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MOCpages Stats
Some basic MOCpages statistics... updated for 2018 first 6 months. These were produced by a team of magical elves at great expense. The stats were primarily for my own curiosity and to see how active MOCpages still is but I figured I may as well post them here for all to see. Note this data isn't live: except for "Total MOCs" the data for any given year is based on when that year was sampled (mostly 2018) so won't include MOCs/users that were deleted before the sample and will include MOCs/users that have since been deleted. Sadly quite a number of users chose to delete their account when they left, rather than preserving their legacy for the enjoyment of others. Also, the elves don't consider MOCs that have no main picture. MOC ratings change over time too, and anything based on "likes" could also be skewed by spamming, and Jedi mind tricks.
About this creation

MOCpages Total MOCs Per Year
YearTotal MOCs1st MOCActual MOCsBuilders
2009 88279876615671964%6631
• Total MOCs: simply based upon MOC IDs at year start. Actual number will be somewhat lower due to deleted MOCs, but still useful for relative comparison between years. Graphed below.
• Actual MOCs: approx. number of surviving MOCs found at various sample points taking deletions into account. Also shown as percentage of Total MOCs.
• Builders: number of unique user IDs who posted surviving MOCs.
• 2003-2017 total site surviving MOCs is 300981 from 25803 users, plus those with no main picture.

Or for those of you who like graphs...

• includes projection for 2018 based upon first 6 months

Top 10 highest scoring MOCs
2003-2017 2018-Half 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
1 2935290317Garry King77446361Zach Sweigart147439603Oliver Becker138434032Oliver Becker224408223Clayton Marchetti376380177Mark Kelso345360422Clayton Marchetti1706326384Paul Vermeesch 2935290317Garry King765196983Garry King194690456Tony Stairmaster161250912welliAR Wellinger82742823Chris deBree114722386Sebastian Dick7388950Steve Puckett5686772Justin Stebbins5601549Lasse Deleuran
2194690456Tony Stairmaster76447100P. Andrei145438705Oliver Becker130428506Garry King198407406Benjamin Kobold232390582El Barto255377306Garry King721316277Garry King876295034Harry 863617180093Davor Davor1903139352Zackhariah Macasaet153845623Mark Kelso54130948Brian Kescenovitz62015312Steve Puckett62811413Kelly McKiernan4223992Justin Stebbins430678Daniel Jassim
31903139352Zackhariah Macasaet69447269P. Andrei138438459Oliver Becker127426571Firas Abu-Jaber189418010Stephan Schumann228387451MortalSwordsman254369141LukeClarenceVan407325781Mario Fabrio721280787Garry King565213004Stephen Chao1120113937Firas Abu-Jaber103447625welliAR Wellinger53737022Noddy61023078Thomas Benedikt43912608The ace of Razgriz3562965Steve Puckett430683Daniel Jassim
41706326384Paul Vermeesch67445997Henrik Jensen135438784Oliver Becker125426863Oliver Becker178413396The Actionfigure208385007Steven Asbury248361924Nick Barrett360338321Blake Baer666261547Garry King555195396Davor Davor860174591Jack Streat103447628welliAR Wellinger45129714Brian Kescenovitz48820551Sebastian Dick4018406Steve Puckett3156042Daniel Jassim324151Spencer R
5161250912welliAR Wellinger65444455Jon Blackford126437061Doug Hughes121427803Nick Barrett177406876Jerac199395601Dave Slater239375137Blake Baer342331400Legofreak2444561268675Krazy Kastle Krak Guy524192596Garry King78697142Jack Streat78863782Jack Streat38729413Brian Kescenovitz39814321Donald Kennedy3918404Steve Puckett2933207Justin Stebbins2481Sean Kenney
6153845623Mark Kelso65444689Oliver Becker123443957Garry King119425113david drake175421381Nick Barrett188387268Yo-Sub Joo228359665Goel Kim339326192Garry King507282876Krazy Kastle Krak Guy516193804Garry King744166558Garry King70479852Justin Stebbins38228224Brian Kescenovitz35621050Mark Stafford3798403Steve Puckett2843206Justin Stebbins2022151Jeff Ranjo
7114722386Sebastian Dick65446303Zach Sweigart111439740Oliver Becker118425751Firas Abu-Jaber164414854Firas Abu-Jaber188393882Blake Foster225357842mike doyle326317195Sebeus I474251451Ben Cossy455190208Garry King660155152Jack Streat66276463Sebeus I37533984Adrian Florea33114979Zach Sweigart3609836Lego Adhiction2835945Brian Hastings1661365Lasse Deleuran
81120113937Firas Abu-Jaber65446388Zach Sweigart106439929Oliver Becker118433531Paul Yperman159407465Nick Barrett187395768Nick Barrett223371793Clayton Marchetti325310079Brian Corredor467295233Mr. Xenomurphy447230059Krazy Kastle Krak Guy647126465Jack Streat59856639Chris Phipson35732440Philip Morgan30815352Gage Halstead3368606Spencer R2836489Lee Meyer16630Sean Kenney
9103447625welliAR Wellinger60445482Clayton Marchetti104440518Oliver Becker118434829Oliver Becker159413171Firas Abu-Jaber185378728Mihai Marius Mihu220357339Jon Blackford307315159Garry King420279193Thomas Haas420196156Matija Grguric615105030Thomas Benedikt47058112Joaquin Wells35131290Nannan Z30514434Steve Puckett32311847Steve Puckett2732967Steve Puckett163964Joe Meno
10103447628welliAR Wellinger60446314P. Andrei102439192Oliver Becker114424338Firas Abu-Jaber155416461Garry King185400082Ben Pitchford219371389Goel Kim305347494Garry King414252434Jay Rhum413215520Caleb Lang602122252Eggy Pop44572542Brian Darrow35035966Brock V26221774Holger Matthes32011064Something in english2552977Steve Puckett1571832Pierre Normandin

Top 10 highest scoring users
2003-2017 2018-Half 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
Summed likes per MOC:
116316Chris Roach5141164P. Andrei293587Oliver Becker513503Oliver Becker605066P. Andrei912922Chris Roach723308David Alexander Smith1223827DeTomaso Pantera695940Ben Cossy954337jason corlett895776Jack Streat275609Sir Nadroj2123799Ludgonious791949Roy Sky1406760Steve Puckett393957Justin Stebbins402226Sean Kenney57
213620Sean Kenney3881132Oliver Becker302129Michael P993056Oran Cruzen2963087Oran Cruzen1632716David Alexander Smith773019Chro493315Paul Vermeesch354923Legofreak24441614247AC Pin874400swash buckler1644757Phong Chang1373664Brian Kescenovitz161670Philip Morgan241933Philip Morgan351635Steve Puckett101462Daniel Jassim17
313124Ludgonious254991Daniel H261070Didier B372006P. Andrei652499Oliver Becker1212078P. Andrei712983Chris Roach823303MortalSwordsman374507Garry King63202M<0><0>DSWIM414293Firas Abu-Jaber144220welliAR Wellinger111848Noddy181635Sebastian Dick21837Justin Stebbins311067The Legohaulic16902Lasse Deleuran6
413093M<0><0>DSWIM255753Didier B29931Chris Roach671577Bricks Noir381689Nick Barrett221912MortalSwordsman222643Nick Barrett323195Harry 8633163523Cody G793167Flare1204100Zackhariah Macasaet233687Apple Pie671692Lee Jones231589Steve Puckett51365The Legohaulic39796Daniel Jassim9853Jeff Ranjo16
512747Garry King54737Zach Sweigart20922Sven301226Sven441508Tom Remy261839Oran Cruzen2072100Legopard323124Senator Chinchilla803284Caleb Lang822833Caleb Lang1503982M<0><0>DSWIM903426Mark Kelso201614Nannan Z171467Felix Westin46737Artyr Artemis10672Spencer R10623Sam Jannotti16
612243Sir Nadroj436586Seaman SPb17820Per Bonde1451021W Navarre271466Chris Roach491769Grant Davis222005Clayton Marchetti173065Chro743004Magma1002783Leda Kat763836Spencer D242842Shannon Ocean801559Philip Morgan151348Mark Stafford31725Something in english12589Alex P46594Pierre Normandin15
712007AC Pin295552Tom Remy15798P. Andrei34968Misa Nikolic211398Misa Nikolic301757cyberfrank 2010391862cyberfrank 2010672775The Timinater1072954Matija Grguric272652swash buckler563459Yuri Fassio1202761Sebeus I581372Shannon Young43963Spencer R25689Spencer R6580Kyle Vrieze8579Spencer R4
811620Justin Stebbins175551(Patrick Boyle)28705Daniel H28958Chris Roach531361Pico van Grootveld241695Asad931779Senator Chinchilla452665Mark Erickson582798AC Pin502520E.K.O1343232Sir Nadroj1222691Nodoudt / Carlo321275Justin Stebbins12905jdars1804 speederbike101660Nannan Z24554Eric Hunter18570Eric Hunter17
911262Oran Cruzen1157496Pico van Grootveld14695Oran Cruzen55890Promar Quadratus591350David Roberts331682Sven381694MortalSwordsman262512Garry King112775P. K.192481Chris Phipson392738Sean Kenney322589Shannon Young391266matthew rames139897The Legohaulic16653The ace of Razgriz21518Nannan Z21478Anthony Sava24
1011099Nannan Z160482Mark B16693Carter Witz26864Nick Barrett121333Josiah N541558Tim S301634A. Sargent812385Lego 4 Life752719Chris Roach542420Garry King62659jason corlett1712557Dylan Denton1131201DARKspawn53856NickGreat11628Kelly McKiernan1486Brian Hastings5400JOHN33
Average likes per MOC:
1818Sebastian Dick253Spencer D183Firas Abu-Jaber1119david drake1142A M1376Mark Kelso1225mike doyle1407Mario Fabrio1751Garry King6408mike doyle1976Tony Stairmaster2384welliAR Wellinger11488Chris deBree2818Sebastian Dick2628Kelly McKiernan1164Steve Puckett10150Lasse Deleuran6
2372Cmdr Bryan Stewart152Garry King277Garry King5118Paul Yperman1132Firas Abu-Jaber6185Ben Pitchford1224Goel Kim2325Brian Corredor1282Paul Janssen1403Garry King6386Thomas Benedikt2372Cmdr Bryan Stewart1314Gabriel Campeau1382Thomas Benedikt2190Lego Adhiction299Justin Stebbins40145Spencer R4
3364Kelly McKiernan252Jon Blackford270Oliver Becker51104Firas Abu-Jaber5129Francisco Hartley1167Dave Shaddix1211Francisco Hartley1235S H1257Mark Rodrigues1373Davor Davor4307Firas Abu-Jaber14307Thomas Benedikt1300Henry Pease1318Steve Puckett5173Steve Puckett3997Brian Hastings5141Paul Hynes1
4299Mario Fabrio249Henrik Jensen367Kevin J. Walter188Taekyu Lee1126Clayton Marchetti6158Michael K1191Mario Fabrio1228Garry King11244Thomas Haas2352Stephen Chao2305Anthony De Wynter1292Fichez R2299Steve Puckett1262Holger Matthes1115Spencer R692Bernard Obes2117Justin Major1
5264Sylvain Ballivet242Nick Barrett666Henrik Hoexbroe178Garry King3119Michal Kazmierczak2154Malte Dorowski1176Bradley James1177Oryx Chen1242legorevolution1295Sylvain Ballivet1248Jumpei Mitsui2212Thomas Nickolaus1229Brian Kescenovitz16191Tom hines1111Paul Boratko288Daniel Jassim9101Sid Dinsay1
6242Thomas Benedikt1040Henrik Hoexbroe166Paul Vermeesch175Dave Slater1107Sean Kenney3151Jerac1170Fichez R2167Paula G3234Sylvain Ballivet1290Krazy Kastle Krak Guy3214Jack Streat27184Joaquin Wells4215Adam Lehmann1160Eric Hunter1103Chris deBree383Sam Lawlace296Padawan 7161
7236Garry King5440P. Andrei2963dirk b172Nick Barrett12104Garry King3149Zane Houston1165Ryan Link1162Zeto Vince3227mike doyle3269Jerac1203Brian Kescenovitz12182Justin Stebbins9198Iridium Dragon1154Dave Ishak279Daniel Jassim774Brian Kasprzyk186Daniel Jassim17
8224Goel Kim239Markus Schlegel158Kasper Hansen168Ben Pitchford3101Jon Blackford1147Davor Davor1146Spencer D2158Thomas Haas1219Jay Hoff1211Jack Streat3188Sven Junga7181Firas Abu-Jaber13183Fichez R2153Donald Kennedy374Artyr Artemis1072Kyle Vrieze861Rodney Gentry1
9215Adam Lehmann138Daniel H2658Nick Barrett664Michael K198MortalSwordsman10140Dave Slater2134Ben Cossy3158Blake Baer8217Firas Abu-Jaber4208GYUTA K6178Zackhariah Macasaet23176Philip Morgan3149Curtis Black3146Mark Neumann168Paul Hynes171santa claus159Steven Asbury1
10208Krazy Kastle Krak Guy1038Oliver Becker3056Elio Salsano163KW Vauban298Luke Watkins3139Erik Hendrikx1130LEGO Master1154Brickplumber1208Daniel Z1189Firas Abu-Jaber6161Nannan Z7171Mark Kelso20137Mark Rodrigues1133Jas Nagra168Kamino Industries269Anthony Sava154Casper van Nimwegen2

Top 10 busiest builders
2003-2017 2018-Half 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
11157Oran Cruzen73Nick Pascale256Murdoch 17322Murdoch 17299QuartzRoolz248Deston Fire & Rescue230Nick Pascale316Harry 863207Harry 863220Rogue Wolf230R.K. Blast212Sir Nadroj139matthew rames140Roy Sky55Resistance is futile46Alex P57Sean Kenney
21153Murdoch 1759Fell Skyhawk197Emmett Martens296Oran Cruzen290Murdoch 17240James Donovan218adam thelegofan rutland310LEGO MAN175Nick Pascale212Bepura185Mag Strike151Ryan T. M.120menno boer106Benjamin Heining42Trev Pruden40Justin Stebbins48Nathan Wells
3790andros tempest53Max P145Per Bonde136adam thelegofan rutland182adam thelegofan rutland208Murdoch 17130Dr Lockdown262Oran Cruzen161Legofreak2444192BobaFett 2180Josh L150Ewen Albright93Jeffrey Smudde101jdars1804 speederbike39Steve Puckett35kuat engineer45Josh Baakko
4744adam thelegofan rutland47Emmett Martens114J. Y.81Per Bonde163Oran Cruzen207Oran Cruzen123Oran Cruzen248Loek M151Wertman 8166max pigmans175Draco Draconis137Phong Chang87Flux Capacitor74Evan Graham39The Legohaulic31alec laine39Steven House
5708Nick Pascale42Antony The Master99Michael P69Patrick Bastings134Chouju X207T.J. Brammer122David Alexander Smith206ABC builder150The Timinater164andros tempest173Alex Mac127Rock n' Roll Minifig86C.K. Yee66Resistance is futile35Awesomesaurus29Mark Williams35Jason Spears
6614R.K. Blast35Lewis Gibberd67Chris Roach69Daniel Perera123Painter Rex187Heroica GM115A. Dorsey Jr.200Alex B135andros tempest156Christopher Honkzo6171jason corlett119C.K. Yee85tractorbuilder 372058Jack Dallman35Philip Morgan28Nathan Wells33JOHN
7560Harry 86331K Straybrix67Bacillicidal Beet Beast68Nico Bak318121Oliver Becker163Cameron Wilson115T.J. Brammer195Zor Ember125Ahpolki Ihu152Kazuki164Ewen Albright119Josh L79Ludgonious46Felix Westin34john mitchell23James Brink29Josiah Allen
8514Chris Roach30Oliver Becker64adam thelegofan rutland66Josh Amberman117Makuta's Descendant144adam thelegofan rutland90Tiger PR0T05T33L183andros tempest121Michelangelo Jenkins150Caleb Lang164swash buckler113Dylan Denton78iron legoman45Jaden Korr34David VinZant22Ley Ward29Gev Johnson
9507Wertman 829P. Andrei63Daniel Perera65P. Andrei116T.J. Brammer143ST M84Daniel Rivera176Starscream Soundwave121Green Ghost134E.K.O162Ryan T. M.97Crimso Giger75C.J.44deborah higdon-leblond31Justin Stebbins22Tomago Toa of Time24John Langrish
10501Patrick Bastings29Didier B58Captain Kenbo63Bx Brix115Gillan The Darkened Toa115A. Dorsey Jr.84~ Brick162commander paul118Lieutenant Skull133AZ156Tyler Coy94Amy Wright66Amagon43Jerac31Plan B22Tommy Brooks24K L H

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  July 11, 2018
Thank you very much! I look like me! LOL
 I made it 
  July 11, 2018
Quoting Oran Cruzen Is it possible to see the Top 10 highest scoring MOCs to see where I fit in with the scores even though I would not be in the top 10?
Haven't done all years or decided whether to include links to a top 100 posted offsite yet, but for now your positions are: 2013:2679th(moc)/31st(user), 2014:1785th/5th, 2015:56th/2nd, 2016:92nd/2nd, 2017:173rd/9th, 2018:330th/113th. Your 2015:56th was of course your "Under Construction 65" MOC (which I've just looked at and realised you are the spitting image of someone, just trying to work out who the someone is now...)
 I like it 
  July 11, 2018
Wow! Thanks for taking the time to assemble these statistics. I was curious how many of us were still here. It does seem like a ghost town lately.
  July 11, 2018
Is it possible to see the Top 10 highest scoring MOCs to see where I fit in with the scores even though I would not be in the top 10?
 I like it 
  July 11, 2018
Very very interesting to see the last years stats. Great! And thanks a lot for posting. 2016 and 2017 I made it into the top five ;)
 I like it 
  July 11, 2018
Thank you very much for doing this! I am on the lists! WOW!
 I made it 
  July 11, 2018
Quoting Senator Chinchilla . I left for Flickr after the servers were flooded by Hurricane Sandy, which made the site extremely unreliable. And additionally there were a slew of inappropriate ads that the mods would not fix.
I remember both well. The hurricane is mentioned on the old Facebook page. I added data for 2013, and you made the top 10 :)
  July 8, 2018
I left for Flickr after the servers were flooded by Hurricane Sandy, which made the site extremely unreliable. And additionally there were a slew of inappropriate ads that the mods would not fix.
 I like it 
  July 6, 2018
i posted the most creations in 2015? how on gods dear earth did i manage that? i dont even post here anymore.
 I made it 
  July 6, 2018
Quoting Pontel Gunn Wowza Oliver really was popular in 2017. Only two other people got on the chart! Lol
If I had shown top 20 you would have seen that he also occupied 9 of the next 10 places too.
 I made it 
  July 6, 2018
Quoting Max P. Oh! I'm third most active builder this year! Nice to know that! Also great stats. I'm curious what MOC is first on this site-I'll find out :)
I think you'll be somewhat disappointed when you find out just how obvious that answer is :)
 I made it 
  July 6, 2018
Quoting Nick Barrett I love a good stat attack, even if the results are kind of what we'd expect... thanks for posting.
Yes, the overall trend was always going to be blatantly obvious, but I was at least surprised to see at least 653 builders posting this year so far, since I was expecting it to be nearer 250. Was also interesting to see the points success of Oliver Becker in recent years, and the vast number of MOCs posted by Murdoch who nearly managed 1 every day (on average) in 2016, and interesting to see which of the earliest users were still around.
 I like it 
  July 6, 2018
Oh! I'm third most active builder this year! Nice to know that! Also great stats. I'm curious what MOC is first on this site-I'll find out :)
 I like it 
  July 5, 2018
Wow, this is cool! Sad to see how far we fallen. Iím surprised to see myself on some of those charts too!
 I like it 
  July 5, 2018
Very interesting statistics, though a little sad...
 I like it 
  July 5, 2018
Wow! I didnt know I was THAT active last year haha! Thanks for posting this!
  July 5, 2018
Wowza Oliver really was popular in 2017. Only teo other people got on the chart! Lol
 I like it 
  July 5, 2018
Looks good! DA probably helped screw up the like related ones in 2018 tho
 I like it 
  July 5, 2018
I love a good stat attack, even if the results are kind of what we'd expect... thanks for posting.
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