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The Insurgency: #23 Relic of The Red Planet. (Rank Up)
This is part 23 of my series and a 150 rank up for the Marauders. Hope you enjoy.
About this creation
Date: Monday May 6th 2097.
Location:Gamoth City.Rerador.

Jack *Narrating*: I couldn't believe it! My grandfather, The man who inspired me to become a pirate was alive this whole time! He escaped prison during the shift and flew to Rerador on a GI cruiser disguised as a construction worker sent to help start the colonization. He's been living here in Gamoth ever since!

At Jack H's Apartment.

Jack H.: Well here we are. Apartment M-43. It's a little messy at the moment but it's home.
Jack: It's nothing compared to your old house.
Jack H.: True. Brickton Manor was quite a sight. Oh! Speaking of which I gotta show you what I found on the black market last week. Follow me.

Grandpa walked over to an old wooden desk that had various computers on it and sat down in the chair in front of it.

Jack H: Remember this desk?
Jack: It looks just like your old one.
Jack H: It is my old desk. I was in great condition. All it needed was some sanding, a new coat of polyurethane and-

Suddenly Iron Bones walked into the room.

Iron Bones: Oh good. Ye be back. What do ye think of me new clothes? I bought it at that costume place down the street.
Jack: Um. They look great... But what's wrong with your voice? You're actually talking normally.
Iron Bones: What do ye mean?
Jack: I mean you're not screaming.
Jack H: It's the clothes. For some forsaken reason when he wears clothes his voice is muffled enough it sounds normal.
Iron Bones: Anywho. Diego got a message from Stingray and he's got a job for ye. He said to call 'im to get the details...
Jack H: Stingray? I assume he's your boss?
Jack: I guess you could say that.
Jack H: Well then I gotta meet this guy. Make sure he's paying ya enough. Ha ha...

Later in Jack H's Dining Room/ Meeting Room..

Diego hooked his Com-link to Grandpa's old Holograph-projector and a large hologram of Sting appeared.

Stingray: Jack! How are ya kid?
Jack: I'm fine Ray.
Jack H: Hang on! You work for the guy who tried to kill me once?!
Stingray: Captain Brickton.? How are you alive?
Jack: Not important. What's this "mission" you have for my Grandson?
Stingray: Mission? Oh yes! I have just learned that a millionaire by the name of Aron Montgomery has just moved to a new apartment on Rerador about a mile away from your current location.
Diego: I've heard of him before. He's the guy who is obsessed with space rocks right?
Stingray: Yes. And there's a certain item in his collection that has quite a hefty price tag. 20,000 Credits to be exact.
Jack: That much money for a rock?!
Stingray: It's no ordinary rock. It was taken from the surface of Mars. It's one of the few remnants of Earth's old system left. The money from a sale like that would be enough to fund our campaign against the Molluscan Empire. Jack? I want you to get that rock by any means possible. Are you up to it?
Jack: Yes Sir. We'll get right on it.
Stingray: Excellent. Keep me posted and let me know when you have the rock. Good luck..

*Stingray hangs up.*

Meanwhile on Qoter...

Sergeant Connery: Major! Have you seen the reports from Rerador?
Major Henderson: I have... Do they know who killed the man?
Connery: The autopsy showed that Brickton had suffered electric shock and was strangled and beaten before being killed by a blaster. However finger pints found on the device next to him proved that he was the one who built it. Whoever killed him saved over a million people.
Major Henderson: A millions criminals Sergeant. The man who did it must have been a criminal himself.
Connery: Sir? That "Criminal" Just killed the man who almost destroyed my entire squad. An attack that may I remind you your son is still recovering from.
Major Henderson: Hogwash! Gregory is perfectly fine.
Connery: No. He's not. He needs his father. You're all the kid's got Ivan. Especially since Helen passed-
Major Henderson: Sergeant! I recommend you refrain from disusing my personal affairs. That is unless you want to be court marshaled.
Connery: Yes sir...
Major Henderson: Now despite the recent "incident" on Rerador. I want you to stay off this case. The only thing I want you to do is arrest Brickton. Do I make myself clear?
Connery: Yes sir. I'll get right on it...


Private Gregory Henderson: Hey Dad? You got a second?
Major Henderson: Now's not a good time. I've got a meeting to get to.
Greg: When will you be back?
Major Henderson: That depends on how the negotiations go...
Greg: What's this meeting about anyways.
Major: That's classified information. I'll see you at home this evening...

*Major Henderson leaves the room.*

Greg: *Sigh.* That's what you always say... Hey! He dropped something.

*Greg examines the paper his father dropped.*

Greg: Project Leviathan?.. What the heck is Dad up to?..

Location: Aron Montgomery's apartment. Gamoth City Rerador.

Jack *Narrating*: Later that night (At least I think it's night.) Iron bones and I went to raid Montgomery's apartment. In order to not bring much attention to myself Iron Bones recommended I wear a disguise. (I really shouldn't have let him pick it out.) The tricky bit was figuring out how to break into Montgomery's apartment. I mean it's not like security would let a couple of guys dressed as pirates just waltz inside the lobby. Yet alone get to apartment itself. So our best bet was to enter through the door on the balcony.

*Jack pulls the cover on the keypad off and disconnects the locking mechanism.*

Jack: Now we need to be very quite. We have no idea if he's here or not.
Iron Bones: Aye Aye Capt...


Montgomery was home alright. But he was definitely still out. He was passed out on his couch with n empty bottle from Soaterian wine. He was clearly too drunk to notice us.

Jack: Shh... let's find where he keeps the rock before he wakes up...

As I tried to figure out the combination on the safes Iron Bones was admiring the other items in Montgomery's collection.

Iron Bones. Wow. He's even got 'imself one of the old suits from the Apollo 11 mission!
Jack: I guarantee it's a replica. There's no way the GI let a 200 year old space suit get out of their vaults.
Iron Bones: It t'was 1969. That be only 128 years.
Jack: I wonder...
*Jack enters 1969 into keypad and the safe opens.*

I reached into the safe and pulled out a small rust colored boulder. This had to be it. I couldn't believe that what I was holding in my hands was one of the last known remnants of the planet Mars mankind had...

Jack: I found it...
Iron Bones: Ye did? Let me see.

*Iron Bones turns around and accidentally knocks over the spacesuit resulting in a large crash.*
Jack: Oh crud...
Aron Montgomery: Huh... Wh..WHos theres?!!
Iron Bones *Whispering*: Don't move. Drunks eyesight be based on movement...
Montgomery: Huh?.. Hey!!... T...that's my rock!..
Jack: Run for it!!!!

We quickly ran out to the balcony with Montgomery running after us and swinging a bottle at us. Well, It was drunk running so it was more along the lines of stumbling after us.

Montgomery: Ge-*Hiccup.* Get back here!.. Cow..ards...

Jack: Quick! Take the rock and get it back to the apartment.
Iron Bones: What about You?
Jack: I'll be right behind you I'm going to distract Montgomery and buy you some time. Now go!
Iron Bones Good luck Kid.

As soon as Iron Bones had climbed out of sight Montgomery came out onto the balcony.

Montgomery: Where'd They *Hiccup* go?!..

*Montgomery turns and sees Jack.*

Montgomery: Aha!.. I'll show you ya *Hic.* Pirate...

*Montgomery spun around and tried to hit me with his bottle and I blocked his hit causing him to fall over.*

*And by blocked I mean I accidentally cut off his hand...*

Jack: Oh crud! Are you alright?!
Montgomery: *Ugh...* You'll pay for that!..

*Montgomery charged towards me and I leaped onto the edge of the balcony to get out of his way.*

However he didn't stop and he fell off over the edge.
Jack: No!

I tried to grab him but it was too late.

I gazed over the edge and saw his bloody corpse lying in the street below. My stomach churned. What had I done? I had killed an innocent human being...

Later at Jack H's Apartment...

Jack H: I gotta say Bones. You and Jack did pretty dang good.
Iron Bones: Aye. He's turning out to be quite the Marauder...
Jack H: I'm just glad he's managed to avoid killing another human being-

*Jack Suddenly stumbles into the apartment crying.*

Jack H: Jack?! What the flip happened?! Iron Bones! Put that stupid rock down and help me get him to a chair...

Jack H: Tell me what happened Kid.
Jack: I.. I killed an innocent man... I didn't mean to... I was aiming for his bottle I swear! I just couldn't see what I was doing!
Jack H: Shh... calm down kid. I do you know who it was you killed?
Jack: It was Montgomery... I can't do this pirate thing anymore! Not if I have to kill people...
Jack H: Jack. Get a hold of yourself. Montgomery Was not innocent man. He's most vile man in the city.
Iron Bones: He didn't appear like a crook to me...
Jack H: He was the mayor... He rigged the votes to get elected. He deserved to die more than half the crooks in the city.
Jack: I don't care! Criminal or not. The point is I murdered another human being.
Jack H: But you recognize that it's not right. That's what matters kid. There are too many people out there that have forgotten the value of a human life. And I'm proud that you're not like them. Now how about we play some video games to get your mind off this mess.
Jack: I guess that sounds fun... Let me get cleaned up first...


Collective Mage: Ah... Major Ivan Henderson... I've been expecting you...
Major Henderson: I don't have time for your mind games Sal'ant! I need your help. Project Leviathan has failed. And I have a feeling that Brickton Kid is behind it.
Sal'ant: And what is it you want me to do for you? Do you not trust Connery to take down this "Brickton" fellow?
Major Henderson: No. I don't. I want you to go after him. Can you do it?
Sal'ant: Alas I cannot do it myself. I simply don't have the time with being the head adviser for my brother Ti'yit. However I know my niece Ana'ran would gladly take down this "Brickton" fellow.
Major Henderson: Is that a yes then?
Sal'ant: Consider it done...

Major Henderson: It better be. Or you'll be the one with the bounty on their head.

*Henderson leaves the room*

Sal'ant: The things I do for that fool...

Meanwhile back on Rerador...

Sal'ant *Speaking telepathically.*: Hello Ana'ran.
Ana'ran Pi'row: What do you want now uncle?
Sal'ant: I need you to take down a pirate by the name of Jack Brickton.
Ana'ran: I've heard of him. He's here in Gamoth. He'll be an easy bounty...
Sal'ant: Excellent... Let me know once you've killed him...
Ana'ran: Consider it done...

*Hey, Lady!*

Bootlegger: Are ya gonna buy this or not?
Ana'ran: Huh? Oh. Sorry about that. My uncle refuses to call me on my com-link.

*Ana'ran grabs the bottle from the man and pays him.*

Bootlegger: Pleasure doing business with ya Miss Pi'row...
Ana'ran: Please. Call me Ana. I hate my last name...
Bootlegger: Whatever you say lady. Is there anything else I can get ya?
Ana'ran: yeah. Directions to Montgomery tower.
Bootlegger: it's about a block down that way. but I wouldn't go there if I were you. The Mayor just got whacked by a guy dressed in a pirate costume.
Ana'ran: I'll take my chances...

Ana'ran pulled a small rod from behind her back and with a soft crackling noice a blue plasma axe blade appears.

Ana'ran: I swear these people need to get some more lights in this place. All this darkness is disorienting. *Sigh.* At least it makes my job easier...

To be continued...


 I like it 
  May 22, 2017
Nice episode! I like the Collective element that you're bringing in. Your points have been added! --Blast--
 I made it 
  May 19, 2017
Quoting Philip Pip9766 Another great episode! I especailly like the different storylines you have going. I have to ask, where did you get those street plates, they look like they come in handy.
Thanks! Actually they're The boxes from the Lego racers tiny turbos subtheme. The one used for the street is from 8197 Highway Chaos. But I used another one to hold up the apartment build and for the sides of buildings a lot.
  May 19, 2017
Another great episode! I especailly like the different storylines you have going. I have to ask, where did you get those street plates, they look like they come in handy.
 I made it 
  May 18, 2017
Quoting Garrett W. Great episode! Jacks getting quite good at his job!
Thanks! And in Jack's line of work you either get good at it or get arrested. :P
 I like it 
  May 18, 2017
Great episode! Jacks getting quite good at his job!
 I made it 
  May 18, 2017
Quoting Traykar the swift Great episode! Jack's really starting to leave a trail of bodies, isn't he?
Thanks! And yeah that's two characters he's taken out so far. Not to mention the six guards Iron Bones hid in that closet. :P
  May 18, 2017
Great episode! Jack's really starting to leave a trail of bodies, isn't he?
By Jack Brickton
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