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Star Wars TCW : The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 19 - Ice Down My Spine
A fair greetings ladies and gentlemen! This is Director K.W. speaking, and welcome back to the continuation of the Star Wars series! It's been quite a long while since I posted a chapter, hasn't it? Well no worries, cause today we will be starting off with an awesome one at its best! So again, I am sorry for the unexpected delay of the series, but we are back (somewhat :P ) and ready to resume. As many of you remember last time, the crew finished their assigned missions on Nal Hutta and Lt. R.S. returned better than ever, even joining Tanga Squad. This chapter is to be a couple months after, so a lot has been going on since. But why should I be the one to tell you when you can read and see for yourself, no? So let's this started and then I will return afterwards. Enjoy everyone! :D
About this creation

Kydan- "Two months has past ever since completing our investigation on Nal Hutta, where we found out about Senator Dor Kilea's plans and Lt. Shades' vengeance on me. It had been tiring after we had all returned, and all of us wanted nothing more than a couple of days of relaxation. I knew I wanted one, considering I hadn't had a day off in so long. Breona, R.S. and Tanga Squad, even Captain Patterns, who had gone with the Grand Army to Geonosis for the second battle, all went back to Kamino for some R&R. Even a bit of practice was in order considering Threat was not for one to stay still long enough. For Egile, he had chose to go out and see the sights on Alderaan, saying that he knows someone there and had made arrangements to meet with that person.'

'As for me and Calena, along with R7 and Recline, we ended up taking a short break on Cathon, a local planet that had been with the Galactic Republic for years, way before I was born I had presume. Calena didn't know why I had chosen this place specifically, but I had told her that I wanted her to meet a special someone. A girl I should say. For some reason, she seemed angry and a bit...jealous from that? I didn't know why, but I shrugged it off and insisted that she meet her. She didn't really talk too much, only give me the backlash whenever I made a comment or something. When we arrived, however, I introduced her to the girl I had mentioned.'

'Relycka Witress, my little sister and among the last of my personal family members that I held dear to me still. Now, when I say little, I only mean that by saying that she was only three years younger than me, but acted pretty well mature for her age. Never knew why, but she had always been like that since she was a bit younger. Must have gotten it from mom.'

'When Calena had met her, the two quickly grew to become close friends, as well as two droid units in a escape pod. Reason I say that was only because they both knew me well enough to have them both tease me and agree to what I am whenever I'm around or not. Even though I hated that they were both teasing me at the same time, I couldn't help but feel happy that they have a lot in common. Relyckia didn't have a ton of friends in her life, and Calena was just the same. So it made me feel good that the two were getting along really well.'

'A funny thing about those two...whenever I would go and get us something to eat or just a small thing like that, every time I would come back, the two would just look at me and giggle for some reason. I even asked why they were doing that, but I always got the same answer; I wouldn't understand if I even tried.'

'I don't know why or what was going on between the two of them, but I would have to guess that they were talking nonsense about me again. However, a few times when they had said that, I would see Calena blush for some strange reason. My guess was that it was the hot weather here on Cathon, due to it being the high heat from the summer season. I really didn't pay that much attention, if I was being honest enough.'

'Eventually, we returned to Coruscant as our relaxing days were now over, the Clone Wars urging us all back into the battlefields. It didn't take too long, perhaps a few days or so, til' we were called on another mission.'

'Apparently, Republic Intelligience had picked a lot of activity on Alzoc III, reporting tons of Separatist air-crafts and star ships orbiting, landing and leaving the system countless times. We all figured that something was definitely going on over there, and the Council needed a large team to infiltrate and discover what's been happening. It came down to me and Calena partnering up, as always, followed by Egile and Tanga Squad that I had suggested to have them all take part. I was taken back a little when they commissioned Master Hecilt, Calena's master, and my own master and uncle, Coneros, on the mission.'

'Now I had no problem with it, but that didn't mean I didn't feel so awkward when I was around him. Me and Coneros hadn't really talked that much since I left, and I guess the Force had its way of telling us to clear up what had all happened. It seemed weird at the start, the both of us having our differences and what not, but in the seemed to have worked out alright. I feel like the two of us were able to clear the air finally and reconnect the old family bond we use to have, even though my uncle was still hesitant of my career and opinions now.'

'When we had all arrived at Alzoc III, things went from left to right immediately. We had perhaps spend a week on taking control of one of the Separatist larger outposts for our own personal uses. Me, Calena, Breona, Patterns, Egile, Tanga Squad and a battalion of the 112th troops all took the ground battle. As for my uncle and Hecilt, they, along with the rest of the troops in orbit, took the fight in space and the atmosphere. It was a total draw on both sides, and it just seemed that neither one of us were getting far as planned.'

'And the cold wasn't making things easier too. It may not have been the most chilling planet in the universe, but it was still cold. As a Witronian, I was born on Witrone, a planet that hardly ever had snow, and it was always warm and very little cold at the nights. And being someone who lived on Coruscant that never gets winter, you could say I wasn't a really big fan of the planet. Maybe if the planet was a bit warmer, it would be alright, but sadly it ain't. I can also safely bet that neither Calena nor the others were enjoying it too, especially her. Like me, she wasn't a big fan of the snow either, and it seemed to be getting to her more and more.'

'Sadly, though, after a week had past, we still weren't able to find anything useful on what the Separatist were hiding out here, let alone what they were possibly building to keep the planet uptight so much. Many of us have already guessed that they were building some kind of super-weapon of some sorts, possibly even a new thing that could possibly destroy the Republic and Jedi for good. All bets were on the table, and it just came down to the one question;'

'What is so important that the Separatist would throw everything they have on Aeton II to keep whatever it is safe from us? And why spend all their resources against us in the first place?"

(Alzoc III, Year 21 BBY, Surface, Nine days after reaching the frozen planet)

The storm kept pressing on for days. After the Republic forces arrived a week ago, days later a monstrous snow storm blew in. It caused all their ships that were stationed on the ground to land immediately and land inside the designated hangars. The only thing that was able to make up time was their BARC Speeders and Hover Speeders. It was completely useless to try and go on foot with the storm blowing hard and coating you all with sheer ice and pads of snow all in your face and body.

The only time that it was good enough to scout or what not was when the storm had died down some, giving them a chance to investigate the outer territories. For instance, just heading back to base, Kydan and a couple of his troops from Tanga after scouting another sector of enemy territory.

However, like their previous scouting...again, there wasn't anything to report extremely. Only a few droids here and there and nothing more.

Kydan- Outpost Command, this is Tanga Leader calling in. Rendezvousing back to base in T-minus thirty seconds. Requesting permission to enter Hangar Bay 3. Do you copy?

O.C.- This is Command. We hear you loud and clear, Tanga Leader. Opening Hangar Bay 3 doors now. Find anything mysterious this time, sir?

Kydan- Unless you count the small droid scouts out in the perimeters, then no. Nothing out of the ordinary again.

O.C.- Well...better luck next time, eh' Kydan?

Kydan smirks and shakes his head at the man's voice on the intercom. If he had such luck, he would have probably used such a thing by now.

Kydan- Hopefully, Egile. Hopefully...

Just being able to slow their speeders down, Kydan and his scouts easily pass through the hangar doors, blocking access from the obnoxious cold and wind that had been blinding them a few times through the icy landscapes and terrains, as they made their way to park their vehicles.

Not like their other outposts or bases across other star systems, this place wasn't designed for their liking. Since the Separatist Army was all mostly formed around virtual intelligent battle droids, they never had to worry about food or a barracks for troops to rest. Even for their speeders and gunships, the vehicles that had originally inhabitated the place were totally different from theirs.

But, even though it wasn't considered the best place to set up command, it was enough to keep them all out of the bitter cold and incredulous wind outside.

Hopping off and out of their respective speeders, Kydan makes his way towards the command center, with his two loyal men, Degree and Threat, following closely behind them. But, if he knew anything about those two, it was that you never go anywhere without those two bickering.

Degree- I don't know Threat...I kinda like this place!

Threat- You're mentally dis-function then. Alzoc III is on the top of my "least favorite planets" list.

Degree- Only because you can't take the cold.

Shaking his head with a silent chuckle, Kydan was quickly met with Calena, Egile, Breona and Patterns, who were all walking up towards the three of them. Like him, Calena and Egile wore the same kind of outfits, specially fit for the cold.

Although Calena's was Jedi property and cozier, it didn't mean that the cold wasn't getting to her. However, it was only worse when she was actually outside the outpost. That was when you would know she was cold or not...with all the whining and what not.

Calena- Find anything useful?

Kydan- Nothing but the same patrols over and over again. Not a single sign of strange activity out there. Anything on comms?

R.S.- None. Only regular protocol and patrol status as usual. The only thing that has been changed was the increase of units for each patrol.

Kydan- So same old news, huh?

Breona- Pretty much, sir.

Calena- This is starting to be a failed mission. We've been here for over a week already, and found no sign of this weapon that had been reported. We should have at least found a clue, or a small hint of whatever it is.

Egile- If we don't find anything in the next few days, we will have to be forced to pull back and regroup on Coruscant.

Kydan- But if we do that, this system will be even tougher to retake.

Egile- I know that Kydan, but it'll be our only option. We're using too much resources here anyways, and our forces are thinning slowly in orbit. If we stay here for another week, the fleet will be wiped out completely, causing us to be stranded with no support for who knows how long.

Kydan wanted to argue back, but just kept his mouth shut. Reluctantly, Egile was sadly right. The longer they stay here on this barren planet, the more reinforcements from orbit will be wiped out. So it came down to either finding this weapon the Separatist have, or pulling back and regroup with a new fleet.

???- Generals?

Pulling him out of his inner thoughts, they all turned towards to Sergeant Burner, who had spoken, and Gunner, both of them walking towards their leaders.

Breona- What is it, sergeant?

Burner- The generals is requesting the three of you immediately, sirs. They seem to have some news or some sorts.

Kydan- Did they say what it was?

Burner- No, sir. All they said was to speak with all of you. It seemed to be urgent, I believe.

Not entirely sure what the Jedi Masters would consider "urgent" of the sorts at this time, they all just shrugged as they each made their way towards the command center. Whatever the reason behind this strange motive would soon be discovered.

Upon entering the Droid Command Center, which is now under Republic control, the group find themselves surrounded with almost a dozen clones, all working at their respective work stations. In the center of the warm room laid the hologram table, which in no surprise was active, transmitting holograms of the two Jedi Masters.

The ones with brown and short hair was Calena's Jedi Master, Hecilt, who was apparently speaking to Kydan's uncle and old master, Coneros. The two seemed to be in a serious conversation, but was deterred when the group approached them, having the two master's eyes gazing at them.

Hecilt- Ah, great timing you three! We were just talking about your progress.

Calena- So you were able to receive our report then?

Coneros- Somehow, yes. With all the Separatist transmissions going through, it seemed like it would have almost been impossible. We had just received it merely an hour ago.

Kydan- That's why I suggested to use private comm channels...but someone said it was too risky.

Calena turned her head towards him and glared.

Calena- And it still is! You know that the Separatist would try and crack our transmissions at a moments notice.

Kydan- Better than having open chat being live!

Egile just looked at the two bickering and just shook his head with a sigh as he murmured.

Egile- *Murmured* Good grief...

Coneros- Alright you two, that's enough! There are far more important things than the two of you bickering against each other. Am I understood?

Kydan and Calena looked back at Coneros and then back to themselves before turning their heads away and muttering softly.

Kydan & Calena- Yes Master/Uncle...

Coneros- *Nods* Good. Now then...

Egile- So...exactly what's the situation, generals?

Hecilt- We've been monitoring your reports for the past few days. Apparently, we've found that the Separatist's secret prototype hasn't been spotted yet, correct?

Calena- Yes, Master. We've been patrolling the outer terrains for days, but still haven't found no sign of the weapon. Only a majority of recon scouts and patrols.

Coneros- And that's what's concerning me...

Kydan- *Raises eyebrow* Why is that?

Hecilt- We'll be honest here...our fleet is not strong enough to keep hold of orbital control. The fleet has already lost two transport ships, three supports and a capital. The reinforcements that the droids keeping sending at us is too much for us to handle. Each day we're just barely holding on.

Egile- So sooner or later, we'll be defenceless?

Coneros- Correct, Lieutenant. We need to find that prototype before the droids can wipe out the remaining ships of our fleets.

Kydan- How long do we have?

Coneros- If I were to make a wild guess...I'd say about another two rotations. If we can't find this weapon before then, we will have to call and immediate retreat from Alzoc III.

The group didn't say anything back. They all knew that would be the case, even if they didn't want to believe it. However, it was something that they were not proud of. Especially Kydan, thinking that if they were to flee, then the Separatist would win...again.

Hecilt- But, until then, keep searching for that prototype. If we can find it before the two rotations are up, then we can call for the Grand Army to send a blockade on the planet.

Calena- How come we can't do that now?

Coneros- Because we are spread thin. If we call for additional aid, without having seize control of a star system, then it would mean that they would have to leave one of their own blockades defenseless, giving the Separatist a clear chance of controlling the system. Even if they came, then they would be completely wiped out entirely. That's why we need to make an iron grip on this system before any of the above happens.

Egile- *Mutters* So much for that idea...

???- Masters?

The group all turn to find Kydan's personal assassin and protocol droid, PD7-21, also known as Recline, casually walking towards them. Strolling alongside the taller droid, was Kydan's other droid unit and longest companion, R7-D7, wheeling towards them as well.

Recline was a droid that Kydan and the squad found on the planet, Raxus Prime, left for scrap. If it weren't for Recline's knowledge on his ship, nor the skills and intelligence he had, Kydan would have thought nothing of the droid. But because of all that, and finding the droid to be somewhat funny and very loyal, he made Recline be part of the family.

And only being around the group for so long, possible for almost a year, Recline has been a reliable and trust-worthy companion during scouting and raid missions, as well as repairing tools, weapons, and especially fixing the Black Shadow. And during that time, the assassin droid and R7 started to become close partners as well, although having their little arguments here and there sometimes. In all, the group has come to respect and treat the droid as one of their own.

Kydan- Yes Recline, was is it?

Recline- We've detected something on scanners. There appears to be some kind of break-through from the comm channels as well.

Calena- Any idea what it is?

Recline- We are processing through the information now, Master Calena. Although, it will take a few minutes to process. But I can assure you, it is not the patrols or scouts you have encountered from the previous rotations.

Coneros- This may be what we're looking for. Kydan, Calena, Egile? Keep monitoring the scanners and transmissions, and report back if you find anything. If what Recline just said is true, then this may be the weapon the Separatist have been hiding here.

Egile- Understood, Master Jedi.

Hecilt- Good. Then may the Force be with you all.

Nodding back to the Masters, the hologram transmission ends and disappears from the table, causing them to turn their immediate attention back to Recline and R7.

Kydan- So what did you find, you two?

Recline- Scanners have picked up a large synthetic object roaming the southwest. The scouts have reported strange readings and tracks in that area. However, Master, that was only ten minutes ago.

Calena- They haven't responded back since?

Recline- That is correct, Master. We have completed the scans and found no trace of any living organics in the vicinity. They seemed to have...mysteriously vanished.

Egile- Vanish? Half a dozen clones couldn't have disappeared from thin air just like that...

Kydan- Recline, what about the unknown object you picked up?

Recline- Actually Master, to my extreme surprise, the synthetic object disappeared as well. Once the life signs have vanished, it immediately followed. I have tried to clear up the signals and radars, but found nothing still.

Calena- That doesn't sound right...

Kydan- *Nods* Agreed...

Kydan, knowing that there wasn't really no other option, turned to Egile with a serious expression plastered on his face.

Kydan- Egile, round up a couple clone squads and Tanga. I want them prepped up and ready to go in ten.

Egile- I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that we are definitely checking out their last location and search for that thing...aren't we?

Kydan- *Smirks* Right on the bulls-eye, Egile.

With a silent sigh and slightly shaking his head, he makes his way towards the hangar bay and barracks to prepare a few squads, as well as the rest of Tanga. Once Egile was gone, he turned his attention back to Recline.

Kydan- Recline, I want you to send me the scout's last coordinates to my comm tracker. Hopefully we'll find some kind of trace of this weapon while we're out there.

Recline- As you command, Master. Shall we assist you in anymore ways?

Kydan- No, Recline, but thank you. I want you and R7 to stay here in the outpost and trace the movements of anything in the vicinity. Who knows what's out there.

Recline- Yes, Master Kydan, if that is what you wish. Come along R7, let's get started.

R7 Beep boop bwoop (Good, I really didn't want to go out in the snow anyways.)

As Recline and R7 went to continue monitoring the comms and transmissions, Kydan and Calena make their way out of the command center and back down to the hangar. As they were walking down the stairs, Calena was still feeling a bit uneasy.

She knew, in the back of her mind, that there was something off with all of this. Clone scouts disappearing? A large unknown synthetic machine having no trace? The weapon being undiscovered yet? This was way too inconvenient, even by her standards.

And apparently, she wasn't the only one who thought so.

Kydan- Your thinking the same thing, aren't you?

Calena- About?

Kydan- I can tell what you're thinking. And before you say a single word...yes, I think this is very strange.

Calena- *Smirks* Since when have you become so clever, merc boy?

Kydan- *Grins with a shrug* I've always been. Your just realizing this now, princess.

Calena just frowned and slightly shook her head. No matter how long he said it, she will probably still not like it.

Calena- You know that I hate you calling me that word...

Kydan- Only because it suits you.

Calena- *Frustration* It does not!

Kydan- *Laughs lightly* See what I mean!

Calena was just about to snap back at him of his ignorance, but kept completely silent. Yet, she actually stopped walking down the end of the stairs.

Wondering why she didn't snap back, and of course his curiosity kicking in, he turned around to find her standing completely still. Like, as almost if she was stunned by something.

Kydan- Calena? Hey, you alright?

However, Calena didn't hear a word he said. In fact, she doesn't have a clue on what's going on. All she was seeing at the moment was a strong snow storm outside on what appeared to be Aeton II. She saw Kydan and a couple of her soldiers investigating something, but then suddenly jerked their heads up towards the hill next to them. Immediately, the entire scene shifts into what appeared to be a fight against a monstrous machine, shooting blazes of fire power at them. In a swift moment, she immediately saw the ground crumbling down into the ground as a large pit was seen. And with all that, she saw Kydan falling down into it, unable to grab onto the edge fast enough, plummeting to his deadly doom.

Suddenly, finally regaining consciousness, he shook her head slightly as she heard Kydan calling out to her, waving his arm to gain her full attention.

Kydan- Hey! *Whistles* Yo, earth to Calena! Hey, you in there?!

Calena- *Shakes her head* H-Huh?! What?

Kydan- I said, are you alright? Looks like you were seeing a ghost or something.

Still dazed by what she saw, she slightly shook her head again and gave off a smirk, trying her best to hide her facial expression.

Calena- I'm a Jedi, of course I'm alright!

And by the Force, it worked.

Kydan- *Shrugs* Whatever you say. Now come on, let's get going! We gotta' move fast before that storm blows through.

Taken off guard, yet still following next and behind Kydan, Calena looked at him somewhat worried.

Calena- S-Snow storm?

Kydan- Yeah, you know...the one that is suppose to pass through here in a little bit.

Calena- *Worries* Um...m-maybe we should wait til' the storm passes, you know?

Kydan abruptly stops, turning towards Calena with a stun look.

Kydan- What do you mean "wait til' it passes"?! If we wait for that storm to pass, we won't be able to find the scouts easy enough! It's now or never!

Calena- But Kydan, I think it would--

Kydan- *Frowns* Calena, you of all people know that we need to find out what this thing is. If it's the weapon we're looking for, then we have to find it before it gets too far. Otherwise, we'll be forced to retreat.

Without another word, Kydan continues walking down the halls with a slight annoyed look. Sighing in disappointment, and yet with more concern than earlier, she trails behind him.

She couldn't tell him. Of what she just saw would make her sound insane, yet alone a liar maybe. And if she knows Kydan like she does, he would just laugh and shrug it off, thinking that it would never happen in a million years. She could just only hope that whatever that vision she just saw was absolutely nothing. That it was a thing that she randomly saw and was a thought.

But the more she try to forget about it, the more she became concerned about it, causing her to become afraid of the future even more...

(Alzoc III, Sector 9, One hour after lost contact with scouts)

If there was one thing Kydan was always right about, it was about bad weather.

Ever since leaving the outpost on speeders, not even a little over five minutes later, the snow storm blew through like a raging stampede of uncontrolled, charging Reeks. The moment that storm hit, temperatures started to drop, slowly descending into the negatives. When that all occured, they were unable to proceed on their vehicles. With quick thinking, the group decided to split up into two; one group presses on, while the other woulld stay with the speeders til' they returned.

Luckily, the squad were equipped with low temperature zero suits, allowing them to withstand the bitter cold that moved in so suddenly.

Of course, the only ones that didn't have that special tech were Kydan, Calena and Egile, who all just wore winter clothing. Sure, their clothing were also able to withstand the dropping temperatures, but it wouldn't protect them later on when they start to turn numb to the bone.

Nonetheless, they had to move on.

Calena, who had been weary ever since the storm came, glided her eyes from side to side and upwards towards the snowy hill next to them all. The vision she had seen earlier felt like it was becoming more clearer, especially when she can remember a snow storm blowing through an area beside a snowy hill next to them.

Although it was blurry with the downfall of the rapid snow in front of them, she couldn't help but feel uneasy, and at least concern. What if the vision was coming true? If it was, can she possibly stop it?

As her thoughts invaded her, she was suddenly drawn back to reality when a familiar voice called to her.

???- Ma'am, you alright? You seem distracted?

Turning her head towards the voice, there walking beside her was Captain Patterns, Egile and Threat, gazing at the commander through their helmets in what appeared to be concern. They must have realized that she wasn't paying very much attention, which her captain, at first, spotted on immediately.

Calena- I'm fine Patterns. Just thinking silently is all.

Egile- You sure? You look more weary than the rest of us do.

She quickly gave Egile and the clone soldiers a fake smile. She didn't need the troops to be concern about a silly vision she had. Which, in the back of her mind, was still possible at the least. But to have her troops worried about it, she didn't need them to be concerned about it.

Calena- I'm definitely sure. No need for worrying. Just keep your eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary. That is a direct order.

Patterns- If you say so, ma'am...

Not wanting to push the issue with their general any further, the troops pressed on through the rough snow.

Moments after, Kydan spoke up to Breona while trying to see where in the galaxy he and the squads were heading to. Not doubt the snow storms was one of his least favorite weather conditions, especially when one has to go through it all by foot.

Kydan- Pick up anything yet, Breona?

Breona- Scans are showing nothing yet. But I am getting something strange a mile ahead of us. Can't tell what it is though.

Kydan- Then that's where we're heading. Alright squad, let's pick up the pace!

Earning a nod from the troops, except from Calena who was still kinda gazing around the snowy area, he started to move a bit quicker, trying his best to pick up the pace through the foot deep snow beneath their damped and cold feet.

Minutes past, and the weather was only getting worse as the all pushed on. The worst part of it right now was the blinding snow that was causing them to not see a thing in front of them. They could only see what was closer to them, but farther than that was brutal.

Thankfully, Kydan and Breona both stopped, making everyone else that was following behind them do the same.

Breona- Wait a minute...I'm getting a signal up ahead. Heat signature, but it's weak. Might be one of the survivors.

Kydan- Possibly...

Kydan pondered for a moment before looking behind him towards the others.

Kydan- Trooper, your with me! Everyone else, be cautious! There's no telling what could be out here still.

As Kydan and one of the 117th soldiers walked towards through the blinding snow, Calena was becoming more alert. Ever since the storm had picked up, she's been getting a feeling that they were all being watched. She didn't know what exactly, but it was making her feel unpleasant, and unsecured.

Something was definitely wrong.

As if she couldn't be more alert, Calena and the rest of the squads noticed that the storm was subsiding a bit, and they were now able to see Kydan and the soldier ahead of them walking towards what appears to be dead corpses.

it was no doubt that those dead troops were the missing scouts they were searching for.

Kydan looked around the fallen dead, seeing who or what killed them, and maybe if there was actually someone alive. Immediately, his thoughts were answered when the clone called to him.

117th Trooper- Lieutenant! Over here!

Rushing towards the clone, Kydan was met with a half dead, but still alive Scout Trooper, being unable to breath properly, as well as what appeared to be a giant claw mark on his body.

Kydan- Trooper? What happened? Are you okay?

The scout looked at him with a sense of fear in his eyes. From what, he didn't know, but he had a hunch on what it could be maybe.

Scout Trooper- knows...

Kydan- What knows?

Scout Trooper- ......The knows, sir...

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a loud metal, robotic-like screech was heard throughout the area, causing everyone to be quickly prepared.

Calena and Egile, who were both looking around everywhere, tried their best to find who or what made that noise. That was when Calena's fears came to life, quickly shouting at Kydan and the soldier.

Calena- Kydan! Above you!

Quickly looking up beside them, Kydan and the clone saw a large, metallic creature standing on top of the snowy hill. The creature was not what they expected; a tall figure that seemed to have a twin cannon attached to the it's two mechanical arms, a sharp, rounded hat over it's blazing red eyes and a heavy rifle in each of it's mechanical arms.

This was the Separatist prototype, known as the Predator Droid Mk.I.

117th Trooper- What the-

Kydan- Run, trooper, run!

However, merely seconds before the two could make a run back to the others, the PD MK.I jumped off the hill and on top fo the half dead scout, no doubt killing him from impact of the heavy metal crushing the poor soldier. On impact, Kydan and the clone were thrown off their feet and into the cold snow face first.

Pushing himself off the snow, he tuned around to see the clone opening fire on the mech, but with little success. In fact, after perhaps the ninth shot, the prototype unleashed a barrage of laser fire from it's side guns, utterly ending the clone's short life.

Egile- Give Kydan some cover men! Fire at that scrap heap!

In mere seconds, Egile and the group began to fire upon the mech with their mixture of guns, trying their very best to cause damage on the PD MK.I. While Egile and the clones kept it occupied, Calena took her chance.

Calena- Kydan, get out of there!

Not waiting another second, Kydan began to run back towards the others while the mech took heavy fire, although not receiving major damage due to its heavy plating. Noticing that it's main prey was escaping, the Predator raised its arm in the air and aimed the big gun in front of Kydan. Locking on the primary target, a large laser blast shot out of the barrel hole, heading straight in front of Kydan himself.

Barely missing the large blaster shot when he quickly came to a hault, Kydan was quickly met with a shake underneath his feet, even causing the rest of the team to feel the shake beneath them. He started noticing that the ground around him was somehow cracking and sinking in a large radius around him.

Calena, who was also for-seeing the outcome of the mech's attack, began to panic. Her vision was beginning to come true.


Doing the best he could, Kydan immediately began to climb the snow with his feet while reaching to with his damped gloved hands towards Calena, as the ground began to sink even faster. Calena had her hand stretched out in front of her at him, ready to grab him at a moment's notice.

Calena- COME ON!

He kept climbing and climbing, effortlessly making his way to her. He was so close, yet a few climbs away from reach. Not waiting any longer, he took a final attempt and jumped into the air, heading straight for Calena. He got closer, and closer, and closer with his hand stretched out and waiting to grab onto Calena's...

The moment he was a couple inches away from, the rest of the ground caved in, immediately plummeting the large radius of the snowy ground, including Kydan, down the dark abyss below.

All Calena could do was watch with shocked eyes as he disappeared into the darkness below. Her mind raced with tons of emotions, unable to bare with what just happened in front of her, inches away.

He was gone.

It's...BONUS PIC TIME! Just a few left over pictures of the chapter's small builds. The first two here are the views of the hangar.

And these two are views of what the command center looks like.

Ain't I just a stinker with cliff hangers? I guess you could say...I give a "cold" closure haha!......No? Nothing?...Alright then...

Anyways, that concludes another first part of a chapter! I really liked this one, especially with the builds I made. Well, at least the beginning and middle ones lol. Wanted to make it different from the others I have previously build over the years. My favorite, in my opinion really, would have to be the droid command center. The design was a bit different from many others, and I really love the angles of the entire room. Gives it a better look than just a plain ol' square shaped build. Really enjoyed it!

So the question is; is Kydan dead then? And what will happen to the others now? How will Calena deal with all of this? And lastly; will they be able to defeat this prototype monster? I'll let you guys answer that, either to yourselves or down in the comments below. No pressure lol ;)

Well hopefully you guys enjoyed the return chapter of the Star Wars series as much as the crew and I did. The prototype machine was something that I've been working on for over a month during the beginning of Summer. I had build something else that was mechanical-like, and thought to myself, "this would be a cool chapter if I added something like this to it!" And I did, and I am happy with the results haha! Hopefully, so did all of you :P

Also, I may have lied when I said the next chapters wouldn't be long. This was still a long one, but at least I didn't have to take over 90 pictures to do so. So, I guess I...half-lied in some way? :|

Well anyways, it's time for...the SHOUT-OUTS!!! I know the last chapter was a long while back, but since it's my series, I decided to also give shout outs to those who have even commented or rated other creations recently. So, to the following people that had liked or commented on my latest posts to the 18th chapter, shall be seen below:

CT- 5532 "Kosmos"
Brickbuild 54
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Brick Boy
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Kermunklin the Giant Evil House Head
Packer 221
Brick Snapper

And a last shout-out to (: Alexrules90 :) for he inspired me to use a new planet from one of the Star Wars RPG groups. So thank you for that inspiration good sir!

If I didn't get to add your name to the list from last time, I am sorry. There were others who either didn't have accounts or just didn't sign in when liking or rating the chapter(s) or other creations from before. So forgive me if I didn't get to do so.

Also, if you want to keep following the story line and wish to know more about the series or even the characters themselves, come on over to the official group for the series. There you can chat with other fans of the group and see what's going on with each chapter every week. So, if you haven't joined and have the time and/or patience for it, please hop on over and check it out!

Star Wars The Witress Series

Well, I think it's about time I head out and work on the next two chapters. Hopefully they won't take as long as they require, and I hope they will both be released this November. If not, then at least the next one. So thank you all for your wonderful and countless comments and ratings on our comic series, and please, continue to give us feedback on how the story is going and what we could approve on even. So again, thank you guys for your faithful supports and I hope all of you have an amazing and fan-tucking-tastic day/night. See ya' soon! ;)

- Director K.W.


Director K.W.
 I like it 
Brickbuild 54
  November 10, 2015
Amazing, very intriguing I can't wait to see what happens next and if you kill Kydan off all I can say is you have a very "cold" heart
 I like it 
  November 10, 2015
Great chapter! You never fail to impress. Great job, can't wait for the next one, and yes my friend, you are extremely "cold" leaving us one such a freakin cliff hanger! Lol :D
 I like it 
  November 8, 2015
Oh boy. The Return was phenomenal! Can't wait for the next part! Keep it up!
 I like it 
  November 7, 2015
Excellent, this chapter did not disappoint, can't wait for the next one.
 I like it 
  November 7, 2015
Sweet Chapter! Can't wait to find out what happens.
By Director K.W.
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