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The Insurgency: S3 #23 One is the Lonliest Number Part 2 (FB)
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Part 23 Part 2 in Season 3 of my Insurgency series. A freebuild for the Marauders. Please comment, rate and enjoy!
About this creation

To read the previous part click HERE.

Judas: "My God..." He muttered as, around him, everybody else in the room gasped or uttered similar exclamations in response to the ancient drone's sudden growth. At its feet, the soldiers barely reached shin - height.
Riley: "Tank..." She breathed softly, terrified for him.

As One reached down and scooped up the Special Forces Commander, crushing him in his grip, everybody gasped in horror.
One: "See how easy it is for One to destroy you?!" He boasted.
Aide: "Everyone on the planet just saw a man crushed to death..." He breathed, horrified. "There's going to be panic... mass panic! People are going to want to get as far away from Qoter as possible!"
Judas shook his head, partially in shock, partially in disbelief.

Riley couldn't believe what she was seeing. But she knew what had to be done.
Riley: "No, they're not." She countered and everybody turned to face her. "Not if they believe there's a chance we can win. If they have hope that One will be defeated, there won't be panic." She explained. "Judas, the people need hope. They've seen the leader of the opposition," Riley gestured at the metal giant on the screen, "Now they need to see who's leading them - who's on their side. They need hope." She repeated and Judas nodded, an idea forming.
Judas: "Quick!" He addressed one of the guards. "Get a camera crew in here NOW!"

It took less than five minutes for a full camera crew to arrive at the Governor's office. At the power plant, the battle had begun again, everybody doing the best they could to stay as far away from the goliath that was One, whilst still defending themselves again his army of drones and robots.

As the camera crew set up their equipment, one of Judas's aides approached him and took him by the elbow.
Aide: "Sir, you should really wait until we've prepared a script for you. When the cameras are on..."
Riley: "No." She interrupted, moving the aide's arm aside. "There's no time for that. Just talk from the heart. You're a great speaker, Judas, the people love you. I have faith." She smiled and placed her hand encouragingly on the Governor's cheek.
Judas looked into Riley's eyes and after a moment, nodded.

Riley smiled again before moving away as the crew finished setting everything up. Judas took his place behind his desk, standing, his chair moved to one side.
Cameraman: "Okay, we're live in 5, 4, 3..." he counted down until a little green light appeared beside the camera.

For several seconds, Judas said nothing. Frozen on the spot, staring straight down the black lens of the film camera. Behind it, his Aide motioned urgently for him to say something, but try as he might, Judas was blank. He swallowed hard, a frown of concentration on his face. There was a quiet cough to one side and Judas glanced over to Riley, who simply smiled and nodded in encouragement. Beside her, Judas noticed the monitor that they had all been using to watch the battle unfold, still showing the ongoing fight halfway across the planet, where his friends were struggling to stay alive.

In that moment, watching the battle, Judas forgot about the cameras and sighed heavily.

Judas: "Brothers. Sisters. Family, friends." He began, finally turning back to face the camera. "Today... today we face a threat possibly greater than any we have faced before."

All across the planet, concerned beings listened intently, the scenes of devastation they had been watching now replaced with the face of their Governor.

Judas: "One being who seeks to divide us; Seeks to destroy everything we have worked to build and that we hold dear. He believes that he is righteous, but is he right? No." The Governor continued, his confidence growing with every word.

Judas: “We are better than he is! We are above him. Together, for that is how we must stand, as one. We cannot be consumed by petty differences any more. Now, now we must be united in the common interests of survival. United as one. One planet, one system, one collective. Together, there is no way on heaven, Qoter or Deja that we will be outmatched. As I speak to you, brave men and women from all creeds and callings of life are standing together, fighting not just for their lives but also for yours. And I have just had confirmation that a second team of special forces soldiers is preparing to depart and join the battle. I have every faith that they... that we, shall prove ourselves once again, able to defend our home, our planet. To ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny and destruction that 'One' seeks to bring."

As Judas delivered his speech, powered by the emotion in his heart, a fierce, strong look became carved on his face. I the corner of his eye he saw Riley smiling proudly. As were many millions of others across Qoter. Strangers, family, friends, began to nod in agreement with their leader's words. Believing that 'yes they can.' Despite the desperate hour and the odds they faced, they would succeed and emerge victorious.

Judas: “And should they fall, others will rise to take their place and we shall continue the fight against oppression and annihilation until the very end…”

Judas: (Cont.) “We shall not cave. We shall not surrender.”

Judas: (Cont.) “We shall fight with every last breath in our shared bodies…”

Judas: (Cont.) “…and we shall not vanish into the night! We shall not allow ourselves to be exterminated!”

Judas: “We will prevail! We will be victorious!”

Judas: “Together; we shall conquer all-comers and prove that this… this is our house! That THIS is our world!”

The Governor concluded his speech to the sound of applause and ‘whooping’ from the camera crew.
Judas: “God bless Qoter.” He finished and the cameraman stopped recording.

As everybody congratulated the Governor on his rousing speech, Judas began to smile broadly, the adrenaline still pumping in his veins.
Aide: “Congratulations, sir.” One of his aides grinned, patting his arm in a very manly way. Judas nodded his appreciation and stepped away, moving through the crowd of people wishing to add their own congratulations to those that had gone before.

Judas accepted them all, but spent the entire time focussed on Riley, his trusted secretary, no… she was more than that… his companion, on the other side of the room.

Riley simply stood there, taking in the scene with a smile and finally, Judas reached her. Riley simply stood there, taking in the scene with a smile and finally, Judas reached her. Smiling broadly, Governor Boan gave Riley a huge, squeezing hug and let out a sigh of relief. Riley laughed at the slightly awkward moment and Judas let her go.
Riley: "Well done." She congratulated and Judas grinned with a disbelieving shake of his head.
Judas: "I couldn't have done it without you." He replied, taking her by the elbows. "It was your idea."
Riley: "But you pulled it off! I wasn't expecting anything that monumental! Just a message of hope for the people."

Judas: "Maybe, but you're the one who always goes above and beyond. God, I love you."

Riley laughed a convincing laugh, unsure about Judas's remark.
Riley: "I love you too, pal." She replied, ensuring Judas knew where they stood.
Judas: "No, no, you don't understand. Riley," The Governor continued, now taking her by both hands. "Ever since you joined this office, back when Drago Wilson was Governor, you have brought so much joy and fun to my life. Before, I was just driven by work. Focussed on doing better and helping the planet. But then you showed up and changed everything. When you walked through the door, I was awestruck. Dumbfounded. You were, and still are, the most beautiful woman I've ever seen..." he confided, releasing his heart and the secret he'd held for years, still fuelled by the emotion of his live speech.

Riley: "Judas..." She sighed, uncomfortable with the entire situation. She gently tried to move her hands out of the Governor's, but he gripped tighter refusing to let her go. Instead, he moved closer. Riley glanced around, but the aides were busy watching the battle and the camera crew were packing up their equipment. Nobody was watching. She was alone.

Judas: "Riley, I don't know what I'd do, where I'd be without you. I need you in my life and I want more for us. You’ve been my closest ally, one of my best friends, since I became Governor, but now I want more. I want you. I love you so much.” He pushed.

Riley: “Judas, please.” Riley begged, still trying and finally succeeding in pulling her hands away.
Judas: “What’s the matter? Riley, I love you more than you can possibly imagine. You have to have felt it. I know you have. You must love me too.” He continued urgently, taking another step forwards so that Riley was now backed up against the filing cabinets at the side of the room.
Riley: “Judas, stop. Please.” She begged, no longer able to look him in the eye as he continued his unwelcome advances.

Riley tried to move past the Governor, but he put out his arm and stopped her from leaving, effectively trapping her.

Judas: “God, I need you Riley.” He breathed and made his move. Leaning forwards, Judas’s eyes closed as his lips puckered. Riley’s eyes widened in shock and she brought her arms up between them to stop Judas. The Governor frowned in annoyance and tried to move her arms aside, resulting in a struggle.

Riley cried out slightly at the tussle and Judas pushed her back into the cabinet. As he did, Riley, acting reflexively, brought up a knife that she kept concealed in her sleeve. Eyes closed and simply slashing upwards, she felt the blade make contact.

Judas screamed and staggered away, clutching his face, as blood trickled between his fingers. By now, every pair of eyes in the room was on the two of them. The secretary with the bloody knife and the Governor, leant over his desk with his face in his hands.

Riley: “You animal!” she spat, horrified at the betrayal of someone she had thought of as one of her best friends and with that, she turned and fled the room.

Aide: “Sir, are you alright? What happened?” one of Judas’s aides checked, concerned as he approached.
Judas remained bent over his desk, his shoulders rising and falling and the aide realised that the Governor was crying.
Aide: “Sir, do you need medical assistance?”
Judas: “Out.”
Aide: “I’m sorry sir?”

Standing up to his full height and spinning to face the rest of the room’s occupants, Judas released his blood-coated face, revealing a deep scar across his left eye, stretching from his brow to his cheek.
Judas: “OOOOOOUUUT!!!!!!

As the battle raged on, I briefly took shelter behind one of the larger electricity coils. Taking a moment to breathe, the sound of the fight still blared loud behind me. It was an un-winnable battle. No matter how much we shot at him, One seemed unaffected. The damage Tracks had dealt him when he was normal sized appeared to be meaningless now that he was huge.

I spun back around the coil and started blasting lasers up at the towering drone again. As I did so, one unfortunate soldier got too close and One simply crushed him beneath his foot. Un ugly way to go.

Nearby, Eris was throwing blasts of what appeared to be plasma up at One. Jay and the others were still preoccupied defending themselves against the never-ending flow of robots and normal-sized drones. Tracks had all guns blazing, mowing down bot after bot, taking out more than any of the rest of us could.

Unfortunately, this seemed to get One’s attention, as he turned to face my best buddy. The giant’s head cocked to one side inquisitively as Tracks, unaware, continued creating a mountain of destroyed robots.

I shot down two robots that came my way and then looked up too late, just in time to see One reaching for Tracks, who was still completely unaware.
Tank: “TRACKS!” I screamed to get his attention, but suddenly my robotic companion froze in place, stock still. At the same time, the robots and drones ceased targeting him.

I gasped in horror as realisation dawned.

One: “You thought it wise to bring a droid against ME?!” he laughed as he beamed his robot-control signal into Tracks and overwrote his circuits.
Tank: “No!” I begged, firing at the drones that came my way, whilst trying to get closer towards Tracks.

Tracks, moving sluggishly, almost as if he were sleep-walking, trudged over to One, his new master, and turned to face us.

Tank: “No…” I whispered.
One: “One grows tired of your petty attempts to thwart my plans.” He announced, kneeling down behind Tracks. “One by one, your lives shall be extinguished. Your consciousness’ ended…”

One: “Starting with your robot friend here.”

With that, One drove a giant metal spike through the chest of my longest friend.

I screamed incoherently as the ancient drone laughed. The spike, protruding from One’s arm, stuck out of Tracks’ front armour. Tracks’ glowing red eyes flickered momentarily, before fading to darkness and his body fell limp, hanging from the spike.

A cannon extended from One’s shoulder plate – mocking my dead best friend, aimed and fired. I couldn’t see for the tears in my eyes, but I knew the shot struck Tracks dead on and his empty shell detonated, scattering robotic components across the battlefield, where they fell and landed amidst the other hundreds of droid pieces from fallen enemy soldiers.

Alone in his office, sitting once again behind his wooden desk, Governor Boan watched the portable screen with unseeing eyes.

Riley’s blade hadn’t blinded him thankfully – he was too preoccupied, caught up in his thoughts, to actually see what was happening on the screen.

The gash in his face was untreated. The deep cut still bleeding, although not as profusely as before. Judas simply let the blood fall. Trickling down his cheek, his chin, until it dripped into his lap or onto his desk.

She had betrayed him. Riley. The one person he thought he would always be able to count on. The one person he had ever truly loved. She had betrayed and rejected him.

Wass it not his right to have her? Did he not deserve her?! He was the Governor of the capital planet! He should be allowed any person he desired!

These selfish thoughts flooded his mind – his anger and generally emotional state outweighing his common sense and decency.

Why had she rejected him?! He had expected her to be jubilant, to be ecstatic that he had proclaimed his love for her! Instead, she had wounded him, both physically and metaphorically.


There had to be someone else. Someone she thought better than he…

And then his eyes widened.


It was Tank! What he had suspected for some time and yet forced the thoughts of aside, was now confirmed to be true. Riley had to love Tank.

That lying bastard orphan had stolen the heart of the woman he loved! Tank KNEW he loved Riley and yet he’d stolen her from him!

Judas growled aloud as anger coursed through his veins. On the screen, the camera zoomed in on one of the figures at the battle – Tank, falling to his knees following a small explosion. The Archmage’s husband was quickly at his side, defending him from the oncoming horde.

Tank had taken from him the one person he’d ever truly cared about. KNOWINGLY so! Riley, the woman of his dreams, had now been delivered into another man’s arms.

Judas: “I’ll make you pay…” he muttered. “One day, Tank, you’ll pay.” He swore as the camera showed Tank bawling his eyes out.

Judas leapt to his feet in anger, grabbed the television screen and launched it across the room at the wall.

Screaming as loudly as my lungs would let me, I let myself go. Blasting anything that moved, laser after laser was fired into the enemy horde and up at One. I was being careless, but I was too emotional to care. My best friend had just been destroyed in front of my eyes. Not only my best friend, but my oldest friend. And not only that but also my very own creation. The hours of work I had put into creating him, fine tuning and repairing him… and now he was gone.

I was conscious of Jay stood beside me, but other than that, the only thing that mattered was destroying as many of the bastard drones as possible.

Suddenly, a chorus of gunfire rang out and an army of blue ran past me from behind. I finally stopped screaming, my voice hoarse and looked around. Reinforcements had arrived – a brand new squad of Special Forces soldiers… and Cat.

Dressed in her catsuit, she jogged over to me and gave me a huge hug. I instantly knew something was wrong, but in the middle of a battle there was no time to enquire.

She drew her pistol and joined in the firefight, stood right beside me… right where Tracks used to stand. The thought was almost too much for me, but I managed to hold it together, concentrating on taking out the enemy.

A junk robot approached from one side and Jay opened another small black hole at its feet, letting it drop through into the void beyond before sealing it tight. Again, as the hole was opened, every drone and droid nearby, scrabbled frantically to get away from it, as if they were terrified of it.

And then I remembered. Suddenly, a story. A story told by One himself when we had first met, of how The Singers had wiped out all bar One of the original drone soldiers by sucking them into a black hole.

These new drones and droids would never have known that, but One was mentally linked to every one of them! The part of One’s consciousness that he beamed into every robot was terrified of black holes!

In that moment, the battle turned. Now, I had a plan!

Tank: “Jay! Can you and Eris make a giant black hole?” I asked urgently.
Jay: “Uh… I don’t know. They drain a lot of power and take a lot of concentration. I could barely make that little one. Why?” he replied, between swatting drones away with a gust of air.

Tank: “One is afraid of the black holes! He remembers what happened to the rest of his kind and the Singers! Can you suck him into a black hole?”

Jay: “Hang on…” he replied and a look of concentration passed over his face. I wasn’t sure what he was doing at first, but then he spoke again and I realised he’d been telepathically talking to Eris.
Jay: “Eris said it’s too hard to make a big one, but she has an idea.” He informed me.

Moments later, I heard a shout, magnified by her powers.
Eris: “One!” the Archmage called and One turned his giant head in her direction.

One: “If you wish to bargain for your lives, you are too late. One is not looking for surrenders. One seeks only your total destruction.”
Eris: “I’m not.” She replied as the battle ground to a halt again. “I’m offering you one final chance to cease this madness. You could return to space, alive and whole.”
One: “One does not see that you are in a position to bargain…” he began, but Eris interrupted. She’d never expected him to agree to her offer, she just wanted his attention.

Eris: “Okay. Then your time here is over.” She responded and with a gesture and a lot of effort, a black hole appeared directly over One’s left arm.

The arm vanished into the black hole before the swirling portal vanished again, as swiftly as it had arrived.

One cried out and clutched at the stump now protruding from his shoulder.
Eris: “Jay!” she called and together they opened a second portal. This time, the towering drone’s right arm disappeared into the void before it closed again.

One: “NOOO!!!!” he screamed.

Eris roared at the effort of creating the black holes. Even with Jay’s help, it was taking all of her powers.

The biggest hole yet appeared directly under One and he began to fall straight down into the unknown, but the portal closed around his waist leaving him completely limbless.

Eris breathed heavily, panting with near exhaustion.
Eris: “Goodbye One.”
One: “One will not be defeated by…”

The towering hunk of metal’s threat was cut off, as together, arms out, Eris created one final, large portal behind him and then with a flick of his wrist and grunt of effort, Jay blasted air at him. What remained of One toppled backwards through the inky hole in space-time and vanished.

Eris released her grip on the black hole and it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

As she and Jay panted for breath, I looked around, realising that the junk robots surrounding us were all collapsing. No longer receiving a signal, they dropped to the floor or simply shut down. The Collective drones on the other hand, all straightened and stood rigid at attention. Like the soldiers they were, their mechanical minds now clear of One’s corrupt signal, they had returned to usual.

Cat: “Is that it? Is it over?” she questioned, unsure about whether we were going to get attacked again at any moment.
Nobody replied for several seconds, everyone looking around, thinking about the same possibility, but finally, Eris responded.
Eris: “It’s over.”

As the news spread that the battle was over and the clean-up crews began arriving, I took Cat to one side.

Tank: “Cat, why are you here? I thought you were staying with Judas?”
At mention of the Governor, Cat shook her head violently.
Cat: “Tank, Judas tried to force himself on me.”
Tank: “What?”
Cat: “In his office. He gave a televised speech to the planet and afterwards…” she paused and I assumed she was recalling a painful memory. “Afterwards he told me that he loved me – that he has always loved me and then he tried to force himself on me. I told him no but he still tried to kiss me, so I…”

She took a shaky breath, trying not to cry.
Tank: “What have you done?” I asked quietly, worried about what her answer was going to be.
Cat: “I’m not sure. I pulled my knife on him and I think I got his face. I didn’t stay to find out.” She explained and I sighed heavily.

Tank: “What the hell did he think he was playing at.” I growled, furious as my friend… well, now former friend, I supposed.
Cat: “I don’t know came over him.” She replied, looking worried.

With a sigh, I drew Cat into a hug. We both needed it.
Tank: “Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. You’re mine and I’ll protect you. I promise.”

Basher: “Tank.” The voice came from behind me and I released Cat and turned to find Basher with one hand behind his back.

Tank: “Hey man.” I greeted quietly, still emotionally drained.
Basher: “One of the clean-up guys found something. We thought you might want it back.” he announced and held out the item he’d been concealing.

I gasped as I realised what it was.
Cat: “Is that… is that Tracks?” she whispered, shocked and basher nodded.

I took the crumpled piece of metal from him and turned it over in my hands – it was Track’s head. The eye holes empty and hollow, devoid of life, I began to cry again.
Cat: “Tank, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.”

I stifled another sob and wiped away my tears, nodding my thanks to Basher, who smiled sympathetically before walking away. Moments later, Eris approached.

Eris: “I’m sorry about Tracks.” She told me. “I know he meant a lot to you.”

I couldn’t reply to that and so I just nodded, staring into the empty eye sockets of what had been Track’s face.
Eris: “He will always be remembered and his sacrifice here will not be forgotten.”

It was at this moment that I knew what had to be done. I hadn’t been sure before, but my mind was suddenly made up.
Tank: “It won’t have to be.” I replied, drying my face again and finally tearing my eyes off of Tracks’ face plate.
Eris: “What do you mean?”
Tank: “I’ll rebuild him. Bigger, better, stronger than before.” I explained. “He won’t be forgotten because he will still be here.”
Eris smiled.
Eris: “That’s a lovely idea. But you do know he will never be the same?”

Tank: “I know. But if I use parts from the robots here, at least I will be acknowledging his first incarnation. Plus, as One took over Tracks’ mind, there’s a chance that his personality, his memories, wound up in the shared matrix. They might be salvageable.”

I had expected Eris to smile and tell me what a nice idea it was. Instead, she frowned.
Eris: “Tank, I can’t let you do that.”
Tank: “What, why not?” I replied, now frowning myself.
Eris: “Tank, One’s mind was linked to all of these robots.” She gestured to the parts scattered all around. “One was not simply a ‘machine’. He had a consciousness. He was created by my ancestors. He was a real being – just one made from metal. His ‘spirit’, for lack of a better word, may have been so dark and twisted that it rubbed off on the robots he controlled. We’re going to have to run timely tests on all of our drones, and as for the junk ‘bots, they will either be destroyed for good or locked away somewhere that nobody will ever be able to find them.”

Tank: “But I need those parts! Just let me have what I need for Tracks and then you can destroy the rest!” I argued.

Eris shook her head sadly.
Eris: “I’m sorry Tank, but I can’t. Not even for you. I simply can’t afford that risk.” She told me sympathetically, placing a hand on my shoulder. She gave me a sorrowful smile before turning and walking away, leaving me with Cat and holding in my hands all that remained of my best friend, Tracks.

I grit my teeth together, desperately trying to hold back my emotions and prevent myself from crying again. I desperately wanted to chance after Eris and beg her to let me use some of the parts for Tracks, but I knew it was a fruitless cause. She was not going to change her mind, that much was clear.

So instead, with a sigh, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to build Tracks anew and just salvage what I could of his previous incarnation from the datachips stored in his head. I just hoped and prayed that they weren’t too badly damaged...

Night-time had fallen across Regentis. The air was as quiet as it ever was and the city’s inhabitants now slept easily, knowing that the ancient drone behind the robot attacks had finally been destroyed for good.

All sensible people had gone home long ago, however, one man still sat at his office desk, withdrawn in his black leather chair, the room lit only by the desk lamp.

Governor Judas Boan, his face like thunder and still bearing an open wound, he having not sought medical attention or even left the room since the attack earlier in the day, sat as the comlink on the desk in front of him bleeped quietly. It had taken him some time to track down the number that he needed, but now he sat and waited patiently for the call to be picked up at the other end.

Finally, his patience paid off and a blue holographic figure appeared in front of him.
Figure: “Well, Governor. This is a surprise.”
Judas: “Are you still after Tank Rockwell?” he asked, getting straight to the point. The figure didn’t respond immediately.
Figure: “I am.” He finally replied, inquisitively.
Judas: “I have a deal for you.”

Darkblade: “I’m listening…”
Judas: “You can use my equipment. All of it. Everything the government has to offer. In exchange for one thing.”
Darkblade: “Oh? And what’s that?”
Judas: “I want you to kill Tank Rockwell.”

There was a pause. And then Darkblade laughed.
Darkblade: “That’s it? I can’t help but wonder what you get out of this? But I’m assuming it’s got something to do with that pretty little scratch on your face.”

Judas ground his teeth.
Judas: “Why, is of no concern to you. However, suffice to say that I cannot do it myself as I am the Governor of the capital planet. You, on the other hand, have the capabilities and, with my equipment, the tools to complete such a task.”

Under his black helmet, Darkblade smiled. This truly was an unforeseen turn of events, however, it was a welcome one.
Darkblade: “Very well, Governor. I accept.” He announced. What he didn’t say aloud, was the other thought in his mind. – He would kill Tank, yes. But not on the whim of some politician. He would do it how and when he wanted to. Not yet. Not until Foster had suffered more. So for now, he would use the Governor’s resources, use his connections and wait. However, he supposed he had better satiate the Governor’s appetite for now and he also decided it was time to make things a little more personal.

Judas: “Good. Do you have any ideas on how to kill him?”
Darkblade: “Don’t worry, Governor.” He replied, waving his hand. “I have a plan…”

14th June 2094

Finally, at long last, he was nearly complete. I had no idea how many hours I’d spent hammering, welding, screwing things into position, but it had been a passion project from the very beginning and so far I was very pleased with the results!

But this would be the telling moment. This is what it had all led to.

As I screwed the final bolt into position on the neck joint, Jarred walked past, grumbling to himself. He'd never been the same since the crazy scientist had injected him. He’d become very distant and was nothing like his old self. I’d tried speaking to him, but he always just shut me out and said that he didn’t want to talk about it. I once tried to press the subject, but he had grabbed me by the collar and rammed me against the cave wall, threatening me to drop it.

So I had.

That was something else that we had both noticed though. Jarred had become very strong recently. More so with the passing of time. I could only assume it had something to do with the serum he had been injected with, but there was no way of knowing for sure.

As I finished screwing the bolt into place, I stepped back and smiled, admiring my handiwork. I’d never seen anything like him before. He was totally unique and I already loved him for it. Whether or not he worked was another matter, of course!

As for his name, well… I had tried to think of something clever. Something that suited his build type or the personality parameters I’d pre-programmed into his sub-settings. However, nothing would come. The only name, I smirked to myself as I took a breath and reached behind his neck for the ‘On’ switch… the only name that had stuck was the joke name that Jarred had come up with a while back…

I crossed my fingers and flicked the switch.



A WIP shot of the ship's hanger.

The completed bay set.

The set for the battle with One.

A size comparison shot including giant One. Giant One was actually built by Isaac AD, who will be posting a moc dedicated to the creation - so you'll be able to get a better look at him there.

As my series is going to be jumping around though time, I will include a date on each episode and add it to the timeline at the end of each episode so that you can follow it.



  March 18, 2017
 I like it 
  March 18, 2017
You know, there comes a time when the words "this is awesome" simply can't describe an episode. This two-parter was a mastery of story-telling! So many twists and tragedies, so many reveals of hidden character flaws! And all wrapped up with spectacular builds and a fallout that will be heard throughout the cosmos! Truly an epic story mate!
--R.K. Blast--
Jack Brickton
  March 17, 2017
Holy plot twists Batman! That was epic! I actually cried when Tracks was taken out. And it looks like Judas is becoming a real "Judas." I can't wait to see how this unfolds
--R.K. Blast--
 I like it 
Blizzard -
  March 17, 2017
An eventful episode! Looks like Judas has taken a nosedive into bitterness city, population... er... oh, something very large I'm certain.
 I like it 
  March 17, 2017
Epic! The flash back at the end was a wonderful parallel to Track's demise. I was surprised that Judas turned out a punk. Can't wait to see the fallout from this. Excellent work!
By --R.K. Blast--
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MOCpages is an unofficial, fan-created website. LEGO® and the brick configuration are property of The LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, own, or endorse this site.
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