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T.I.#4(Eva):The return:GC
Hello insurgency members! Today I have my entry for the group-wide crossover. Though sadly I got my thing up slightly late, but I got it up now! Please remember to rate, comment, and enjoy!
About this creation

We had them surrounded, the Aurelii had little to no chance of escape. The raiding had gone reasonably well, without any major mishaps or problems. The Aurelien soldiers had fought well, but they surrendered when the time came. The only one who was still holding strong was Karven, who was still fighting and had to be held down. I looked down at Karven, struggling and helpless, but then in a flash, he was suddenly out of bonds. The soldier that was holding him was laying on the ground, clutching his leg in pain. Karven was sprinting down the hallway, desperate to escape. I took off after him, my boots pounding against the ground. He seemed much faster then the last time we had quarrelled.

I push myself, trying to run much faster then I normally can, not wanting to lose this ba&%#$d again.
We were reaching a turn, once we come to it Karven falters. I know this is my chance. I jump him, putting all my strength into pushing my body up into the air.
As I’m in the air, time seems to freeze, I could see the cracks in the floor, broken open by the explosives that we had detonated earlier. I could see Karven, his arms swinging and his legs slamming against the ground in a desperate attempt to escape.

And then… it un-froze, I crashed down on the ground and pain exploded within me. While this was happening I was able to reach out and clasp my hand onto Karven’s leg, sending the rest of his body on a collision course with the floor. He hit the ground with a hard *thump!*
I pulled him closer, trying to gain as much grip as I could.
Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, his free leg slams against my arm. As soon as the boot connects to my arm an audible *crack!* erupts from my forearm and pain quickly engulfs it.
He breaks free from my grasp and sprints away, continuing his escape.
The world crumbles around me as I lay there, the exhaustion and pain of the last few days taking it’s affect. Soon the whole world is replaced by an inky blackness…

Date: August 27 2096
Today was my first day back from the hospital and I planned on getting back on schedule as soon as I can.
It took about three months for my arm to heal, the most boring months of my life. The days seemed interminable and the hotel room was bland and uninteresting. There was nothing on TV, as always, and I couldn’t do much else, so I was looking forward to doing things, even if those things are being a soldier and training to kill people.
After showing my pass-card to the guards I enter the long metal hallways that have punctuated my recent life. After meeting with Garrison to report my arrival, I walk down to my room, enjoying every step.
That night I stared at the celling for awhile before succumbing to sleep, wondering what the next day will hold…

Date: August 28 2096 - Location: Unknown
Karven was sitting at a table, a meeting table to be precise, General Zargoth was sitting across from him. A file lays on the table, explaining his reason to be here.
“Eva’s always been trouble, but now, she’s become a bit more “noticeable.” Zargoth was saying. “And we’re worried that she will become even more of a problem in the future. That’s why she needs to be “eliminated.”

“So, what? You want me to kill her?” Karven asks.
“Yes, in the most quiet way possible, l I hope this doesn’t interferer with any of your plans.”
“No, no. It would be my pleasure.” Karven responds.
“Good, more detailed information about the mission can be found in this file.” Zargoth says, indicating the file on the table.
Karven smiles to himself as Zargoth walks out the room, glad to finally be rid of that distraction.

Date: September 1 2096
The last few days were just like usual, routine. I was finally getting my life back to normal, well as normal as I can. All was going well until that one morning, General Allison had called me down to the control room, said he had to talk to me.
As I was walking down the hall I wondered what Allison would want, hopefully it wasn’t another mission.
“Ah, Soldier Brooks.” Allison says as I walk up to her. “The reason why I wanted you here is that I wanted to tell you that you are going to transferred.”
“What?” I ask. “Why?”
“You will be transferred to the Yudon base on Quoter. The reason, they are bit low on forces and your team is the ideal squad.” the female commander responds.
“But, I can’t just leav-”
“No buts, soldier. This is an order.” Allison says, cutting me off. “You are dismissed.”
I open my mouth, about to protest, but then I close it.
I turn away, glowering, my plans of getting back on schedule crushed.

The trip to Quoter was slow and uninteresting, I spent most of it reading, reading and thinking. Thinking about the war, thinking about Trent, thinking about everything, taking this free time to consider my life…

Once my ship lands I quickly get off and rush to the base, not caring about “exploring the city” or anything else the pamphlet says to do. From my brief glimpse of the city I see towering and sleek glass buildings. This city was much like the cities on earth, except on Earth they were more industrial, less flashy, I think I prefer those to these large, planet sprawling cities that covered this world. Though these were fine too.

Once I get to my room I quickly unpack and set up my belongings. And then, I decide to explore this new base, get myself familiarized with this unknown building.
After awhile of exploring I had gotten myself fairly accustomed to my new home. As I was walking back to my room an announcement bursts from the hallway’s speakers.
“Alert! All soldiers in squads 51 to 53 please report to the briefing room, I repeat, All soldiers in squads 51 to 53 please report to the briefing room.”
Squad 53, that’s my squad.” I think to myself as the report subsides. I quickly alter my course and start walking briskly down to the briefing room, remembering it from moments ago. I was one of first people there and very few of the chairs were already taken. Taking one of the many empty spots, I sit down and await other soldier's arrival.

Once all the soldiers had entered the room the leader of the meeting walks in, his walk was strict and practised and he face was carved into a permeant scowl. Everything about him seemed to have a brusque nature to it. The most noticeable thing about him is that he had a long scar running down his right eye, only helping in increasing the look of strictness was clearly showing on his face.

He stops in the middle of the room and starts speaking.
“My name is General Kain Darren, I will the commanding officer of this mission, you will do what I say when I say. If you do not, there will be extreme consequences” he says, his imperative voice matching his act.
“Yes, Sir!” every soldier shouts in salute.
“Now! You may all be wondering why you were ordered come here.” Darren says, while walking slowly to side to reveal the large screen behind him. “Well, just a few hours ago, we received a destress signal a demolition site in Knightborn. Apparently, Pax soldiers were guarding some sort of “artifact” in the area, Lead by Captain Brass, when True Aureliens who somehow knew about this "Old Quoter" as they're calling it, and attacked and killed off most, if not all, Pax soldiers.
Governor Judas Boan has sent soldiers to attack the True Aureliens, but they were quickly overpowered. He has personally asked me to send reinforcements.” he says.
“Soldier Jakson! Your squad will take the right flank. Solider Brooks, your squad will take left flank.
Soldier Marme, your squad will take middle.” Darren continues, addressing the squad leaders in the room. “Dropships will drop you off in your locations. After that, you will lead your squad and try to flush out as many Aureliens as possible, am I clear!”
“Yes sir!” Once again, the room is filled with noise as the soldiers salute.

Date: September 5 2096
The dropship doors slowly open up, gunshots and yells fill the air, the bright blue sky is riddled with dust and the small yellow and red flames of gunshots.

The war zone below us is filled with both G.I. and True Aurelii alike, scuttling around like ants. In the middle of it all was a man, a man that I instantly recognize, Uek Ferris. His two arms were blurs, sending Aurelien soldiers flying. Through the dust and dirt that was swirling around with his movement I see two brief flashes of silver, knifes. He was somehow doing this with only two knives!

The dropship hovers just over the ground, waiting for us to disembark so it can quickly fly away.
I stand on the edge of the metal floor of the ship, looking down at the hard-packed ground under me. Before I leap I suddenly feel a twinge of doubt, a worry, that I’m doing the wrong thing, by attacking all these Aureliens. But then, the images of all the terrible things that they have done flood into my head, the bombings, the attack on London, everything. But I still switch my ammo to stun, just in case… just in case there are still any good women or men out there.
Knowing that it is now or never, I take I deep breath and… jump!
I leap off the ship and land on the ground, the others quickly follow suit. I hit the ground running, literally.

As I sprint down the demolition site I pull the trigger on my rifle, raining down plasma filled laser blasts on the incoming Aurelien troops. Suddenly, a Laron, clad in Aurelien amour, leaps in front of me.
His eyes were blazing with an odd, wild fury.

He grabs a grenade from a strip of them that was slung around his shoulder. Realizing what he’s about to do I raise my rifle, and let loose a downpour of plasma blasts. One hits him in the chest and he goes flying back, but it was too late, he had already pulled the pin.
I throw myself to the side, knowing that I had mere seconds before the grenade activated.
I land on the earth, the dirt flying up and covering me. I had only just hit the ground when the red flames of the explosion lights up the world around me.

My armour protects me from most of blast but it still leaves my ears ringing. Not willing to get up yet, I just sit there and watch the chaos around me. Through the charging feet and bodies I see someone, someone that until just recently, I believed to be dead. The same person that had started all this, all this mayhem that had disrupted my once normal life, Zargoth. Somehow this man had escaped the flames of the explosion that had ripped through Alaska just over five months ago. His shoulder was still adorned with a golden shoulder pad, signifying his General rank.

In an instant I suddenly fell the urge to kill him, that doing that would somehow justify all the problems in my life. I get up, some sort of newly-found strength rising within. I raise my gun and let rest on Zargoth’s head. I take a deep breath, and switch the my rifle from “stun” to “lethal”, the whole world fades away, with the only two things left in world being me and him. I exhale slowly, letting my breath slowly seep out. And... I pull the trigger.

As soon as the laser blast had left the barrel the world comes back into focus. The laser cracks through the air as it flashes towards Zargoth. But then, at the last second, someone runs into the line of fire, the blast hits him right in the head. He collapses on the ground, dead.
“Dammit!” I swear angrily as Zargoth moves out of range. I had missed what was probably my only chance to kill the man that had ruined my life! Then I remember that I’m still in a battle and that there is a war to fight.
Quickly swallowing my fury I re-enter the fray.

-Later that day-
The Aurelii had retreated, only a few stragglers were left, this gave us a chance to regroup and plan out our next attack. Darren, Jakson, Marme, and me had arranged to meet up with the leader of the main charge, Commander Ferris himself. He was dressed in a General-like attire, with a dark blue cape flowing around him. A well-practised grin appears on his face as he walks up to us.

“Hello, Commander Uek, I’m General Darren and this is Eva Brooks, leader of squad 53, Mary Jakson, leader of squad 51, and Ryan Marme, leader of squad 52.” Darren says, introducing all of us.
“It’s a pleasure to meet all of you, I’ve always liked to meet face-to-face with the people that have helped fight this horrible war.” Uek responds, his grin still plastered upon his face. He then proceeded to shake hands with all of us.
While I shake his hand I realize how rough it is, it was the hand of a fighter, with scars and blade marks covering it.
Though the man seemed kindly and humble, I somehow knew that it was a front. Ever since I was a kid I was always able to tell if someone was lying or not, and this man was lying.
Under his friendly exterior I could see a criminal, a man with a secret past, a man hungry for power and for control. This man did not belong in the G.I…

As this goes on a figure enters the tunnel at the other end of the war zone. The figure walked with a slight limp, with they’re body stooping every second step, the horrible consequence of the bullet that had ripped trough their leg five months ago.
The cybernetic implant had helped with the pain, as it did with many other things, the figure smirked as they thought of the last time they had utilized that implant.
Aurelien soldiers followed them as they walked down the steep underground passage.
One of the soldiers walks up to them.
“Sir, may I ask why we are going down this tunnel, our mission briefing said nothing about this.”
“We need to protect Corvin, he is in extreme danger, both of himself and others.” the figure says.
The soldier then walks away and joins the others, apparently satisfied with their answer.
There was also another objective that the figure was keeping to themselves. That mission, to kill Eva Brooks…

To be continued…

-Fourth wall-
So that was my entry for the crossover, I hope you liked it!
If you want to see the aftermath of the battle, read this. :D


 I like it 
  September 28, 2016
Awesome, love the interiors of the rooms and the shot of the micro city especially!
 I made it 
  September 27, 2016
Quoting --R.K. Blast-- Indeed! Great work! My one comment would be that you've just said 'Aurelia', so it makes it seem like the GI are attacking Pax as well! But remember, it's Pax (who wear red) and the GI vs True Aurelia (who wear orange.) Just to clear that up. Good luck in the GC! --Blast--
Thanks. :) Also, I got that cleared up too. :-P
 I like it 
  September 27, 2016
Indeed! Great work! My one comment would be that you've just said 'Aurelia', so it makes it seem like the GI are attacking Pax as well! But remember, it's Pax (who wear red) and the GI vs True Aurelia (who wear orange.) Just to clear that up. Good luck in the GC! --Blast--
 I made it 
  September 27, 2016
Quoting Werewolff . Whoa, awesome work Marley! Great builds and story telling, as always, and you've nailed Uek's character bang on! Good to see Eva again as well, and see how she's been coping with her situation. Well done mate, though you might want to check the date, as the battle started on the 5th of September, not the 1st.
Thanks a lot Werewolff, I'm really glad you liked how I portrayed him. Also, thanks fir letting me know about the date thing, I had missed that. :-) Edit: For some reason they removed that little "I like it" thing on your comment again. :P
  September 26, 2016
Whoa, awesome work Marley! Great builds and story telling, as always, and you've nailed Uek's character bang on! Good to see Eva again as well, and see how she's been coping with her situation. Well done mate, though you might want to check the date, as the battle started on the 5th of September, not the 1st.
By Marley Mac
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