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ROAE Chapter 5 - A Separate Journey
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Hello ladies and gents', this is Director K.W. speaking, and welcome back to yet another chapter of Jisza Vylon! It has been quite some time since I have done one of these, and because I had this chapter already prepared before vanishing for some time, I thought it would be nice and awesome to kick things into gear and post this chapter out before the other one comes out soon. Also, this is sort of a reboost of the ROAE series, so I'm a bit excited for that as well lol! So, without any more interruptions, lets get started!
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(Outer Rim, Two months after the Battle of Malastare)

Trouble, anxiety and fear filled the entire command center. The debate of their last battle has the remaining members of the RMA on the verge of disbanding, much to because of what happened on Malastare a couple months ago. Because of the recent outcomes and circumstances, many of the Rebels and their leaders begin to create murmurs throughout the Alliance, many of them in talks of leaving the broken alliance and becoming their own cells.

Admiral Wolrein, high ranking officer of the RMA, and Hecux Ostif, leading captain of the Sylvith Alliance, try their best to keep one of their closest and most allied forces, Gualo the Hutt and his Rogue Vex Alliance to stay within the RMA.

However, things just seems to get just worse.

Captain Hecux- Gualo, please, if you can just--

Gualo the Hutt- *Translation* I'm sorry Captain, but this is no longer ran option! The RVA cannot give anymore support to the RMA. We are too little and too few against the Empire.

Admiral Wolrein- We understand that, Gualo. But we can't simply let the Empire use this against us. We need to stay together!

Gualo the Hutt- The longer we stay like this, the shorter amount of time will it take for the Empire to slaughter us all in one sitting! We cannot let things stay like they are now. It's time to disband our treaties and go on the defensive.

Admiral Wolrein- But Gualo--

Gualo the Hutt- No more, Admiral! I'm sorry to say it, but as leader of the RVA, we cannot stay here any longer. We are leaving for the far reaches of the Outer Rim. That is all I can say and do now.

Wolrein sighed in exhaustion, stress and sadness. He was hoping things would not turn out like this, but he had no choice either. He reluctantly agree with the Hutt's decision.

Admiral Wolrein- ...I understand Gualo, and I am sorry too. May the Force watch over you and your alliance.

Nodding in both sadness and thanks, he bid the Admiral, captain and the two Jedi farewell as the hologram faded away. Silence filled the command center as the four contemplated on the new situation before them.

Hecux Ostif- Well that went well...

Admiral Wolrein- Indeed...but Gualo is right. With so little forces left in the alliance, we are outnumbered and outgunned against the Empire. And with our forces very stretched thin, others in the alliance are beginning to have doubts and fear that we are losing.

Hecux Ostif- In which, we are. So what are you proposing, Admiral?

Wolrein closed his eyes in thought and reluctants. He knew what must be done and what has to happen next, but it was hard to say out loud. It hurts him more due to seeing the rise of the alliance so long ago...and now he's here watching it fall before his eyes. He thought of what his leaders would say when they heard what he was about to announce.

Admiral Wolrein- ...I think it's time to retreat and hide within the Unknown Regions for the time being. Until the time comes again, the Rebel Merc Alliance is hereby disbanded til' further notice.

Jisza's eyes widen in disbelief, staring at both Admiral Wolrein and Hecux Ostif. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, let alone hearing it from Wolrein himself! They were going really disband his master's alliance just like that? All because of what happened above Malastare?

He was feeling sad and hurt all at once, but he was mostly feeling his anger starting to boil.

Jisza- Admiral, you can't be serious about this! We can't just give up and run with our tails between our legs! We need to stay strong and fight back!

Hecux Ostif- We understand what you mean Jisza, but the fact remains; we are very few now and the Empire continues to grow in numbers by the months and years. We simply cannot fight back with our backs toward the wall.

Jisza- And so we are just going to give and retreat?! This isn't what they would have's not what Kydan would have wanted...

Jisza looked away hurt and confused, his mind racing with what is happening. He felt a hand grasp his shoulder gently as he heard Wolrein speak.

Admiral Wolrein- Jisza...I understand where you are coming from. I do. I've been and seen the rise of our alliance take shape with Kydan and the others, and I have no regrets to this day for joining the rebels. But I know that, in order to survive another day and fight, we need to make decisions based on what's important and why. This is the only way the RMA can preserve and regain it's strength once more. So for now...we need to leave.

Wolrein's hand moved away from the unfazed, young padawan and left with Hecux Ostif as they strode through the door, making their way to the hangar.

Coneros watched silently at the dilemma that had unfolded, keeping his mouth shut through the entire conversation. As the Admiral and Captain left the center, he looked to Jisza, sensing his mix emotions running through him left and right. He understood well enough what he was thinking and feeling.

Coneros- I know how you feel, Jisza, and I understand your frustration. But the Admiral is right though.

Jisza- I just can't understand any of this. All because of our defeat over Malastare? That shouldn't have beaten us up that much...

Coneros- It wasn't just Malastare, my apprentice. It was after Malastare that came crashing down upon us. We weren't ready for the full might of the Emperor's Imperial Navy, nor were we ready for the consequences that had laid before our very eyes. And because of that, we are now suffering from it all.

Jisza sighed, nodding his head somewhat in understanding. Maybe they were right, maybe the alliance wasn't ready yet. Perhaps it was just too soon and Jisza didn't realize it himself at the time. But he's understanding it all.

Jisza- I get it now, Master Coneros. I do. So what are we going do now?

A small smirk formed between Coneros' lips, a knowing face already plastered upon his face and expression.

Coneros- We ? More like, what will you now?

Jisza's expression changed into a very dumbfound look. What did Coneros mean by that?

Jisza- Uh...I'm not following?

Coneros- *Chuckles* I know. I actually have an assignment for you, but you may be hesitant of it.

Jisza- What would that be?

Coneros- need to leave.

Jisza stared at his master with a confused, blank look when he said that. He blinked his eyes a few times as his words entered his mind. It took him a minute before his expression changed one into bewilderment.

Jisza- What?! W-W-Why? I-I don't--

With a caring smile, he walked up to the young padawan, placing his old, winkled hand upon the man.

Coneros- Jisza, what I mean is...your destiny is not here, within the alliance. It's somewhere out there, waiting for you to find it! You are at that age to be travelling across the stars, searching for what you seek. It may not be the old ways of a Jedi, but it is something that we need to have experience of.

Jisza- But..but what about you and the others? I can't just...get up and leave you all! You guys are like my family, I can't do that.

Coneros- Yes, you can. It's what we all want for you, what they wanted for you. It's definitely what Kydan had wanted for you, to be able to choose your own path on your own accord, not from us. And I feel that you know this yourself.

Jisza stared at his former master with bewilderment, but in a good way in fact. He could see the sincere concern and sympathy he was sharing, and not just from him speaking it all alone. He was speaking for everyone that knows, including those who aren't around anymore. The more he thought about them all, the more his smile began getting bigger and bigger.

With a smile still plastered on his lips, he silently thanked his former master for everything that he has said and done for him as he made his way out of the command center and towards the hangar bay one last time.

Coneros watched his former apprentice leave the command center, a feeling of fullness swelled inside him as if he had accomplished something that he thought he could have never done. His smile never dissipate from his lips, even when a strong, familiar silhouette appeared beside him, looking towards the direction Coneros was.

???- You have both done very well, Coneros.

Coneros- You really think so?

???- *Slight chuckle* I believe so...and so does he. You have done all you could for the boy, and he has a new beginning for himself. One that could potentially change, not the war, but the future for us all.

Coneros- I hope so...I really do...

(Wobani, Nine months after the RMA disbanded)

Jisza- "Entry number 3.21.9, day 270. It's been over nine months since the Rebel Merc Alliance had disbanded and left for the Unknown Regions. I have had no contact with them for quite some time now, and have been very curious and worried of their whereabouts. My mind tells me that there okay, but the back of my heart tells me the opposite. I hope, very soon, I can figure out a way to get into contact with them.'

'But right now...I can't do anything about it. I have a mission to complete first.'

'What I have to do can, or could, possibly change the tied of the entire war against the Galactic Empire and the Sith. The holocron that I had received almost a year ago from Relyckia has led me to many different, and exotic planets across the galaxy. I've met many different type of species, races and much more, and each one of them were quite the experience. Now today, the holocron has led me to here on Wobani. I do not know why, or what I am looking for, but I have always went along with what my instincts said.'

'Not to mention, allowing the Force to guide me too..."

Above the mountain terrains of Wobani, Jisza stood above the cliff watching carefully and intently through the binoculars. He watched as an Imperial Juggernaut roared through the terrain below, no doubt carrying dozens of prisoners as made its way to transport them to their next daily assignment within the mountains.

As he watched it coming towards their area, a rapid sound was heard coming from his wrist. Not looking away from his target, he lifted his wrist up to his lips.

Jisza- Go ahead...

???- I got visual on the target rolling towards us.

Jisza- I see doubt the Imperials are on their way to drop off some prisoners.

???- You sure our target is inside there?

A small grin formed between his lips, putting his binoculars down as he stared from afar, the Juggernaut from the distance inching its way towards them by the second. For some reason, he had a good feeling about all of this. He felt confident, strong, and most of all...fulfilling all at the same time.


Jisza- Yeah...I'm definitely sure. In fact......I just know it is.

BONUS PICS TIME! Been too long since this was done, so please, enjoy!

It has been far too long since I have made a ROAE chapter, and I am so happy that I did! I just hope you guys enjoyed it whatsoever lol?

I feel like a couple writing scenes were a bit rushed and are somewhat rough around the edges, so I might go back and change some of them out later on. As for the builds themselves, they were rather simple in ways but I enjoyed creating them all. My favorite has to be the Wobani scenes, and I wish I had a few pictures of them afterwards. But because I am in no position to be able to have contact with them, this is all I could get from before. But hopefully, like I said already, you all enjoyed this small chapter.

Also, if any of you are interested in joining this fine Star Wars RPG, then go on over to Rise of an Empire (RPG) and check it out for yourselves. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

That will about do it this time. So thank you all for your supports, and as always, we hope you all have a fan-tucking-tastic day/night! See ya' in the next one ;)

- DIrector K.W.


 I like it 
  May 7, 2018
Nice Story! I liked the command room. It looked very formal and real.
 I like it 
  December 23, 2017
Nice set
 I like it 
  November 2, 2017
This is great!
 I like it 
  October 24, 2017
 I made it 
  October 24, 2017
Quoting Captain Kenbo Great chapter! Didn't think there'd be anymore ROAE stuff from anyone :p
Gracias good sir lol! I am hoping to reboot the entire RPG again, only this time, wih changes. Anyways, thanks again!
  October 24, 2017
Great chapter! Didn't think there'd be anymore ROAE stuff from anyone :p
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