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The Insurgency: S2 #14 Gunpowder, Treason and Plot (GC)
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Here it is! At long last! The highly-anticipated first part in The Insurgency's GROUP-WIDE cross-over event! Please comment, rate and enjoy!
About this creation

Just a quick ‘About This’ before you read on. This episode of The Insurgency is a GROUP-WIDE Cross-Over event – the culmination of several months of planning and writing. The majority of our currently active Insurgency players have participated in this cross-over event in one form or another. So as you’re reading, just bear in mind that there will be changes in building styles and some characters will be built by different people and so may look slightly different. But now, enjoy!

Corresponding text underneath each picture.

20th September 2095: Present Day

LOCATION: Qoter - GI Research Facility

Commander Granger led the way along the corridor, closely followed by Dr. Viktor Devol himself and a group of Effigies. They were as quiet as possible, sneaking towards their goal.

So far they had encountered little resistance. Only a couple of guards that the effigies had taken care of. It being a research facility and not a military base of any kind, the protection was, in Commander Granger’s opinion, rather poor.

The reached their target and came to a stop outside of a laboratory door. Securing the area, the effigies spread out as effigy 2.0 and Granger set charges on the door.
Com. Granger: “Ready?” Effigy 2.0 nodded and in turn Granger nodded to Dr. Devol.

Dr. Devol: “Do it.” He instructed and the Commander blew the charges and sent the door crashing to the ground.
Granger and the effigies moved in through the smoke and Dr. Devol followed closely behind.

They were in a good sized laboratory, with the usual equipment dotted around. However, the main feature of this lab was the enormous transparent vat of a thick blue liquid that stood floor to ceiling in the centre of the room, with tubes connected to it near the top leading off to other pieces of equipment in the room.

There were two men already in the room as Dr. Devol and his team stormed in and both of them staggered away to the back of the room as the charges went off and the men entered.

Dr. Devol: “Greetings gentlemen. I am Dr. Viktor Devol. You must be Drs Gadera and Tondi, correct?”
Dr. Gadera: “Yes. What do you want, Dr.?”
Dr. Devol frowned at the question.
Dr. Devol: “I was under the impression that you wanted us here? I received one of your research chips, hidden inside a crate of weapons that my men managed to get their hands on. I must say, I am rather impressed with your work.”

Dr. Gadera: “Thank you, but I don’t see why you are here. If you’re here to rescue me, it won’t work. I have a tracking device implanted in my leg. They’d follow us and take me back, if not kill us all.”
Dr. Devol: “I am not here for you, however I am here to help. I am here for your work.”

Realisation dawned in Dr. Gadera’s mind.
Dr. Devol: “Yes, the chip I received talked about a bomb? An Ossillium bomb?”
Dr. Gadera: “Yes, yes.” He nodded, understanding now. He moved back over to his workstation and pulled up some files on his computer screen. “The GI moved me here to Qoter a short time ago so that I could continue my work with Ossillium in a more specialist environment. They wanted me to use the substance to create weapons to use in the war against the Collective. I designed shields and bullets but the most promising plan was for an Ossillium bomb.” He explained, showing the schematics to the other Doctor on the screen.

Dr. Tondi: “Dr. Gadera, should we really be telling these men this?” he asked, cowering a short way away.
Com. Granger: “Does it look like you have a choice?” he asked, aiming his gun at the scared man.
Dr. Gadera: “Please, there’s no need for violence.” He pleaded.
Dr. Devol: “Commander, put it away. We’re here to help, not hinder.”

Granger did as he was told, but with a disgruntled look on his face.

Dr. Gadera: “Now, as I was saying, this bomb was the most promising and so became the focus of my research. I built a prototype and it was secretly tested, I don’t know how, they wouldn’t tell me, but I fear it was on some captive Collective men. But anyway, apparently it was a success and they wanted me to build a much bigger version.”
Dr. Devol: “And did you?”
Dr. Gadera: “Yes, I did. That is the one I believe I talked of in my chip.”
Dr. Devol: “So where is it now?”

Dr. Gadera: “It’s here.” He explained and moved over to the other side of the lab. He keyed a code into a panel and a large, vault-like door opened up with a hiss of depressurising air and revealed a large device. It was domed in shape and was a good several meters in diameter.

Dr. Devol: “In your chip, you said you had finished it. So why is it hidden away in your lab, when the GI could be using it to combat the Collective?”

Dr. Gadera: “Because I fear what it could do. Not knowing the actual results, the specifics, from the prototype, I don’t know if there are or were any side effects. It could cause all sorts of problems! But my superiors are hassling me for it, they want it now. They don’t care about anything like that. They just want it as quickly as possible. I’ve told them it isn’t ready yet, but in reality I’m just postponing the inevitable while I try and figure out what the fallout might be with simulations.”
Dr. Devol: “And that’s where we come in?”
Dr. Gadera: “Exactly. As I said in my message on the chip, I fear what might happen when my bosses get their hands on it. However, if it were to be stolen, it would give me more time and also an excuse to run more simulations to try and figure out just what will happen when this thing goes off.”

Dr. Devol nodded in understanding.
Dr. Devol: “Okay, so we take this thing out of here and it gives you more time, yes?”
Dr. Gadra: “Yes.”

However, just at that moment, there were shouts from out in the corridor and shots were fired between the effigies stood guard and an unknown threat, presumably security, finally showing up to find out what the explosion had been.

Dr. Gadera: “Quickly! You must take it!” he pleaded as Commander Granger, along with the other effigies, strode over to the door to see what was going on.
Together with Dr. Tondi, Drs Gadera and Devol unplugged the bomb from it’s safety couplings inside the container and activated the repulsors, turning it into a hover cart.

Dr. Gadera: “Thank you.” he said sincerely as Dr. Devol and Effigy 2.0 took control of the cart.
Dr. Devol: “The system would not fare well if the Collective seized control. But it would also fare badly if something as powerful as this went off without knowing the full effects.”
Dr. Gadera nodded as Dr. Devol and Effigy 2.0 headed for the door.

However, just as they got there Granger gave a warning shout;
Com. Granger: “Grenade!”

Devol, thinking quickly shoved the hover cart back into the lab, as the Commander grabbed him and charged away up the corridor to safety.

There was an explosion as the grenade went off right in the doorway and inside the lab, both Doctors turned away from the heat of the blast.
By the time they turned back, the fighting was over and through the drifting smoke from the grenade explosion came several security guards, followed by Commander Bacardo and Captain Astine; his superiors here at the research facility.

Bacardo: “What’s going on here?” he demanded.
Dr. Tondi: “Marauders, sir! They broke in here and tried to steal our equipment!” he lied.
Com. Bacardo: “Is that so?” he asked, looking to Dr. Gadera for confirmation.
Dr. Gadera: “Yes, sir.”

It was at this point that Astine noticed the hover cart containing the bomb.
Astine: “They tried to steal the bomb?”
Dr. Gadera didn’t speak for a moment but then nodded.
Com. Bacardo: “Is it ready?” he asked.
Dr. Gadera: “No, I need more time! I don’t know what the complications might be! Anything could happen when this thing goes off!” he pleaded.

Com. Bacardo: “If I pushed the detonator, would it go boom and take out The Collective?” he put simply.
Dr. Gadera: “Well, yes, but…”
Com. Bacardo: “Good. Then it’s ready. Astine, bring it with us. I shall inform the Council that it is ready to be deployed.”

Dr. Gadera: “And what is going to be done with it?”
Com. Bacardo: “It will be transported to Earth, to the front lines, where it is needed most. They are in desperate need of a saviour, Doctor. You might have just provided them with it. Don’t look so glum.”
Dr. Gadera: “Then I request to go with it. I need to know what happens when it is detonated. I need data!” he begged as Captain Astine recovered the bomb cart.
Com. Bacardo: “No. We need you here making more of these. Earth is not the only front line in this war. It is just the worst at the moment. But once this has been deployed, there will be another planet in need of one of these.”
Dr. Tondi: “With respect, we do need that data. I am more than capable of starting work on more bombs. Dr. Gadera can go with this one and collect the data we need to continue our work.”

Bacardo looked between them both for a moment before deciding.
Com. Bacardo: “Very well. Tondi, you stay here and begin work on the next bomb. Gadera, you will go with this one to Earth. Commander Sev has been put in charge of the transportation to Earth, but our ships are stretched thin at the moment, so we are going to have the Aurellians flying air support with you. Once the bomb is loaded, you’ll just have to await their arrival before you’re on your way.”
Dr. Gadera: “And how long will that be?”

Com. Bacardo: “They’re already on their way.”

LOCATION: Eris and Team’s New Ship - In Hyperspace

The twins were chatting away to each other, seated along with Caesar on the long leather sofa in the living area as Eris, Jay and Cormalcath entered the room through one of the arched doorways. Basher was leaning against the wall next to the passageway that led to the cockpit, just in case he needed to go and tend to anything. The ship was currently on auto-pilot as they hurtled at light speed through hyperspace.

The talking died down instantly as all eyes turned towards the newcomers.
Eris: “Okay, here’s the situation.” She announced, walking over to the table and activating the holo-map. “The Spire, The Collective flagship, is currently in orbit above Earth. It’s sibling, the one the Imperium have called The Shard is landed in London, down on the planet’s surface. On the ground, the area for miles around the ship is a wasteland, destroyed by Azgoth’s soldiers. The front lines are currently here.” She pointed on the map and a red line snaked it’s way along, marking the position that the combined Imperium and Aurelii forces currently held.

Eris: “However, the Imperials and Aurelians are fast losing ground and are being forced further and further back by both ground forces and Collective ships. Those same fighter ships are protecting The Shard, meaning any attempts to attack it from the air have so far been futile. The Spire will be likewise as heavily guarded.”

Eris: “So; Here’s the plan. When we arrive at The Spire, Jay, Cormal’ and I will do what we can to shield our arrival from Azgoth and his forces for as long as possible. Hopefully that will be long enough for us to sneak aboard. If it isn’t, it’s up to everybody to fight them off as best we can. Our combined powers should be enough, but just in case it turns out not to be, everybody needs to be ready and at their stations. Basher, you’ll be flying. Understood?”

Everybody nodded.

Eris: “I’ll guide us towards the royal hanger bay and from there we’ll have a small amount of distance to cover on foot to get to our destination.”
Caesar: “Which is where, exactly?”
Eris: “The throne room itself.”
Kiera: “Straight to Azgoth?”
Eris: “Straight to Azgoth. We’ll be up against heavy resistance so once we’re inside, we need to be as fast as possible in getting to him. When we do reach Azgoth, Jay, Cormal’ and I will confront him. But I can’t let the rest of you join us in doing so.”

Kiera: “What? Why not?”
Eris: “Because Azgoth is too powerful. If he wished, he could simply alter reality so that you no longer exist. And you would be powerless to stop him. I’m sorry, my friends, but this is something that I cannot let you do.”

There was a bit of tension in the air as everybody was silent. But then Caesar spoke up.
Caesar: “Don’t worry, Eris. We understand.”
Eris: “Thank you.”
Caesar: “We’ll get you to where you need to be and do our best to protect you.”
Eris smiled a bittersweet smile and nodded her appreciation.

LOCATION: Imperial Loading Dock - Qoter

The Ossillium bomb, cocooned safely in numerous layers of protection inside of a travel crate, was being pushed up the boarding ramp of the transport ship that was going to transport it to Earth. Dr. Gadera stood at the bottom of the ramp, watching on with mixed feelings as his creation was loaded onto the ship.

Behind him, the roar of engines grew louder and he turned just in time to be blasted by air as a battered, red fighter touched down a short distance away. Numerous other fighters of a similar nature and one slightly larger, but no less battered, transport ship were touching down elsewhere on the landing pad.

Commander Sev: “Ah… the Aurelians have arrived.” He commented as he joined Dr. Gadera from the direction of the command centre.

The pair watched on as the pilots of the newly arrived ships as well as the passengers from the transport ship disembarked.

Dr. Gadera: “Uh… what is that?” he asked as a hulking figure with what appeared to be cybernetic enhancements staggered away from the nearest fighter, muttering to himself.


Dr. Gadera and the Commander exchanged looks.
Dr. Gadera: “What did he just say?” he whispered.
Com. Sev: “Yeah, yeah, we heard you the first time.” He clarified, no less confused.

Captain Golrath: “Commander!” another man greeted as he strode over, accompanied by the rest of the newly arrived Aurelians.
Com. Sev: “Ah!” he sighed, clearly thankful to have another human to speak to. “You must be Captain Golrath?”

Cap. Golrath: “Correct. And you must be Commander Sev?”
Com. Sev: “Indeed. Are your men…” he paused momentarily as he noticed several women among the newly arrived. “…your people ready?”

Sev frowned at the cyborg before turning back to the Aurelian Captain.
Com. Sev: “What’s wrong with him? Is he safe? Should he be flying?
Dr. Medlab: “He’s fine. He’s actually not a bad pilot, it’s just that sometimes at the end of the sentence he’ll say the wrong…”

The Doctor smiled almost painfully and then looked back to Sev.
Dr. Medlab: “Point proven.”

At that moment an Imperial soldier approached the group and saluted Commander Sev.
Soldier: “Sir! The bomb is loaded and the transport is primed for take-off.”
Com. Sev: “Good.” He replied and dismissed the trooper before turning back to the Aurelians.

Com. Sev: “Okay, listen up. I want to be out of here as soon as possible so I’m only going to go through this once. You miss anything, tough shit. Understood? Right. The plan is that we fly to Earth. I want two of your guys flying point. I will be aboard the bomb transport along with Dr. Gadera here, and we will remain in the centre of our little convoy at all times. The rest of your guys will provide roaming air support. You are our first line of defence. Once we get to Earth, we will enter the atmosphere above the UK and head straight for our target destination; London.”

Com. Sev: “Once there, we will land behind our lines and hand control of the bomb over to Colonel Cosor. The Colonel has been part of the London campaign since it’s beginning and is in overall charge. Also there are Colonel Ramson of the Galactic Imperium and one of your Lieutenants, a guy named Codder.”

This got a few nods of recognition from the Aurelians.

Com. Sev: “From there, the bomb is their business and our mission is over. All we’ve got to do is get safely back out again. Both on the way in and out of London, resistance will be strong because of their big ship thingy, but at all times you must stay focussed on the mission at hand and protect the bomb transport. Is that understood?”
There was a collected shout of “Yes sir!” from the Aurelian forces.

Com. Sev: “Very good. Captain, they’re all yours.”
Cap. Golrath: “Okay! Max, Jaze, Nate, Jera and I will be in the fighters.”

Cap. Golrath: “Dr. Medlab, Mera, Blank and Erik will be in the transport. Same as on the way here.”

Cap. Golrath: “But I want Rocket, Caleb and Kirin in the bomb ship with Commander Sev. Clear?”

Everybody answered in the affirmative and Golrath turned and nodded to Sev.
Com. Sev: “Very well. Then everybody board up, we leave at once!”

12 Hours Later…

LOCATION: English Airspace - Earth

The Viper hurtled through the sky, shaking slightly under the pressure of being pushed to it’s limits as Tank and Tracks headed as fast as they could towards London.

After being discharged from hospital, Tank had done as he’d agreed with the Brain’s messenger and after stocking up on some supplies, had met up with Tracks and together they’d headed straight for England.

Tank: “Look at the size of that thing…” he commented aloud as they neared their destination, laying eyes on the Collective’s flagship for the first time. Tracks whirred in equal astonishment and both stared up at the enormous ship floating high up above the city.

However, their thoughts were soon interrupted when the Viper shook as it took two laser hits. Tank frantically looked around and quickly spotted a couple of Collective fighters on their tail.
Tank: “Typical.” He muttered. “They chased us on our way out of London and now they’re chasing us back in again.” He rammed the Viper into a roll and they plunged down a couple of hundred feet before levelling out, trying to escape their Collective pursuers. However, the fighters remained on their tail and kept spitting out lasers at them.

As they grew closer to London, The Shard also became visible, jutting up from the ground in the distance like a great, black towering spike. Tank put the Viper through a series of rolls and manoeuvres to try and shake the Collective ships off of their tail, but they stuck right on them.
Tank: “Hmm… right. Time to think of something else.”

LOCATION: London - Earth

The soundtrack to battle filled the London air. Gunfire, both traditional and laser, ringing out. Louder detonations from exploding vehicles or grenades. The occasional rumble as buildings or parts of buildings collapsed into heaps of brick, glass and mortar. The shouting – both of the terrified and dying and of those giving commands. The overall cacophony giving the impression that the world was ending. And for a great many people, it was.

The devastation stretched for miles in every direction, with The Shard at the centre. Piles of rubble lined every street and it was upon one such pile that Jacob Baker currently clambered. He was on the edge of the last free landing platform in this part of London. It was currently devoid of craft as no ships had managed to get near due to the Collective presence. Jacob was attempting to reach a crashed Collective fighter so that he could scavenge some parts from it and maybe some tech from the dead pilot. He clambered over the rocks, pulling one aside to create a better foothold for himself and reached the partially destroyed fighter.

He checked the craft over and then, using a lump of brick, smashed one of the cockpit windows open. He made the hole bigger and a bit safer to climb through and then did so, pushing the dead pilot from his seat as he did.
Jacob: “Anything of use… anything of use…” he muttered to himself as he searched around for anything he could take.

But suddenly his search was cut short as several laser shots struck the rubble just next to the ship. He was instantly alert and drew his pistol, ready for a fight. Fighting wasn’t something he was used to, however, he knew enough to be able to defend himself. How well though, was another question.

He stayed still, keeping an ear out and managed to hear several pairs of feet moving around not too far away. Poking his head out from inside the ship proved very nearly fatal as a volley of laser fire narrowly missed his head as he ducked back inside. He’d managed to get a look at his attackers though – three Collective infantry drones. He’d heard the rumours that they were no more than hive-grown organisms, but even so they were going to be tough for him to take on, especially alone, and he knew it.

Looking around for a way out, he found none. He grimaced and tightened his grip on his gun. Taking several deep breaths as another couple of lasers struck the rubble very close to the smashed cockpit entrance, he quickly leant out and fired a few shots off before hiding again.

The Collective soldiers scooted around to get a better angle of fire, shooting back at Jacob as they did. He fired out at them and again missed. They had moved further around as well. Soon, they would be side-on to the ship and would have a clear line of sight to him. He’d be dead in minutes.

He began to panic, even though he knew he had to remain calm to stand a chance of surviving. He took a few pot shots and was surprised to hear a cry as one of the soldiers was hit.

He was just as surprised when more gunfire rang out and there were more shouts of alarm from the Collective men. He frowned, wondering what was going on as everything went quiet out there. Preparing for a sneak attack, he readied himself.

Voice: “Hello? Anybody in there? You okay?” a man’s voice came.
Jacob: “Who’s there?” he called back.
Voice: “A friend. Don’t worry, the soldiers are dead. You can come out.”

Cautiously, Jacob did so and found two men, one masked and one covered in armour, accompanied by a tall robot in white armour, standing at the bottom of the rubble pile, with the three dead Collective drones at their feet.
Renegade: “People call me Renegade.” The masked man called. “These are Juggernaut,” He indicated to his armoured companion. "And ALICE." he gestured to the droid.

LOCATION: Space – Not Far From Earth

The convoy transporting the Ossillium bomb to London was nearing the planet now. As they did so, the size of the Collective presence became apparent to them.

Com. Sev: “Bloody hell…” he muttered aloud as they saw the sheer amount of Collective ships in orbit above the planet. The Spire, just inside of Earth’s atmosphere, looked enormous even at this distance. Commander Sev, Dr. Gadera and Kirin, Caleb and Rocket, three of the Aurelians, were strapped into seats in the loading bay of the bomb transport. There were no windows but there was a big screen and a live feed showing on it from a camera placed in the cockpit, allowing them to see everything that the pilot saw.

Dr. Gadera: “This was a mistake.” He almost whimpered, still fearing what the bomb he had created might do – even more so now that he was face to face with the enemy.

Rocket: “Now is not the time for worry, doctor.” He replied. “That comes later.” He added with a smirk.
Cap. Golrath: “The weapon that you have created, doctor, as long as it works – which I have faith it will, is going to save thousands, if not millions, of lives. Innocent lives.” The Aurelian Captain’s voice came over their headsets. Everybody in the convoy was wearing a headset with a built in microphone so that they could communicate more easily than having to use the ships coms systems. “I wouldn’t call that a mistake. No, hiding this creation – that would have been the mistake.”

Dr. Gadera: “For mercy’s sake, I hope you’re right.”

Suddenly a red warning light began to flash inside of the loading bay and a siren started wailing.
Pilot: “We’ve got incoming enemy craft at 11 o’clock! A whole load of fighters by the looks of them!” his voice announced.
Com. Sev: “Okay everyone, this is it! Transports remain at the centre of the group. Air support, do everything in your power to protect this ship. All craft fire at will!” he commanded.

Virtually everybody rolled their eyes.

And then the air was in turmoil as the Collective ships came into range and both parties opened fire.

LOCATION: London - Earth

Tank allowed himself a small cheer as he shot down the last of their Collective followers. The enemy craft plummeted to the ground and exploded in the middle of a street as he watched on.
Tank: “We’re home free.” He grinned and Tracks patted him rather roughly on the shoulder with one of his big metal hands.

The Viper hurtled across the London cityscape, flying over the areas that hadn’t yet been touched by the war, the areas still behind friendly lines. However, that soon changed as they approached The Shard. The ground beneath them turned black as they began flying over the wasteland that the battles so far had left behind.
Tank: “Whoa…” he sighed as he took in the devastation below. “I didn’t know it had gotten so bad!”
Tracks whirred in reply.
Tank: “Well, yeah, being unconscious for a bit does make you behind on the news, but still. This is awful. There’s just so much… destruction.”

Tank: “I hope something happens soon. If this goes on for much longer, London will be lost. And once that happens, there’s nothing to stop Azgoth from taking the rest of Earth. Then from there, it’s just one step to taking the rest of the system.”

He sighed sadly and shook his head.

Tank: “There.” He pointed out of the canopy. “That’s apparently where Cosor is now.” He explained to Tracks and as they flew overhead, he spotted Imperial troops down on the ground.

They took another pass, trying to find somewhere to land and on the second occasion spotted a large alleyway nearby that Tank knew the Viper would fit in. He brought them into land and they touched down in the darkness. London, especially this close to the front lines, was completely abandoned at the minute, so he had no worries about leaving it there for the time being. It was well out of the way and pretty well hidden. His only concern was if some stray Collective soldiers came this way, but there was nothing really that they could do about that. The Viper’s defence systems should be adequate if that were to happen.

The pair set off, jogging back towards the building where the GI Colonel whom they’d been tasked with meeting back up with was supposedly based.

They got there and although Tank had been expecting the same sort of security as there had been the last time he’d met Cosor, there was none of it. No guards to check who they were or anything. They just walked straight into the camp and were immediately in the middle of men and women, officers mostly, rushing back and forth relaying messages and passing on orders.

Tank: “Hey!” he grabbed the arm of a passing cadet. “Do you know where the Colonel is?”
Cadet: “He’s out on the front lines.” he replied, pointing in the general direction, before taking off again.

Tank followed the direction the cadet’s finger had indicated and after a couple of minutes, he found Cosor stood by a holo map table surrounded by a torso-high wall of sandbags. There were ammo crates and weapons scattered across the ground and there were several soldiers standing guard.

Tank: “Colonel.” He greeted as he approached and Cosor looked to see who it was.

Col. Cosor: “Ah! Tank, wasn’t it?”
Tank: “Yes, sir.”

Col. Cosor: “Good, good. These two,” he indicated to the two men standing nearby, who weren’t in any type of uniform. “are Guston and Mikal. Another couple of volunteers, like yourself.”
Tank nodded in greeting to them both and they returned the gesture.
Col. Cosor: “So, come back to help out?”
Tank: “Yes, sir.” He replied. It hadn’t exactly been by choice, but never-the-less, he was indeed here to help out. And now that he’d seen how bad things had gotten, he knew they needed it.
Col. Cosor: “I’m afraid the situation seems to have worsened rather since you were last here.”
Tank: “What’s happened?” he asked.
Col. Cosor: “It’s been bad, Tank. Still is. In fact, this is the worst it’s been. We’re desperate now. That’s why you’re here.”
Tank: “Me?”
Col. Cosor: “Not just you of course. Anybody who is willing to help. Civilians, marauders, even damned pirates. Anybody who is willing to help out and come and fight the Collective is being encouraged to do so. There’s even an idea that my fellow Colonel, Xavier Ramson, has had for allowing prisoners to come and fight the Collective, in return for time off of their sentences.”

At Ramson’s name, Tank’s eyes widened in worry, however the Colonel didn’t seem to notice as an officer had run up to him.
Officer: “Sir, Cadet Squad 23 has failed to check in on time. Also, that group of men you got to transport the ammo crates are having trouble with them. They’re saying they’re too heavy to carry and that all of the hover carts are in use.”
Cosor sighed angrily but Tracks grunted and Tank translated for him.
Tank: “Tracks says he’ll help carry them.”
Cosor nodded his appreciation.

Col. Cosor: “Thank you. Mikal, Guston, you two go as well.”
Mikal: “Sir.” He acknowledged and then the three of them followed the officer away, leaving me alone with the Colonel and the guards.

Col. Cosor: “This really is it, Tank. We’re not going to last much longer.” He admitted. “We need a miracle to help us defeat the Collective. They’ve been pushing us back faster and faster recently. We’ve lost so much ground, so much has been destroyed. Hopefully this bomb will be the miracle we so desperately need.”
Tank: “Bomb?” he asked, confused.

Col. Cosor: “Yes! Remember that shield, the Ossillium one that didn’t really work when you were last here?”
Tank: “How could I forget?” he replied sarcastically.
Col. Cosor: “Well, they’ve now created an Ossillium bomb. Basically, the issue with the shield was that it didn’t stick around. Once the Ossillium got too far away, the effects stopped working. So this bomb, once it detonates, blankets the entire area in Ossillium particles, rendering the Collective powerless. Or at least, that’s the theory.”
Tank: “So where is this bomb?”
Col. Cosor: “It’s en-route as we speak.”
Tank nodded and looked out over the battlefield beyond the sandbags.
Col. Cosor: “Ah, here’s Colonel Ramson.” He said turning away as footsteps approached from the other side of a stack of crates.

Tank mentally gasped and dashed away round the side of the building, hoping beyond hope that Ramson hadn’t seen him.

Col. Cosor: “Colonel, this is… oh?” he began but then stopped when he noticed Tank had vanished. “Oh well, never mind.”

Round the side of the building, Tank’s mind was in overdrive. If Ramson saw him now, it would all be over! He’d be arrested and thrown back into jail and that would be the end of it all. Of his search for his parents’ killer, of clearing his own name, of everything that he had worked to build up since he escaped.

Briefly, he considered simply grabbing Tracks and leaving, but he knew Mr. Grey would find out somehow and report back to the Brain, who in turn, would then refuse Tank any information. The information he was so desperately trying to find out. He would also feel terrible for abandoning Cosor after everything he had just told him. So no, he wouldn’t leave. He just had to keep out of Ramson’s way and hope that the other didn’t see him.

LOCATION: Space – Above Earth

The swirling portal opened up and Eris’s new ship darted out into normal space. The portal closed behind them and they continued heading towards their destination, The Spire, using the ship’s sub-light drives.

Basher: “We’re coming up on The Spire now.” His voice announced over the ship’s coms. Eris, who was leaning on the backrest of the empty co-pilot’s seat, nodded, more to herself than anyone else.

Caesar: “What’s that?” he asked from where he’d just appeared in the cockpit doorway, frowning out into the space between them and Earth. From their position approaching the planet, they could see brightly coloured flashes of light coming from an area not far away from where The Spire could be seen just inside the atmosphere.

Basher: “Looks like a battle.”
Caesar: “They’re being swarmed…” he commented in horror as he realised just how many Collective fighters were out there.
Basher: “Ah, it’s only some Imperial ships. They’ll get what’s coming to them.”
Caesar: “No, look. There are Aurelian fighters out there too.”
Basher: “And? They’ve been teamed up for a while now. No biggie.”
Caesar: “Eris, what do you think?”

Eris remained quiet for a few seconds before replying.
Eris: “I think that that both the Imperium and the Aurelli need as much help as they can get against Azgoth’s forces. Basher, is our current course going to intercept the battle at any point?”
Basher checked the controls.
Basher: “Yeah.”
Eris: “Good. Keep it that way. Full thrusters.” She told him and then using her telepathy, contacted the other members of the crew.
Eris: “Everybody to battle stations. Prepare to defend an Imperium-Aurelian convoy.”
Cormal's voice entered into Eris' mind,
Cormal': "What should I do?"
Eris: "Nothing."

LOCATION: London – The Front Lines - Earth

Kayne Arrowsmith: “Cadet Squad 6 of the Reconnaissance & Intelligence Operations Taskforce reporting for duty, sir!” the young man announced as he and the rest of his team arrived at Colonel Cosor’s frontline position.

Col. Cosor: “Ah, good! Just in time!" he greeted as the small squad of cadets gathered around. "As for being from Reconnaissance and Intel... or wherever you said you were from - forget it. Today, you're soldiers. Not just cadets, but consider yourselves fully fledged troopers of the Galactic Imperium. Just for this battle, mind."
Kayne: "But, with all due respect Colonel. We're being trained for Recon missions, not full-on battles."
Col. Cosor: "Well right here and now is where you'll have you battle training! Field style! Now, listen up, the lot of you. Nearby is the last free landing platform in London. It is absolutely vital that it remains that way! The Collective CANNOT be allowed to take it under any circumstances. We've received disturbing reports from our intelligence units that the enemy has started sending scouts into that area. You must hold that platform under all costs. Is that understood?"
Cadets: "Yes Sir!" they chanted in unison.

Col. Cosor: "Good. Then get going!" he commanded and together the squad moved out.
Mikal: "Sir." he greeted as he and Guston returned.
Col. Cosor: "Ah. Did you sort out the crates?"
Mikal: "Yes'sir."
Col. Cosor: "Good. Where's what's his name's droid?"
Mikal: "Oh, he went off to see if he could find him."
Cosor nodded.
Col. Ramson: "Who?" he asked coming over from where he'd been studying the holomap.
Col. Cosor: "Oh, just another volunteer." Cosor replied.

Col. Ramson: "Mmm. Still no word from Cadet Squad 23." he informed his fellow Colonel.
Col. Cosor: "Hmm... Okay you two, I've got a new job for you." he turned back to Mikal and Guston. "We haven't heard from a Cadet Squad who I sent to secure a East Communications outpost this morning. They were meant to check in some time ago but we've heard nothing. Can you get over there and check up on them?"
Mikal: "Sure thing."

LOCATION: Space – Above Earth

Eris's voice: "Unidentified Imperial transport and escorting ships," Eris's voice spoke out over all of their coms systems. "This is Eris of The Collective, rightful heir to the Archmage title. We are here to assist you."

In the bomb transport ship, Commander Sev reached out and grabbed the com speaker.
Com. Sev: "This is Commander Sev of the Galactic Imperium. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated."
Eris: "What is going on?"

However, before Sev could reply, Max answered her question.

There was silence across the coms for several long seconds and for a moment Sev felt sure that Max had just scared away their new offer of help.
Eris: "Um..." came the confused reply.

Cap. Golrath: "We have a bomb. An Ossillium bomb, designed to neutralise the Collective's, your, powers. We have to get it to the front lines down in London, but we're up against heavier resistance than we anticipated." the Aurelian Captain explained.

With the situation explained properly, Eris, still seated in the co-pilot's chair aboard her new ship, understood.

Eris: "Okay. We will help you break through and defend your transports as best we can." she said into the coms speaker and then keyed the mic off. "Prepare for battle!" she mentally told everybody aboard the ship and as they reached the space fight, the cannons opened fire.

In the first sweep, they managed to take down two Collective fighters and as they turned and darted past one of the Aurelian fighters, another shot from their starboard guns, manned by Caesar, disintegrated a Collective bomber. They flew through the cloud of flaming debris and rolled around underneath the Aurelian transport, before pursuing another enemy fighter.

Kiera: "Got'cha!" she shouted as she shot down one enemy.
Jaze: "Watch out, you've got two on your tail!" the Aurelian warned. "Hold on, I'll be with you in a second." he brought his ship around to tail the fighters in pursuit of Eris and her team and fired openly at them. The spitting lasers caught one of the pair and sent it spiraling out of control but the other remained hot on their heels.

Basher took their ship into an evasive downwards arc as their own cannons tried to get a shot at the ship on their tail.
Max: "HE IS MINE!" the cyborg's voice announced and seconds later the enemy fighter exploded in a fiery ball and Max in his own fighter zoomed past.

Across the battlefield, Captain Golrath was chasing down a fighter which had just performed a clever sideways skid maneuver which had simultaneously braked him out of the Captain's way and also brought it's lasers around to track along his flight vector.

Golrath threw his ship into a drop loop, wincing as the other ship's shots came close enough for him to feel the heat and then rolled sharply to starboard. He braced for another volley of shots, but they didn't come.

Jera: "Watch your back, Captain!" the voice snapped over the speaker and Golrath again threw the ship into a drop loop, just as the expected shots flew past his canopy.
Jera: "I've got him." he announced, flying in to aid the Captain.

As Golrath completed the loop maneuver, Jera flew in low overhead and with three shots eliminated the enemy fighter.

Jera: "WOO!" he cheered.
Cap. Golrath: "Okay, thanks Jera, but cut the chatter. There's still plenty more of them!"

On board the bomb ship, the pilot sent a message down to the Commander.
Pilot: "Sir, we're about to pass into the atmosphere!"
Com. Sev: "Okay, here we go!" he shouted and then turned on the microphone for the coms. "This is it! We're entering the atmosphere now! All craft, follow suit!"

Just moments later, the familiar flare of light engulfed the ships as they dropped through into Earth's atmosphere. Seconds later it was gone again, leaving them once more tangled in each other's drive trails and weaving in and out of each other, while still attempting to maintain a course for London.

To read the next part, click HERE.


 I made it 
  October 29, 2015
Quoting Michael Hardy Excellent storie annd the DR. Who dalick and the meat bag quote from KOTOR 2 are cool grat plot also keep it up.
Thank you! --Blast--
 I like it 
  October 29, 2015
Excellent storie annd the DR. Who dalick and the meat bag quote from KOTOR 2 are cool grat plot also keep it up.
 I made it 
  October 27, 2015
Quoting Kermunklin the Giant Evil House Head Wow! Everything really is awesome! This is like our own private Avengers, and I'm super proud to be a part of it, as should we all. Hooray! Huzzah! And so on! It's really amazing seeing this huge story brought to life by everybody's pictures. Too cool...can't wait for the rest! ***SPOILER ALERT*** Max wins the dance contest...
That it is! + Shhh! The dance contest was meant to be a surprise! --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 27, 2015
Quoting Brick Kick Great job to everyone who built for this, and a special great job to RK for heading up such an epic endeavor. Can't wait for part 2.
You're more than welcome! Thanks for taking part! --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 27, 2015
Quoting Stephan Niehoff The story is great.
Thank you! It took rather a long time to write! Haha! --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 27, 2015
Quoting Andrew Spader Wow! A seriously impressive story, and some very impressive builds to go with! Amazing work, and keep it up! Also, I like the title reference....
I'm glad you like it all! --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 27, 2015
Quoting Oliver Becker That's impressing in imagination and execute, Robert! Very nice MOC! :)
Thanks! --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 27, 2015
Quoting Tirrell Brown Pure brilliant story writing sir.
Thank you very much! --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 27, 2015
Quoting Harrison & Desi saunders At last! Fabulous build! Congratulations to everyone taking part in the crossover!
Glad you liked it! --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 27, 2015
Quoting Isaac AD Aye, we've pulled it off alright! Awesome stuff, I can't wait to see the rest of it unfold! [IAD]
Indeed! --Blast--
 I like it 
  October 27, 2015
Great job to everyone who built for this, and a special great job to RK for heading up such an epic endeavor. Can't wait for part 2.
 I like it 
  October 27, 2015
The story is great.
--R.K. Blast--
 I like it 
Tirrell Brown
  October 26, 2015
Pure brilliant story writing sir.
 I like it 
  October 26, 2015
Wow! Everything really is awesome! This is like our own private Avengers, and I'm super proud to be a part of it, as should we all. Hooray! Huzzah! And so on! It's really amazing seeing this huge story brought to life by everybody's pictures. Too cool...can't wait for the rest! ***SPOILER ALERT*** Max wins the dance contest...
 I like it 
  October 26, 2015
Wow! A seriously impressive story, and some very impressive builds to go with! Amazing work, and keep it up! Also, I like the title reference....
 I like it 
  October 26, 2015
That's impressing in imagination and execute, Robert! Very nice MOC! :)
 I like it 
  October 26, 2015
At last! Fabulous build! Congratulations to everyone taking part in the crossover!
 I like it 
  October 26, 2015
Aye, we've pulled it off alright! Awesome stuff, I can't wait to see the rest of it unfold! [IAD]
 I made it 
  October 26, 2015
Quoting James Douglas Well tha S half a hour of my life i'llnever get back again... :P great job! I think mine was waaayyyy too colourful.....
Oh well! Everybody has different building abilities, your part fits fine! --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 26, 2015
Quoting Gilbert Despathens This is BRILLIANT. You guys run an absolutely awesome game, and it's a pleasure to watch unfold. I can hardly believe the scale of what you're publishing right now.
I'm glad you like it so much! It's rather ambitious, but I think we've pulled it off! --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 26, 2015
Quoting Indy Beetle *Reads title & description, eyes open wide as realization occurs, bangs head repeatedly on desk, hides under bed sheets in shame* Well...Looks great! I owe you and the Insurgency an apology, I suppose. I dropped the ball on this one, which promptly rolled into the street and was run over by a tractor-trailer. And you had to pick up the pieces. I'll have to better evaluate my capabilities for dealing with pressed schedules in the future, before I make more of these commitments! Unless of course if its not too late? I have everything built, if you still need it.
We still need it. I'm just waiting on your part now and then the rest can be published! I've emailed you. Just get me the pics asap and you can be included, otherwise I'll have to make your part myself. Glad you like it though! --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 26, 2015
Quoting Toa Jaton Great stuff,definitely worth the wait!It's a nice feeling seeing others charciterizing your characters.I'm looking forward to how Jakor will be handled :)
Indeed! I'm sure you won't be disappointed! --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 26, 2015
Quoting Droid Commander Battler Oh my God! WOW! That's awesome! Cant wait for the rest!
Glad you like it! --Blast--
 I like it 
  October 26, 2015
Well tha S half a hour of my life i'llnever get back again... :P great job! I think mine was waaayyyy too colourful.....
--R.K. Blast--
 I like it 
Alex Christofferson
  October 25, 2015
Awesome! When is the next part?
 I like it 
  October 25, 2015
Holy crap! Probably the best Insurgency episode I've seen so far, it's amazing to see practically the whole community coming together to help make this! Absolutely fantastic job!
 I like it 
  October 25, 2015
This is BRILLIANT. You guys run an absolutely awesome game, and it's a pleasure to watch unfold. I can hardly believe the scale of what you're publishing right now.
  October 25, 2015
*Reads title & description, eyes open wide as realization occurs, bangs head repeatedly on desk, hides under bed sheets in shame* Well...Looks great! I owe you and the Insurgency an apology, I suppose. I dropped the ball on this one, which promptly rolled into the street and was run over by a tractor-trailer. And you had to pick up the pieces. I'll have to better evaluate my capabilities for dealing with pressed schedules in the future, before I make more of these commitments! Unless of course if its not too late? I have everything built, if you still need it.
 I like it 
  October 25, 2015
Great stuff,definitely worth the wait!It's a nice feeling seeing others charciterizing your characters.I'm looking forward to how Jakor will be handled :)
 I like it 
  October 25, 2015
Oh my God! WOW! That's awesome! Cant wait for the rest!
 I made it 
  October 25, 2015
Quoting Alex Christofferson Awesome! When is the next part?
Glad you liked it! I don't know when the next part will be out, unfortunately. It depends on when I get all of the pictures from different people. --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 25, 2015
Quoting Benjamin Olson Very cool! And finally Max Power dons the red power armor!
Indeed! --Blast--
 I made it 
  October 25, 2015
Quoting jonnylegoboy911 . Wow, great story. Such exciting action.
Thanks! --Blast--
 I like it 
  October 25, 2015
Very cool! And finally Max Power dons the red power armor!
 I like it 
  October 25, 2015
Wow, great story. Such exciting action.
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