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GoW World Building Challenge 2016: Carv๖n
Hello! This is my entry for the Would Building Challenge over at the awesome Guild of Writers(link in description)! This is by far my longest post yet so feel free to skip some parts (though it would be appreciated if you took the time to read it all). Anyway, please remember to rate, comment, and enjoy! :D
About this creation
Now, seeing as this post is very long I will be adding links to get to different sections. Here they are (I would add "General Info" but links don't work when you can see where it's linked to):
Timeline, Special Species, Factions, Myths/Folklore, Current events, Magic systems, Elemental Magic info, Rune Magic info, Elven/Dark Elven Magic info, Law Enforcement, Unique/Uncommon Military Ranks, Places of interest, People of interest, Pronunciations, Faction/Species Illustrations, Map Illustrations

General Information:

Nation name: Carv๖n

Landmass name: The Islands of Epath

Religion: Vanity

Resources: None (Previously: lumber, rare minerals)

Languages: Lavion (english), Old Lavion (norse)

Climate: All Year Long: Low -35บC, High -16บC

Notable species: Humans, Dark Elves, Shadow Goblins

A.L = After Light, for the first 50,000 years Riv่l was a lightless, lifeless chunk of rock. After many of those dark, twilight years a star suddenly blazed into existence, giving life to Riv่l. The astronomers of Noigไrd are still puzzling about how it happened. Some believe that it was the work of the mystical “Firstborn,” magical inter-dimensional beings that are said to have created the universe.

2723 A.L: While travelling to a distant land to trade, the crew of a relatively-sized ship originating from Noigไrd discover a large, undiscovered landmass blocking their route.

2723 A.L: The Noigไrdions rush their ship back home and inform the High Lord of Noigไrd, telling him about the momentous discovery they had made.

2724 A.L-2729 A.L: The humans begin to colonize this new world, transporting lumber and stone to the island, building houses and villages to house them while they explored this new land.

2729 A.L: This newly-discovered island is dubbed Carv๖n and becomes a permanent settlement.

2730 A.L: The residents of Carv๖n cut all their previous ties with Noigไrd, wishing to be a separate nation and not just a part of Noigไrd.

2732 A.L: After spending a few years on the island, the humans begin to explore further, traveling the forests and mountains of the land, looking for places/items that would be useful to them.
Though they discover something more, a hidden civilization. Elves, dark elves to be precise were living among the trees of Rockroot Forest, the hidden folk (another name humans use for dark elves)

2732 A.L(cont.): After the initial shock of meeting another race, the humans of Carv๖n attempt to talk to the elves, they spoke a version of elvish so it was easy for the two races to converse.
After learning of their intentions, the dark elves ask the humans to leave, claiming that the island was “sacred land.”

2732 A.L: The Carv๖ns are quick to rebuff the elves request, saying that it would cost too much to simply abandon their already-completed villages, and thus, they could not leave.

2733 A.L: After another declined plea for the humans to leave, Queen Ideri begins to plan to force the humans out of their land.

2734 A.L: The attacks begin, with dark eleven warriors besieging the smaller villages that scatter the land.

2735 A.L-2736 A.L: The battles escalate, with the sieges moving from lesser villages to the capital of Carv๖n it’s self, F๘rjre Keep.

2737 A.L: In the wake of the incoming war, the humans panicked. Previously, they had no government besides Chief Lords (mayors) and they scrambled to create a position to help delegate the battles against the dark elves. And so, the Council was created.

2738 A.L- 2741 A.L: During this, a wealthy baron who was hungry for power saw an opportunity, and he struck.

2742 A.L: By the next year, Balnr Starkad had become the newest member of the Council, his plan had worked out perfectly.

2743 A.L: The attacks continue, with the villagers of F๘rjre Keep slowly running out of resources.
The councilmen struggle to come up with a long-term solution. The elves had too many warriors so they could not simply cut them down, and they couldn’t leave. They were stuck.

2743 A.L: While this was unfolding Balnr begins put his plan to ascend to the throne into action, wishing to rule alone than work with six other members of the council.
The other councilmen begin to mysteriously drop, their bodies showing examples of an assassination.

2743 A.L: Soon enough, all but one of the councilmen were dead, the only one being the head of the council, Sadon Rinc๖n. But Sadon was a smart man, he had realized that Balnr was behind the murders, and he knew he was next.

2743 A.L: Sadon is found dead in his office, a stab wound in his torso proving this. While searching the room, a soldier discovers a letter on his desk, addressed to Sadon’s son, Erik Rinc๖n.
The letter stated that Erik was to be put in charge of Carv๖n, and that Sadon would trust nobody but him with this task.

2744 A.L: With the original plan of making Balnr the head councilmen abandoned, Erik, at only thirteen, is instated as the High Lord of Carv๖n.

2745 A.L: Erik’s godfather and mentor, Sphen Ladon, realized who was behind who was behind the murders, Balnr. Sphen sends out a squad of city guards to his home to arrest him, though they arrived he was gone. He had known about Sphen’s suspicion and had fled Epath.

2745 A.L- 2747 A.L: While the search continues on both Epath and Noigไrd, Balnr hides out on a secluded island of the west cost of the Epath, preforming horrid experiments. The likes of which included merging shadow beasts and goblins using black magic.

2747 A.L: It is said that at the time of his experiments, something went wrong inside Balnr’s head. Before then he had believed that the Council was corrupt and this was the only way to free the people, but now, his only goal was to enslave the the inhabits of Epath. He began sending off squads of shadow goblins to attack and pillage the villages nearest to his lair.

2747 A.L- 2748 A.L: No-one knew where these beasts were coming from, but nevertheless, the humans were quick to begin fortifying their villages, for they knew a war was beginning.

2748 A.L: After many more sieges the humans of Carv๖n are forced to form a shaky truce with their elven enemies.

2749 A.L: The attacks continue to move steadily upward, with the sieges slowly moving towards the larger settlements. The leader of this army remains unknown for the majority of the war.

2749 A.L: The largest war-party of goblins is sighted off the west wall of F๘rjre Keep, marching towards the large village, armed for war. And Balnr is seen commanding this army, revealing him to be the leader.

2749 A.L: The siege on F๘rjre Keep begins, with the goblin “Ragers” (see Unique/Uncommon Military Ranks for more info) breaking down the walls that protect the inner village. This siege will come to be called “The Battle of F๘rjre.”

2749 A.L(cont.): After days of battle, the humans were begin to focus most of their soldiers on the west wall, where the majority of the battle was taking place. This allowed a small group to slip into the fort on the east wall.
This group contained Balnr himself and several goblin hunters (see Unique/Uncommon Military Ranks for more info). This group makes it into the throne room, which was in the middle of the city, without being noticed. Then, Balnr puts the final part of his plan into action. He begins to set up a sigil, a magical circle inscribed with runes. Once this was finished, Balnr stands in the circle and begins to chant, quietly, mixing Bแl๘rindi magic with the runes under his feet. His plan was to summon an explosion, wiping out the large village that opposed him.
But he had summoned too much energy, and a gigantic explosion rips through the island, cracking it into pieces, killing him with it.

2749 A.L(aftermath):
The broken pieces of the island mysteriously begin to float, rising up into the air. Nobody knows why this happened, though many believe that the magic that had powered the explosion had soaked into the ground, thus forcing them to float. The humans began to flee as their villages broke apart. They fled to the nearest place they could, the Fortress of Thehthyr (see Places of interest for more info).

2750 A.L: A constant winter falls upon the islands of Epath. Nobody knows exactly why, though many believe it is the work of the gods, punishing the humans for wreaking such havoc.

2750 A.L: After Balnr died, the goblins of the Shadow Army lost all thought and will, for their thinking died with Balnr. But after a year of aimless wandering the army finally gains a new leader, Aldus Starkad, Balnr’s son.

2750 A.L(cont.): As his first action, Aldus begins construction of a new city, using the shattered pieces of F๘rjre Keep as the framework.
He planned on keeping the newly captured human and elf slaves and his army in this village.
Though the real name is unknown, many have grown to call it “The Slavelands.”

2751 A.L- 2953 A.L: The humans begin to fortify the Fortress of Thehthyr, preparing it for the war that was immanent. They also begin construction on the Sigore training facility, dedicated to training the next generation of warriors, the skills that the students of this school practised ranged from swordsmanship to even magical training, anything that would help.

2753 A.L-Present: The battle against the Shadow Army continues, with little change through out the years.

Special Species:

Shadow Goblins: The beasts known as the “Shadow Goblins” were created when Balnr Starkad
was in need of an army to fuel his war. He achieved this by merging the a shadow beast with a goblin, thus creating the horrid beasts that now besiege the Islands of Epath. Though these creatures are savage they are useless without a will, they have to have their thought implanted into them by magic. This is why they share the same thoughts and will as Balnr.
Common name(s): The Night Walkers

Shadow Wyverns: Balnr’s army of monsters need transportation, for they were slow on foot. And so, he created the shadow wyverns, these beasts are larger and much more ferocious than normal wyverns, because of this, there are not many in the ranks of Balnr’s forces. They are created using the same method as the goblins, though it is much more difficult, considering their size.

The R๖kkr (norse for shadow): These creatures are found in North Epath, wandering the Rockroot Forest. These creatures appear to be pure shadows, semi-transparent and slightly humanoid.
These beasts will not attack unless provoked, though when they do they are extremely dangerous. They mainly reside in shadowed and dark areas of the forest, only coming out at night to hunt for food. They are low in numbers and sightings, thus leading many to believe them to be nothing more than a myth.
Common name(s): Shadow Beasts


The Forsaken: During the invasion, many of the more cowardly warriors sided with the goblins, not wanting to risk their lives for freedom. Now they are merely slaves to their goblin overloads, only slightly higher than the servants beneath them. Rumour has it that a rebellion is forming within the clan, though nobody can be sure. They do not have an official tittle but many have come to call them “The Forsaken.”
Colours: None
Leader: The shadow goblin warlords

The Wanderers: A small group of warriors that have somehow escaped the grasps of the goblin warlords, but have not joined Carv๖n, they simply move from island to island, avoiding their enemies as well as they can.
Colours: None
Leader: None

The Warriors of Carv๖n: Once the islands of Epath rose into the air and society crumbled the majority of the people fled to Thehthyr, the only fortress that hadn’t been completely destroyed. And when they did they needed someone to govern them. Now, Carv๖n acts as the largest opposition to the goblin army, training warriors and mages to help with their rebellion
Colours: Dark blue, black, with dark silver accents.
Leader: Erik Rinc๖n

The Shadow Army: Formed in 2745, the Shadow Army was created to help fight the war that Balnr Starkad had started. It is made up of primarily shadow goblins, with few humans or dark elves lining its ranks. It’s only goal as a faction is to concur all of Epath, and after that, Noigไrd.
Colours: None
Leader: Aldus Starkad


The Stalkers: This rumour has been circulating throughout the Slavelands, it tells of a horrid creature that was created while Balnr was attempting to make his soldiers. According to the tale, he made a slight mathematical mistake in his experiment and created the horrid creatures known only as the “stalkers.” These beasts are said to roam the islands, praying on young slaves to feast on.

Changers: Myths and stories including these supposed beasts have been circulating for many generations. They tell of humans who were born with the ability to change into beasts, ranging in species and sizes, from wolves, to bears, and even panthers. They tend to act as beasts even when their appearance is human, with those who change into panthers preferring to act alone while the wolves seek the company of others. Though they choose not to change very often, they still become more beastly in battles and fights.

Current events (2767 A.L):

The Shadow War: The Shadow War began in 2648 A.L and has continued since, though the battles were much more frequent in the beginning. Now, sieges have been occurring less and less, while each army attempts to rebuild their ranks.

The Sigore trainings: The school of Sigore is dedicated to training the next generation of warriors, to fill Carv๖n’s need for soldiers. Sigore has been built into Thehthyr, an extension of the main fortress.

Magic systems:

All magic and witchery is outlawed in the Slavelands, with the penalty for practising it being death by fall (off the side of the island).

Magic is granted to 1/4 of those who are born in the same generation, then those people can increase those powers by using spacial relicts and training.

There are two types of magic, Elemental Magic, and Rune Magic. Elemental Magic is achieved by gathering the elements of the environment around you and casting spells using these elements.
Rune Magic is is achieved by using relics and runes to influence your spell casting, it produces much more powerful results but is harder to control.
Out of the two, Rune Magic is much harder to use, so much though that only the most experienced magicians attempt it.

Spells of great power and spells that are continually being used will drain the power of the user and will have to be stopped soon or the user will collapse in exhaustion.

After casting many spells in a short period of time the user will not be able to cast spells for the amount of time he/she was rapidly using spells previously, or if he/she does manage to cast a spell, it would be very weak

Elemental Magic info:

Many practisers of Elemental Magic usually carry some sort of relic or item of a certain element so that they always have that element ready for magical use, even when there is none in the environment surrounding them. Though these items can only be used for small spells, for they are small things.

Most mages specialize in one element or another, thus making the spells using that element much easier for them to use. There are four different types.

The Fire Breathers:
The rarest of the types, the Bแl๘rindi (Fire Breathers) are some of the most powerful elemental sorcerers known to man. From being able to cause raging forest fires to creating whips of fire, these mages can cause the most destruction and are valued in the military. Though they can cast these powerful spells, the circumstances that they can use them are very limited, because of this many Fire Breathers carry Obsidian or similar objects to help them cast their spells.
-Traits: Hot-headedness, Daring, Brave-

The Ice Wielders:
The อssvalda (Ice Wielders) are one of the rarest magic types, only topped by the Fire Breathers.
The Ice Wielders are known to carry bottles of water or enchanted, non-melting, shards of ice to fuel their spell casting. Many Ice Wielders are known to be cold, both mentally and physically. They are also impervious to the cold, thus making them valued scouts in the wintertime.
-Traits: Cold, Decisive, Calculating-

The Ground Breakers:
The Grundibrst (Ground Breakers) are the second most common of elemental spell casters, for their element can be found practically everywhere. Because of this, their spells can be incredibly powerful, though the largest of their spell require the upmost amount of concentration and power, because of the mass of the affected rocks. Many Grundibrst have been known to carry enchanted rocks or other earth elements to help combat this ill effect of using their power.
-Traits: Strong, Musclier, Blunt-

The Wind Riders:
The most common of the types, the Vindrrํoa (Wind Riders) are the least powerful. Though are not averagely powerful, the Vindrrํoa are not without their strengths. They are one of the most agile, with them being able to summon winds to help them jump long distances and allow them to leap higher.
Though not typically powerful, Wind Riders have the potential to cast very strong spells, being able to cause avalanches and strong winds, though this takes much power and thus not many attempt it.
-Traits: Calm, Agile, Fast-

Rune Magic info:

Rune Magic can only be achieved through the use of enchanted talismans/relics.
Rune magic allows the user access to many spells an enchantments that would be impossible using just Elemental Magic, though these spells are normally much more powerful than an average elemental spell it can wreak havoc if not properly used, because of this, many choose not to use it out of fear.

Rune Magic may also be combined with Elemental Magic to create an even more powerful spell.
For example: A shield spell (a spell which, when casted, creates a shield around the user for as long as they can hold it) can be combined with Grundibrst Magic to create rocks protruding out of the base of the shield, making it both a defensive and offensive spell.

Relics and talismans are created by chosen mages called the R๚nmastirs (or Rune Masters), they alone have the ability to create and enchant talismans. Most relics are commonplace items, though usually carved with runes (if possible), but others will be crafted in this specific purpose in mind, though even then they may look fairly ordinary.

Though many non-magic folks think that Rune Magic is completely separate from Elemental Magic, this is not the case, Rune Magic and Elemental Magic are one and the same. There is no rune warlock (excluding the R๚nmastirs), simply elemental practisers who use Rune Magic.

Elven/Dark Elven Magic info:

Elven Magic is very similar to Rune Magic, they both harness the powers of the natural world and bend them to their will, much like Elemental Magic, but much greater.

The major source of Elven Magic come from the stars and the moon, with their powers and abilities influenced by the position and/or appearance of the stars or the moon.

Though Elven Magic still requires energy to use, but elves have much more power than the average human, thus allowing them to cast many more spells before running out of energy.

The amount of energy that an elf gains is determined by which phase the moon is at, with the full moon being time where the most energy can be used. Dark elves are similar in their power usage, with the only difference being that their power coming from the the “dark side” of the moon, with their most power coming from the new moon, when the moon is the least visible.

Though Rune Magic has traces of other forms of magic within it, Elven Magic is fully it’s own, without any other magical influences.

There are four types of elven wizards, each serving their own role is elven society.

The Akh’lin: These elven mages are dedicated to the use on magic in war, with them training extensively is the art of war, both in combat and planning. These warlocks are highly valued and can lead to the defeat or victory of a battle. Even without their magic, they are highly dangerous, able to wield almost any elven weapon with skill.

The Rathla: The Rathla are dedicated to observing and delegating the use of Elven Magic. Only ten elves hold this position, with new members only entering when the previous holder becomes unable to sustain that position.

The Eladeyr: These mages act as the healers on elven society. It is tradition for an elven healer to leave their homes fortwo years at the age of fifteen. For these two years they will find recluse in the mountains, honing their skills and meeting with other healers in training. Many Eladeyr choose to act as medics in the military, using their powerful skills to heal the army’s soldiers.

The Ty’sion: The Ty’sion will preform any jobs that is not covered by the other three. These warlocks can fit into usual elven society than the other types, though they are still highly monitored by the Eladeyr. There are not many of these types left among the elvish people, though it is rumoured that there a small group of them taking form outside elven boundaries, the reason for this is unknown.
Law Enforcement:

Though the focus of the City Guard (fantasy police) is protecting their villages from the Shadow Army, they still attempt to keep enforcing laws within their walls.

Minor offenders will be sentenced to a time in prison according to their crime, then, after their time is up, they will be released back into the public. But before this happens they will receive tattoo that tells of their crime, usually upon the face or neck.

Major offenders or repeat offenders will be sent to prison to await their trial. Once a verdict is reached the prisoner will be sent back to await the beginning of their punishment, normally a full-life sentence in prison, or, in extreme cases, execution.

Law is also enforced in the ranks of the Shadow Army, though they lack much of the diversity in punishment that Carv๖n law includes, with the punishment for every crime being a swift and merciless death, though how this is done may vary, depending on the circumstances.

Unique/Uncommon Military Ranks:

The Shadow Army:

Scorchers: The Scorchers are a specific class of shadow goblins that are devoted to witchery and magic. How they gained this power is unknown, as all other goblin do not possess magic in any way, shape, or form, though it is believed that Balnr was able to replicate his Bแl๘rindi powers and implant it into a select few of his best soldiers. They are the most powerful of the ranks, with just one being able to level a small village in a day.

Screechers: Screechers are small, lanky creatures, with large jaws and heads. They act as the scouts of the Shadow Army, with them going ahead while the others stay behind. They are called Screechers because they have been known to screech loudly when an enemy group crosses their post. Though this helps alert the others of enemies, it is also loud and notifies the humans of their incoming ambush, because of this, Screechers only actually screech when a group of goblins can attack immediately.

Ragers: The Ragers are the brutes of the Shadow Army, with many of them wearing armour that allows them to act as a living battering ram. They wield vast amounts of strength and aggression, thus making them highly valued in the military.

Hunters: The Hunters are the assassins of the Shadow Army. They are highly skilled in climbing and combat, making them a formidable opponent. They can also maneuver themselves into spall spaces that others may not be able enter.

Ravagers: Ravagers act as the foot soldiers for the Shadow Army, with them being making up more than half of the military. They are known to usually carry swords or crudely crafted daggers. The name “Ravagers” comes from their ability to swarm and “ravage” large groups of soldiers, they act much like killer bees in this way.

The Warriors of Carv๖n:

High Warlocks: These men and women are the magic specialists of Carv๖n. Each village of over thirty buildings receives one, they help protect them from attack. Though their main duty is to protect their village, there exists a special group within the rank that is dedicated to protecting soldiers in war.

Places of interest:

The Slavelands: The largest island of Epath after “The Ravaging,” the Slavelands are hold the majority of the Shadow Army, as well as many human and dark elves. Because of this, the Warriors of Carv๖n have made it their mission to free the many slaves that reside here. (Status: still standing)

The fortress of Thehthyr: The only original settlement remaining after the "The Ravaging", this castle was once owned by the dark elves, but now it houses all humans and elves who had not been enslaved by the shadow army, with only exception being the Wanderers. (Status: still standing)

F๘rjre Keep: F๘rjre Keep was the single largest human-build fortress before “The Ravaging,” after that it was almost completely destroyed. Now the Slavelands occupied this area, built upon the ruins of F๘rjre. (Status: mainly destroyed)

The islands of Epath: The name Epath is used for the selection of islands that is off the south side of Noigไrd. Even after “The Ravaging” the name still remained the same, though the landmasses have changed. (Status: changed, though still standing)

Rockroot Forest: Rockroot Forest is a large forest that the surrounds Thehthy, the name comes from the elvish name for the forest, Ondi’ Thind, which translates to Rockroot. It is thought that this name comes from the large rocks that jut out of the ground in this forest. (Status: partly destroyed)

The Farlon Mountains: The largest mountain range on Epath, the Farlon Mountains surrounds the kingdom of Carv๖n, holding the majority of the settlements within it’s cliffs. (Status: mainly destroyed)

The S๘lan Hills: A small group of hills and slightly mountain-like located near the north end of the Farlon Mountains. (Status: partly destroyed)

The village of Thyson: The village of Thyson was a small lumber village before “The Ravaging,” now it’s in ruins. No-one permanently inhabits this place now, though groups of Wanderers occasionally set up camp here. (Status: mainly destroyed)

The village of Arl๖n: This mining village is acted as the main source of income for the inhabits of Epath, the Farlon Mountains are rich with rare minerals and stones and the people of Arl๖n took advantage of that and began mining the mountains. Now it’s home to a shadow goblin mining outpost.
(Status: partly destroyed)

People of interest:

Councilman Balnr Starkad(deceased)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: The Shadow Army
Age: 49 (at time of death)
Parents: Unknown
Known Family: Sir Arther Starkad, son

Sir Arther Starkad
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: The Warriors of Carv๖n
Age: 25
Parents: Balnr Starkad(Deceased), mother unknown
Known Family: Aldus Starkad, brother

Queen Ideri, the Dark Lordess
Gender: Female
Race: Dark Elf
Age: 127 (30 in human years)
Parents: Unknown
Known Family: None

Sir Erik Rinc๖n, the High Lord
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: The Warriors of Carv๖n
Age: 36
Parents: Lord Thoren Rinc๖n(deceased), Lordess Aleise Rinc๖n(missing)
Known Family: None

Arin Fr๘st, High Warlock
Gender: Female
Race: Human (magic)
Faction: The Warriors of Carv๖n
Age: 27
Parents: Petur Fr๘st(deceaced), Jesmond Fr๘st(deceased)
Known Family:

Sphen Ladon(deceased)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: The Warriors of Carv๖n
Age: 44 (at time of death)
Parents: Roule Ladon(deceased), Elyas Ladon(deceased)
Know Family: Isac Ladon, son(missing)

Aldus Starkad
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: The Shadow Army
Age: 28
Parents: Balnr Starkad(Deceased), mother unknown
Known Family: Arther Starkad, brother

Sadon Rinc๖n(deceased)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: The Warriors of Carv๖n
Age: 47 (at time of death)
Known Family: Erik Rinc๖n, son


Akh’lin; ak-hin-lin

Rathla: rath-la

Eladeyr: eld-ee-r

Ty’sion: tie-son

Sadon: sad-on

Aldus: a-l-dus

Starkad: stark-add

Sphen: Stephen

Ideri: i-dear-y

Rinc๖n: rain-cone

Balnr: ball-nar

S๘lan: so-lan

Epath: e-peth

Farlon: sar-long

F๘rjre: for-j-ur

Thehthyr: thee-th-ee-r

Carv๖n: car-von

Vindrrํoa: v-ind-or-a

Grundibrst: grin-din-burst

อssvalda: iss-val-da

Bแl๘rindi: ba-l-or-ind

R๚nmastirs: rue-n-misters

Vanity: van-it-ee

Lavion: lav-ee-on

Riv่l: riv-el

R๖kkr: rok-or

Arl๖n: air-long

Thyson: thigh-son

Faction/Species Illustrations:

The dark elves: L to R, dark elven soldier, Queen Ideri

The Shadow Army: L to R, Ravager, Hunter, Aldus Starkad, Ravager, Scorcher

The Warriors of Carv๖n(#1): L to R, archers(x2), soldiers(x2)

The Warriors of Carv๖n(#2): L to R, armoured soldier, Sir Erik Rinc๖n, armoured soldier, High Warlock Arin Fr๘st

Map Illustrations:

(Editor's note: Sorry about the handwriting, when I was drawing this I forgot to go slowly when writing it. Also, if you're wondering why some pencil marks are darker than others, that happened in post-prossesing. You may also have to enlarge the images to see the writing.)




Well, looks like that it! Thanks if you took the time to read through it all. :P
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-Marley Mac-


 I made it 
  January 15, 2017
Quoting Werewolff . Well...this is downright awesome. The level of detail and description you've incorporated is truely mind-boggling on an epic scale, in a good way :D. This world is so intricate and well thought out that it would easily make it as a best-seller! Best of luck to you mate, and fantastic work!
Thanks wolff! Really glad you liked it. I will definitely be expanding on this. :)
Quoting Doug Hughes Very cool! I will confess I didn't read a lot of it but this world building stuff is so much fun! I really liked your island maps with the keys and scale and all that! Plus of course your figs are awesome!
Thanks Doug! And yes, world building is very fun, it just feel so rewarding when look at your world and say "I made this..." :D
Quoting LegoPredator ! You did a lot of work here, itดs very well written!
Thank you LP! :)
Quoting C Stucky I just skimmed through it and it looked pretty awesome. Reminds me of LOTR (at least a little). I'd love to read a novel based in this world!
Thanks! As I said to wolff, expect some sort of short story based in this world at some point or another. :-)
 I like it 
  January 12, 2017
Very cool! I will confess I didn't read a lot of it but this world building stuff is so much fun! I really liked your island maps with the keys and scale and all that! Plus of course your figs are awesome!
 I like it 
  January 12, 2017
I just skimmed through it and it looked pretty awesome. Reminds me of LOTR (at least a little). I'd love to read a novel based in this world!
 I like it 
  January 11, 2017
You did a lot of work here, itดs very well written!
 I like it 
  January 10, 2017
Well...this is downright awesome. The level of detail and description you've incorporated is truely mind-boggling on an epic scale, in a good way :D. This world is so intricate and well thought out that it would easily make it as a best-seller! Best of luck to you mate, and fantastic work!
  January 10, 2017
There you go.
 I like it 
  January 10, 2017
Nice! This is very well thought out, and looks like it would make for a great story some day (hint hint). :D
 I made it 
  January 10, 2017
Quoting Rove Random Nice! This is very well thought out, and looks like it would make for a great story some day (hint hint). :D
Thanks Rove! And yeah, I'll probably write a short story in this world at some point or another. :) P.S. It looks like your like went away, I hate it how it does that when you edit something. >:(
Quoting Jonathan Demers Marley, that's pretty epic!! Awesome! :D
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :D
Quoting Hildigrim Took WOW! O_O Amazing!
Quoting Roanoke Handybuck Awesome job Marley! Wow! You wrote A LOT! I can tell you pit a lot into this contest, I will read later... Keep it up m8!
Thanks Roanoke! I'm glad you liked it. :) P.S. Now you know what that test post was for. :P
 I like it 
  January 10, 2017
Marley, that's pretty epic!! Awesome! :D
 I like it 
  January 10, 2017
WOW! O_O Amazing!
 I like it 
  January 10, 2017
Awesome job Marley! Wow! You wrote A LOT! I can tell you pit a lot into this contest, I will read later... Keep it up m8!
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