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Shakahv, The Last Makuta
In before PUURRRPPPPPPLELEEEEE!!1!!(one)!!
About this creation

Shakahv was a shady member of the Brotherhood of Makuta who lived in the heart of the Southern Continent. He kept to himself mostly, and did not participate in most of the Brotherhood's endeavors. When Teridax rose to power, Shakahv simply kept out of the way until Teridax was destroyed, and he went off to live in the desert.


Shakahv was less than benign, though. About a thousand years after Teridax's fall, a Toa of Psionics stumbled upon the canyon in which Shakahv lived. Shakahv watched the Toa, planning on killing him for his intrusion.


However, Shakahv saw that the Toa was full of wrath and anger; a trait he very much liked. Making himself presentable by hiding his face with a Komau, Shakahv approached the Toa.


At first the Toa lunged at Shakahv, but Shakahv dodged, and began to speak. He asked the Toa why he was so angry, and offered to help the Toa. The Toa stopped trying to attack, and explained the situation. For years, the Toa trained harder, longer, and better than the rest of his comrades, but when he was given a team, the Order of Mata Nui gave another the title of Leader. In a rage, the Toa challenged his leader for the title, and lost.


He was expelled from the Order and stripped of his title of Toa. He wanted revenge. Overjoyed, but still composed and serious, Shakahv offered a proposal to the Toa. Pledge loyalty to him, and he would help kill the Toa's old team. The Toa agreed.


Using the Toa as a spy, Shakahv learned of many powerful artifacts that the Order of Mata Nui had recovered from the Brotherhood of Makuta. Among these was the Urn that contained the ashes of an ancient and evil Titan that could drain the power from any living being.


Shakahv told the Toa that if he stole this item and brought it back with his old Toa team on his trail, Shakahv would help him kill the team. The Toa did so, and Shakahv fought alongside the Toa to slaughter every member of the team.


When the last Toa, the leader, was wounded, Shakahv used his Komau to force the leader to touch the ashes inside the urn. The ashes drained the Toa of his elemental powers, until he was weak enough to be executed by the Toa who betrayed him.


Shakahv then used the Toa as a bounty hunter to find other Toa who had anger towards the Order, or other dire problems. The Toa would kidnap them, bring them to Shakahv, and they would be granted vengance or hostel or whatever else they sought in return for loyalty, and a bit of their elemental energy deposited in the urn. Those who were hesitant were either coaxed into servitude or forced by Shakahv's Mask of Mind Control.


Once Shakahv had indoctrinated a number of Toa, he sent them to a small village where they massacred the matoran and stole building supplies. With the supplies, they fortified Shakahv's lair and expanded it to fit an army of Dark Toa that Shakahv hoped would one day be large enough to destroy the Order of Mata Nui. Then he would be the ruler of Spherus Magna.


When Shakahv had his army up to about fifty members, including the powerful Zethlin, the Order of Mata Nui became suspicious of the missing Toa and the massacred village, so they sent the Toa Lotem to investigate.


The Toa found Shakahv's base, but the Dark Toa were hidden and did not reveal themselves. Instead, they waited until Lakuva gave the order to split up and search for clues. When they were split, the Dark Toa attacked.


Shakahv took a particularly keen interest in Cossy because of his dark past, so he and Zethlin went after Cossy alone. Zethlin fought Cossy while Shakahv remained hidden, offering Cossy fame and glory and riches if he joined him. When this failed, and Zethlin gained the upper hand in battle, Shakahv tried to unleash Cossy's dark side. Angered by Shakahv's words, Cossy managed to disarm Zethlin and almost kill him.


Shakahv encouraged Cossy to deal the final blow, but Cossy managed to control the evil in him and spared Zethlin. Enraged, Shakahv revealed himself and bashed Cossy in the head, knocking him down in a daze. As Shakahv was about to kill Cossy, Lakuva emerged from a different room, covered in scratches and burns but otherwise unharmed from the battle.


He dove after Shakahv, and with the ancient skill he had, easily disarmed the Makuta. Taking up his usual, negotiating persona, Shakahv tried to bargain with Lakuva. Lakuva did not trust Shakahv, but he would not kill him.


As Lakuva bent down to bind Shakahv's hands in order to bring him to the Order of Mata Nui, Shakahv unsheathed a dagger and stabbed Lakuva in the heart. Cossy lost control and charged towards Shakahv in a blind fury. A few fierce blows were exchanged, and the two combatants were pushed out into the main canyon outside of Shakahv's base.


Cossy disarmed Shakahv, stunned him with a bolt of lightning, and cleaved off one of his legs with his sword. The rest of the Toa Lotem found Cossy, standing thirty feet from Shakahv, who was laying on the ground in agony. The Toa Lotem gathered around Shakahv, intending to take him into custody. Cossy simply said, "Back away."


Shakahv looked towards Cossy, who was staring with a dark and foreboding look back at him. He then spotted Zethlin along with six other Dark Toa on the ridgeline, and called out to them. Zethlin looked down at the spectacle, then kept going.


Shakahv's fate was sealed. With a roar, Cossy sent an inferno of inky black fire at Shakahv, who was instantly incinerated from the heat.


Nothing, not even his Kanohi or the urn of Elemental energy he carried, was left of Shakahv. The threat of the Dark Toa uprising was no more.


(Here's an awesome edit by our good friend Galaxus Instant Noodles. It depicts Shakahv death scene, as mentioned in the story above)

Fourth Wall Commentary:
Ohhhhh yeahhh!!!

So this marks the end of phase 1 of mine and Cody G's story. As I've built all major MOC's from this part of the story. There's essential 3 phase. Phase 1 is from the end of the Bionicle story leading into the death and departures of all the Sentinels, and Cossy being assigned as leader of the Toa Lotem and the beginning of the Campaign for Spherus Magna.

As I said, Phase 2 is the Campaign for Spherus Magna, The Toa Lotem versus the Apocalypse and Zethlin (Who is getting a revamp btw) Then Phase 2 of course leads into phase 3 which is Ghetta Nui stuff, and more of Cody's OG story before we combined.

So yeah, I've been planning and working on this MOC for a while now, it would have been finished sooner, but I took a bit of a break from Bionicle, simply because System is fun and I was more keen to build that, didn't stop liking it or anything, but it was just what I was doing you know? Anyway after a bunch (and I mean a bunch) of Bricklink orders to get this much technic purple, here is Shakahv!

He is of course inspired by Shockwave from Transformers, this photo helped a lot in building him


So yeah :) Up next, revamping some old MOC's revamping Zethlin and building the Apocalypse. But first I have a Marvel MOC to post.

For those of you who don't know I am in America at the moment on a mini vacation. So no new builds till after that's over (Well excluding that Marvel MOC I mentioned because I built and photographed it before I left... I'll post that like a week or so from now)


Couple final things:
I have a Flickr now, take a look if you wish:

I have combined my story with Cody G's Bionicle storyline, so take a look at his page:

Please donīt hesitate with any comments, questions or criticisms...
Till Next Time
See Ya~


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Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Pa'Haka C.
  August 5, 2018
Nice job! The structure is really well done, and its amazing you did this in purple!
 I like it 
  August 26, 2017
That looks awesome! Definitely reminded me of Shockwave as soon as I saw it.
 I made it 
  August 1, 2017
Thanks guys!
  July 30, 2017
Hey Ben, I know this might be a bit left-field, but would you please check out my vehicle MOC:
 I like it 
  July 22, 2017
This is so interesting and well built that I would very much like to use curse words (in a positive manner) to describe how awesome it is! Great job! You even managed to get multiple shades of the same color to look great!
 I like it 
  July 11, 2017
Very nice- the colour scheme is great. The legs look really interesting.
 I made it 
  July 7, 2017
Thanks old buddy :)
 I like it 
  July 7, 2017
Niiiiiccccceeeee...! A very pretty MOC, to say the least- I really like how you've used the older, Technic shade of purple as a secondary colour to the more modern purple- it gives him a nice, monochrome look but with a little extra depth to it. I guess he doesn't look very Makuta-ish, the predominance of CCBS and the Shockwave head makes him look more like a robot than a Makuta, but hey- I guess this was more of an excuse to make a Bionicle Shockwave, which I won't object to in the least! Nice job man, can't wait to see Zethlin (who I assume was the first Toa Shakahv manipulated) and the Apocalypse!
 I made it 
  July 3, 2017
Cheers all. Thanks Dark Aeon, not gonna lie I really dislike this notion of saying people are dead cause they don't post, however he is on Flickr by the same name of Cody G, yeah probably has been like 4 odd years though. He's at college still though, and getting a job all that adult stuff, He's not done with Lego, just life gets in the way. I imagine he'll be posting soon :) Thanks MClegoboy, really appreciated your help on that man :) Glad you like it!
 I like it 
  July 3, 2017
Oooo, this is nice. First, congraulations on getting this on MOCpages after jumping through all the embed loops. That's a lot of pictures, so what a grueling process. Second, PUUUUURRRRRPLE!!! This is really really nice. I think the integration of the purple with the dark purple is really well done. Very well balanced.
 I like it 
  July 3, 2017
Very much purpleh :P On a side note, it's been what? 4 years since Cody's posted anything on here? Does he have a Flickr that I've somehow missed or can we pronounce him dead yet?
 I like it 
  July 3, 2017
Cool! Some very nice design elements on this. Bold choice of colors too. Great work :-) Oh, and that last photo with the light bulb.. Original and fun idea :-D
 I like it 
  July 3, 2017
I was gonna say that this looked like Shockwave, then i saw that picture of him. They are look-alikes!
 I made it 
  July 3, 2017
Thanks all. Ah tbh I don't remember the cost, most of the orders I placed for this I placed a few years ago. The actual pieces weren't that expensive, but most stores only had like 2 or 3 of the pieces I was after. The multiple orders were to get bulk.
  July 3, 2017
How much did this MOC cost to make?
 I like it 
  July 3, 2017
Oooooh yeah! I didn't think of shock wave when I first saw it because I don't really enjoy transformers too much (even though I enjoy transformer builds) so I hadn't seen enough to recognize it. Awesome head, and those legs are beautiful! Great job on this one!
 I like it 
  July 3, 2017
PUURRRPPPPPLELEEEEE!!1!!(one)!! This is real nice. I like the story to go with it!
 I like it 
  July 3, 2017
beautiful! his hands of course seem quite strange but I assume that sort of necessary to keep the purple theme running, other than that I love him!
 I like it 
  July 3, 2017
All that purple is amazing!
 I made it 
  July 2, 2017
Thanks guys, I say how in the fourth wall commentary Werewolff :)
 I like it 
  July 2, 2017
This is great! It definitely looks like shockwave
 I like it 
  July 2, 2017
A well built MOC indeed, but the story was fantastic! Nice work, and I particularly like the head as well as the colour scheme. Now, on another note, how on earth did you get all that purple :D
 I made it 
  July 2, 2017
Thanks you guys
 I like it 
  July 2, 2017
AAAA SO MUCH PURPLE I'M GONNA DIEEEE! All kidding aside, that's freaking epic. Love the colors. And I love the resemblance to Shockwave!
 I like it 
  July 2, 2017
Whoa, that's a great looking Makuta. I've never seen so much purple on it. It's a bit weord, but kind of nice nonetheless. You pulled it off well.
By Ben Cossy
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