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Harry Potter in Graveyard in Goblet of Fire
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Harry and Cedric arrived in a graveyard far from the mountains behind Hogwarts.
About this creation
"Is this part of the challenge?"
"I don't know...."
The graveyard was dark, overgrown and eerie. They were about 20 feet from a towering marble tombstone. To their right was a yew tree, and the outline of a chapel behind it in the dark. To their left was a dark house on a hill in the distance.
"Wands out, you reckon?" asked Cedric.
Harry was glad Cedric suggested it first. He had a feeling they were being watched.
"Someone's coming," he said.
A small hooded figure walked towards them. It looked like he was carrying a baby, or was it a bundle of robes? When he came alongside a tombstone, he paused to look at them, though they couldn't see his face.

Suddenly, Harry's scar erupted with the worst pain he'd experienced. His wand fell out of his fingers as he dropped to the ground and clutched his forehead, yelling.
"Kill the spare," said a high-pitched voice.
"AVADA KEDAVRA", was shouted into the night, while a green glow penetrated Harry's closed eyelids.

When Harry opened his eyes, he saw Cedric spread-eagle on the ground beside him, his eyes staring at nothing. He was dead.
Suddenly, he was being pulled to his feet. The short man had put down his bundle, lit his wand and was dragging Harry across the graveyard.

Harry tried to struggle, but was struck by a hand with only four fingers.
"YOU!" he shouted, recognizing Wormtail.
Wormtail dragged him to the towering marble headstone. He just had the time to read the name, Tom Riddle, before being turned around and pressed against it. Wormtail conjured up some ropes with which he tied Harry to the tombstone standing. He stuffed a rag in his mouth and checked the ropes so that Harry couldn't move or even turn his head.

Harry heard something, and looked down to see a giant snake sliding through the grass, circling the headstone. He could see Cedric's body some 20 feet away. The bundle of robes was close at hand and stirring. He knew he did not want to see that bundle opened.

Wormtail had moved out of sight, but now he heard him breathing hard. He came into sight pushing a cauldron larger than anything he'd used or seen in Potions class. It was large enough for a man to sit inside. From the sloshing noise, it was filled with water. Wormtail pushed it to the foot of the grave, then bent down and used his wand to light a fire underneath it. The snake moved off into the darkness.

The cauldron got hot very fast. The surface was bubbling and giving off steam and diamond-like sparks.
"Hurry," said a voice.
"Yes, Master."
Wormtail bent down and opened the bundle. Harry's yell at the sight of the creature was blocked by the gag. Wormtail's hood fell off as he lifted the thing with a look of revulsion on his face. He carried it to the cauldron and dropped it in.
Harry heard a soft thump as it hit the bottom.
"Let it drown," he thought.

Wormtail looked terrified as he said, "Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will restore your son."
To Harry's horror the grave in front of him cracked, and in the wandlight he saw a line of dust rise from the grave and enter the cauldron. The potion turned a bright, poisonous blue.

"Flesh of the servant, willingly given," said Wormtail, "you will revive your master." He had a dagger in his left hand and held up his right. Harry closed his eyes, realizing what Wormtail was about to do.
Wormtail let out a scream that went right through Harry, as if he were hurting too.

There was a splash and Harry could see through his closed eyelids that the potion was now shining bright red.
Harry didn't realize Wormtail had approached him until he felt his breath, and heard his gasping breathing. He looked and saw him cradling his bloody right arm in his robes, but in his left he had the dagger with which he approached Harry.
"Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe!"
He stabbed Harry under his right arm, and put a flask to catch drops of blood.

Wormtail then staggered to the cauldron and poured it in. The potion turned bright white, and shot out diamond sparks again. Wormtail crumpled to the ground, moaning and holding his stump, covered by his robes.

Steam shot out of the cauldron, obscuring everything else from Harry's sight. As it dissipated, he saw a thin, white figure rise from the cauldron with a face that had haunted his nightmares for 3 years. The face was white as a skull with evil, red eyes, a nose like a snake, and no lips. Lord Voldemort had returned!
"Robe Me", he commanded, and Wormtail hastened to comply, pulling robes over Voldemort's head one-handed.

Lord Voldemort climbed out of the cauldron and began to examine his long-bony fingers, ignoring Harry, Wormtail, and the snake, which had returned to circle the Headstone.
He pulled out his wand and examined that too. He used it to remove the cauldron, then he aimed it at Wormtail and the spell threw him against the headstone to which Harry was tied.
"Please, master," begged Wormtail.
"Give me your arm, Wormtail," said Voldemort.
"Your other arm," he said with a cruel laugh at his stump.
Wormtail now held out his left arm, and Harry saw the Dark Mark tattoo. Voldemort pressed it which caused Wormtail to howl, and Harry's scar to burn.

After Voldemort gave Harry some family history, masked and hooded Death Eaters arrived, apparating into the graveyard. They then approached Voldemort, bowing to kiss the bottom of his robes before taking their position in a circle around Voldemort, Wormtail and Harry, who was still tied to the headstone.

"Lord Voldemort rewards his followers," he said after criticizing his Death Eaters. He waved his wand and a silver blob appeared, formed into a hand and lowered onto Wormtail's stump. He stopped sobbing and moaning at once.
"Thank you, master," he said, "it is beautiful." He flexed his new hand and stared at it in wonder. Then he took his place in the circle to the left of Lucius Malfoy.

Lord Voldemort told the story of his downfall and rebirth.
"His mother's sacrifice protected him. I could not touch him. But I can touch him now!"
Voldemort touched Harry's face. Harry thought his head would explode with the pain from his scar.
Voldemort walked back into the center of the circle.
"Crucio!" he said, pointing his wand at Harry.
Harry was in agony. His flesh felt like it was on fire. He tried to scream through the gag. When Voldemort raised his wand, Harry went limp in his robes.
"I want there to be no doubt that this boy escaped me by chance," said Voldemort. "He will be given his chance. Wormtail, give him his wand."
Wormtail went over to Cedric and returned with Harry's wand. With a swipe of his new silver hand, he tore through the ropes, then removed Harry's gag, then thrust his wand into his hand before returning to his place in the circle.
If his injured leg didn't tremble under the weight, Harry might have run for it.

"You have learned to duel?" said Voldemort.
Harry thought of the disastrous Dueling Club of two years previous, where he learned the Expelliarmous spell, and what good would it do to disarm Voldemort, when surrounded by Death Eaters?
Voldemort did a slight bow, keeping his face upturned to Harry.
He wasn't going to play along.
"Bow to death, Harry!"
Voldemort aimed his wand and Harry felt a force like a giant hand bending his back. The Death Eaters were laughing.

"Now you face me, straight-backed and proud," said Voldemort.
He felt the pressure ease, but before he could do anything, he was hit by the Cruciatus Curse again. He screamed and screamed. When Voldemort raised his wand, Harry was trembling and shaking like Wormtail did after cutting off his hand. He fell into a Death Eater who shoved him back in front of the marble headstone.

"You don't want me to do that again?"
"Answer me! Imperio!"
After a few seconds of fighting the Imperious Curse, he shouted out "I WON'T!"
"You won't Harry?" The Death Eaters weren't laughing now.
Harry jumped and rolled behind the headstone, which was hit by the Cruciatus Curse.
"We are not playing Hide-and-Seek, Harry."

Harry decided he wasn't going to die crouched behind the headstone. He was going to fight, even if no defense was possible. He jumped out from behind the headstone. Voldemort was ready.
"Expelliarmus!" "Avada Kedavra!" they said simultaneously.
Harry's red spell met Voldemort's green, but they didn't rebound like in his duel with Draco Malfdoy; they connected. Harry's wand began shaking.

Their wands were now linked by a gold line. Gold lines then flung out, surrounding them in a golden cage. Harry heard music; phoenix song. Suddenly, their feet left the ground and they moved over the graveyard to a place free of grave markers. The Death Eaters followed, asking for instructions, the snake following at their heels.
"Do nothing unless I command you!" said Voldemort.

The Death Eaters re-formed their circle outside the golden dome.

Harry focused on golden beads on the line and tried to make them head towards Voldemort's Wand. Now Voldemort's wand was shaking a lot. A bead reached the wand tip and screams were heard, followed by a smoky echo of the hand he made for Wormtail. Harry nearly let go of his wand as a head erupted from Voldemort's wand and fell to the ground forming into what looked like a solid smoky image of Cedric!

Other forms appeared: an old man with a walking stick he'd only seen in a dream. Then an older woman- Bertha Jorkins. Then a woman with long hair: Harry's mother.
"Wait for your father," she said in a whisper that sounded from far away.
They prowled around the duelers, giving whispers of encouragement to Harry, and he couldn't hear what they were saying to Voldemort.
Another man came out of Voldemort's wand. He walked near Harry, and looked untidy-haired like Harry, but taller.
"The cup is a Portkey; it will take you back to Hogwarts. Do you understand, Harry?" asked James Potter.
"Bring my body back to my parents, will you?" asked the image of Cedric.
"I will," he declared.

"Do it now," said the echo of James Potter.
"NOW!" shouted Harry as he yanked his wand upward, breaking the link. The golden dome vanished but the echoes of his victims closed in on Voldemort. Harry dashed away, knocking aside a stunned Death Eater, and zig-zagging around headstones.
"Impedimenta", Harry said waving his wand over his shoulder. It sounded as if he'd hit a Death Eater, but there was no time to look!

"STUN HIM!" cried Lord Voldermort.
Red stunning spells shined through the darkness. One blasted the wing of an angel Harry darted around.

Harry leaped over cup and landed beside Cedric. He grabbed his hand but he was too heavy to move. He saw Lord Voldemort closing in on him.
"He is mine," said Voldemort.
"ACCIO!" shouted Harry pointing his wand at the cup. It soared toward him and he heard Voldemort's scream of rage as he grabbed it with his wand hand then felt a jerk in his stomach as the Portkey took him and Cedric's body back to Hogwarts.


This takes place after Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory touch the Goblet of Fire at the same time in the center of the Maze.

I wondered why Tom Riddle would have a towering headstone, since his parents were also killed the same day. Who commissioned it? My conclusion is that the wealthy Riddles were so disliked, that the headstone maker billed their estate for as much as he could!

Previously I thought this might be the private cemetery of the Riddles since it is overgrown and the gardner, Frank Bryce, was killed the last Summer. However, I read elsewhere in the books that the Riddles were buried in the village cemetery of Little Hangleton. So this means the villagers just don't take care of it.

There's no mention of the cauldron after Voldemort leaves it, so perhaps he either vanished it or moved it out of the circle of Death Eaters.


I hadn't planned to do the graveyard, or I would have got the sticker piece named "Tom Riddle" for his grave. I didn't buy the set called Graveyard Duel (#4766), except for the tree; and I added leaves since this takes place in June.

I was having trouble making some buildings, such as The Cauldron Shop in Diagon Alley. I built a large cauldron, but it has been sitting on my table, which I want to clean up, so in the meantime I decided to build a graveyard around it.

It's funny how you can have an image in your head, but when you need to map out or build something physical, new details (some contradictory) emerge. For instance, the story said they arrived a mere 6 feet from Riddle's towering marble headstone, and that's how I set up my original scenes. But this would mean that Cedric's body, the wands and the cup would all be right next to the cauldron and inside the circle of Death Eaters, which is odd. However, later it says they are 20 feet away. This is a better fit with the story, so I changed my setting.

I first built the snake for my Malfoy Manor scene.

I'm using 10 hoods and 4 Death Eater masks, including one for Lucius Malfoy.

I really don't like those Plant Flower Stem pieces, which I'm using for grass. I don't think they are the same plastic as other pieces and they fall off a LEGO stud too easily!

I use the convention that trans-clear pieces here are just for holding up things, and should be ignored as if they were air or invisible.

I'd thought about getting a white neck bracket when building Harry's Patronus for Wisteria Walk, but it was $3, and I wasn't sure I'd use it after all. I could have used it for the white angel statue, but I didn't know I was going to make it.

I had set this for parental guidance since Wormtail cuts off his own hand. No one viewed it, so I removed the PG and figured you could handle it.

This part of the story required a lot of images, taken over several days. It's done now.


  July 11, 2016
Nice cauldron.
By Sandal Thong
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