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The Insurgency S1E17: Flaked (FB)
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Freebuild for The Insurgency (Galactic Imperium)
About this creation

Somewhere in space
September 15, 2097

A lonely star cruiser drifted through space, its power completely lost...

On board were two IIA agents, William Nantucket and Dino Modena, just sitting around doing nothing.

Dino: "Where are they? We called for help hours ago!"
Will: "Hey, do you remember that time when I told you to stop at the fueling station?" he said laying on the floor of the ship, his arms placed behind his head.
Dino: "I thought we could make it," Dino replied with frustration in his voice.
Will: "Well we didn't, now did we?"

Dino groaned and then they both went silent.

Until Will started singing.

Will: "Wastin' away again in Margaritaville! Du da ba da ba daba, searchin' for my long lost shaker of salt!"
Dino: "Shut up!"

Will fell silent and Dino turned his attention back to his computers.

Will: "Some people claim that there's a woman to blame," he started again this time very quietly.
Will: "But I know... It's nobody's fault."
Dino: "Will!"
Will: "Alright geez! But it's a good song, though."

Suddenly there was a beeping noise coming from the console that caused Will to sit up. Dino looked out of the viewport and while he couldn't see anything, he could hear the engines of another ship getting louder.

Rescue: "This is Alpha one coming in for the pick up. You boys alright?" came in the voice of a man over the comm unit.
Dino: "Yes, yes. Thanks for coming so quickly!" Dino said as he pressed a button on the console activating the ship's transmitter.
Will: "Uh, wording?"
Rescue: "Just sit tight, we'll begin the docking procedure."
Dino lifted his finger off the transmitter button.
Dino: "Finally..."
Will: "Hey Dino what time is it?"
Dino: "11:23 Eastern Earth," he said glancing at the clock.
Will: "No, it's perfect timing."
Dino: "Stop."

Raleigh, North Carolina
IIA Headquarters
September 16, 2097

The next morning the two of them walked into the IIA building. After they had been rescued from being stranded in space, they were dropped off at Dino's apartment to get a few hours of sleep before it was back to work.

Dino: "You know what to say for the report?"
Will: "I'm telling him how we ran out of fuel."
Dino: "Fine. Whatever."

As they walked through the office, Will noticed a woman with blonde hair talking to some of her colleagues. Claire.

Will: "Crap," he muttered, freezing in his tracks.
Dino: "What's wrong?" Dino asked him glancing back and forth between him and Claire.

Will didn't answer the question. He watched as Claire turned around and began walking in his direction. She hadn't noticed him yet.

Will suddenly dived behind someone's desk causing both the worker and Dino to be very confused.

Merek: "What are you doing?" asked the IIA employee spinning his chair around and looking down at Will.
Will: "Just look like you're working, Merek!" Will whispered loudly.
Merek: "I am working. Unlike you two..."

Claire walked past the guys, unaware of anything weird happening.
Claire: "Hi, Dino, hi, Merek," she said amicably.
Dino: "Hey, Claire."
Merek: "Hey, how are you?"

After she was far enough away, Will got back up.

Dino: "What's wrong with you?"

Will again started walking towards where they had originally been going and Dino followed.

Will: "I've kind of been avoiding her," he began explaining.
Dino: "Why?"
Will: "Things are, like, super awkward between us now..."
Dino: "Again, why?"
Will: "Well... Remember our mission on the Horizon?"
Dino: "When we saved senator Cardinale, yes."
Will: "So on the yacht, we might have..."
Dino: "Might have what...?"
Will: "You know..."
Dino realized what his friend was getting at.
Dino: "Oh," he said with sudden realization. "No. You didn't..."
Will: "We did."
Dino: "Does Mercer know?"
Will: "No clue. So now things are weird and I don't know where we stand."
Dino: "Have you tried talking to her?"
Will: "I... No."
Dino: "Then do that. I mean you can't avoid her forever, you're on the same squad."
Will: "Yeah... Yeah, I think I'll go talk to her."
Dino: "Great. You can do that after we give our report."
Will: "No I think I'm gonna do it right now."
Dino: "That can wait. This report can't."
Will: "Yes it can!" he said as he quickly went off to find Claire.
Dino: "Will!" he yelled but his friend was already gone.

He found her in the break room getting coffee. She turned around when she heard someone walking in.

Will: "Hey," he said smiling.
Claire: "Will! I haven't seen you in a while."
Will: "Yeah well Arthur's been keeping me busy."
Claire: "Oh yeah? Hey, listen... I thought about what you said. How I shouldn't be with someone if they don't make me happy."

Will looked up and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Claire: "I ended things with Mercer."
Will: "Oh," he said softly. Inside he was glad to hear this.
Claire: "He was a little upset but I think it would've been unfair for both of us to keep going."
Will: "Yeah."
Claire: "And that night on the yacht... Really made things clear for me. I have feelings for you. I kept trying to convince myself that I didn't bu-"
Will: "Let's go out," he cut her off.
Claire: "Okay," she quickly replied. After a few seconds they both grinned at each other.
Will: "How about dinner tonight?"
Claire: "Works for me."
Will: "Okay, I have a few things I need to take care of but I'll see you then."
Claire: "Alright."

Will left Claire alone in the break room. She couldn't stop herself from smiling.

Arthur: "Anyone have anything more to add? William?"

Dino and Will were just finishing up their mission report with Arthur in his office.

Will: "No, I think we covered everything."
Arthur: "Excellent. Then that will be all. Keep up the good work, both of you."

The agents left their boss' office.

Dino: "Hey do you wanna grab lunch later?"
Will: "Actually I can't, I have to go to L.A."
Dino: "Any particular reason?"
Will: "Just to check on my house, pick up my other car. Have to take public transportation to get there though which is gonna suck..."
Dino: "You staying there?"
Will: "No I should be back pretty soon."
Dino: "Alright I'll see you later then."

Will then left the building to head to the nearest hyperloop station. The pods allowed for rapid transportation all across the world.

Los Angeles, California

In no time at all Will had arrived at the Los Angeles hyperloop station. He stepped out of the pod and made his way to the taxi center.

A taxi dropped Will off at his luxurious home in Beverly Hills. He stood outside for a few moments just looking at it. He had been gone for quite some time. He definitely missed living in his large house. It was somewhat cramped in Dino's apartment.

He walked up to the door and rang the bell. A few seconds later the door slid open revealing his old friend Charles Sider who had been staying at the house while Will was in North Carolina.

Charles: "Hey, buddy! Welcome back!"
Will: "Is that my smoking jacket?"
Charles: "Uhh... No?"

Will shook his head and entered his home.

Charles: "So how ya been, man?"
Will: "Good, good. Pretty busy though. IIA's been sending me all over the galaxy."
Charles: "Oh yeah? You want a drink or something?"
Will: "I'll get it," he said moving towards his kitchen. "You didn't drink my 2017 Cabernet did you?"
Charles: "Bit early for wine isn't it?"
Will: "Eh. Maybe you're right," he said deciding to get water instead.

Will, with a glass of water in his hand, and Charles both sat down in the living room.

Charles: "I bet it's fun, being a secret agent. All the gadgets and cocktails and girls."
Will: "Yeah... Not exactly how it is in the movies, Charles."
Charles: "Hey maybe you could meet with a few actors I know so they can research some spy roles."
Will: "I'm not sure if I'll have time, sorry. But actors? I thought you were a literary agent."
Charles: "I switched to actors a while ago. Some of these writers are just real assholes. Impossible to work with."
Will: "I wasn't so bad, right?"
Charles: "No, Will. You were."
Will: "Ouch. But anyways, I gotta say this place looks spotless. Thanks for taking care of it for me."
Charles: "Oh yeah no problem man," he said as he laughed nervously.
Will: "Honestly I mainly just came here for my car."
Charles: "Oh. What happened to the Porsche?"
Will: "A crime boss destroyed it with a grenade launcher. Can you believe it? And right after the IIA modified it into a badass spy car."
Charles: "That sucks."

Will got up to go to the garage.

Charles: "Hey, why don't we just stay here? Tell me more about your spy stuff."
Will: "I'd love to buddy but I have to get back soon. Got plans later."
Charles: "Got a hot date or something? Who's the lucky lady, why don't you sit down and tell me about her?" he spoke almost frantically now.
Will turned around and looked suspiciously at his friend.
Will: "Do you not want me to go into the garage?"
Charles: "Whaaaat? Hey man, you can do anything it's your house."
Will: "Is there something you want to tell me?"
Charles: "No?"

Will stared at Charles for a few seconds more until he started walking towards the garage entrance. Charles nervously tailed him.

Will entered the garage to find it was missing something important.

Will: "Hey buddy..."
Charles: "Yeah?"
Will: "Where's my car?"
Charles: "Okay so... Promise you won't get mad..."
Will: "I do not promise that."
Charles: "Oh... Well uh... Okay so I might have thrown a killer party the other night and someone might have... Drove it into the pool," he finished the last part of the sentence quickly.
Will: "WHAT?!"

Will went outside to look at his swimming pool which seemed to still be in good condition much to his surprise.

Charles: "I mean I had the pool fixed..."
Will: "How does someone drive a car into a swimming pool? And how do you let it happen?!"
Charles: "It was a crazy party... Drugs, drinks... Vintage drinks..."
Will: "Vintage-"
Charles: "I drank the Cabernet."
Will: "Charles," he groaned. "But where's the car?" he asked after a pause.
Charles: "Scrapyard. They couldn't do anything."
Will: "No way it was totaled."
Charles: "Well it did catch on fire..."
Will: "It caught on fire? In a swimming pool? Filled with water?"
Charles: "... Yes."

Will sighed.

Will: "Well insurance doesn't cover grenade or swimming pool fire damage so... Why were you throwing parties at my house anyway?"
Charles: "I thought it was cool."
Will: "It most definitely wasn't. Never again," he said angrily.
Charles: "Alright, alright... But hey since you're here can I ask you a favor?"
Will: "Are you serious?"
Charles: "I'm in a real mess here."
Will: "I'm gonna go back to Raleigh."
Charles: "Will, please! I messed up. It's bad!"
Will: "You threw a party at my house without asking me and destroyed my other car. Why do you think I'd help you with whatever you're asking for?"
Charles: "Please! I could lose my job over this."

Will sighed again.

Will: "What?"
Charles: "So one of my clients is being considered for a leading role in the new James Bond movie, right? They sent me the script to give it to him but I... Lost it. Now apparently some other random actor found it and is threatening to leak it unless I get him a role in the movie."
Will: "This is... Not my problem."
Charles: "I can't get that guy a job in the movie. And if he leaks it and the director finds out it was my fault, me and my client are finished! Please!"
Will: "Oh my god... Okay... Do you know where he lives?"
Charles: "Thank you! Thank you! I knew I could count on you."

Having lost both of his vehicles, Will was forced to ride his bicycle to the actor's house.

After arriving at his destination, he knocked on the door of the house. A man of an alien species opened it.

Will: "Are you Nardis Yuduck?"
Nardis: "Y-yes, who are you-"

Will pushed Nardis inside and entered his home.

Nardis: "What do you think you're doing? I'm calling the authorities!"
Will: "I am the authorities. I know you found the Bond script. Give it back and I'll be on my way."
Nardis: "You must be friends with that bald agent. I'll tell you what I told him: I'll give back the script if he gets me a role in the movie."
Will: "Which role do you want?"
Nardis: "James Bond."
Will: "James Bond is a human."
Nardis: "Keeping the character human is speciesist!"
Will: "Look, I don't have time for this, I suggest you give me back the script."
Nardis: "Or what?"
Will: "Are you kidding me? I fought in the Collective War, man. I've been trained in six different forms of self defense and along with the loaded gun on my body right now is a license to kill issued to me by the Galactic Imperium. I am pretty much James Bond in real life. So. Are you going to give me the script or not?"

The actor stood with his mouth open and trembling slightly as Will threatened him. But then he quickly composed himself.

Nardis: "If I don't log into my datapad every 24 hours, it will automatically send the script to multiple news sources. So do it, you'll lose either way."

Will: "You actually have a system for that set up? Who is going to kill you over a movie script?"
Nardis: "Maybe someone like you, maybe the Claws of Etrion-"
Will: "I don't think the Claws of Etrion will come to Earth and kill some unknown actor because he has the script for a James Bond movie."
Nardis: "I am gonna get a role in that movie!"
Will: "Dude it is just a movie. And Charles can't get you a role anyway. Did you try just auditioning like everyone else?"
Nardis: "They rejected me."
Will: "Then maybe that means you're not the best fit. But I'm sure there's other stuff you can do. Just get out there, get the attention of producers and directors. You'll land a good role some day."
Nardis: "Well... Maybe you're right."
Will: "So are we square? You won't leak the script now?"
Nardis: "Oh I leaked it days ago."
Will: "What?!"
Nardis: "Yeah it's started generating a lot of buzz on the net. They should probably do some rewrites."
Will: "I don't... God damn it..."

Will went back to his house. He sat down next to Charles in an outdoor patio.

Will: "He already leaked it."
Charles: "Yeah the director called me. He's pissed."
Will: "Sorry, man. But I mean... It kind of is your own fault..."
Charles: "I know..."
Will: "Like it seems like you're bad at literally everything."
Charles: "Thanks... Anyways I was thinking maybe we could get some dinner before you leave if you wanted."
Will: "Dinner... Oh!" he said as he remembered his date. "Time zones!"

Will raced down to the hyperloop station on his bicycle. He was late. He was very late.

He groaned as he struggled to bring the bike into the pod with him.

Will: "Excuse me, sorry, excuse me," he apologized as other people stared at him.

Wilmington, North Carolina

Meanwhile Claire had already been waiting for Will at the restaurant they were supposed to meet at. She looked around with a frown on her face. She raised her comm to call Will for the second time. It had been nearly an hour and there was no sign of him.

The waiter then came over to check on her.

Waiter: "Do you still want to wait, miss?"
Claire: "No, I don't think he's coming at this point," she said sadly. "I'll take the check."

Will furiously cycled down to the restaurant after the hyperloop had brought him to the city of Wilmington. He hoped Claire would still be there. He couldn't mess up their first date.

Will skidded to a stop at the front of the restaurant. He looked at the host who was surprised to see a man panting on his bicycle in front of his restaurant.

Host: "Sir...?"
Will: "I have a reservation. Nantucket, party of two," he spoke quickly.
Host: "Yes, I have you here but I do believe your friend already left."
Will: "Aw crap..." he muttered as he began turning his bike around.

From the restaurant, he rode to Claire's house which was luckily not too far away. He dropped his bike on the street in front and hobbled to the door. He rang the doorbell as he tried to catch his breath.

A dog barked softly inside and the lights on the porch turned on.


Claire opened the door and her dog immediately ran into Will's legs. It was much happier to see the guest than she was.

Will: "Hey, who's this little guy?" he said playfully, looking down at the pet.
Claire: "Go inside, Tuna, go on," she said and Tuna soon obeyed.

She looked back up at Will with a disappointed look on her face.

Will: "I am so sorry," he began apologizing. "I was in L.A. and I had to help out a friend and I lost track of time and-"
Claire: "I'm sure you have a legitimate excuse but that doesn't make it better."
Will: "I know."
Claire: "I waited for you for an hour! And I tried calling you."
Will: "I don't have a comm... But I really wanted to see you, Claire, I just..."
Claire: "Well it makes me think that I might have made a mistake."
Will: "You didn't. I will make it up to you, I promise."

Claire sighed and shook her head. She was about to say something but decided against it.

Claire: "Go home, Will," she said closing the door.

Will stood there for a few moments staring at the paneling where Claire's face had been seconds earlier. How could he have done this? This girl that he cared about so much had given him a chance and he blew it.

Will turned around and slowly walked back to his bike. He needed to fix this. Then an idea popped into his head.

He rode back to the hyperloop station. All this biking back and forth was giving him quite the workout.

Raleigh, North Carolina

After arriving again in Raleigh, Will went to Dino's apartment.

Dino: "Hey, you're back," said his roommate as he entered.
Will: "Have you seen my guitar?"
Dino: "Is it in your room?"
Will: "Yep, got it," he said coming out of his room and heading towards the door.
Dino: "What are you doing?" Dino asked slightly confused.

But Will didn't reply.

After another round of hyperlooping and biking, Will was back at Claire's house. Clutching the 6 string, he slowly approached her door. She'd love this.

He started strumming the guitar to play the song he had decided on. It was an old song from the late 1970s called "Boat Drinks". An odd choice for a serenade but Will just couldn't get enough of Jimmy Buffet.

Will: "I gotta fly to Saint somewhere! I'm close to bodily harm."

Hearing the sound of music coming from outside, Claire went to investigate. She looked out of a window to see that Will was the source. She couldn't believe it.

His eyes met hers and he started grinning as he continued singing. She didn't want to smile but she couldn't help it.

Finally she opened the door.

Claire: "You're waking up the neighbors. You have to stop."
Will: "You have to not be mad at me. And you have to give me a second chance."
Claire: "Alright," she said with slight reluctance. "But you look like an idiot."
Will: "I guess I do."
Claire: "Are you okay?"
Will: "I mean I can't really feel my legs and I think I'm dehydrated but it's fine I guess."
Claire: "Go get some rest."
Will: "So I'll see you later?"
Claire: "Yeah. Goodnight," she said smiling.
Will: "Goodnight!"

Will kept strumming a few chords as he walked back to his bicycle with a grin on his face.



Yay more cringy romance stuff.... Sorry if it's not very interesting but I want to take the time to develop the characters. It will be over soon... I've planned to have about 7 more episodes for season 1 but I'm deciding if I should merge the next two into just one episode because they'll be kind of like this one... But after that there will be more actually exciting sci-fi stuff on other planets... So hang in there haha

Also the Hyperloop is actually a real concept by Elon Musk. It's pretty cool, could theoretically cut the time it takes to get from coast to coast (by plane) in almost half. And it's not just for within the US either. The future is now! lol


 I like it 
  November 22, 2017
lot of cussing, But I liked it, nonetheless. Nice props. Good use of tech.
 I like it 
  November 12, 2017
Fantastic work, as always. Nice inclusion of the Hyperloop, and I enjoyed Will's serenade piece at the end as well. The bike was also a funny inclusion! Always good to read your work mate, keep it up!
 I like it 
  November 11, 2017
  November 11, 2017
Nice to see the Hyperloop becomes a reality! Nice writing and sets as always! 5 points! --Blast--
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