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The Insurgency: #22 Release the Kracken. (FB)
this is a freebuild for the Marauders and part 22 of my series. Hope you enjoy!
About this creation
Date: Wednesday May 1st 2097.
Location:Weller Base. Zarus.

Dr. Devorah Brickton *Narrating*: It's been two weeks since I betrayed the Imperium and the Aurelian Government has Surprisingly accepted me with open arms and with no questions on my loyalty to them. But when someone of my former status betrays the GI and hands over Military research they're clearly not going to try anything. Anyways. Recently I have been going around updating software and repairing the various computers around the base. Everything from the coffee pot to the intercoms. It's a tedious job but nothing too difficult...

Aurelian Technician: Dr Brickton! Thank goodness you're here! The radar has been acting crazy! It just went completely dead!
Dr Brickton: *Sigh.* I'll take a look at it...

Devorah: Hmm... It seems to be working fine now... Are you sure the Screen didn't time out?

*The Technician stares behind Devorah*

Technician: I...I um...
Devorah: I've told you before. If you don't move the cursor every now and then the screen will turn off- Are you paying attention?
Technician: I...I... I uh...
Devorah: What are you staring at?

*Devorah turns to see Kain as the technician quivers in fear of the android.*

Kain: Hello Devorah. I hope I'm not intruding but you're needed in the hanger bay.
Devorah: Alright. There's nothing wrong with the scanners. They're fully operational...

*The Technician faints.*

Kain: However the Technician is not...
Devorah: *sigh.* I should probably take the Imperium Symbol off your armor. It keeps scaring people..
Kain: I don't think its the armor. I mean that Jakor guy wore a GI helmet all the time.
Devorah: Kain. I think everyone is scared of Jakor. The only reason Aurelia isn't scared of him is because he' on our side.
Kain: So he's like the Batmman of Aurelia then?
Devorah: Pretty much.
Kain: Huh. That's neat. Anyways, We need to get going. They REALLY need you at the hanger bay...

Later at the hanger bay...

Liz Brickton: MOM!!!

*runs over and hugs Devorah*

Devorah: Liz?! How did you get here?
Diego: I was on my way to Rerador and She asked if I could drop her off here.
Devorah: Thank you Diego... I missed you so much Liz...

Diego *whispering*: Hey Kain? Come here a sec. I need to talk with you...

Diego: Have you heard from Jack lately?
Kain: No. I haven't. Why do you ask?
Diego: Well we got a call from one of our clients on Rerador and he said Jack was in Gamoth city. Any idea why Jack went there?
Kain: He said something about going Bounty Hunting before he and Iron Bones left but that was over a week ago...
Diego: Well Gamoth ain't a place known for it's hospitality. It's one of the biggest hot spots in the Fire Pits.
Kain: It's fine. Jack bought lava insurance on the ship.
Diego: Not that kinda hot spot! The Fire pits only has one volcano. And it's on the outskirts of Gamoth.
Kain: So it is that kind of hot spot?
Diego: All it does is blow smoke... The real reason it's called "the Fire Pits" Is all the crime that happens there.
Kain: I thought we were criminals.
Diego: No. We're freaking saints compared to these guys. We're talking about Drug lords, Traffickers, Serial killers. The Fire Pits are the Sodom and Gomorrah of the system! Complete with fire and brimstone. We gotta get Jack outta there before he gets whacked by those hellions.
Kain: Again. We're criminals and they're criminals. Why would they kill Jack?
Diego: Because He works for Stingray. My Father and I have been tryin' to shut down the "Fire Pits" for months. And after killing off a couple crime lords they caught on. If word gets out Jack works for Stingray he'll be sleepin' with the fishes...
Kain: There's fish on Rerador?
Diego: *Sigh.* It's a figure of speech. Now will you help me find Jack or not?
Kain: Of Course. I mean you can only play video games so many times before it gets boring...

Date: Saturday May 4th 2097.
Location:Gamoth City.Rerador.

Jack *Narrating*: After a few days we had finally narrowed Leviathan's location down to one spot. an abandoned tunnel on the east side of town. It was closed and barricaded off when an explosion caused part of it to collapse.

Jack: So how's that lock coming?
Rusting Phantom: Slowly.
Abel: Considering you haven't picked a lock in over thirty years you should expect to be a little "Rusty."
Rusting Phantom: Abe? Do me a favor and Lay off the rust puns...

*Rusting Phantom's Lock pick breaks.*

Rusting Phantom: Dang it! They certainly don't make them like they used too.
Abel: Sir? That lock pick was made in 2017. I think ANY lock pick would be made better than that one...
Rusting Phantom: There's no way we could do it. It's bolted to the wall. It's take a crane to pull it out.

*What about a Kain?...*

*Kain and Diego walk out of the shadows.*

Jack: Kain!
Abel: Kain?!!
Kain: Abel?

Abel Runs up and Kain bends over to hug him.*
Kain: Abel! I thought you died on that battleship explosion in 84.
Rusting Phantom: he did. I managed to find his remains and salvaged his circuit board. Everything else I built by using Jack's old blueprints.
Kain: I'm sorry, Have we met?
Rusting Phantom: It's me. "The Rusting Phantom?"
Kain: Oh yeah... How could I forget... Anyways, Let's get that gate open...

*Kain rips the door off it's hinges...*

*And Throws it to the side.*

Rusting Phantom: Huh. You're stronger than I remember.
Kain: It's the new Hydralics in My arms. I've gotten an Upgrade since you saw me last...
Rusting Phantom: You can tell me later. Jack? You're with me. The rest of you stay here and guard the door. Make sure the cops don't show up...

Later inside the tunnel...

Jack: Man. It's like a thousand degrees in here!
Rusting Phantom: It is not. It's only 45 degrees.
Jack: 45?! My sweat doesn't make steam at 45 degrees!
Rusting Phantom: Oh right. You're still used to the Fahrenheit system. in that case it's 113. I recommend putting on that old heat suit over there. Unless you want to have your vambraces melted to your arms...
Jack: What about you?
Rusting Phantom: I already have one on. And leave your gun here. It might melt in the heat.
Jack: I have a Bad feeling about this place...


After a few hours of searching in the tunnel we had found nothing. That is until we noticed a small passageway that seem ed to go underneath the city.

Rusting Phantom: I thing we found the snake's lair...

We entered the tunnel to find a well lit cavern with a strange device at the back of it...

Jack: What the heck is that?
Rusting Phantom: Something I hoped would never see the light of day...
Jack: What?
Rusting Phantom: back in 84 Your grandfather designed a weapon. A weapon he planned to use only if the GI went too far. A weapon that once Corvin heard about it wanted to use it to take out the GI for good. A weapon he called "The Kracken."
Jack: What's so dangerous about it?
Rusting Phantom: *sigh.*

*Rusting phantom Walks over to the device.*

Rusting Phantom: Have you ever heard of the stuff called Napalm?
Jack: You mean the stuff they used in World War 2?
Rusting Phantom: Imagine a Napalm Bomb that set off an massive EMP at about 20,000 feet above the target and before it made impact would cause an explosion in the air above the target strong enough to level an entire building. and then engulf the ruins in flames. That is what the Kracken is capable of.
Jack: Wow... Why on earth would Grandpa make such a thing?
Rusting Phantom: Fear son. Fear that mankind would take this war too far. To the point that a disaster was necessary to get the people to realize that war doesn't decide who's right or wrong. It only decided who's left...
Jack: But what is a device like this doing down here?

*Because we want this system to burn...*

*Jack and Rusting Phantom turn to see Leviathan holding a remote control and Jack H's old blaster pointed at Jack.*

Leviathan: Drop your weapons...

*Jack drops his crowbar*

Rusting Phantom: Leviathan...
Leviathan: Hello Old Man. It's been a while...
Rusting Phantom: 12 years.
Leviathan: Ah yes... The same day Brickton was put behind bars... That's where we got this gun you know. From the police... along with the data pad that had the plans for the device on it... Of course they had no idea what was on it since they didn't have the pass code.
Rusting Phantom: But you did. Why the heck would you detonate the Kracken underground?
Leviathan: To bring judgement to the evil of the system... We have placed the device directly below the part of the dome's supports. Once detonated the city's lights will go black via the EMP and then an earthquake will cause the dome and the city to crumble and finally the rest of the city's remains will burn in a lake of fire... just like the rest of the system once we're done with it... They will all burn for what they did to us... Every last one of them... However... There is something that can save them...
Rusting Phantom: And what's that?
Leviathan: You... You have a choice. Either the city dies...

*Leviathan puts his hand on the trigger.*

Leviathan: Or Jack does... The choice is yours...

Rusting Phantom: I'll take C. None of the above!

*Rusting Phantom lunges at leviathan and hits him in the chest with his staff's taser.*

Leviathan: ARGH!!!

*Leviathan collapses and drops the remote control causing "the Kracken" to start up...*

Rusting Phantom: Quick! Grab the remote and shut that thing off!

Jack: I can't figure out the code!
Rusting Phantom: Try 8241394.

*Jack enters the code.*

*The lights on "the Kracken" dim as it shuts down.*

Jack: It worked! How did you know the code?
Rusting Phantom: Just a Lucky guess. That was the time, month, day, and year "The Shift" occurred. But it doesn't matter. It's over now.

*Yes... It's all over...*

*Leviathan points the gun at Rusting Phantom.*

Leviathan: For you at least... Ha ha ha ha!!
Jack: Rust! Watch out!

*Leviathan fires the gun.*

*But instead of it hitting Rusting Phantom it senda an masive shock of electricity into Leviathan's arm.*

Leviathan: ARRGH!!!

*Leviathan Collapses.*

*Rusting Phantom grabs the gun and points it at Leviathan.*

Rusting Phantom: Get up! It's high time Jack knows who the monster behind that mask is...

*Rusting Phantom pulls the mask off Leviathan.*

Leviathan: Hello son...
Jack: No... You're supposed to be dead!
Leviathan: I'm Perfect. Those fools could never defeat me.
Rusting Phantom: Perfect? What kind of "Perfect" person turns his own father into the police and uses his son as bait? DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A PERFECT PERSON TO YOU EDWARD?!
Jack: You were the reason Grandpa was arrested?!
Leviathan: Yes... We told Henderson that father was planning an attack on the warehouse... We also made sure the real shipment wasn't there.
Rusting Phantom: You Betrayed the man who raised you! the man who taught you right from wrong! The man who loved you Edward! You destroyed him and here you are using something he created against the very people you called your "friends!"
Leviathan: Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap...

*Jack grabs Leviathan By the neck and pushes him against the wall.*

Jack: Then where's the twelve years of Love that I sowed into you? Where's my harvest?! All I got in return for my actions was hell!
Leviathan: We never laid a hand on you...

*Jack flings Leviathan across the room and into the "Kracken" causing it to break.*


*Rusting Phantom Grabs Jack's shoulder.*

Rusting Phantom: No Jack. What good will it do for you to kill him? It'll just make you look more like him! Do you want that?
Jack: No...
Leviathan: *Cough.* Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also *Cough.* reap...
Rusting Phantom: Then it's about time you got a harvest...

*Rusting Phantom shoots leviathan in the chest with the pistol and leviathan is killed by the blast.*

Rusting Phantom: Should have prayed for crop failure Edward... Come on Kid, Let's get out of here...

*Rusting Phantom starts to leave.*

Jack: What did you mean by "It's about time you got a harvest?" He betrayed my Grandfather. Not you.
Rusting Phantom: That's a good question...
Jack: And why did the pistol work for you and not him.
Rusting Phantom: I think this should answer both questions kid...

*Rusting Phantom takes off his helmet and faces Jack revealing his identity*

Jack: Grandpa?!
Rusting Phantom aka Jack H: Sorry to trick you but I didn't want the GI to find out who I was.
Jack: But how are you alive?! You look that same as you did twelve years ago! Except for the cybernetic arm. That's new...
Jack H: Actually it's not. Do you remember me getting sick? Or getting cut by something? Or going to the doctor?
Jack: Now that you mention it. No I don't.
Jack H: That's because back in 75 I had contracted a disease and was only given two years to live. But I couldn't die yet. Not without seeing my grandson. I uploaded my consciousness to an almost human android body. I say almost since I can't get sick. Or die of old age.
Jack: Why didn't you tell me this then?
Jack H: Because I didn't want him or the GI to know. You and the bots are the only ones that know my secret. And in response to the pistol thing. It only works when in my hands. Now I'll explain more once we get back to civilization. I need a nap after all this crud...
Jack: Me too Grandpa. Me too...

To be continued...

And please excuse the bad lighting in some of the Gamoth pics. I used a broken light for all of them and the only way I could get light on the Gamoth scene was to sit it on top of the build. Luckily My new lamp will be here by the end of the month and it's a much better one.


  May 16, 2017
Great episode! Was hoping that leviathan had a larger presence as the main villain, but was excellent for the short run he had. I also wasn't expecting Rusting Phantom to be Jack's grandad, so kudos to you for that! Excellent episode!
 I like it 
  May 15, 2017
Very nice work! Great twist(s) at the end with the reveals of Jack's family, and some stellar story-telling throughout. Awesome!
 I like it 
  May 15, 2017
Great episode!
  May 15, 2017
Great job on this one Jack! I know dramatic scenes can be hard. But your's was realistic. ;) Can't wait to see where all this leads...
 I made it 
  May 15, 2017
Quoting --R.K. Blast-- Great episode! I had a suspicion that his grandpa might still be alive! I must admit, I was expecting more from Leviathan. I thought he'd be more of a villain, but hey ho. Good stuff! 6 points! --Blast--
Thanks. And yeah. I originally planned for him to be more of a villain but he is still going to appear in flash backs and his defeat is only the beginning...
 I like it 
  May 15, 2017
Yay,I'm the Batman of Aurelia!
 I made it 
  May 15, 2017
Quoting Jonathan Demers Neat story! Too bad I hopped in partway through your series. I'll stay tuned for #23!
 I like it 
  May 15, 2017
Great episode! I had a suspicion that his grandpa might still be alive! I must admit, I was expecting more from Leviathan. I thought he'd be more of a villain, but hey ho. Good stuff! 6 points! --Blast--
 I like it 
  May 15, 2017
Neat story! Too bad I hopped in partway through your series. I'll stay tuned for #23!
By Jack Brickton
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