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The Insurgency S1E13: Still Here
Freebuild for the Insurgency (Galactic Imperium)
About this creation

Raleigh, North Carolina
IIA Headquarters
August 2, 2097

In his office, Arthur Savile, Director of the Imperial Intelligence Agency, briefed two of his agents on a mission they would be assigned to.

Arthur: "Alright, guys, this one should be fairly simple so I'm just putting the two of you on it rather than the whole squad."
Claire: "Please say we're going to Europe. I really want to go there again..."
Arthur: "I'm afraid not. South America."
Claire: "Aw."
Will: "Yes!" he exclaimed excitedly. "Ceviche!"
Arthur: "Anyways, there have been rumors of Aurelian sympathizers near Argentina. If the rumors are true, they could potentially be a threat. As you know the Imperium has worked hard to push the Aurelians off of Earth but if they regain support here... Well I don't need to tell you how that would be a problem. So to prevent any resistance from them, we've started building a listening post in the Patagonia region. However, the land it's being built on is owned by one Salvatore Facundo. Now he's agreed to let us build on his land but for a price."

Claire: "How much?"
Arthur: "Half a million Imperial credits. And he's asked for it in cash. So the two of you will take it to him."
Will: "What? A delivery? I thought we were going to kick some Aurelian ass!"
Arthur: "Maybe next time," he said smugly.
Claire: "Yeah, I'm actually even more disappointed now..."
Arthur: "Hey, now, look at it this way: you get to enjoy Patagonia's beautiful landscape while doing this cakewalk of a mission. So cheer up and report to the hangar. I believe Q's waiting with your transport and credits."

Q: "Good, you're here," pleasantly said the IIA's jack of all trades scientist as Claire and Will approached him.
Q: "And hello, William. I don't believe we've officially met yet. Griswold Quarrenshozi. But most around here just call me Q."
Will: "Q? And you make all our gadgets. Just like the guy from those James Bond movies," he said with a chortle.
Q: "Yes, I suppose that's an apt comparison."
Will: "Then I guess we know who that makes me," Will said grinning.
Claire: "No way you'd be Bond."
Q: "Actually if anyone would be Bond, well I'd say it'd be Arthur. You should've seen him in action back in the old Core days."
Will: "No, Arthur is obviously M."
Claire: "Listen we don't have time for a James Bond fan club meeting. Q, do you have our stuff?"
Q: "Right. Nothing too fancy today. Here is the case full of credits," he said handing the silver case over to Claire. "And our new Jeep should have no problem taking you down south."
Will: "Does it shoot lasers?"
Q: "Er... No."
Will: "Missiles, then? Or does it drop mines?"
Q: "None of those, I'm afraid. It's just a simple Jeep."
Will: "Well that's lame. I was kind of expecting a super cool spy car."
Q: "Maybe next time."
Claire: "Thanks, Q. We'll be on our way now."

Patagonian Desert

The IIA agents sped through the Patagonian desert on their way to the meeting spot to hand over the credits to Salvatore Facundo.

Will: "Oh my god we've been driving forever and it's literally been nothing but sand."
Claire: "That's not true. We saw that pack of llamas."
Will: "Cria herd."
Claire: "What?"
Will: "Cria herd of llamas. Not pack."
Claire: "How would you possibly know that?"
Will: "Uh, trivia night? And anyways I can't believe you almost ran over them."
Claire: "I did not! I turned at the last minute."
Will: "A little too late. I'm pretty sure you grazed one of them. You're such a bad driver," he said laughing.
Claire: "Shut up and no I'm not. But I can't believe you drank all of our water," she said showing some frustration.
Will: "Well I was thirsty."
Claire: "Yeah but we're gonna be out here a while. We'll need water."
Will: "Relax, we'll get more."
Claire: "From where, all these convenience stores?"
Will: "Hey no one likes sarcasm."
Claire: "Well I like staying hydrated."
Will: "Well we can't always get what we want, can we? For example, I really wanted some ceviche."

Claire: "Will."
Will: "We totally could've gotten some at the cantina in that town back there."
Claire: "Will," she said again having something important to tell him.
Will: "But nooo you didn't want to stop. I mean come on you could tell business wasn't going so good for them. They hardly had any customers. How hard would it have been to help them out?"
Claire: "Will!" she said again now yelling.
Will: "What, Claire?"
Claire: "Look out!"

Will turned his attention back to the road to see a large boulder directly in his path.

Will: "Oh crap!"

He tried to turn and go around it but it was too late. Their Jeep hit against the rock causing it to spin out.

Then they came to a stop. Will's knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel, the rest of his body shaking. He and Claire both breathed hard as they sat in the car, wide eyed and in shock. Fortunately they weren't injured.

Claire: "Jeez, Will," she said softly turning to face him.
Will: "Sorry..."

The two of them stepped out of the vehicle to look at the damage.
Claire: "And you said I'm a bad driver."
Will: "I... Take it back," he said sheepishly.

Claire kneeled down to get a good look at their vehicle.

Claire: "The whole repulsor housing came off. It's undrivable. Great! Way to go, Will."
Will: "You could've told me to look out!"
Claire: "I tried! But you were too busy going on about ce-whatever!"
Will: "Ceviche is raw fish cured with citrus juices and spiced, typically with chili peppers."
Claire: "I so don't care. What I do care about is getting this money to Facundo in time."
Will: "Well we're not going anywhere in this thing."
Claire: "Thanks to you. And it's too far to walk. We'd probably die of thirst before we died of exhaustion."
Will: "Because I drank all the water..."
Claire: "Yep. So thanks for that too."
Will: "I'm sorry Claire! What do you want me to do?"

She had calmed down now but was still very frustrated at Will for having gotten them into this mess. Hopefully he could get them out of it.

Claire: "Can you fix the Jeep?"
Will: "I don't know. Maybe."
Claire: "Well try. I don't want to be out here at night."

Will quickly got to work fixing the Jeep's broken repulsor housing.

Will: "So, what, are you just gonna sit there and pout?"
Claire: "Yes. Because you turned this simple mission into a complicated one."
Will: "Or maybe I made it exciting. Who know's what'll happen if I can't fix this thing? It's all very suspenseful."
Claire: "Okay 1, this isn't exciting and 2, you better be able to fix it. I don't want to call in an extraction. How embarrassing would that be?"
Will: "For the millionth time, I am sorry."
Claire: "Whatever," she scoffed. "I'm not as mad as I am bored, though. I thought Arthur said Argentina had a beautiful landscape."
Will: "It does. After you cross the desert."
Claire: "How do you know so much about South America stuff?"
Will: "I don't know. I always found the place fascinating. You know you used to be able to see penguins in certain places here. But all the species went extinct a while ago."
Claire: "Aw. That's sad."

Some time later, the two of them had run out of things to talk about. Will thoroughly enjoyed their conversations. Claire was so nice to talk to. As he thought more about her, he realized he might even be developing feelings for her. But then he remembered that she had a boyfriend.

Will: "So how's Martin?” he asked hoping to gain some insight about this boyfriend of hers.
Claire: "Who?"

What? Will was confused. But then other thoughts of hope filled his head.

Will: "Your boyfriend."
Claire: "You mean Mercer?"

And then the thoughts were gone, replaced with slight embarrassment.

Will: "Yeah... Mercer."
Claire: "He's good... How did you know we were dating?"
Will: "Dino said so."
Claire: "Oh. Well yeah we're coming up on six months together now."
Will: "That's great," he said not meaning it.
Claire: "So what about you? You got a special someone?"
Will: "Me? Nah."
Claire: "Really? What about your fangirls?"
Will: "They're... Weird... So not interested in any of them."
Claire: "You seem like... I don't know a... A womanizer."
Will: "A womanizer?" he said with a laugh. "I wouldn't say that."
Claire: "Oh yeah? How long was your longest relationship?"
Will: "Uhh... Two..."
Claire: "Years?"
Will: "Months."
Claire: "That's not long at all."
Will: "Well obviously I haven't found the right girl yet."

Or had he?
After a pause, Claire shifted the conversation to the matter at hand.

Claire: "So how's it coming?"
Will: "I've just about... There," he said tightening the last piece. He had fixed the Jeep. Or so he thought.

He stood up and brushed the dirt off his pants.

Will: "Try it."
Claire turned on the car but when she tried to drive, several warning lights and messages appeared on the heads up display.
Claire: "Nope."
Will: "Damn. Well I don't know what else I can do. I thought I fixed it."
Claire: "Ugh. So we're still stuck here. Now what?"
Will: "Well since you don't want to call for backup, we'll just have to wait for someone to drive by."
Claire: "And what if no one does? We're in the middle of nowhere."
Will: "Then... We're screwed.

Claire sighed. Then she looked up towards some faint sound. It was getting louder as the source seemed to be coming closer.

Claire: "Do you hear that?" as she said this, a vehicle came into view in the distance. "Someone's coming. They can help us! Hey! Over here!" she began shouting.
Will: "Claire, you might not want to-"
Claire: "Over here, help!" She continued yelling.
Will: "Claire get down!"
Claire: "What? Why?" she asked confused.
Will: "Because we don't know if they're friendly. They could be bandits. Or even those Aurelian sympathizers."
Claire: "Oh..."
Will: "Yeah so get down."
Claire: "Where? In the Jeep? Which they will most likely search whoever they are?"
Will: "Right... Then get the guns."
Claire: "Which, there aren't any."
Will: "What?! Are you serious?"
Claire: "Simple mission! Remember?"

The vehicle came closer and the two of them could see the people in it. The people with guns.

Will: "Well now we are screwed. Because they have guns."

Their truck came to a stop and they all piled out.

Group leader: "Well what do we have here?" asked one of them with a Spanish accent. He seemed to be the leader. He then whistled to one one of his men and jerked his head towards Will and Claire's Jeep. "Comprobarlo."

Will and Claire both gave each other worried looks.

Group leader: "So a couple Imperials huh?" he spoke as his man walked towards the Jeep.
Will: "Hey, get away from there!"

The thugs raised their guns at the agents after Will's protest.

Claire: "Yes. We are. And you're making a big mistake here."
Group leader: "Señorita, please. It will all be over soon."

The one searching the Jeep had found the case full of credits. He held it in his hand as he walked back over to his leader. The agents stared at him. This simple mission was going horribly wrong.

Group leader: "What's this?" he asked curious as he opened the case. "Ooh. Very nice," he said looking at all the money.
Will: "We can't let you have that."
Group leader: "Oh no? Well let me tell you something. Diego Garzon, always gets what he wants!"
Will: "Freakin bandits," he muttered.
Diego: "Bandits? Hahaha! No somos bandidos! We are Aurelians! Although maybe today we are bandits too haha!"
Claire: "So it's true," she whispered.
Diego: "We may not fight in your war but we also do not support the GI. But anyways, thank you for the money. Now kill them."

Diego's men cocked their guns. Then suddenly Will drew his own gun that he always kept with him.
Will: "Like I said. You can't have the money."
Diego: "Oh hohoho. You are a bold one aren't you? Put the gun down, boy. Can't you see you are outnumbered?"

Will kept his gun aimed at Diego and thought hard about what he should do. There was no way he could kill all of them. At most he'd take out two before he and Claire were gunned down. They were dead either way. He reluctantly lowered his gun but Diego's men still kept theirs trained on them.

Diego: "Good. Now I have changed my mind! I won't kill you. You dying, stranded out here in the desert will be much worse! Vamonos, he yelled to his men. They all got back in their truck and left Will and Claire to die."

The agents watched the Aurelia sympathizing bandits drive away.

Claire: "And now we've lost the money," she said angrily.
Will: "At least they didn't kill us."
Claire: "They might as well have. Because in a few hours we're probably gonna freeze to death!"

Will: "Hey I think I hear something..." Will said turning around.
Claire: "God, that stupid rock... If we hadn't hit it none of this would've happened. We probably would've delivered the money already and would've been on our way back by now."
Will: "Claire! I think someone else is coming." Another vehicle could be heard driving towards them.
Claire: "More bandits, seriously? We don't have anything left for them to steal..."

But it wasn't more bandits. It was just an old man.

Will: "He's not a bandit, he's just an old man."
Claire: "Great."
Will: "But we can use his car to catch the bandits!"

Will stood in the man's way causing him to stop. He walked over to him.

Will: "IIA business, we're commandeering this vehicle!"
Old man: "Que?" he said hoarsely.
Will: "Uh Estamos commandeero?"
Claire: "We can't just take his car and leave him here. Then he'll be stuck like us."
Will: "Well we can't take him with us, it's dangerous."
Claire: "What choice do we have?"

Will sighed.

Will, Claire, and the old man, whose car they had "commandeered", went after the bandits who had stolen their money.

Eventually the agents had caught up to Diego Garzon.

One of Diego's men: "Sir, there's someone behind us."
Diego: "What?!" Diego looked back to see the IIA agents gaining on them. "Maldito! I knew I should have killed them! Well don't just sit there, shoot those Imperial dogs!"

Diego's men began shooting at the agents. Will had to make quick maneuvers to dodge the gunfire.

Old man: "Dios mio!" yelled the old man in fear.
Will: "Shut up!" he said to him. "Here, take this," he then said to Claire as he handed her his gun. "There's only eight bullets so make them count."

Claire fired off a shot but when she tried to fire more, nothing came out of the barrel.

Claire: "Do you mean there's only one bullet?!" she said after checking the clip.
Will: "I guess I never reloaded it... Alright then take the wheel!"
Claire: "Where are you going?"
Will wobbly stood up in the car. "Where do you think?"

Will grunted and leaped onto the bandits' truck.

Bandit: "What the-" he said before he was kicked off the moving truck by Will.

Will fought off Diego's men while trying not to fall off the truck.

Diego: "Shoot him! Shoot him!“ Diego growled at his men.

Before the one remaining could, Will grabbed his gun and shot him.

When the thugs at the back were eliminated, he moved towards the front. He grabbed the driver and threw him out of the cabin.

Will then took the controls and began slowing the truck down. Diego, the only one left, could only look at Will in fear.

When the truck stopped, Diego jumped out of it with the case. He tried to crawl away but Will was already behind him.

Will: "I'll just take this back," he said grabbing the case of credits from Diego. Then he pointed his gun at him.

Claire pulled the other truck over and went towards Will.

Claire: "Don't kill him. We need to take him back for questioning."
Will: "Ugh. Fine," he grumbled lowering the rifle.

Will walked over to the old man as Claire handled Diego.

Will: "So, sorry you had to go through all that. Uh, lo siento. But I'd say you have a pretty awesome story to tell people now. And thanks for letting us use your truck. Gracias.”

The horrified old man went on his way to wherever he had originally been going as Claire walked over to Will.

Claire: "That was actually pretty badass."
Will: "I know right?"
Claire: "Well now we still have to take the money to Facundo and get Diego back to HQ."
Will: "Oh man, I forgot about him. But at this point I really just want to go home."
Claire: "Just hang in there," she said with a smile.

After they had finished their mission in Argentina and handed over Diego Garzon to the IIA, Will and Claire went to Arthur to give their report.

Arthur: "Well then that was probably more interesting than you had expected, wasn't it? But it is troubling about the Aurelians... I suppose since we cannot keep people from sharing their ideals, Aurelia will always have a presence on Earth in one form or another. But if there are anymore of Garzon's crew remaining, hopefully our listening post will root them out. And Garzon himself will probably have some information as well. But job well done, you two. Keep it up."

Will and Claire left Arthur's office and walked together towards the exit of the headquarters.

Claire: "I am totally exhausted."
Will: "You and me both."
Claire: "But you did good today. Really saved our necks."
Will: "Even though it was kind of my fault that we got in that mess?"
Claire: "I'd say it was all your fault. But still."
Will: "Yeah... But I'm still bummed about not getting any ceviche."

She laughed at that.

Claire: "Well I'll see you tomorrow."
Will: "Good night."
Claire: "Good night."

He stood there watching her leave. Why couldn't she be single?


Another one where I wrote a script first. I think I'll do it like this from now on. I've already finished the one for the next episode and am working on the rest. However I think with the scripts, the episodes end up a tad bit longer than I would like.


 I made it 
  August 16, 2017
Quoting Werewolff . Sounds good! Just remember that Core code names are one syllable long, and could you please let me know before hand, just to make sure we don't double up! :D
Okay I didn't know that so thanks for the reminder. :p I'll come up with one and let you know soon
 I like it 
  August 16, 2017
Sounds good! Just remember that Core code names are one syllable long, and could you please let me know before hand, just to make sure we don't double up! :D
 I made it 
  August 14, 2017
Quoting Werewolff . A very good episode indeed! The dialogue in particular was fantastic, and it was good seeing Will in action again. Also interesting to hear about Arthur. One quick question, if he was an active agent, what was his code-name? Thanks!
Haven't really thought about a code name for him but I'll probably include it along with other information about his past in a future episode
 I like it 
  August 14, 2017
A very good episode indeed! The dialogue in particular was fantastic, and it was good seeing Will in action again. Also interesting to hear about Arthur. One quick question, if he was an active agent, what was his code-name? Thanks!
 I like it 
  August 13, 2017
Great work!
 I like it 
  August 13, 2017
Great stuff! A nice episode! Although, I must say, I expected it to end with them heading to Salvatore's, then the next episode would be them handing over the money and something else would go wrong. haha! But still, good stuff! As for episodes being longer than planned, I know that feeling! Haha! Although, I actually felt that this episode was the perfect length. Good work! 6 points! --Blast--
 I like it 
  August 12, 2017
Another good episode, I expecially liked the vehicle designs.
By Captain Kenbo
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