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T.I.#7:The beginning of the end:FB
Hello members of Mocpages! Today I have my next instalment of my Insurgency series. This was originally going to be part two of my last story, but I decided to make it it's own episode. Hope you enjoy. :D
About this creation

Date: May 1, 2096, Location: Falcon’s warehouse

Falcon sat at his desk, scanning the constant flow of code and data that was displayed on the several screens that were placed in front of him, watching over the cells and making sure that nobody ended up like those “degenerates” from earlier. He didn’t trust any of his hired muscle to keep track of his prisoners and he preferred to observe them himself.
The screens lit his face, exaggerating the shadows and giving what was left an eerie blue glow.

Just as the fatigue of the night was beginning to set in, someone bursts through the door.

One of the most powerful men in System 4 walks into the security room, an aura of controlled anger surrounding him, cool and calculating. His face was set in stone, poker-faced and unreadable. He held Falcon’s life in his hand, he could kill him at the drop of a dime. He was just a piece in his games, a piece that could be easily removed and replaced with another.

Uek Ferris marches up to the table, his movement slow and deliberate.
“Hello Falcon, we need to talk.” Uek says, his words concise and cold.
“I know, I’ve already upped the security and hired more guards.” Falcon responds, knowing that this conversation was bound to happen at some point.
“Yes, I’m aware of that, I received the message a few hours ago, but it’s not that…” He says while beginning to pace in front of the desk. “See, the thing is, I’m not sure how I can trust you when all these experiments somehow fail in one way or another. First, it was Eric, and now, two more of my prisoners have somehow disappeared.”

As Uek speaks he continues to pace, with every fourth step being a turn.
“Now, not many people would call me paranoid, but... it seems like this might not be happening by accident.” Uek continues, his words dripping with false calmness. All through this he paces, with short, practised steps and brisk movement. And then, he stops, as if to punctuate the words.
Falcon could feel his breath steadily speeding up, a reflection of his thoughts. He tried to slow it down, using the techniques that he’d learned in the days of the war, but it didn’t help.
“I will allow you one more chance, but if you fail me yet again, our agreement will have some complications.” Uek says, leaning down towards him. “We wouldn’t want Nersisa to get involved in this, now would we.”
Nersisa, the only life Falcon cared about more than his own.
Seeing the worry in Falcon’s face, the soon-to-be commander smirks, he was enjoying this.
Uek, seemingly satisfied with his speech, straightens and walks out.
“Goodbye, Tailier...”

Date: November 5, 2096, Location: Outskirts of Illbliss

I bolt upward, the white sheets that I’d been spending my nights on sticky with sweat.
Yet another nightmare, third time this week. I think to myself, my breath still quick and shallow.
They started a few days ago, just after the first days of me staying here.
I had been staying at my father’s place for about a week now, and I was beginning to regret that decision.
I don’t know why, but ever since I had begun spending my nights here they had been plagued by horrible nightmares, and they were all the same, with only slight changes every time.

I get out of the small cot, still shaky from the horrible night terrors.
After freshening up I flick on my laptop and continue my search for my father. When I had learned about his capture I had instantly begun to search for him, looking for anything that could even hint to his location. I take a deep breath, thinking about the highly repetitive day that awaits me, and begin to search…

[that night]
I lay on the bed, pondering the day. I hadn’t found anything, another wasted day. My eyelids were heavy with the strain of staring at a screen all day. Out of habit, my hand reaches for the scar on the back of my neck.
I needed to sleep, yet it had become almost impossible ever since the nightmares had begun. But I needed to try, I close eyes and soon enough, I was asleep, at least for now…

*Please note that Eric is not conscious during this, he is not actually describing what he sees.*

This night’s dream started out just like all the others, seemingly random numbers and words, snapshots of locations I had visited in the last months, all things I had seen before. But somehow this time, it felt different, like this one in particular was more important than the rest.

Then I see them, figures walking down a hallway that I now knew was from Falcon’s warehouse, and they were carrying something, no, someone!
As they draw closer I was able to make out more details, the silhouettes that I had seen earlier, dragging the other person, turned out to be a duo of makeshift soldiers, with kevlar vest and rifles, like the type I had seen only a few months ago. And person that they were dragging looked lik-
Wait, what? Dad! My dad, Daniel Sanfel, was the body they were dragging along this hallway.
His body was limp, seemingly dead. This appeared to be taking place mere hours after he was ambushed.

The scene changes, a flash of the horrid room that had haunted my dreams ever since that night, only now it was Daniel who was strapped to the table, his eyes a glowing red and his mouth open mid-yell.
Over him stood Uek, his well-trimmed beard surrounding a grim smirk, an empty needle with remnants of a green liquid clutched in his hand.

Another scene, this time a grimy room, empty of almost everything. Someone was kneeling on the ground, his body bloodied and broken. His hands were locked into chains that hung from the ceiling, loosely fitting his wrists. I couldn’t see his face but I knew who he was… my father.
Someone stood in front on him, a fabric hiding most of their face, a crowbar clenched in their hand.

The scene changed again, this time it displayed the exterior of the warehouse, armed thugs leading my father into the improvised prison, a gun shoved against his back.

I had seen enough, subconsciously I wake myself up.
I burst awake, my breath quick and my heart racing like an athlete. I quickly think back to the nightmare, attempting to assimilate the dream. Thousands of thoughts were flooding my brain, overwhelming all other emotions.
I had so many questions,, and I knew I wasn’t going to be getting the answers. But I still mull them over, hoping that some sudden idea will present itself and solve everything.

After hours of considering my previous night, I had come up a solution. The dream seemed to be entirely located in the abandoned warehouse that I had visited half a year ago, or at least around it, it had also included my father, soon enough I had put two and two together. I had to make a visit, a visit to that horrid warehouse, my father had to be there. It was dangerous, but it was my only lead, even if it was from an unclear dream.

I begin searching the web, looking for a way to get to the warehouse. Even though I had been there before, I had not paid attention to where I was, for my mind was cluttered and filled with many thoughts that required my immediate attention.
As I search through the countless files that made up the Qoter coordinates list I begin to consider my dream again.
What if the Warehouse was blown up in the explosion? This question was the most worrisome, because if that was the case, then my whole mission collapses.
I push away these stressing thoughts and attempt to continue searching, even if that warehouse had been destroyed, there was no use worrying about it.

After a few hours of looking I find the coordinates. I quickly grab a scrap of paper and jot down the numbers, 174.983.66
I get up, satisfied with the information that I had found, and shut down my computer.
I begin to rush out of the house, wanting to get to the warehouse as soon as possible.
Just as I was about exit the small building I happen to cast a glance around the house, and it lands of the packed bag that was sitting next to the bed.

After grabbing the backpack I close the door to my father’s hideout, hearing the lock slide into place. I wouldn’t be able to get back, but then again, nobody else would be able to either.
I jump into my car and start it up.

As I walk down the alleyways that make up the outskirts of Illbliss I look down at the ruins of Knightborn. Everything was rubble and collapsed buildings, ruined lives and crushed homes.
I had parked my car a few blocks away and now I was slowly approaching the warehouse on foot.
One meandering human was bound to be less noticeable than a bright yellow car.
I watch the warehouse in the distance, gradually growing larger. A small smudge of white against the charcoal gray of the sky.

As I draw closer to my destination I start to make out the details of the place. Many guards and thugs were patrolling the perimeter, guns visibly clutched in their hands. Uek must have been conveniently “forgetting” about this nest of criminals and that was why Falcon was so open about things like this.
There was a large crater next to the ruined buildings that the majority of Falcon’s thugs were guarding, caused by the bombs that had ripped trough Knightborn just over a month ago.
I press my back against the wall that I was walking next to, trying to limit my chances of being spotted.

After about half an hour of slowly creeping up the building I was almost there, I only had about one block to go and I’d be at the entrance.
I was pressed against a corner of a half-collapsed building, listening to the footsteps of the approaching squad of guards, waiting for them to pass so I could continue my journey.
They were coming closer, almost close enough for them to pass me, when they suddenly stopped.
“Wait, someone’s here.” one of the guards says with an odd alien accent. I feel my breath stop short and my heart rate begin to accelerate. They had found me.

I try to keep my breath as low as possible, I could hear them moving around and searching for me and didn’t want to help them in their search.
As I attempt to keep quiet I grasp my sword in my hand, ready to ignite it.
Straining to hear something, I listen to the shuffling of their feet against the ground, willing them to not come closer.
I had to try to move on, these thugs would not stop until I was found and I had to try to continue on my quest before they did.
I begin walking, crouching as I painstakingly put one foot in front of the other, moving towards the end of the crumbled building.

As I reach the end of the wall I look over it, not wanting to leap straight into enemy fire.
Just as I look over the ruined wall I see a flash of gunmetal and fabric, a soldier.
I quickly duck back down behind the wall, praying that they hadn’t seen me.
As I try to calm my racing heart I hear a shuffling behind the wall, the crunching of gravel under feet.

They had caught me, one of many soldiers stood at the end of the wall, pointing his rifle at my chest.
As he sizes me up he yells to the others, signalling them to cease their searching.
As I hear shouts in response I decide that it was now… or never.
I bolt.

As I sprint I hear shouts and gunfire erupting from behind me, accompanied by miniature explosions that peppered the ground around my pounding feet.
As I race onward I quickly whip my head around, checking to see how far behind my pursuers were.
One of them lifts their gun and shoots, the bullet missing me by a hair’s length.
I quickly turn back to my escape route, not wanting to get shot again, only to discover that it had been interrupted by the huge pit I had seen earlier. Luckily I was able slow down enough to stop at the edge of the pit, my feet only millimetres from the darkness below.
I quickly turn around, hoping to continue my sprint to freedom, but the group of thugs were quickly approaching and I didn't have a chance.

I was surrounded, with thugs on one side and an endless void on the other.
One of the mercenaries who seemed to be the leader smirked.
“Well, look who we have here.” he says, his smirk still prominent on his face. “Who the hell are you?” he says, a think Irish accent coating his words

I had to think quickly.
“My name is Daniel, Daniel Knightgard.” I stutter, piecing together a name from the many that I had heard over the years.
“Well, “Daniel,” what are you doing here?”
“I… I was searching for my wife, she was here when the bombs went off.”
"You seem a bit young to be married “Daniel,” I don’t believe you .” the leader says.
“What? No! I’m telling the truth, I promise!” I stammer, caught off guard.
“Well that’s the thing innit.” he responds, placing his hands behind his back. “You don’t seem to telling the truth, but, I know what will make you tell it.” And with that he waves a hand towards a large, burly man, with yellow skin and a bristly beard that was standing next to him. “Eh, Oerak?”

The bulky, yellow-skinned man named “Oerak” nods at the thug and begins thundering over to me.
He thrusts out his hand and grips my neck with it, cutting off my air circulation .
As I gasp, he lifts me clean off the ground, using only one of his muscular arms.

With me sputtering and choking, the towering man casually walks over to the edge of the bottomless crater, letting me hang over it, threatening to drop me if I didn’t do what they wanted me to.
The leader of the group walks over to me, seemingly taking pleasure from seeing me struggle.
“Now, tell me. Who. Are. You.”

I was trapped, there was no way to get out of this, but before I could even consider a response, a thundering boom fills my ears, originating from the pit.
I look down into the seemly endless hole, searching for what had made the noise.
As I search the darkness of a void I feel something, the ground under my captor's feet was moving.
And then, the pieces of concrete closest to the pit begin to crumble, the cliffs disappearing into the darkness.
The cracks begin to spread, spiderwebbing it’s way towards me and the others.

Oerak and I were the first to go, as soon as the spindly cracks that had formed reached us I knew it was the end. The ground underneath us crumbled, falling away into the void.

Oerak was heavier, he fell first, tumbling down into the inky blackness accompanied only by rocks.

Then it was my turn, for a moment I was flailing through the air, my death imminent. But, at the last second, I was able to latch onto the ledge, with my robotic hand clasping onto the rocks.

Though for the moment I was safe, I knew I would fall eventually, I could feel the wires and circuits of my hand snapping under the strain.
So, using all the strength I had left, I was able to pull myself up and out of the collapsing ledge.
I was so tired, but I could not rest yet, the ground under me was still riddled with cracks, and I knew what would happen next. And, though my leg muscles howl in protest, I start to run.

After just beginning to hit my stride I collapse on the gravel, my energy already spent
Knowing that if I didn’t get to cover soon I would disappear down that pit, I drag myself to the nearest building, which was the nearly destroyed corner of the building I had visited earlier.

As the dust finally settles I can see what was left of the ledge. Almost nothing remained, with the hole only spreading wider, and the guards, they were also gone, now just more deaths that this horrid event had caused.
As I look over the area of the explosion I begin to calm down. I had somehow escaped them, and now I was free to continue making my way to the warehouse.

Though these thoughts were calming me down, I soon remembered that there were others, other soldiers and thugs, and that the landslide had probably caught their attention.
Just as I had come to this conclusion I hear footsteps, rapid and hurried, quickly approaching my hiding place. Many more accompany these, all equally rushed and swift.

Knowing that they would soon reach me, I stagger to my feet, meeting the incoming group of mercenaries. I ignite my sword, letting the blazing electricity of it’s blade illuminate my face.
I then take a deep breath and ready myself for the fight of my life…

To be continued…

Well, there's my next instalment of my Insurgency storyline. Though sadly I wasn't able to get it up in time to have it up by the end of the month, sorry bout' that. Also, if you're wondering where Eva is, I'm taking a break from her for a bit, focusing more on my main character.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed. :D

-Marley Mac-


 I like it 
  December 3, 2016
Good one! Nice job! ALl of the builds were great and I'm pleased to see somebody else dealing with the devastation caused by the bombs. Full points! --Blast--
 I made it 
  December 2, 2016
Quoting Matt Ridgeway Last episode?
No, I just named it that because to Eric, it would seem like the end. :P No need to worry. :)
 I like it 
  December 2, 2016
Last episode?
 I like it 
  December 2, 2016
Very nice work Marley! Glad to see Eric again and it's good to see how the search for his father is affecting him. It's also nice to see the date of the large yellow alien ;). Great work as always and I look forward to reading more!
 I made it 
  December 2, 2016
Quoting Garrett W. Great episode!
Thank you! :)
 I like it 
  December 2, 2016
Great episode!
 I made it 
  December 2, 2016
Quoting Roanoke Handybuck Awesome job Marley! This is great! Lots of different builds tied together with a well written story! Keep it up Marley!
Thanks! Really glad you liked it. :D
 I like it 
  December 2, 2016
Awesome job Marley! This is great! Lots of different builds tied together with a well written story! Keep it up Marley!
By Marley Mac
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