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Josan, Master of Red Lightning
A new Bionicle MOC from me, Yay!!! Sure has been a while since my last one. Anyway enjoy another MOC from my Story
About this creation
Name: Josan
Gender: Male
Species: Matoran
Element: Lightning (red)
Race: Toa
Title(s): Master of Red Lighting, Toa, Brother, Sentinel, Red Clan Brother
Mask: Kanohi Pakari Nuva, Mask of Strength
Weapon(s): Battle Axe

Josan was a Matoran of Red Lightning who was raised among the ranks of the Red Clan. The Red Clan were a family based group who lived high in the mountains on Onu-Metru. Few knew of their existence, and many even questioned if they were real. The Red Clan had great technological skill and knowledge their temples and cities were huge structures powered by electricity and extravagant machines. Due to the fact that the clan was a family based group, The Red Clan was small in numbers have roughly 25 members in it. They kept to themselves, as they believed that greatness could only be achieved through solitude. The Red Clan were special in that they were all Lightning Matoran who, if they were turned to Toa, were able to produce red lightning rather than the typical blue or yellow. The Clan had two Toa among through who were the Mother and Father of family.

Josan was a young, rash and eager Matoran who loved to fight, much to the disgust of his parents as fighting was not something The Red Clan did, They have a long standing history of peace and prosperity. Josan when he was a teenager got caught up in a fist fight with one of his brothers (that he started) which lead to his brother breaking an arm. Disappointed that their son had still not grown into the traditions and ways of his culture at his age, His parents thought it best that Josan take some time out, away from the Red Clan to better understand the role he played, and the responsibilities of his culture

Josan left his home and began living and working in the mines of Onu-Metru. He specialized in operating machinery and heavy equipment, so when there was a cave-in one day, he was able to dig himself and a small group of survivors out of the damaged tunnel. He’d have friendly competitions with his co-workers where he would fight everyone in the mine in a tournament style challenge. He always won.

One of the Toa Mangai heard tell of Josan’s bravery and requested that he be sent to an Order of Mata Nui base for an education and combat training. Still having obligations to the Red Clan Josan was hesitant to take up the offer. He returned home with the Toa’s Mangai’s leader to discuss the offer. Josan feared his parents would be against it. However, the head of the clan saw this as an opportunity to give one of their own a chance to become a Toa. This was a proud moment for his parents, becoming a Toa in their culture was rare and a time for celebration, it meant he could one day become the families leader.

And so after much celebration Josan went to the Order of Mata Nui’s base in Onu-Koro. He excelled in his combat training and quickly became competent against even Toa, provided they did not use elemental powers or Kanohi against him.

After many years, the Order finally bestowed upon Josan a Toa Stone, and he was transformed and joined a Toa team, who primarily worked in the Northern Continent. Josan was a brutal warrior who incorporated his Mask of Strength and his control over Lightning extremely well in his combat style. He could fight many opponents at once and would not rest until he was victorious. Truly, Josan was born to fight. He had great control when using his weapons, the ways of his people and his power over his element allowed for better control and the ability to better infuse his elemental powers with his weapon in a way few other Toa could.

Unfortunately, his ability to work as a member of a team was not as refined as his ability to fight, and one day, in a battle against a dangerous Makuta, his team was slain. In a rage, Josan singlehandedly defeated the Makuta and turned the Makuta’s lair into a pile of rubble.

Upon returning to the Order, Josan was congratulated for the victory but released from service so he could “peacefully cope with the loss of his brothers and sisters”. Josan realized that they did not know what to do with him after he came back without his entire Toa team.

While Josan reluctantly accepted this command, he did not wish to retire from the life of a warrior. He returned to the Red Clan and, with much celebration at the return of one of their own, he was rewarded with a new Toa team, consisting only of Toa of Red Lightning who were loyal to the Red Clan. In his absence the Clan had found 3 Toa stones and granted them to other members of the family. He and the two other Toa on his team remained on Metru Nui, protecting the interests of the Red Clan, until the rise of Teridax.

During Teridax's rule, the Makuta created new land for Aqua Magna, seeing as all the past land was gone. The new land only consisted of the one island but all Matoran and Toa were forced to stay inside Teridax's large robotic body. They were imprisoned there. The only creatures that dwelled on the island were Matoran who were forced by Rahkshi to build Makuta a palace to rule in.

Josan's team and a few other Toa were the only Toa who were brave enough to rebel. Josan and his team fought furiously against the Rahkshi hordes, protecting their people and avoiding capture for a large amount of time. But the army of Teridax seemed endless, and eventually one of Josan’s team was killed, and he and the other Toa were captured.

Seeing the rage in Josan, Teridax opted to keep him and a few other Toa imprisoned on Aqua Magna instead of in his robot body, for security purposes as well as experimental purposes.

Against his will, Josan fought strange and terrible creations that Teridax had wrought, sometimes alone and sometimes alongside another captive Toa or two. He was always able to defeat the monsters, much to Makuta’s frustration, until he went up against a terrible power called Cossy. Josan was sent into the usual arena, accompanied by his surviving teammate and four other Toa, including two Toa Monks of Light named Tiberus and Lakuva. The circumstances were similar to many battles Josan had fought while in captivity, but the number of teammates.

Josan brother had told him that this opponent would be much stronger than the ones he had previously faced. The doors of the arena opened, and a shining blue figure emerged. At first, Josan thought that Makuta was bringing another Toa in to help them fight, but the illusion quickly faded as the blue figure activated its Kanohi mask and flew towards Josan with incredible speed. Josan was slow to react, and only just managed to deflect the lightning-fast lunge that was directed towards him. Josan let loose a surge of lightning, but the blue figure sent out his own bolt of shimmering blue lightning in return.

The current reversed and Josan was blown back by the burst of electricity. The other Toa were at his side then, and together they charged. The blue figure ducked, blocked, and parried with astounding speed, then sent the group of Toa flying with a burst of blue flame that burned with inky black smoke. Truly, this creature was the most evil and powerful being Teridax had ever created. A circle of intense fire surrounded the figure and Josan’s clan-mate, blocking the other surviving Toa from coming to his aid.

The lone Toa, still recovering from the blast, attempted to stop the advancing adversary with a bolt of red lightning, but the blue figure casually grounded it with his sword until he was close enough to deliver a crippling kick to the Toa’s side. The blue figure picked the Toa up by the throat and gutted him without hesitation. Josan roared with anger and charged through the wall of fire.

Ignoring the painful burns and the partially melted armor, Josan swung his axe at the blue figure with enough force to shatter a large boulder that stood behind the blue figure, but the figure leaped back just in time, and readied his sword for Josan’s onslaught.

The other Toa descended on the blue figure, but in a flurry of blasts of lightning and fire, the blue figure separated the Toa once more. One of the younger Toa charged the blue figure, and the blue figure ducked under the Toa’s blade, stabbed the Toa in the knee, and punched the Toa in the gut with tremendous force.

The Toa’s mask was knocked off as he hit the ground. The Toa reached for it, but the blue figure was there first. He ran the Toa through with an electrifying stab that killed him instantly. Josan was then upon the blue figure, and exchanged a few blows with him before Josan was disarmed. Josan didn’t slow down, however, and managed to overpower the blue figure in hand to hand combat. Josan grabbed the blue figure and with incredible strength, threw him over the wall of the arena and over a massive cliff. The blue figure fell, and Josan relaxed slightly.

But even as he did so, the blue figure came rocketing back through the air, mask glowing. The figure rammed into Josan, knocking him over, and flew towards the other Toa. He sent a burst of fire at Tiberus and Lakuva, and seized the third Toa by the throat. Throwing the Toa in the air, the blue figure leaped up, spun around, and kicked the Toa off the same ledge that the blue figure came from. With no Mask of Flight to save him, the Toa plummeted towards death.

Teridax had seen enough. This blue figure would make the perfect Captain. The Makuta ordered the blue figure to stand down, so as to keep some Toa alive for future testing. With a leap and a sonic boom, the blue figure returned to the arena gates, which slammed shut behind him. Josan battered at the gates until they were dented and scratched, and when Lakuva and Tiberus finally convinced Josan to return to his cell, his expression was cold and his movements were slow as if a heavy weight was placed on his shoulders.

Josan spent the next few days confined in a cell along with Lakuva and Tiberus, but they spoke little. In an adjacent cell was a failed experiment of Makuta’s; a Rahkshi Captain who Josan vaguely remembered hearing in his clan-mate’s story of his previous battle. Josan was interested in the Rahkshi, but did not speak to her.

The silence was broken when the blue figure entered the prison. Growling, Josan leaped to his feet and bashed his fists so hard against the cell bars that they bent. The blue figure hushed Josan and offered to help the Toa and the Rahskhi Captain escape. Josan saw that the blue figure, who introduced himself as Cossy, was somehow different, but he still did not trust him. Only until Lakuva used his Kanohi Rode to confirm that Cossy’s repentance was genuine did Josan agree to follow him.
As the five renegades were escaping, Teridax became aware of the treachery and personally confronted the group.

In a rage, Teridax crushed Tiberus with one of his gargantuan fists and set the Rahkshi hordes upon the other four, who were re-captured and placed inside Teridax’s body.
After Teridax’s defeat, the four heroes emerged from Teridax’s wreckage and began to aid in the rebuilding of Spherus Magna. They formed a group called the Sentinels, and they, under the command of Lakuva, dealt with many evils. Josan still did not particularly like Cossy, but he grew to trust him as an ally. Josan learned to be competent at working in a team, but he was still slightly aloof, truly bonding only with Rahksanne, the Rahkshi Captain.

When the Sentinels heard of a Visorak nest located in a remote cave, they honorably set off to investigate. However, the catacomb was much bigger and more populous than initially thought, and the Sentinels were hard pressed to retreat. On their way out, Rahksanne, Lakuva, and Cossy were knocked down a steep tunnel and were separated from Josan. Seeing that his friends were trapped, Josan fought even harder to keep the Visorak away from the tunnel so that they could dig themselves out.

Hundreds of Visorak were crushed by the power of Josan’s weapons and lightning, and the other Sentinels were able to free themselves without interference. Just as they freed themselves, however, the Visorak broke off a massive boulder from the roof of the cave that buried Josan with crushing force. Cossy and Rahksanne fought through the Visorak to get to the boulder while Lakuva used his elemental power to clear the rock away. It was too late though: Josan had fallen.

Cossy was wounded on the way out, but the Sentinels managed to escape the catacombs with Josan’s body.
Even though Josan was killed, his legacy lives on in the stories of his heroic sacrifice and, more significantly, in the blade that was forged from his heartlight, the Red Phoenix. Rahksanne, Josan’s closest friend, wields the blade with the same skill and ferocity that Josan had. It is rumored that only Rahksanne can use the blade to its full potential due to Josan’s trust in her during his life.

Fourth Wall Commentary:
And that is Josan done and dusted! For those of you with a Keen eye you'll remember Cody G's version here

So yeah I've had this guys story written for year and honestly during that time I've just been more motivated to build System. But I had a spark to build some Bionicle the other day and decided I'd finally make Josan

That now makes it so I have all the Sentinels Build, which rocks! I've already started on some of the other MOC's in the later parts of my story... Speaking of which here's a teaser!

So stay tuned, might be hard to see but that's the point, anyway yeah that'll be posted... I don't know a week today :)

And that's about it for now

Couple final things:
I have a Flickr now, take a look if you wish:

I have combined my story with Cody G's Bionicle storyline, so take a look at his page:

Please don´t hesitate with any comments, questions or criticisms...
Till Next Time
See Ya~


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  June 22, 2017
Pretty miffed that my comment hasn't come through yet- hopefully it will soon- but I've seen it and I like it :D
 I like it 
  June 22, 2017
Its too bad that Chris G isn't around anymore to see this guy. I miss that guy. Personally I like the bulk but I think the torso is too long and it affects the poses. It makes the MOC look static and uncomfortable. Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of those shoulder pads.
 I made it 
  June 21, 2017
I actually love it when mostly system based builders offer criticism on my Bionicle stuff, they offer a sick perspective, it's awesome, so thanks man :)
 I like it 
  June 17, 2017
Ahhh! Another Bionicle MOC- it's been so long! It's interesting to see you're still building to a story, and I'm especially excited at how much the guy in the teaser looks like Crutible- it would be cool to see his return...! Anyway, Josan looks very cool... by far a tremendous improvement over the original version, no offence to Cody. I really like his beautifully intricate staff and I like the use of the knights kingdom pieces on his shoulders- I do have nitpicks though- the extra armour on the arms, the visorak feet and the HF beast claw parts, is very gappy; it'd look quite better without it- same goes for the Skrall armour on his waist. Also, he could do with a little more red in his upper torso and his arms, just to add that extra colour balance. But these are nitpicks, I really like what you've done here- I hope to see more Bionicle MOCs from you in future, though your system stuff is good enough to tide me over 'till then! ;)
 I like it 
  June 15, 2017
Alright, well I should have seen this first. I don't know if my comment on Flickr is right or not or if I just have more criticisms. I feel like there is a lot right, but I think there are a bunch of small tweaks that will make it better. But at the same time, I have no idea how BIONICLE works because I have seldom build in the theme as I have a total of 5 sets. Two being the Brickmaster sets, one being a McToran, a Gresh with broken parts, and a Panrahk I will not take apart. Are my critiques still valid when I don't know exactly what I'm talking about?
 I made it 
  June 14, 2017
Thanks all :)
 I like it 
  June 14, 2017
That is sweet!
 I like it 
  June 14, 2017
That dude it huge! I love it! And it's one of the few times one of those massive chests looks proportionate.
 I like it 
  June 14, 2017
Story is fab, Moc is fab, although that HF 3.0 large fist seems kinda outta place, but all in all it looks amazing!
 I like it 
  June 14, 2017
This is legit! I like how you layered the armor for the shoulders. Nice work!
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