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Tytania Machina Chapter 3
Well, here's a very long delayed post continuing my self moc's storyline. Hopefully I am not completely destroying traditional bionicle canon, but if I am, just consider this an alternate universe. Hope y'all like it!
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Alomar could not believe what he had just seen. A massive 30 foot tall robot had just crushed a tank as easily as dried leaves with its fist! But why did it save him earlier? Why was this monster concerned about him? A giant sleeping statue in an underground ruin wakes up and starts going on a rampage?!

'I think this world is going nuts', Alomar thought. 'And how am I gunna get away from this guy'? To Alomar's suprise, he got an answer.

'You won't be getting away from me'...a low voice echoed. Alomar realized that the machine was not actually speaking, yet he was still able to hear it in his head. The giant had finished walking to his location and crouching down, watched the confusion taking place on Alomar's face.

The voice spoke again, 'It is obvious you have never experienced telepathy before. When you touched my head in the cave, I was activated, and my communication interface bonded with you via a neural bridge, which allows for unhindered sharing of information between my master and I'.

Alomar spoke out loud, "Wait a second! I don't know who you are or what you are, but I do not appreciate the mind games. And what's all this about masters? I'm not your master! I'm just a sad excuse for a matoran with no mask! What do you want with someone like me!?"

The giant narrowed its eyes in concentration. After a brief pause, the voice entered Alomar's head once again, 'You have a point. However, I do know that you are indeed my new master, even if you are a bit...scrawny'... Alomar's eyes drooped with dissatisfaction. 'Wow, even the giant death machine thinks less of me'. An angry voice cut into his mind, 'Fool! I do not simply pick up every creature that touches me and call it master! You were chosen because you possess what is required to command!'

"Oh and what is that?" Alomar retorted.

The machine replied, 'An honest and pure heart'.

"Oh....I don't get it..." the matoran replied quizzically. The machine let out a tired sigh, and leaning back, adjusted to a sitting position, which consequently rocked the ground again. 'Before I explain', the giant began, 'I need to aquire some data, so I will simply probe your mind for information. I assure you it is not painful'. Before Alomar could respond, he was overwhelmed by a sensation similar to that of being pricked by a needle inside his brain. Then, memories of his life flashed in front of him. All of the old matoran's stories, his days with Gaspar, the ruins, and everything else flew by his eyes at incredible speed. Then without any warning, the connection ended, and the memories stopped. "What was that?!" Alomar exclaimed. 'That was a neural bridge', the machine remarked. 'I formed a bridge between your mind any my own so that I could see information stored in you mind. This data will suffice for the moment'.

"Alright, that's fine, but it still doesn't tell me why you're here", Alomar replied. 'Ah yes', the machine gazed upward in thought, 'It seems to me that I have been asleep far longer than I originally surmised.

"What does that mean?" Alomar asked.

'How much do you know of the history of Spherus Magna?', the giant asked. Alomar replied, "I know enough, I guess".

The machine replied, 'According to the data I just collected from you, I have been asleep for approximately 70,000 years. The place where you found me was once an underground fortress belonging to the first beings to exist in this universe, whom you call great spirits or great beings. These great beings were observing a war between races of bio-mechanoids over control of this planet and over a substance called protodermis, which is what you and I are made of. The one you call Mata Nui was being created during this conflict. Your kind did not exist back then, as your creator was not fully functional. However, some initial prototypes were created in secret by my creator. These first proto-matoran were much more tough and powerful than your fragile kind'. Alomar frowned at the statement, but made no attempt to fight with the sad reality. The robot continued, 'Beings of all races and species fought over who would control this new life giving substance, protodermis. The initial war lasted approximately 5000 years. However, it took another 10,000 years for the conflict to fully resolve. The great beings made weapons in order to reach this goal'. The machine looked down at Alomar. 'I was one of those weapons. My creator designed me and my Matoran counterparts to seek and destroy all that opposed Mata Nui and his allies. I even fought the one you know as Makuta'. All of this made Alomar as excited now as his younger brothers from the village were when they heard the elder's stories.

"Wow! I didn't know Mata Nui was cool enough to make something like you!" Alomar exclaimed.

'Did you not hear me? I was not made by Mata Nui', the machine interrupted. Alomar replied,"What? Then who were you made by?"

The machine responded, 'I was created by a great spirit similar to Mata Nui. The one you name this island after. I was created by a being known as Nambu Nui'.

~~~~~~ Some time later ~~~~~~~~

Alomar looked up at the sun, which was falling toward the western horizon quickly, with a forlorning look on his face.

'What troubles you, young master?' The giant humanoid battle machine inquired.
"It's nothing", the matoran replied. The giant face kept staring intently at Alomar and there was a moment of awkward silence. Finally, he gave in. "Alright, alright! Fine!" Alomar said. "I'm worried about the matoran from my village. I don't know how many escaped or where they went. For once in my life, I guess I realize how important they are to me." Alomar stood up, turned and looking around at the surrounding landscape, began to walk south. Soon enough, the sound of giant foot steps could be heard rumbling behind him. Turning around, he stared up at his pursuer in annoyance.

"What are you doing?" Alomar spoke to the metallic mountain towering above him. "Don't you have anything better to do?"

'I am coming with you,' the emotionless voice replied. 'Because you are my master and I am your weapon'.

"I don't want a weapon!" The frustrated matoran replied. "And stop calling me master!"

'What should I call you then?' The machine asked.

He hesitated, then replied, "Alomar...It's Alomar."

'Alright, Master Alomar.' the giant thought in a smug tone. Ignoring the glare received from the matoran, he continued. 'You must realize that you reactivating me was not by chance. Your have been chosen as my master because it is your destiny.'

"No!" Alomar exclaimed. "It's the same old story with you people! Destiny this or destiny that! Just because I disturbed your dusty robot grave, doesn't mean we're partners for life! You did great saving me back there, but I would appreciate it if you just leave me alone!" A moment of silence passed as both of the bionic beings glared at each other. Alomar did his best to keep glaring, but he could not help flinching when the bright blue eyes staring at him narrowed with intensity.

'Fine', the giant machine relented. 'Just know this'. The machine turned away from Alomar. 'Sooner or later, you will have to accept the fact that your life will never be the same as it was before our meeting. Try as much as you like, but you will not be able to escape this reality. Once you're ready, come find me.' Before Alomar could react, the machine crouched and, activating its rocket boosters, took off into the sky, leaving a confused and dazed matoran covered in dust.

Alomar made his way south along the side of Mt. Zaggr, heading deeper into the Furno mountain range. He was heading toward the entrance of the protodermis pool, which was the only place he could think of that any survivors of his village could be. As he approached the narrow canyon that led to the pool, he did not notice that he was being watched from the cliffs above. Without any warning, a matoran appeared behind him and with one quick strike from his club, knocked Alomar out cold.

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