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so, I have been thinking (it hurt) and I was wondering what you lot thought of this.
About this creation
Recently, with the Island RPG getting off the ground, I realised something:

I really want to bring back one of my old RP’s. so, I decided that it would be best to do the post apocalyptic failure, Tales from the waste.

As a brief refresher, TftW started as a story serial I was posting here, written In a diary format. Then I made it an insurgency rip of RPG, and then I cancel that and said I would do the story myself, before posting two comics, before cancelling.

I liked the universe, I liked the characters, but it really is the kind of thing that needs an RP. So here is what I suggest.

If you think this is a good Idea, post in the comments.

I want to set up a much more indepth, “table top/MUD” inspired RPG, which isn’t bassed around player making comics of their characters, but instead around roleplaying your charater in multiple missions and campaigns. So, here is how it would work.

1. Character creation

After a person joins the RP, the first thing to do is make your character’s minifig, and post their “character sheet”. A character sheet would look like this (if made up with my character, Rodrick Marth, as I left him):

Name: Rodrick Christopher Marth
Vitality: 7
Strength: 2
toughness: 2
speed: 2
skill: 2
Items: none (0/10 slots taken)
Level 10
Faction: wanderer

I will now go over each of these sections individually.

2) stat points
Stat points are what your character uses to upgrade themselves. Stat points can be invested into your stats. Your stats are as follows:

Vitality= health. The amount of damage it takes to “kill” your character. The only stat to start above level 0, it starts at 5, which is fifty HP, and raises by 10 HP with every invested point. Max level is 20.

Strength= damage. How much damage you deal with your bare hands. Starts at level 0 (5 damage per hit) and can be raised to level 10. Damage raises per 5 per stat point.

Toughness= resistance. How much your character damage you character receives. Starts at level 0 (100% of all damage), and can be raised to level 10. damage resistance raises by 2% per stat point.

Speed= chances of attacks missing. The likely hood an attack against you will miss you. starts at 0 (0% chance of a dodge), and can be raised to level 10. Speed raises by 3% per stat point.

Skill= looting. Greater chance of better drops. Starts at level 0 (1% chance of high tier items) and can be raised to level ten. Loot chances increased by 1% each stat point.

Each player starts out with ten stat points which must be applied to their character immediately. Players can also spend stat points on starting Items, but only on one. (a basic melee for 1 stat point, 3 for a follower, and 7 for a gun). They may only purchase one of these, and only at the beginning of the game. All items brought this way are completely random.

3) level.

Your level is dictated by your character’s stat points subtracted by 5 (to account for health. So, all players who don’t purchase a starting item start at level 10. The lowest starting level is 3 (if a gun is purchased). Levels are meaningless, except that only high level players can accept certain missions.

4) Items

Items are weapons, “potions” or food. I will cover these individually.

Weapons are split into two different sub category’s: “melee” and “guns”. Both are similar. The both have a damage stat (which is how much damage they do when used). The difference is that melee weapons damage is added to the damage given by a character’s strength stat (so say my strength was 2, which is 15 damage per hit) and I use a melee with a damage of +3, my ultimate damage is 18 HP per hit. Guns however, do not act as additions to strength, and they only deal the damage that they are marked as having. Because of this, guns tend to have very high damage, ranging from 10 to 50, and so able to one shot a base vitality player, and four hit a full vitality one. To avoid guns being overpowered, guns require either magazines or clips (depending on the gun). Once your ammo has been used up, you gun is essentially useless until you get more (all guns start with one Magazine/clip).

“potions” are really medical supplies. There are multiple different ones, ranging from bandages (used to heal yourself or others) to items such as adrenaline which allows for briefly higher chances of dodging, and steroids which give extra damage.

Food is used in certain situations to either: keep your character from starvation, keep from dehydration, or to lure animals.

In your inventory, you can hold up to 10 items at a time. Any extras can be placed in storage at the “pub”

5. factions

I have decided to keep the factions from the old tales of the waste. Being part of certain factions give special bonuses, and give access to that factions exclusive missions. Factions and their abilities are as follows:

WANDERER: every man of the waste. Just trying to survive. Ability: “lay of the land” extra low-to-mid tier loot per mission completed.

ARMY OF MAN: a force to be reckoned with. Boasting the most technology in the waste. Higher chance of weapons being given as loot.

BANDITS: lawless criminals who only want money. Extra coins gained from mission completions and battle victories.

I would like to add further Factions later, such as “the army of purity” and “slavers” but, for now, this is what there would be. Players can switch factions at any time, but they lose access to that groups faction specific missions, and any faction specific Items (which I have yet to create yet).

6. playing.

So, now you all know how character creation works, how about I actualy explain the game. You will be part of not one group, but four. These are labelled as “main”, the name of the faction a player is part of, “battle arena” and “Quest”. Main and faction groups are basically the same. In each there is a thread titled “Pub”. This is where you can RP you character, free of questline constraints. You can challenge other players to battles, form aliances and, most importantly, find out what the monthly Quest are

Quests, or missions, are placed on the pub “chalk board” (the top post). A Quest is open to all in the main group, but only members of the faction in the faction groups (which doesn’t much matter, as only members of the faction are in the faction group). Players can only accept one Quest, and Quests can only be accepted by one player. As such, each person’s experiences are unique to them. Some Quest cross over, and can result in PVP battles.

7. Quests

When you have accepted a quest, go to the Quest group, and find the thread with the same as the one you have accepted. (to accept a Quest, simply state the one you wish to take part in in the pub.) in the Quest players and their parties (later), will be led by a “master” (admin who controls the actions of any NPC’s and states what is happening) through the Questline. Quests culminate in a reward box, of which an item is given to each character. Quests feature multiple enemy encounters, and some player encounters. These can lead to battles.

8. Battles

Battles take place in the “battle Arena” group, and are monitored by a master. There are two types of battle: PVE and PVP. PVE is player vs enemies. Enemies are not players, and are controlled by the battles master. To avoid Bias, the master must not be a part of the part fighting party. Enemies have stats of their own, but they are the same per enemy type (more to avoid tedious further randomisation). (enemies will have higher stats for higher level missions).

PVP battles are Player VS player. This works just like normal battles, except neither side is controlled by the master. The masters only job it to announce whether attacks hit or miss. Otherwise battle and fighting works as normal.

Battles lost at the point when the player is killed. The player will then respawn at the pub, with no money and items, except ones placed in storage. Stats stay the same as they were upon the last visit to the pub.

9. parties
A group of players can get together and form a party. Parties all take part in a single Quest line, together. Parties can have up to three members at a time. Parties can also be made up of NPC friendly characters. In battle, players take it in turns to attack. The order is dictated by who is the highest level player/character, and who is the lowest. In the case of it being an NPC’s turn, the NPC’s “owner” chooses what they do. (ownership is dictated by who the NPC was brought in by.)

10. enemys

“Motor fiends”: robotic mechanics, reprogramed by bandits to act as scouts, scavengers and combat droids.

“walkers”. Zombies.

“army of Purity soldier” a splinter cell of the army of man, the army of purity are only slightly less advanced, but infinitely more deadly.

“cannibals”. People who went a little bit too far in their attempts to survive. Feral and visciouse, they have a habit of eating their enemies

“roaches” Mutant cockroaches. Twenty times the size and very terororial.

“ravages” what happens when military grade mutant bats get mutated further by radiation, and breed like rabbits? Ravages.

Other than that, there will be more if this does happen, but I don’t know what yet. Also, I have not figured out the stats for these enemies yet so… Idk.

So…that’s about it. Feel free to call me on anything I have missed, and also to say If you would be interested in this kind or RP. Yea. I don’t know. I want it, but then I am a complete nerd. Anyway, this is Quartz roolz, signing off.


  February 13, 2017
Sounds cool, but I'd agree with Callum about waiting. The Island will probably be taking a pause shortly (b/c the boss fight is going to happen soon), so maybe you can try it then.
  September 11, 2016
This sounds quite interesting, but I'll say you should probably delay it. After seeing the success of The Island, 2 RPGS have already been suggested. to be honest, I feel if we add on even 1 more RPG it could tire people out and cause them to become completely disinterested in ANY RPG, theoretically kil1ing any and all RPGs for a long while.
QuartzRoolz (Patrick ~)
 I like it 
Blizzard -
  September 10, 2016
Tales From the Waste is a very interesting concept, and you've got this pretty well planned out, so I say go for it!
By QuartzRoolz (Patrick ~)
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Added September 10, 2016

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