks for viewing! I hope that you all found this enjoyable. I am so glad to just finally have this project over with. Have a nice one!


 I like it 
  January 30, 2018
very nice, excellent mobility and as I like it there is the pilot. really a great MOC! now you just have to increase the variety of the weaponry ...
 I like it 
  January 4, 2018
The "Well, I don’t know." picture has so much character. Well done!
 I like it 
  January 3, 2018
Nice work!
 I made it 
  November 26, 2017
Alright, I decided it worth it to fix the size of the picture format so that viewers don't have to click on each and every picture to get a good look at them. Along with a few italics on some words, this completes the page quite nicely! It is finally done... Yay! Edit: Forgot to add a link to the old Hoplite Defender, so then I did.
 I made it 
  November 25, 2017
Aw man, I meant to use the 'large' picture format, but didn't realize I was still using the smaller 'center' format. Ah well. That might actually be a good thing to compact it all anyway, considering the sheer amount of pictures. I don't think that I want to go through 76 of them again just for this MOC. It is time for me to just be done with it, and move on.
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