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The Insurgency: S1E2 - Ossillium Fight (GC)
Hello and greetings yet again ladies and gents', welcome back to another chapter of The Insurgency! I gotta say, I have never had so much fun doing something so different before. I am so used to Star Wars building, I never fully embraced anything else I could do. I am very happy that I started to do this. Also, I think this could potentially be a new series I could work on. Can be challenging, with my series going on still, but I think it would be a good change. But let me know what you guys think down in the comment below. Well anyways, enough babbling, let's get this rolling!
About this creation

Planet: Iapra
Location: Inner Cities
Date: March 10, 2096
Time: 5 1/2 Days later

Brent laid on his bed, staring straight at the steel ceiling above him, a light bulb dangling above him. His eyes barely moved around as his face was completely blank. From the look of things, he seemed to be pondering.

It had been almost six days since their mission on Soateria. After mere moments of fleeing from the bunker, the G.I. had arrived. There they were able to find the evidence that Jet had left behind and took Jarren into custody. News about the diplomat's arrest went live immediately after, learning about the stolen funds he had taken. Now, he would be spending some quality time in prison for a very, very long time.

But, ever since then, Brent couldn't get his mind off of what Jarren had said to him. The word "Asor" kept crawling through his mind, plaguing him, making him rethink about his past.

About him and his family back on Earth.

The Asor family were well known people that put all their efforts into helping the G.I. and the people of Earth. His mother and father were part of the G.I. military back then; his mother a fleet strategist while his father was admiral of a small fleet of cruisers and battleships. He remembered that they were always busy with their work, but always made room and time for him, even if their superiors didn't like it. He always felt loved when they were around.

But it all ended when the capital of Washington was under attack in 2088.

When the old Aurelia militia hit the capital with a small force of soldiers, everything went into chaos from that point on. He could clearly remember it all; running through the streets, crossfire from all sides, explosions at every corner, everything that war was about. Worse of all...he remembered the bombing from the skies.

So zoned out from his memories, he didn't hear Shaina opening the door to his apartment and walking inside. She had tried contacting him several times, but he never picked up a single call. So she decided to check up on him to make sure he was alright.

She felt relieved that he was unharmed, but was again concerned as he didn't even greet her. She closed the door behind herself and spoke out.

Shaina- Brent? Is everything alright?

Blinking his eyes, he once again became conscious and looked around at his surroundings. He then saw Shaina staring at him from the doorway and was a bit surprised to see her.

Brent- Shaina? When did you get here?

Shaina- Just a few moments everything alright?

Brent- Y-Yeah, everything's good. Why do you ask?

Shaina- *Frowns* Brent...

Brent looked at her for a few moments before sighing. He got up from his bed and made his way to his desk, pulling up the chair and sitting down. Shaina walked up to him and stood beside the desk.

Shaina- Is it about what happened on Soateria?

Brent- ...Yeah...

Shaina- When are you gonna talk to the others about this? To me?

Brent- I don't know...

Frowning even less, Shaina placed her hand on his shoulder for comfort.

Shaina- I don't want to force it out of you, nor do I want to keep asking you. But just remember; if you ever need someone to talk to, we're here to listen. We're all your friends. No matter what your past was, we would understand. We're all family.

Brent glanced at her for a brief moment before looking back down in thought. With a honest smile and looking back up to her, he replied back.

Brent- Thanks Shaina. You always seem to help calm me down.

With a slight blush appearing on her cheeks, she pulled her hand away from his shoulder and had an embarrassed smile plagued on her lips. Her hands rubbing against each other nervously as she looked down at the floor.

Shaina- N-No problem...

Shaking her head ever so slightly, along with a quick cough, she walked back next to his desk.

Shaina- Well anyways, I've been trying to call you earlier. The Broker has another assignment for us.

Brent- What is it this time?

Pressing some digits from Brent's data pad, details of the mission, as well as an image of a planet, was revealed on the big screen.

Shaina- Apparently, after the bomb dropped in London back on Earth, radiant energy known as Ossillium spread all over the country. It had help the Imperium win the Collective War, but at a cost.

Brent- What would that be?

Shaina- After the battle, the Ossillium continued to spread throughout the planet. At first, it wasn't harmful, but later on it became lethal. Which ended up becoming an air-spread virus. So right now, just about the entire planet is affected by the Ossillium, and there hasn't been a cure just yet.

Brent- Let me guess; The Broker wants us to find a cure?

Shaina- Partially, yes. However, quite the opposite. He wants us to help Imperium scientist by being their...bodyguards.

Brent didn't look very enthusiastic. He looked more annoyed. Shaina had the same expression as well.

Brent- Seriously? Bodyguards? Of all things, he wants us to be bodyguards?

Shaina- I know it ain't the greatest mission, but he said it's the most important. He said that these scientist on Rerador are actually close to finding a cure.

Brent- Anything else?

Shaina- Like the pay? No.

Sighing in annoyance, and knowing that this wouldn't be his first choice, he reluctantly got up from his chair and walked over to his bed and grabbed his hat from the floor. Placing it back on his head, he spoke up to Shaina.

Brent- Get Jet and Herin ready. We'll leave as soon as we can.

Shaina- I'll let them know. Docking Bay D7-A1?

Brent- Yeah. I'll see you all there.

Nodding, she opened the apartment door and headed straight back to her place to get prepared, leaving Brent to get himself ready.

Brent started to think once again. Why would The Broker want him and his team to protect the scientists? Couldn't the Imperium hire some elites to do it? He really couldn't understand what the man was thinking.

Then again, he also knew that The Broker didn't do things unless for good reason. If having him and the others acting as guards for the scientists, then there must have been a reason why.

He would probably figure it out once they were all there on Rerador......

Brent- Wait...Rerador?

Planet: Rerador
Location: Orbit
Date: March 22, 2096
Time: 12 Days later

It was a pretty rough and discomfort journey. Brent and his team never had to travel so far to another planet before, let alone a planet that hardly had any life on it, besides small towns and domes around the planet. On top of that, the planet had tons of active and inactive volcanoes in some specific locations. In all, the mission felt like a grim one.

They all each flew in three different ships; Brent flew in a separate fighter while Shaina, Jet and Herin flew on a heavy-armed freighter called The Holmes. The freighter wasn't as fast as Brent's fighter, but it made up in firepower and strength.

As the team flew towards the planet, they were immediately welcomed by the G.I. (Galactic Imperium) fleet. There were three armed cruisers, with one battleship, orbiting the planet. Not to mention, blocking their path.

The intercoms in their ships activated as the captain of the fleet spoke.

Fleet Captain- *Intercom* Unknown star crafts! This is Captain Kris Ealin of the Imperium Fleet! Identify yourselves or you will be shot!

Brent- This is Brent Lease! We come on behalf of The Broker himself!

Captain Ealin- *Intercom* State your business!

Brent- The Broker has ask us to come on his behalf and to guard your scientists on the planet! We were told that you were close to finding a possible cure for your O.C.P. (Ossillium Cure Project)! So The Broker wants us to protect them til' they are finished!

Captain Ealin- *Intercom* You're statement sounds accurate, but we will need to verify this first! Stand by!

Brent and the team waited patiently for the Captain's voice to be spoken. Their ships kept heading straight towards the planet and the fleet, silence filling the cockpits from each ship. They didn't exactly know if their words would even do anything, but they could hope.

Feeling uneasy when the Captain hadn't replied for a bit, their concerns were immediately lifted.

Captain Ealin- *Intercom* Mr. Lease, you are cleared to proceed to the planet! We are sending you the coordinates now! Follow them to our main laboratory and the commander will meet you there!

Brent- Acknowledge Captain Ealin! Over and out!

Smiles plaguing their lips from relief, the team finally passes through the fleet and right to the planet's atmosphere.

Planet: Rerador
Location: Imperium Laboratory
Time: 1 Hour later

The ships past through the atmosphere into the rocky, desolate planet. There wasn't much to look at except the rock and mountain formations around the world.

Unless your a person who is interested in rocks then...well I won't go any further.

From the air, Brent and his team were able to follow the coordinates exactly and found themselves at the Imperium's Laboratory. It wasn't huge in size, but it wasn't small either. The place was packed full of soldiers and vehicles, mostly patrol speeders and what not. Brent suggested that he would land his ship first to meet with the leader in charge of the place and have the others wait for his signal to follow. With no doubt in mind, they agreed.

Brent landed the Lupin Thief down onto the platform below him. As he prepared to land, he noticed two armed men watching and patiently waiting for him to land. The one in the front looked like he was a high ranking officer while the other seemed to be more of a Corporal rank. Nonetheless, he felt a bit of a nerve coming up.

Brent punched in a few buttons on the controls before opening the cockpit hull and hopping out of his ship. He walked towards the two soldiers before him as the blue caped officer spoke up.

???- You Brent Lease?

Brent- Yes sir. And you would be?

???- *Sighs* Figures. You would be the only person to forget, wouldn't you Bretski?

Bretski? Why did he call him that? No one ever called him that since...

Wait a minute...

He studied the officer before him, staring at the older man's face for a few. Immediately, something clicked in his head.

Brent- U-Uncle Louise? Is that you?

The older gentlemen gave out a hearty laugh before smirking at him.

Louise- One and the same! Surprised, are we?

Brent was at a lost of words somewhat. He hadn't seen any of his other family relatives for years, and to see his uncle here and now was a big surprise.

Brent- *Blinks* coud say that.

???- You know this man, sir?

Louise- Of course I do, Corporal! Let me introduce you! Brent, this is my second-in-command, Corporal Hicks Nimin. Hicks, this is my nephew, Brent.

Corporal Nimin- *Nods* It's a pleasure.

Brent- Same here.

Lousie- Hicks? Call up the men from the fifth division. Have them pull back to the Laboratory for now til' other orders are issued.

Corporal Nimin- *Salutes* As you wish, Commander.

Hicks looks over to Brent, giving him a simple nod before walking back into the Laboratory. That left Brent and Louise to have a bit of time to talk alone.

Brent- *Smirks* Commander, huh?

Louise- *Chuckles* Yeah, earned the promotion after the battle in London. Helped escort the Ossillium Bomb and saved about a few dozen citizens with my squad. Hicks was with me the whole time during then, and has become a great and loyal soldier.

Brent- Consider him a good friend?

Louise- If you're asking if I would lay down my life for Hicks and my team, then yes, I would.

Brent shook his head at his uncle's words. Not in a bad way, but in a good perspective. He should have known not to ask the older man that kind of question. Louise has always been loyal to the Imperium and his troops, so surrendering his life for them all was nothing to him. Family was no different either, especially when it came to his parents.

However, even though he enjoyed talking with his uncle, he had to get to business.

Brent- So what's the situation right now? Why is your team out by Aurelia territory?

Louise looked at his nephew with a stern and serious expression.

Louise- We got a scoop about them planning on attacking the place soon. They must have figured that we were close to being done with finding a cure to the Ossillium.

Brent looks to his uncle in surprise, his eyes widen somewhat.

Brent- You're that close?!

Louise- More or less. But we can't finish the project without the Aurelia trying to raid us every week. It's been like this for a while now.

Brent looked down to the floor pondering, but was then interrupted by a transmission beeping. Louise pulled out his communicator device and activated it.

Louise- Go ahead.

Fifth Division- *Hologram* Commander, we got trouble! Aurelia is attacking the hangar bay! They're blocking us off from our fighters and speeders!

Louise- What?!

Brent's communicator started to beep immediately after. Pulling his out, he was quickly met with gunfire sounds.

Brent- What's going on, Jet?

Jet- *Intercom* We got Aurelia fighters attacking us and the base! They also sent another couple squadrons to the fleet!

Brent- Son of a biscuit! Jet, you and Herin take care of the fighters! Send Shaina down here to give a hand with the ground forces!

Jet- *Intercom* Copy, over and out!

Louise- If those Aurelia soldiers get to the scientist, there's no doubt that they'll kill them and take the project!

Brent- We better get down with your team! Shaina is on her way right now to give us a hand!

Louise- What about the rest of your team?

Brent- Jet and Herin have the skies! I'm confident that they can handle it!

Louise- ...Alright, I trust you Bretski. Let's get moving then! We have to secure the scientist and the cure! Otherwise this whole operation was for nothing!

Location: Laboratory Halls

As Brent and Louise make their way through the base, down below the lower levels of the Laboratory, some of the G.I. soldiers are seen holding off against the invading Aurelian soldiers. Although there were more G.A. men, their numbers start to dwindle slowly as the advancing soldiers put pressure on them.

G.A. Sergeant- Hold the line men! Don't let them get through!

G.A. Soldier 3- There's too much heat, sir! We have to fall back!

G.A. Sergeant- I said hold this line rookie! If they get through, those scientists willed be killed!

As if the words were taken right out from his mouth, a barrage of lasers flew through the corridors, straight into the two rookies. At least a dozen shots hit each of them as they dropped dead to the ground. The sergeant looked at his two soldiers in shock, wondering where on Rerador had killed them.

Immediately after, the sergeant heard a 'click' of a gun being loaded with the sound of a large gun barrel being rotated in high speed. He realizes what it was and raised his pistol up to shoot. But as soon as he raised his gun, his head was quickly shot off and flown backwards into the air, his yellow blood spilling across the floor.

The sound of the gun shots ceased as an Aurelia officer walked up to his troops.

???- And they cal themselves the mighty Galactic Imperium of Earth? They have to be quite the hypocrites in thinking so.

Two of the Aurelian soldiers stood at attention as their commanding officer, as well as two of his personal guards, walked up to them.

Aurelia Soldier 1- Commander Envy, sir!

Commander Envy- What's the situation Corporal?

Aurelia Soldier 1- The G.A. have pulled themselves back to the main labs, sir. We still haven't located their commander or Marauders anywhere.

Envy looked at him for a brief moment before gazing at the sight in front of him.

Commander Envy- Secure the corridors and hangar bay. Make sure that the G.A. do not get pass you. I will secure the labs and get the sample.

Aurelia Soldier 1- Yes sir! And what of our fighters?

Commander Envy- Sent them to their fleet. They should be enough to cause severe damage to their ships. Once we get the sample of the cure, we'll destroy the labs with the fighters. That will teach them who they're messing with.

Aurelia Soldier 1- Understood sir!

I'm gonna be serious with all of you...I have never, ever, put so much effort into a build quite like this before. Now, I'm not saying that I haven't put any thought or ideas into my other creations. That ain't what I was preferring to. It's just that...this build took a while to detail and what not. It was a good experience and all, just a slight exhausting. That includes the space scenes too. Never done it before, so this was a real challenge I think.

Nonetheless, I'm very happy with this one haha!

As for the build itself however, this was part 1 of 2 of my entry to the March Monthly Challenge (GC). I had chosen the topic of the "Ossillium Sickness" where my character would help the scientists by protecting them or even come up with a cure. To me, guarding was the most obvious choice. I would probably make the disease worse if I tried to help lol :P

So two new side characters I plan on trying to have back later on in The Insurgency series. I had other ideas at first about Louise and Hicks, but the latest idea came into mind they are lol! So hopefully you enjoyed these guys as well.

Also, if you are interested in doing something like this in your own perspective and/or story line, why not hop on over to The Insurgency group and check it out for yourselves?

Well, like I have said multiple times, that will about do it for now. So thank you all for your amazing supports over the years, and as always, I hope you all have a fan-tucking-tastic day/night! See ya' in the next one ;)

- Director K.W.


 I like it 
  April 7, 2016
Nice job! I like the story, though there were a few grammatical errors. My favorite part is the fighter that Brent flies, the greebling on that ship is fantastic; though all of the builds were really well done. Keep up the good work!
 I made it 
  April 6, 2016
Quoting Everyone, thank you all for your wonderful and encouraging comments! I didn't expect this one to be all that best if I'm being truly honest right now. I am so glad you all enjoyed it that much. Again, thank you all. Really means a lot :)
 I like it 
  April 6, 2016
Yeah, I'm pretty happy with this one too! Great sets and character design...lovely composite space pics with cool've upped your game, I'd say! Can't wait for part 2.
 I like it 
  April 6, 2016
Fantastic work! You can definitely tell that you put a lot of work into it, the space scenes are great and I love the detail of the builds
 I like it 
  April 6, 2016
Fantastic episode! Your effort has paid off! It looks fantastic! The editing is great and I really like that like ship! My one little niggle would be that quite a few times you said "The Aurelia" rather than just "Aurelia." But other than that, fantastic! I can't wait for the next episode! Good luck in the GC! --Blast--
 I like it 
  April 6, 2016
Awesome work! It clearly shows how much effort you've put into this episode when you look at the builds. Nicely done, and looking forward to reading the next episode!
 I like it 
  April 6, 2016
I agree with Marley Mac! The builds are fabulous and the writing is spot-on!
 I like it 
  April 6, 2016
Awesome! This is probably the best Gc entry this month. I wouldn't be surprised if you won. Looking forward to reading more. :-D
 I like it 
  April 6, 2016
Awesome chapter! The characters are really cool, and the story is hooking.
 I like it 
  April 6, 2016
Stunning, a very good job sir
By Director K.W.
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