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Star Wars TCW : The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 21 - The Two Combined
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Greetings to all of you ladies and gents', welcome back to the Star Wars series! And may I say, it has been quite some time since the last chapter. We've been having so many writer blocks that it was completely insane. But now, we are back and are ready to get on with the final half of the season. So, to just jog your memories a bit; Kydan and Dark recieved an ancient saber that somehow belongs to Dark. Also, with Calena's emotions out of control, the Republic makes ready to attack the Separatist base. What will be the outcome of the fight be? Well, let's see!
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(Alzoc III, Year 21 BBY, Separatist Research/Command Base, Half an hour after Kydan's awakening)

Breona- "I never seen the general so...aggressive before.'

'I mean, many of us have seen her fight countless times; using her saber to cut down her enemies with great strength and swift agility. But this was way over the lines of normal. The way she gripped her saber, the way she took down her enemies around her...was absolutely brutal. The look on her face, ever since leaving the outpost, was not that kind-hearted look she gave to her troops, or to us of Tanga Squad.'

'No, this was the look of anger, lost and revenge. Her eyes were burning with fiery fire, as if they were ready to burn the chunks off the scraps we were fighting right now. One look into her eyes and you'd be turned to cinders.'

'No one in the team knows why she is acting like this, or why she hasn't said a whole lot of words to her troops. Only me and a few others know why...and it's scaring us somewhat. Her mind must be only about him. Losing him must have triggered a switch in her mind, as if turning it on and having her seek vengeance on those who had him killed.'

'I hope she gets better soon. Cause I don't want to be in her line of fighting when it comes to the battlefields. Who knows what could happen. Worse comes to worse...I'd hate to bring her down..."

The Separatist were immediately out gunned, and out-flanked. Not even third of the day had pass by before the Republic invaded the outposts, rapidly taking out all and any communications between the bases and any nearby reinforcements.

What was even worse was the blood raging Jedi Knight who was sweeping through the droid forces, wiping out squad after squad in mere seconds. Her accuracy, her speed, her strength, all of her skills had, as if, been enhanced by her vengeance that was boiling inside her. To some it was a good thing...but to others, that was different.

As for the troops, who all tried to stay as far away as possible from their leader, watched in awe and fear. Of course, they were happy that the general was able to quickly break through the droid's defenses, but it didn't mean that they weren't just a bit frightened by her fighting and her orders.

They all knew that the general was somewhat close to the Lieutenant and that the two had been fighting alongside each other since the beginning of the war, but to see what happened after his death, most of them were very concerned.

Even feared, if you wish to call it that.

Nonetheless, even with those thoughts invading their minds, the droids were beginning to pull back slowly but surely as the clones kept pressing forward, utterly sending the droids back into their compound.

Watching from above, inside the command center, Dr. Vinscti, along with his personal mechanical guards, stood in view of the battle outside the base, observing and watching the fight unfold before him. He had a hunch that the Republic would eventually find this place, but had not expected them to attack the base only half a day after his machine 'killed' the Dark Mercenary. He, apparently, must have hit a sensitive spot in their special forces.

Especially seeing the Jedi General sweeping through his forces immediately caused him to ponder on her very actions.

Dr. Vinscti- Apparently the Witronian's death was enough to cause chaos in the hive's command, did it? Hmm...well, no matter. This just gives me the field test I needed from the beginning.

The Doctor turned to the droids that were all at their stations, working hard on whatever they were doing upon the panels.

Dr. Vinscti- Send in another wave of droids in the front! I want that Jedi inside the base alone! Do anything to keep the clones at bay until then!

Droids- Roger roger!

Back on the ground, Calena, Egile and the clones continued to press on their attack with much success.

Patterns- General, the droids are falling back!

Calena- Keep pressing the attack then! I'll push them back into their compound!

Egile- What?! Calena, wait a minute!

Either she ignored him or didn't hear him, Calena, using the Force, swiftly dashed into the compound where the remaining wave of droids were falling back into, using her saber to block and deflect the incoming barrage of lasers.

Egile- Damn it! Everyone, move up to the compound! Give her as much cover as possible!

Clones- Sir yes sir!

As soon as they were heading towards the compound, the giant metal doors were immediately closing up, quick enough to stop them all in their tracks, with the exception of Calena who had already entered the base already. Egile looked at the now closed doors and groaned in fustration.

Egile- Can this day get any worse?!

As soon as those words left Egile's lips, they were immediately met with a few shots from the side, taking out a couple of their own troops within the fire. Looking over to where the attacks came from, they were quickly face-to-face with another wave of droids from the right side.

Growling, Egile began to fire back, with Breona, Patterns and the others following suit, their guns beginning to overwhelm the enemy droids.

Egile- We gotta keep these droids back! For now, Calena is gonna have to be on her own!

Meanwhile, at the same time, inside the base, Calena was staring down the remaining droids in the large room. But that didn't last long when the doors closed behind her and a small wave of reinforcements swarmed into the area. Their gun barrels all targeted at the lone Siruhnian Jedi Knight, ready to open fire upon her.

???- Impressive, Jedi. Very impressive indeed.

Looking up to whomever was speaking to her, she spotted on the balcony two guard-like mechanical droids standing next to the doctor himself, Dr. Vinscti, who had a big smirk across his face. From her point of view, he seemed very please with whatever he's grinning about.

Calena- *Growls angrily* Vinscti...

Dr. Vinscti- I am so glad you could join us for this special occasion. I was hoping to test it on two subjects at once, but you will have to do.

Calena- *Raises voice* You're gonna pay for what you did, Vinscti!

Dr. Vinscti- My, did I hit a nerve? I didn't realize that "Dark Mercenary" was close to you. I had thought the Jedi weren't suppose to form attachments with others beings. Am I correct, Siruhnian Knight?

If she wasn't so angry, she might have blushed a little from that small comment. But because of that, it only made it even worse. Just speaking about him like that was only making her even angrier, and dangerous. Her eyes just becoming the small shades of yellow.

Calena- *Mutters angrily* You killed my best friend......and you're gonna pay for it...

Dr. Vinscti- I think not, Jedi. Look around you! You are all but alone, defenceless against my best elite droid forces in here. There's no chance of you surviving this fight.

Calena- *Glares* Just try me, gharset.

As Vinscti motioned his hands to his forces, immediately, the droids aimed their guns at her, awaiting for the order to attack.

Dr. Vinscti- If you insist, Jedi. Droids! Dispose of her immediately!

(AU: The word "gharset" is about identical to the "podoo" phrase)

Reactivating her saber, she was suddenly met with a large barrage of laser fire, immediately cornering her from both sides. With the Force as her ally, she swiftly and easily swung her blade around, deflecting the shots back at some of the droids. Her movements were grace, as if she was dancing around the room in a melodic motion. Her saber danced with her motions, making quick work against the enemy as many of the droids fell to the ground, becoming nothing but scrap.

Expecting the Siruhnian Jedi Knight to be able to handle herself against his elite droids, and considering that he had planned this from the beginning, he pulled out a small control pad and immediately punched in a few things. Hearing the sound of a machine from underneath the hangar activating, his broad grin growing more wicked by the second.

Dr. Vinscti- *Murmurs* Let's see if you can handle this yourself, Jedi...

Just as she sliced down another droid into half, she halted her swift attacks as she began to feel the floor around her started to shake, making her lose her balance a bit. Confused on what was going on, she immediately saw the middle of the hangar floor began to separate.

Slowly rising from the hole was a familiar machine that she knew too well. The moment she laid her eyes on it, flashbacks of memories began to flood her mind, emotions moving all over the place.

Watching the platform rise, the deadly Predator revealed itself in front of the Siruhnian Knight, causing her body to slightly shiver and shake from the sight. Her blood ran cold just from looking at it. Even after what had all happened, she couldn't help but feel the sense of fear of the large machine killer.

Within a few seconds, the Predator's body activated as its eyes began to glow brightly red. The sound of it's metal screech boomed all over the base, echoing through and out the place. That made Calena even more nervous of the large monster, more so when she had first saw it firsthand.

Dr. Vinscti chuckled wickedly as he called out to it.

Dr. Vinscti- Go, my beast! Kill the Jedi, once and for all!

Complying by making metallic sounds, the Predator prepared itself for combat, arming its weapons and getting into an attack position.

Just having enough time to prepare herself, the large machine spitted a barrage of laser fire upon her, causing her to quickly dodge the incoming attack. Using her Force Speed ability, she swiftly dashed towards the Predator from her right as she readied her saber. She got as close as she could possible and swung her saber directly at one of it's arms in hopes of slicing it off.

However, the moment her saber made contact with the Predator, it immediately bounced back at her. Shocked by this, she had little time to dodge the Predator's left arm, almost making contact with her. She had no idea what to do next for her attack. So instead, she made sure to back herself away from the large beast.

Her original idea was to decapitate the machine's arms and then the waist, then finish it off by slicing the head. But now knowing that the machine is somehow being ray shielded entirely, it just makes things a bit harder to deal with.

Hearing the threatening sound of the machine's groaning and screeching yet again, it stood into place as it charged up it's laser turrets from the shoulders. Knowing what was to come, Calena immediately took off dashing towards it once more.

The Predator locked on to it's designated target, and fired up the Siruhnian Knight. Dodging left to right, to jumping and ducking, Calena jumped into the air and on top of the machine's head. It began to shake it's head rapidly, in attempts of getting her off.

Holding on for dear life, Calena begins to swing her saber at it's head, hoping that the ray shield would soon wear down and deteriorate.

The machine, out of nowhere, threw its body downwards at full capacity, sending a surprised Calena downwards with it and losing grip on the machine's head. Slamming into the ground with much pain, she slowly picked herself off the ground, only to be met with the Predator's claw foot.

Again, she was sent flying backwards, sliding across the metal ground til' she came to a halt. She could feel the insane pain pulsing throughout her body. Her entire body was all bruised, cut and greatly sore. It was already hard enough to be getting back up and preparing to fight, unable to shake off the weakness her body was giving off.

She now felt helpless against the Predator machine.

Dr. Vinscti watched the entire display unfold before him, his laughter being heard throughout the hangar. His plan had worked perfectly. The poor Siruhnian Jedi Knight was completely useless alone against his creation.

He knew he had won the fight, and was ready to finish it.

Dr. Vinscti- Time to say goodbye, Jedi. Predator, kill her immediately!

Acknowledging, the large machine aimed it's turret lasers at Calena once again, calculating its target and all.

Calena could only watch, feeling the emotions of fear and sadness rushing through her again. The doctor was right. She was utterly helpless to fight the Predator on her own. if she had another Jedi with her, they might have stood a chance.

That was then she got the image of Kydan; his broad smile gracing his lips, his brown eyes staring into her cerulean eyes, the kindness he showed to her. Immediately, her eyes began to tear up as they rolled down her cheeks casually. First she had failed to protect him, now she wasn't able to avenge him. She felt like a complete failure and a fool.

At least...she would die and hopefully be able to see him in the Force. That was all she could ask for, considering what has all happened so far. That would definitely be enough for her.

Just as the guns locked on and loaded, ready to spit out one last barrage of laser fire, the machine was suddenly met with a saber slash to the head. It backed off almost immediately as the saber struck. It then realized that there were sparks coming out from it's side, electricity spurting out slowly.

Dr. Vinscti- *Angry* Now who?!

Turning towards to where the saber had swung back to, standing on the other side of the hangar was none other than Kydan, wielding his purple saber and another one that produced a dark, black saber.

His expression looked as though someone had ticked him off. The stern and serious look on his face told it all. His eyes that were once the gentle, kind brown, was now a dark red rose color. His right arm that held the black saber was covered in black armor-like, small blue and black electricity trails surfing across his entire arm and up to the tip of the saber.

Calena stared at him as if she was in a dream, that this was all an illusion and that she was already dead. But the longer she stared at the 'dead man', standing before them all, the more her emotions started to rush. Her heart felt so relieved, pounding fast every second that past.

Eventually, a broad, relieved smile appeared on her lips.

Calena-'re alive!

Dr. Vinscti watched in shock and anger. How was it possible? He had seen the mercenaries' death from the holograms, falling to his doom in the ice, cold, dark abyss. And yet, here he was, very much alive! He hardly couldn't believe it.

Dr. Vinscti- H-How?! You are suppose to be dead!

Kydan- *Smirks* Well, unfortunetaly for you, I'm still here. Appreciate the concern though, doctor.

That just made Dr. Vincti even angrier. His eyes narrowed as his left one twitched.

Dr. Vinscti- I suppose if you want something done, you gotta' do it forcefully. Predator! Kill that mercenary scum! I want his head!

Grunting in agreement, the Predator advanced towards him, locking it's guns in the process. As the machine charged toward him, Kydan stood in place with a grin itching his lips.

Calena watched in fear as the Predator got closer and closer. Her concern started to get worse.

Calena- Kydan, get out of the way!

But just as the machine got within a few feet away from him, a mysterious black, colored force stopped it in it's tracks. A large field of blackness stood between himself and the Predator, the machine trying to bash through it. However, merely seconds after, Kydan raised his arm towards the field and the machine before the field blasted the machine back towards the doctor and his guards.

Both Calena and Vinscti watched totally surprised. Neither of them expected that out of the mercenary. Thoughts plagued their minds at the thought of what he just did.

The Predator picked itself back up it's metallic claw feet, it's red lighted eyes brightening ever so more as it tried it's best to glare at Kydan. Roaring another metal screech, the machine charged once again, aiming it's barreled guns at him.

Kydan stood into place as the machine got closer and closer, preparing himself for the next attack that it was going to throw at him. The guns that were attached to it had already locked onto Kydan as a wave of laser fire came flying his way.

However, Kydan anticipated it's next attack pattern as he leaped into the air, passing right above the Predator's armored head with the laser fire just missing him barely in the process. The machine looked around it to find him, swirling it's head left and right. Not even a few seconds past before the sound of a quick whistle from behind caught the machine's attention.

Just as it turned around to face the Dark Mercenary, it was quickly attacked with Kydan's two sabers, both of them swinging straight into it and beginning to cut at it's gun attachments. Even though the armor on the machine was heavily protected from most attacks, it couldn't handle the sheer power that Kydan was using at it.

Both of his lightsabers were covered in pure black and blue energy, electricity surrounding the blades entirely. Almost immediately, the guns that it had been using were quickly decapitated.

Dr. Vinscti glared in shock and anger as the guns fell to the ground.

Dr. Vinscti- Impossible! The armor was suppose to be impenetrable!

The machine stumbled back from the amount of damage Kydan hit it with, glancing back and forth at it's now sliced attachments that had originally been on it's shoulders.

As for Kydan, he could feel himself getting quickly exhausted. The amount of power he was using, thanks to Dark, was being drained fast. He knew that his next attack would have to finish, but the Predator was still pretty well fit to fight.

That's when an idea popped into his head. Looking over to Calena, who had been watching the fight entirely, he called out to her.

Kydan- Cale'! I need your help!

Calena- Huh? With what?!

Kydan points his black saber at the Predator's legs as he looks back at her.

Kydan- If we can take it's legs out fast, then that machine will be in no shape to fight back! We can end this!

Looking back and forth towards Kydan and the Predator's legs, she pondered for a brief moment before nodding to him in total agreement. Nodding back to her in response, both he and Calena made quick haste towards the occupied machine.

Dr. Vinscti watched as Kydan and Calena charged towards his weapon, trying to figure out what the two had in mind. Not wanting to let them have that chance, he yelled to his large machine.

Dr. Vinscti- Stop staring at your stupid arms and get those blasted Jedi and mercenary! Now!

Grunting in compliance, the Predator raised it's left arm at the two and charged up the gun barrels. After a mere few seconds, it immediately let out a barrage of lasers, flying across the hangar and towards Kydan and Calena.

The two made eye contact with each other for a second before splitting off from the left and to the right. Finding that the Dark Mercenary was a much stronger enemy, it concentrated its counter attack at him, leaving Calena alone.

When Kydan noticed this, a smug grin formed on his lips, knowing that his plan had worked like a charm. The Predator has once again left itself defenceless.

Even Dr. Vinscti noticed his machine's mistake, and knew it was and would be too late to change it's attack pattern. He had screwed up this fight.

Dr. Vinscti- Numiina! You blasted scrap pile! Get the Siruhnian!

But before the Predator could comply, it had been already too late.

(AU:"Numiina": Definition for the word such as "Podoo")

With her extremely fast speed, Calena raised her saber to the side, slashing her saber directly at the Predator's leg. The impact itself was strong enough to cause her lightsaber to cut it's way through the special metal armor, cutting right through the entire leg.

Losing it's balance, the Predator tried to keep itself from falling down. It's metallic claws dug into the steel floor, just enough to keep the Predator from losing balance.

Just as the Predator stood upright, Kydan took his chance to attack. The Predator realizes this and raises its arm, blasting another wave of laser fire. Easily, Kydan deflected the laser fire back at the monstrous beast, some of it's own lasers hitting the armored chestplate.

While the Predator was taken off-guard, Kydan jumped in the air and raised his two sabers in a 'X' shape formation, guarding his body in the process. With all his might, and whatever power and strength he had left, he swung his blades down across the Predator's body, piercing and slicing his way through its body entirely.

Vanishing into thin air, Kydan re-appears in front of the Predator, his back faced to it as he dropped down to one knee, the sound of electricity goes immediately haywire. The sound of the Predator's grunts, screeches & other electronic noises indicated that it was in utter danger.

The Predator's red eyes faded into blackness as it tumbled down backwards into the steel floor, the sound of a loud thud and clank rang throughout the base. The machine's laid lifeless on the cold floor, not a single movement from its mechanical parts moving or twitching.

Finally, the vicious Predator was destroyed.

Dr. Vinscti stared in complete surprise, unable to speak up about the calamity that just happened. His machine...his own machine, had lost to two Force-users. Backing away from the rails, he looked over to one of his bodyguards.

Dr. Vinscti- G-Get me to my s-shuttle now! We are leaving immediately!

But just before Vinscti could be escorted out, a few blaster shots was heard, in the process of his droids collapsing on the balcony. Stunned by the unexpected attack, Dr. Vinscti was met with Breona, Egile and a couple of Clone Troopers. Their guns aimed and pointed directly at the doctor himself.

Vinscti scowled somewhat as he saw a knowing look on Egile's face.

Egile- *Grinning* I believe this is the part when we ask you to surrender, Doctor. Or do you wish to not cooperate?

Again, Vinscti snarled and reluctantly raised his arms in surrender, glaring at the Republic soldiers who were approaching him.

So zoned out from the fight, Kydan's breathing quickened from exhaustion. He looked back towards the machine that he and Calena had just beaten, malfunctioned and destroyed. He still didn't know how it was possible, but he had somehow, with Calena's help, destroyed a monstrous machine that could have been a dangerous weapon to any Force-user in the galaxy.

Feeling himself drifting into unconsciousness, Kydan felt numb and fell to the cold ground with a thud, his sabers rolling away from him. The last thing he heard was the sound of Calena's voice calling to him.

Kydan didn't know how long he was out, but before he had regained conscious, he had heard the same familiar voice from earlier.

???- You have done well, my ancestor. However, this is just the beginning of you're inner power...

After those words faded away, he suddenly heard a woman's voice calling to him. An almost too familiar voice.

???- Kydan? KYDAN!

Slowly opening his eyes, he made eye contact with none other than Calena herself. It had taken him a moment to process what was happening, but when it was clear enough, he saw the expression on Calena's face. Her eyes were red and watery, with tears rolling down her cheeks. Her face expression was all but concern. Perhaps him collapsing and falling into unconsciousness must have made her worried.

Looking slightly around, he slowly and groggily gets up from the comfort zone of Calena's lap only to meet with some pain on his body.

Kydan- *Groans* long was I out?

Calena- Just for a few minutes...

Not able to stand it anymore, Calena lunges forward and wraps her arms around him, burying her face into his shoulder as small tears soaked slightly into his coat.

Calena- Idiot! That was completely insane to do that!

Shaking off from the unexpected contact, Kydan weakly chuckles at her.

Kydan- Hold me too tightly, and I might just die.

Breona, R.S. and Egile walk up to the two, small smiles plaguing their lips.

R.S. - Looks like you taken another beating, huh Kydan?

Kydan- *Smirks* You could say that.

Egile- Just warn someone when you want to try to kill something that big the next time, alright?

Kydan- *Slight Chuckle* I'll try to remember.

Breona- *Salutes* Welcome back to the land of the living, sir.

Kydan- *Nods* Glad to be still alive...after all that had happened.

The three nod in agreement. Out of most of their missions together since Nal Hutta, this was, by far, one of their most dangerous one yet. Shaking his head ever so slightly, R.S. spoke up in a serious, yet curious, tone.

R.S.- Anyways, what was that Kydan?

Kydan didn't look very amused when he asked that.

Kydan- ...Do I really have to say?

R.S.- Well yeah! I've known you for almost half a year by now, but I've never seen anything quite like that before! It's like you got an upgrade on powers!

Kydan bit his bottom lip. He should have known, or just knew, that the others were gonna ask him that. The powers he carried, the Forge, was something he always tried to keep hidden in secret. But since he chose to use it on the Predator, keeping it a secret was out of the question. He didn't want them to know, considering that they might become afraid of him. And that was his biggest fear.

However, the situation wasn't going to change. He had to tell. With a big sigh, he started to explain.

Kydan- ...It's called the Forge. An ancient power that is connected and powered through the Force itself. My Forgula, or partner, Dark, helps me control my powers to an extent. At the age of six, I had discovered these powers through a training accident on Coruscant. When the Jedi Council found out about it, I was ordered to be kept in check from personal Jedi Masters in order that I won't hurt another soul again. For years, I've kept myself isolated from everyone, and yet, my powers grew on their own.

Egile- Is it some kind of Jedi technique that you got it from?

Kydan- No. All I know is that I was born with it and Dark had watched over me from my youth. To everyone in the galaxy, I'm considered a monster. A freak evan.

R.S.- Are you the only one that has one of those...F-Fork-Forgilers?

Kydan- *Nods* As far as I know...yes.

The room went silent as some of the clones mumbled to each other, no doubt weary of Kydan's powers now. He knew the risk of using it, and he was paying the price. If it came down to it, he would immediately leave and head for the Outer Rim.

But what came next shocked Kydan, the three looking back to him with small smiles appearing on their expressions.

R.S.- I can't believe you didn't tell any of us that you had that kind of power! We would have understood.

Kydan- Huh?

Egile- If you're the only one that carries one of those, then it would be considered rare then. You're pretty lucky to have that kind of power.

Kydan- *Blinks* Your...not gonna tell anyone?

Breona- A lot of people would wanna know how you tic...but we're your brothers in arms. We're like family, and family don't sell each other out.

Degree- *Smirks* Beside sir...

A smug grin formed on both Degree and R.S.' faces as they looked between him and Calena, who was still holding him in her arms. Kydan looked at the two clones suspiciously.

Degree- Well, they do say suffering and pain builds up character, sir.

Kydan- *Glares* You could have help a little, you know...

About everyone in the hangar chuckled at Kydan's demise and situation. When they all calmed down, Breona spoke up once again.

Breona- We already made contact with General Coneros and Hecilt, and are on their way with additional gunships. They should be here soon, but we're gonna scan the rest of the base for anything useful. You gonna come, sir?

Kydan- Nah...I'll leave it up to you guys. Go ahead without us. Besides, I'm downright exhausted...

Breona- *Salutes* Roger. We'll be back with a report.

As Egile, Tanga Squad and the clones made their way deeper into the base, it left Kydan and Calena alone to talk. Kydan looks down at her, aware that she hadn't spoke a word hardly at all.

Kydan- Hey, Calena?

In response, she hugged him tighter, not wanting to let go anytime soon.

Calena- I was so afraid...that you were really dead. I almost lost it when you fell down the hole. I don't know what I would do if you really die.

Kydan- *Smirks* What? Hey, you were the one who went up against that machine first.

Calena- ......I'm sorry.

Kydan- For what?

Calena- For not being there...for not saving you in time when you fell.

Kydan- There was nothing you could have done, Cale'. There was nothing anyone could have done.

A few moments of silence filled the room before Calena spoke up once more, her voice more clearer than before.

Calena- Promise me...

Kydan- Hm?

Calena- Promise me you won't leave us...that you won't leave me again.

Kydan's eyes widen just a little from her response. The way she asked him made his face heat up a little. He didn't know why, but his heart just about skipped a beat. In a way, he felt his face heat up. Not really knowing what to do, hesitantly, he wraps his own arms around her, putting his chin on top of her shoulder. He closed his eyes and softly spoke to her.

Kydan- ...I promise. I won't leave you. Not now, not ever.

In response, she nodded her head and buried her face even deeper into his shoulder as the two didn't move from their perspective positions or let go fo each other.

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If I didn't get to add your name to the list from last time, I am sorry. There were others who either didn't have accounts or just didn't sign in when liking or rating the chapter(s) from before. So forgive me if I didn't get to do so.

One final news; only being about over a month already, the Rise of An Empire group and CGN's Star Wars series have discussed about combining both stories together. The ROAE will be set primarily after the second season leading up to the events of the Rebels series, classic movies and the newer ones. Thanks goes to Hildigrim Took for giving us this opportunity. Look forward to working together.

Well that's about it for this chapter, so thank you all for your wonderful support, and if you can, leave a like and/or comment down below to show us how much you enjoy. Hope you all enjoyed, and as always, have a fan-tucking-tastic day/night! See ya' in the next one ;)

- Director K.W.


 I like it 
  August 25, 2016
Sorry in so late, but I've been slowly catching up on the story... It's taken me 3 months. :P great episode, and keep it up! :D ~ jd the Lego owl.
 I like it 
  July 17, 2016
Well, I have only two things to say to you Kydan. Worth the wait 1000%! And I cannot wait for the next episode, this is by far my favorite series on ALL of Mocpages, which is saying something! Keep up the fantastic work. =D
Director K.W.
 I like it 
Blizzard -
  July 15, 2016
Nicely done chapter! The photography was clear, the sets were flawlessly done, and the story was intriguing. I also, personally, loved the design of the black lightsaber Kydan wielded when fighting the Predator Droid, and I did notice and appreciate how you moved the minifig hands around on the blade depending on the position it was in. Small things like that are always good to see. Overall, what I've seen of this series makes it one of the best I've seen here on Mocpages. Good work!
 I like it 
  July 11, 2016
Fantastic work my friend(s)! That was a great chapter with some very nice builds! It was very smooth running and clean, I like it! :D
 I like it 
  July 11, 2016
Sweet! The camera angles are great, as well as all the sets and characters. I must admit, I haven't read all of your TCW series, but I will definitely check them out now.
 I like it 
  July 11, 2016
This is awesome! I love the big door and the command deck. Great staging of the pics as well.
By Director K.W.
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