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T.I.#6:Another piece in the puzzle:FB
Hello, members of the Insurgency! Today I have the next instalment of my Eric storyline. This episode is a bit shorter than usual, that is because I had a plot idea and had to completely re-write the story. Anyway, please remember to rate, comment, and enjoy! :)
About this creation
Date: September 28, 2096, Location: Outskirts of Illbliss

I had finally found my father’s hideout, after weeks of searching I had finally found it! I slowly drive up the house that the coordinates had sent me to. The place had been almost impossible to find, a place within the outskirts of Illbliss that crawled with urchins and thieves.
Ever since the downfall of Knightborn, people had scrambled to the closest non-damaged place they could find, and that turned out to be this place. The streets were now filled with hundreds of people, desperate to rebuild their lives.

Mixed in with these people were G.I. soldiers, specs of cobalt and silver against the mass of browns and blacks. They were escorting a small group of Aurelien rebels to god only knows where. The Aureliens were wounded and injured, some of them clutching at crutches while others held their broken arms still and bent so that they could heal correctly. Each and every one of them had their head bowed, silently mourning their leader’s death. I feel a twinge of sadness as I study those poor souls, but I quickly shake it off, bringing my mind back to the mission at hand.

I park on the opposite side of the road, bringing the low growl of the car’s motor to a stop.
As I slam the door I notice how nice my father’s house looks, well… nice compared to the rest of the street. The walls were a dull tan, with a few windows poking through the drab, sand-coloured walls.
A small, wrought-iron fence surrounds the small abode, topped with sharp looking spear tips.
Behind the fence was a little yard, the green grass that fills it being slightly overgrown.
A sloping black roof caps the small house, the paint pealing off the shingles and revealing dark, aged wood.

As I walk down to the house I notice something, something my mind had glossed over in my first cursory check of the residence. The door, it was open, only slightly so but open nonetheless.
Knowing my father, he wouldn’t be so foolish as to leave his door open like that. That means that someone was here, and they might still be in there.

I creep up to the doorway, gun draw. Still unsure about my sharpshooting abilities, I decide to keep the sword in my other hand, holding it at the ready. I keep my breath steady and quiet, not wanting to alert anyone who might be in there to my presence. As I reach the door I gingerly push it open, pointing my pistol into the house.
There was nobody, the house was devoid of any life… it appeared to be devoid of most other things too. The main living quarters had only the bare essentials, which left the house looking empty and barren, as far as I could tell, there wasn’t even a kitchen.
I scan the room, looking for anything that may hold any information. Most of the furniture seemed to be second-hand, with scuffs and scratches coving them. There was a small table set against one of the walls, atop it were a few computer monitors, varying both in brand and quality, all the screens blank. There was small cot next to it, with simplistic sheets and blankets. On the wall across from me holds a door, leading to a another room in the house, probably the bathroom, and a small window, displaying the chipped brick wall that bordered this one. There was also a backpack sitting next to the table, already packed and ready to go. Compared to the last house, this one had seemed to be more like a permanent place of residents, everything about seemed to had been prepared for a long-term stay.

As I look about the house it quickly becomes apparent that there was a fight here. One of the small tables was smashed, cracked in two, as if someone had been thrown onto it. There were other things as-well, a small picture frame toppled over, abrasion marks on the ground, all things that prove my assumption.

So, my dad has been taken against his will.” I silently surmise, seeds of anxiety burrowing into my chest. My mind quickly assumes who it was who had him kidnaped, Uek, or at least one of his lackeys. Daniel knew too much about the Core and his plans, so he would’ve had to be captured.
Maybe there was something here that help me, something that could lead me to him…
As soon as the thought reaches my mind I being franticly searching the room, looking something, anything that could further my search. My first thought was to search the computer, there was bound to be something there, but that idea was soon squashed when I discovered that it required a fingerprint to gain access to all the information that it may hold.

After what seemed like ages of searching through books and old letters I had come up with nothing! Nothing useful, nothing interesting, nothing! I could feel anger and frustration boiling up inside of me.
I aggressively kick a small box of papers I had been sifting through, sending it skittering across the floor. My breath comes out in short ragged pieces, laboured and quick.
I take a deep breath, I had to calm down, I wouldn’t be getting anywhere if I was blinded by anger.
I close my eyes and attempt to clear my head.
After I was sure I was adequately relaxed I open my eyes and take one last deep breath.
I look around the room searching for anything I may have missed in my previous search.
No, nothing else, well nothing else besides a small shelf that I hadn’t checked before, it wasn’t much but I was getting desperate.
I walk over and begin searching the small area.

It didn’t take very long to search to the shelf, only a few electronic items and books. And as far as I could tell, there wasn’t anything that could help my cause. Just as I’m thinking these depressing thoughts I spot something, a small gleam of black metal, hidden away under a well-placed picture frame. “What’s that?” I think as a small glimmer of hope fills my head.
My hands shake nervously as I pick up the mysterious object. From the looks of it, it was a small camera, the type that’s mounted on drones and the like. The little device had a small lens on the front of it and a few antennas sprouting from the end, giving it the look of a robotic eye, watching, recording everything it sees…

After a few failed attempts at trying to physically break into the deviceI decide that I’ll have to hack into it.
After retrieving my laptop from my car I sit down on the cot and start it up. After signing in and opening the hacking software I run a simple electronic single diagnostic, which will basically tell me how many different electronic items there are in any given area, in this case, the house.
After finding the camera among the list, I quickly hack into it by typing in “C: Domain_list_gen.rb: Access: File/124AV: Allow_Outside Appliance Access//_Bypass Security_Override:”
Luckly my father’s security camera wasn’t nearly as hard to hack into as the G.I’s security database and I get in without much trouble.

Once I enter the code I gain access to all the files that the camera holds. I scroll through the files, scanning the titles. I would need to find the video from the day that my father was taken, hmm…
Seeing as the place was still in fairly good shape that must mean that it had happened about a week ago, at most.
Once I come to that conclusion I begin looking through the videos from the last previous week.
It was tedious and boring looking through the countless hours of video, but all the way I remained hopeful, almost looking forward to finding out when my father was captured… If I found that I would finally get some answers!

Most of the videos were filled up with my father going about his life, sleeping, exercising, training, all things you would expect from an ex-member of the Core. As far as I could tell, my father had two different outfits that he wore during his time here, one of them was a simple shirt and a pair of loose fitting jogging pants, these he used around house. The other outfit was for when he went out, it was some sort of jumpsuit, with a vest strapped over his chest. Over this he wore a worn dark green waistcoat, and, as if to finish the look, he usually donned an azure motorcycle helmet, hiding his eyes under an inky black visor.

While I continue to search though tapes, I begin to wonder why this little camera was here, hidden away on the top of a shelf.
My first thought is that it was Uek, so that he could keep an eye on him, but that was quickly debunked, seeing as he would've probably had it deactivated when he sent someone to get my dad.
That means that my father must of put the camera there, he must have known that he was in danger and he put it there so that if he got kidnaped, someone would know who did it.
Spurred on by this new development, I begin to search faster, trying to find that one video that will hopefully explain it all.

I had found it, the video that’ll answer everythingl. It started out just as normal as any other day, just my father going about his business. But then, at about 2:00 in the afternoon, the front door slams open. A figure walks through the doorway and words were yelled, but the audio on the camera was just as good as you expect it to be and I couldn’t hear a word they were saying.

Something was in the figures hand, though I couldn't tell what it was, and then, he lunges, throwing himself towards Daniel.

Before I can even blink the thug was flying backwards, crashing into a nearby table. My father had kicked him, a kick so swift and powerful that it seemed inhumanly possible. It was so powerful yet controlled that it would’ve cracked ribs and shattered bones.

The thug crashes down against the mound of wood and glass that used to be the table, but quickly regains his composure and leaps to his feet. Then he swings, aiming for his chest.

But he was too slow, Daniel grabs the flying fist and then, using the assailant’s momentum against him, flips him over and smashes him into the floor.

As my father stands over the thug I start to reconsider my previous assumptions, “Maybe Dad had left on his own accord, maybe he’d defeated the assailant and then just left.” I think to myself, it was possible. Even though I was pretty sure of the outcome, I look back to the screen to see if I could get any more information. What I see surprises me and, more importantly, disproves my theory.
The attacker was back on his feet.
A syringe was clutched in his hand and murder was in his eyes.
He attacks, wielding the needle like a knife.

He stabs my father in the shoulder, puncturing through blood and flesh and meeting vein.

Daniel slumps down, dead to the world. I feel bile forcing it’s way up my throat, I hated the seeing my father like this.
I flick off the computer, I’d seen enough. Now my father was either dead or imprisoned. There was nothing I could do, I didn’t know where he was, what was being done to him, nothing that would help me find him.
As I rise out of the chair I suddenly realize how dark it had become. It must have been 11:00, at least. Time had seemed to slip past me as I had searched though those endless hours of video. The weight of all the new information that I gained seemed to have eaten away all my energy, and now all was left was exhaustion and fatigue. I look down at the cot, it looked so warm and comfortable. “One night couldn’t hurt.

After making sure that the door was locked and the windows were shut I lay down, my body feels tired and weak. Even though I hadn’t been doing anything physically taxing, all the things I had learned had done a number on my brain and now I just wanted to sleep. As I relax into the small bed I can already feel exhaustion ebbing away at my consciousness.
I push away all the worrying thoughts that were swirling around my head, close my eyes, and try to sleep.

To be continued…

Fourth wall:
So there was my story, hope you liked it. :) Again, sorry about it being a bit short, I was originally going to add more to the plot but I ran out of time.
P.S. This is coming out in Halloween! So I guess it's a Halloween special. :)

-Marley Mac-


 I made it 
  November 1, 2016
Quoting --R.K. Blast-- Ooh yes! Good one! And I agree with Wolff'! This raises lots of questions, but questions are good! haha! Tip for improvement; proof-read your writing. There's lots of little errors, but not spelling ones, so spell-check won't pick them up. Little things like writing 'I' instead of 'it', that sort of thing. Overall though, splendid entry and I look forward to the next one! 6 points! --Blast--
Thanks , I did proof-read this but I must have missed those, I'll go fix them. :)
 I like it 
  November 1, 2016
Ooh yes! Good one! And I agree with Wolff'! This raises lots of questions, but questions are good! haha! Tip for improvement; proof-read your writing. There's lots of little errors, but not spelling ones, so spell-check won't pick them up. Little things like writing 'I' instead of 'it', that sort of thing. Overall though, splendid entry and I look forward to the next one! 6 points! --Blast--
 I like it 
  October 31, 2016
Can't wait for part 2! Think I need to catch up on Eric's story though...
 I like it 
  October 31, 2016
Awesome episode Marley! Nice to see how Eric's dealing with finding his father. And now there's even more questions to answer, and I do enjoy questions :). Looking forward to reading part 2!
By Marley Mac
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