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Star Wars TCW: The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 22 - A Brother In Need
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Top of the mornin' to ya' ladies and gents', welcome back to the Star Wars series! We are so happy that the last one was still a good success, and overjoyed that some of you think this series is amazing. It shows us that you guys continue to enjoy reading these and we look forward to continuing them. Anyways, we last saw the defeat of the Predator machine and the arrest of Dr. Vinscti. Plus, the blossoms of feelings beginning to come between our two protagonists. However, how will they be able to deal with them? And what does Kydan tend to do with these newfound emotions? Let us find out!
About this creation

(Coruscant, Year 20 BBY, Venator-Class Star Destroyer 'Mystic', Four Months after the Battle of Alzoc III)

Kydan- "A lot has been happening since we left Alzoc months ago, and it's starting to make me feel uneasy. Not in a terrible way, more like...well...'

'I guess I should explain from the beginning.'

'After we came back from the battle, and after me and Dark learned more about the Forge and his past from the holocron device back at the Black Shadow, things started to become complicated. Not like it's a bad thing or nothing, don't get me wrong. it's pretty much about how difficult it became for me. it feels so...different now.'

'A month later, I had come back from a infiltration mission with Tanga Squad, which lasted not even a couple of days, and decided to take a few days off from the war. On my way back to Cathon, I had found a wild Kath Hound adult roaming around the outskirts on Dantooine. I had studied them from the archives on Coruscant when I was younger and found that they were somewhat rare in the galaxy, considering after being almost extinct during the Old Republic times.'

'Not to mention, I had heard they make a great dinner.'

'So I hunted it down, dragged its corpse back to the ship, and headed back home to Cathol. My next problem was that...I had no cooking skills whatsoever, which meant that the Kath Hound I hunted wasn't going to get cooked anytime soon.'

'Luckily, if there really was such a thing, after taking it over to Egile's armory shop, who had recently put it up for our fellow soldiers in the Republic, I had unexpectedly ran into Calena. Apparently, from what I learned, she had bought off a small vacation home down in the upper rich estates half a year ago. I shouldn't be suprised by that, but at the same time, I was taken back from the news.'

'But anyways, I had heard that she was learning how to cook, due to many of the star systems beginning to starve from hunger problems, and thought that she would be the person that could possibly make a meal from my catch. So I told her about, with a bit of bickering as usual, and decided to help. But on the condition I had to share half of it. I was reluctant, but at the same time, who else did I know that can cook, besides Dexter on Coruscant? Reluctantly, I agreed.'

'Later that day, I had followed her back to her home, which felt pretty odd for some reason. The moment I was welcomed into her home, my breathe was cuaght in my throat. I was amazed at what the place actually looked like. The furniture, the decorations, everything in the house was breath-taking. I never imagined her being this classy. On top of that, she had told me that it all cost about over ten million credits, minus the house fee. I had nearly dropped my draw afterwards. Even I can't afford to pay that much.'

'I had decided to let Calena choose the course of the meal, considering that she is the one cooking it. Deciding what kind of dish she was going to make, I watched in amazement and awe as she cooked the meals. I never knew Calena being the type to do stuff like this. For some reason, the more I learned about her personally, the more I felt more drawn to her. From what, I couldn't say.'

'Hours later, Calena and I had eaten the dinner she baked, and I have to say, I never had a meal like that in ages. It was divine! Afterwards, we began to talk about casual stuff, one of them being about our partnership. At first, I was a bit taken back, as well as biaste, about her wanting to form a permanent team together. But, with a little persuasion from her saber, I utterly agreed. But honestly, it kinda felt good that she did ask.'

'But now...something inside me felt odd, every time I'm with her now. It's only when she is around me, or talking to me, that I start to feel uneasy. It feels like a bunch of mynocks are flapping their large wings inside my stomach, causing me to have this effect. I can't figure out why I'm like this, nor can I ignore the fact that it's causing me to act differently.'

'That's when I thought about Breona and decided that; if anyone can help me with whatever is going on with me, then Breona would be my first choice to ask. And since we are suppose to head to Corellia in a couple days, I need to get this over with. Otherwise, I might just lose my life on the front lines..."

Kydan stood next to one of the repairing BARC Speeders, waiting patiently for Breona to come into the hangar bay. The expression on his face had the looks of embarrassment, being his cheeks containing a tint of pink and his eyes looking around the place nervously.

He really needed to talk to Breona soon as he could. He knew the commander was now dating his little sister, Relyckia, and if he knew anything about girls, it would probably be him. Course, he could have asked Coneros about it, even Degree or R.S. But those ideas felt wrong in many ways. So instead, he chose to speak with Breona about it.

So spaced out from his inner thoughts, he didn't sense another presence from the other side walk up to him.

???- Kydan? You okay?

Startled from the voice, he looks over to whomever was talking to him. When his eyes made contact with the same cerulean blue eyes, he felt extremely embarrassed in front of Calena. A slight blush puffed on each side of his cheek bones.

Kydan- H-Hey Cale'! I, uh...I didn't see you there.

She looks at him curiously, her eyebrow raised in suspicion.

Calena- Are you really okay? You seem like you've been spacing out quite a lot lately. Even after we left Alzoc.

Kydan- *Small blush* E-Everything is fine! Really!

Calena- Are you sure?

From the look on her face, he knew that she was worried about him. And who wouldn't? It was probably easy to tell that he hasn't been himself as of late. With all that was going on through his mind, he was anything but okay. And most of it was about her. He didn't like the idea of feeling strange around her. For goodness sakes, she's his best friend!

Taking up any courage he had, he sighed silently and ecided to just tell her. Maybe she would understand what was going on with him.

Kydan- ...Well, no I'm not. Lately, I've been feeling--

???- General Irune?

And just like that, his courage was immediately gone.

Strolling up to them was Commander Patterns and Kydan's elite, medical soldier, Patcher, both wearing their combat armors as they carried their helmets around their arms.

Calena- Yes, Patterns?

Patterns- The Admiral needs a word with you immediately. He wishes to go over the plans with you one last time before speaking with the others.

With an annoyed look, and what Kydan noticed, a small, miserable sigh as she nodded to her trooper.

Calena- Tell the Admiral I'll be there in a minute.

Patterns- Yes ma'am. And sorry about this.

Patterns and Patcher both salute to their respective leaders as they walked towards the other area of the hangar bay.

Calena, still having an annoyed look, but with concern written on it, turned back to Kydan.

Calena- Sorry Kyie'. Gotta' inform the Admiral about the plan one more time. Maybe we can continue our conversation later?

Kydan- *Nods once* Yeah, that's fine.

With a sad smile, she made her way towards the doors as Kydan watched her walk away.

Kydan's breath then caught his throat, feeling as if he had forgotten to breath around her. He knew that it was getting worse, and still he had no idea why or what the cause of it is. It's only when she's around him. When she speaks, the way she moves her body around...her soft voice...her...

Wait...what was he thinking?! Why was he thinking that?! He couldn't understand any of it!

???- Having problems, Kydan?

Once again startled, he looked behind his shoulder to see Breona wearing a small, yet knowing, smile as he chuckled a bit from his commanding officer's surprise. Taking a quick sigh of relief, Kydan looked back at him with a stern look.

Kydan- You know I don't like that, Breona.

Breona- *Chuckle* Sorry. I forget you don't like anyone doing it. So what was that all about?

Kydan- What?

Breona- That conversation with Calena. Seems like you two were being serious about something.

A small blush, yet again, crept up to his face as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Kydan- I-It was nothing...

Breona- Uh-huh, and I didn't go on a date with your sister. Come on Kydan, I know something is up.

Kydan- There's nothing wrong. Really!

Breona- Kydan...

???- Just talk to him, Kydan. That's what you wanted anyway.

Kydan looked over to his side to see Dark staring at him with what seemed like a serious look in his eyes. He knew Dark was only help him, and he was grateful for it. He just had a hard time wanting to talk about it.

Though, after a few moments of silence, Kydan sighed in defeat.

Breona- Kydan, why don't you take a seat?

Complying, Kydan took a seat next to Breona next to a pile of crates scattered behind them both. A pretty well private place to talk at least, Kydan thought.

Breona- Ever since we got back from Alzoc, you've been acting differently. Is there a reason why?

Kydan mostly knew, but he wanted to make sure from Breona. So he just tried to act dumb.

Kydan- No, not really. Why?

Breona- Because ever since we all left the hangar to scan the base around, you were behaving a bit differently when we got back. And the only two people in there were you and Calena, which begs to think that you two were discussing something that we don't want to know. What did she tell you?

Kydan- Well, it was just mostly--

Breona- Don't lie to me, Kydan. I've known you long enough to know the difference. And you were gonna tell me a fat lie.

Looking a bit guilty to Breona, Kydan sighed loudly in response. He knew that he might as well get it done and over with. That might make him feel somewhat better.

Kydan- Alright got me. When you guys went looking around, Calena had me promise something to her.

Breona- And what was that?

Kydan- ...She told me to promise her that I wouldn't leave her again. That I will be by her side through the entire Clone Wars.

Breona's suspicions were becoming accurate. Secretly, he knew that the general has a big crush on the Dark Mercenary, and that Kydan had been blind somewhat to the fact that she really likes him. He thought this would be the bestest of times to get to the main point.

Breona- Well, I know it just wasn't since we came back, so how long has this been bugging you?

Kydan- It started ever since Calena brought me to her home on Cathol...

He explained everything that happened before, during & after the dinner with her. Making sure he kept a couple things out, he finally wraps up his explanation, leaving Breona to ponder quietly as he listened.

Kydan- And now...ever since then, it's been feeling awkward and strange whenever she's around me now. I mean, she's my best friend, my partner! I shoudn't be acting like this!

Nodding his head to him, Breona looked at him directly in the eyes as his expression became a serious one.

Breona- Alright Kydan, I'm gonna ask you this. And I want you to be completely honest with me.

Nodding in response, Breona began to ask the question.

Breona- What are your feelings towards her?

Kydan's expression became one of thinking, his mind racing around to find the right words to say to him. It sounded simple and plain, but for some reason, it was like his life was at stake if he didn't think hard about it.

Then, he sighed.

Kydan- Honestly, Breona...I really don't know. I mean, she's my closest friend and all, but somewhere, deep in the bottom of my stomach pit, it's trying to say I want more.

Now Breona's interest really peeked up. He might just be getting through to him after all.

Kydan- I mean...I swear I was coming down with a sickness...having Patcher check me, I was perfectly fine. But I still feel this burning sensation whenever I think or by her...and it's been amplified ever since then.

Standing up from his spot, Breona looked down to Kydan and finally spoke up. He knew now was the time to close the deal.

Breona- Kydan, what if I were to tell that I knew 'exactly' why you feel like this?

Kydan- Honestly, I would be ever grateful. As long as I can stop this.

Breona- *Nods* Alright then, you might wanna brace yourself.

Kydan's body immediately tenses up as those words slipped out of Breona's mouth. He had a feeling Kydan was not gonna want to hear what Breona was about tell him. Looking at Kydan deads on, he finally spoke.

Breona- Simple as that.

And if suspicions weren't anymore correct, Breona had a hunch Kydan would begin to deny it. Not as strong as he thought, but was still denial.

Standing up himself, Kydan looked at him with shock.

Kydan- But how can you be sure, Breona?!

Breona- How do you think I felt when I met your sister, Relyckia? Every time I see her, my heart starts acting strange, as if the core was self-destructing from the inside. I always get Mynocks in my stomach when I try to talk to her. And when you had me meet her alone, I just went along with whatever I felt. Now look at us! With your approval, and blessing I might add, we're both dating already. The point being Kydan, what you have is true love. Frankly, a lot of us were hoping you would figure it out back on Jabiim.

Kydan looked at him in understanding, and somehow, agreeing. But with a heavy sigh, Kydan's face fell.

Kydan- Well...there's no hope in that, I guess. There's no way for me tell her, and I bet she wouldn't feel the same.

Breona- How can you be sure? You don't know that.

Kydan- Breona, she's a Jedi Knight and part of the Jedi Council! Relationships are forbidden in the Jedi Code! If I tell her and she doesn't feel the same, let alone be weary about it, our friendship would be gone!

Breona- That's where you're wrong, brother. No matter what happens, you will both still be friends. Heck, you two been through thick and thin together, and I'm sure that that won't be thrown away by a risk that needs to be taken.

Kydan still didn't seem, or look, convinced from the matter.

Kydan- Are you really sure, Breona? I mean...come on, we both know that Calena tends to get angry.

Breona- I will admit, that is true. But, I know for a fact that Calena is the kind of friend that you can trust with about anything. I 'do' trust her, don't you?

Kydan stares at him in disbelief. How could he ask him that?

Kydan- Of course I do! I trust her with my life!

Breona- *Smirks* Then what's the real problem then?

Gaping his mouth open to fire back, nothing came out. In fact, nothing came to mind to reply to that question. True, what was the problem? If he knew Calena as much as he does, he would definitely be sure that she wouldn't get upset about it. Likely, she might just chuckle about it with him and have things back to normal.

With a small smile, Kydan looked to Breona with a more relieved, and more confindent, look.

Kydan- You know what? Maybe you're right, Breona.

Breona- Don't be too surprised, Kydan. I do tend to pick up a few things here and there.

Kydan- *Grins* From who, Degree and R.S.?

Breona- Don't even go there...

A few seconds after, the two laughed in response. As the laughter died down, Breona looked at Kydan with a broad smile.

Breona- Well, I guess we better get back to the squad. Don't need any of the screw balls messing up the place.

Just as they began to take a few steps towards the doors, Kydan stopped Breona for a brief moment.

Kydan- Hey, Breona?

Breona- Yeah?

Kydan- ...Thank you for your help. Talking helped me a lot. But, do you think we can...

Breona- *Smirks* My lips are sealed, brother.

Silently thanking him, the three made their way back to their quarters. As they walked, Dark spoke privately to Kydan.

Dark- Honestly Kydan, even if it is forbidden in the Jedi Code, I really thinks she likes you.

Kydan- I really hope so, Dark. I wish I could find out myself.

Dark- You just gotta ask her. So what's the plan, exactly?

Kydan quietly thought for a brief moment before a small frown reappeared on his lips.

Kydan- ...I don't know...

BONUS PIC TIME! Considering there wasn't a whole lot of scenes or action in this, the pics below are only few. However, we hope you all enjoy nonetheless!

So now we know Kydan's true feelings about Calena. The last time we saw him like this was with Relicia on Geonosis, but lost her after her passing. But what will Kydan do now? Calena is a Jedi Knight of the Council, and it is forbidden. And how will he express it to her? Better stay tune for next time ;P

Even though there wasn't any action of any sorts, we still enjoyed this build. I especially love how the Venator's Hangar Bay turned out, including Calena's apartment on Cathol. We were planning on a few more scenes to this to give it a little bit of action, but we concluded that they wouldn't had fitted in. In all, it was a pretty good chapter.

Well that's about it for this chapter, so thank you all for your wonderful support, and if you can, leave a like and/or comment down below to show us how much you enjoy. Hope you all enjoyed, and as always, have a fan-tucking-tastic day/night! See ya' in the next one ;)

- Director K.W.


 I like it 
  August 28, 2016
Great story! Can't wait for the next one! Keep it up!~ jd the Lego owl
 I like it 
  August 8, 2016
I got to admit I would have been a bit disapointed if this DIDN'T happen :P Great chapter as usual, cannot wait for the next one! =D
 I like it 
  August 8, 2016
Awesome build! Love that hangar especially, great work!
 I like it 
  August 8, 2016
Really nice work, you never cease to impress! Btw, nice new outfit Kydan ;)
 I like it 
  August 7, 2016
I think we all saw this one coming. Great builds, and the story gets better and better. Keep it up!
 I like it 
  August 7, 2016
Nice story! Interesting development... Cool builds too! Keep up the good work :)
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