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Star Wars TCW: The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 9 - Rise of the Dark Mercenary
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Ladies and gentlemen, I now present the third and final part of the Battle of Taris & the rise of Kydan's mercenary life. To quickly start off, this is by far the longest chapter I have ever written for the series, so bare with me on this. More details on this will come afterwards. But anyways, I do greatly hope you all enjoy this chapter, and to also get yourselves comfortable with a bag of popcorn at the ready haha! :P
About this creation

(Taris system, moments after the events of Chapter 8)

Outside of the Separatist base, Throte, Egile and the last of the Clone Troopers keep up their attacks against the Sith General, Gualo Rotinth. However, their attacks are having no affect against him as he easily deflects their blaster shots back towards them. Already a few have died from his defense and Gualo was making sure to torture the rest of the Republic forces before slaying them all.

In a matter of speaking, Gualo himself was enjoying the intense fight.

So focused on the Republic soldiers, he almost didn't see Kydan and Calena quickly charging at him from each side. They both figured that if the rest of the Republic soldiers could keep Gualo in place for just a few more moments, they could end this battle once and for all.

However, Gualo figured out their plan quickly as he swiftly deactivates his saber and spins to dodge a couple blaster shots. Just passing him, he uses the Force to create a massive pulse, causing everyone to be sent flying backwards.

Reactivating his lightsaber, Gualo takes a defensive stance as Kydan and Calena, who had endured the Force Pulse, quickly approach him.

But, to Gualo's surprise, Kydan comes to a complete stop, confused as to what he was doing.

Curiously and cautiously, he turns his head around to Calena, only to be met with her blade coming for him. With only a short time to react, he blocks her attack, his saber only inches away from his face.

At the same time, Kydan comes from the other side, his vibroblade raised in the air as he prepares to strike Gualo down. Gualo just smirked at them, realizing what they were trying to accomplish.

Gualo- Heh, this again?

Like before, Gualo breaks the blade lock and jumping over Kydan backwards, avoiding his attempted attack.

Gualo- Using the same moves won't save you, Republic scum!

As he just lands on his feet, he was suddenly hit by Kydan's Force Push, powerful enough to send him flying backwards, skidding across the platform towards the building

Kydan- That wasn't my intentions, Gualo...

Gualo stared wide eyed at Kydan. Did he just use a Force Push on him? The only ones that could possibly use those moves were...

Gualo- Your...your no mercenary. Your a Jedi!

Finally getting up to their feet, Throte, Egile and the Clone Troopers were able to hear what Gualo had just said. Underneath Throte's helmet, his expression was in complete shock. Many could even say and tell that he had tons of thoughts crossing through his mind just by the frozen stance he was in.

Egile- a Jedi?

Kydan narrowed his eyes at Gualo. So much for keeping that part a secret he thought to himself. Truthfully, he was going to tell them all that he was a Jedi after the battle was over, but the situation they were in now...was too soon. This wasn't how he wanted it to turn out.

Kydan- ...Yes, I am.

After a few moments of silence, Gualo finally spoke up, giving off a devious grin, and then laughing menacingly.

Gualo- Hahaha! This is just perfect! Another Jedi to kill today! I can definitely say that I will have the unspeakable pleasure of killing two Jedi with one blade! Like your master, you shall fall along with him!

Kydan- As long as I live Gualo, you won't be getting that chance again.

Kydan glances towards Calena who was already taking her position.

Kydan- Ready?

Calena- *Nods* Yeah...

Quickly, Kydan and Calena once again charge directly at Gualo, who was also charging at them as well, with their blades were ready to strike down the other.

All at once, their blades collided with each other, locking themselves in.

Gualo- both seem to have tremendous strength...but that alone will not be enough to defeat me!

Gualo forcefully breaks the blade lock and uses the Force to create lightning, electrifying both Kydan and Calena.

The Force Lightning was so strong that it was able to send them both flying backwards across the platform, causing an after shock through them after they crashed.

Slowly, Gualo approaches them both. He turns his attention towards Kydan as he readies his saber for the final kill.

Gualo- This ends for you both...Jedi.

But before Gualo could even make a move against Kydan, out of nowhere, Egile tackles Gualo back, just about knocking him off his feet.

Egile- You'll have to go through us to get to them, you monster!

Quickly, as Egile and the soldiers took chase after Gualo, one of the Clone Sergeants and a clone rushes towards the both of them to check their conditions.

Clone Sergeant- You two okay?

Kydan- Yeah, were fine...

Clone- Here, let me help you up ma'am.

Calena- Thanks...

Clone Sergeant- We'll draw his attention away for now. Meanwhile, you two get ready to finish him. We'll hold him off until then.

With that, the Clone Sergeant and the other Republic soldiers rush towards Gualo as they keep his attention on them only while Kydan and Calena take a moment to recover.

Approaching him slowly, Calena walks beside him, waiting for him to give them the orders on what to do at this point.

Kydan- Calena? Do you think you can keep his attention away from me for five seconds?

Calena stared at him puzzled. She absolutely had no idea what he was now thinking, but she knew that it had to be a last resort plan of some kind. Going with whatever he was planning, she nods.

Calena- Yeah...I can. But what are you gonna do?

Kydan- ...Something that I won't be too proud of.

Not wanting to press the matter any further, she nods once more and then rushes towards the others. For a brief moment, he watches the battle from the other side. What he was going to do was one of the many things that he wished he didn't have to do. It's what made him such an outcast to everyone, even to the Jedi Order.

Appearing next to him was Dark, giving him a cautious and serious look in his eyes.

Dark- Are you sure you wanna do this?

Kydan- ...

Dark- I mean, you know what happened last time...and that alone caused us and everyone else a lot of pain and fear. Even the Order had wanted it banned and forbidden

Kydan- I'm not confident about this either,'s our last chance. We have to win this battle. I promised Master Turin that I would save them all...and I attend to keep that oath. I can't just watch them all die because of me.

Dark gave him a blank expression. He knew that when Kydan was this serious, it meant that he wasn't going to go back on it. No matter what, Dark was always supportive about these things, and has never doubted his friend's abilities. And he wasn't about to judge him on that now.

Dark- ...Alright then. I'm right beside you.

Rolling up his right sleeve, he takes a deep breath as he focus all his energy into his arm using the Force and another mysterious ability. In a matter of seconds, his arm began to shade into a black color, producing blue and black streams of electricity from his shoulder down to the ends of his finger tips. His arm appeared to have been changed into some type of ancient armor.

Kydan's breaths started getting heavier. He has, in his life, hardly ever used this ability this much. The last time he did something like this...was when his father was still alive, which was nearly eleven years ago.

Kydan- *Groans in pain* This...have better 'gynero'...bloody work...

('Gynero', meaning hopeful)

Dark- Just don't over exert yourself this time...

Groaning, he looks towards Dark and smirks.

Kydan- I plan not to bud...

Reaching into his robes, he pulls out his own lightsaber, producing a purple blade from the hilt. Grasping the saber in his left hand tightly, he swiftly charges towards the others with tremendous speed, shades of darkness trailing behind him. His only hope was that this ability will end Gualo once and for all. Otherwise...there would be dire consequences.

At the very same time, Calena continues to hold out against Gualo on her own. Egile, Throte and the others were all knocked out one by one injured, leaving herself and Gualo to fight each other. But fighting Gualo on her own was becoming too much for a single person to do.

Using his last ounce of strength left, Gualo creates one last massive Force Pulse, sending Calena flying backwards, causing her to crash hard on the platform.

Chuckling, Gualo approaches Calena who was trying to get back up, but to no prevail. She was too injured and exhausted to stand at the moment.

Gualo- Hehehe. This is where your lives come to an end, Republic scum...

Slowly, Gualo raises his saber at Calena, aiming for her neck to decapitate her. He could sense her fears building...and it felt wonderful to him. The pure fear and hesitance in another life form felt ecstatic.

Gualo- Farewell, Siruhnian girl...

Before his saber could pierce into her neck, out of nowhere, Kydan blocks his attempted assassination, utterly saving Calena's life. This caused Gualo to go into a state of shock and wide eye. Where in the world did he come from?

Gualo- How did you--?!

But before Gualo could even finish his own sentence, Kydan used his unknown abilities to send him flying backwards with the sound of a loud thud and groan.

Kydan- HAAAAA!!!

Crying out in a loud voice, Kydan swiftly reaches Gualo in nothing but a black fog as he pierces him with a black, electrical blue thrust in the stomach. Gualo suddenly coughed up a bit of blood from his mouth. His breathing was slowly fading, as well as his own life.

Without hesitation, Kydan yaks his arm out of him as Gualo drops to the ground on his knees, his expression filled with shock of the major outcome. His last thought was; how he was beaten so quickly from a low life Jedi Padawan as the boy?

Gualo- ...I...I lost...?

With his dying words, Gualo slumps to the ground dead, with his surprised expression still left on his face along with his half opened eyelids. The battle was now finally over.

Kydan takes in a sharp deep breath, losing his concentration on his abilities. Slowly, his arm begins to turn back to his normal skin color, the black and blue colors fading away into nothing but a mist.

Not realizing it, Kydan suddenly dropped to his knees, staring directly at Gualo's lifeless, dead body.

Kydan- I...I did it? Did I win?

To answer his own question, he suddenly heard a cry of cheering and joy from behind. Turning his head, he saw Calena, Egile and all the soldiers celebrating him.

Egile- Kydan! You did it! You took down the Sith!

Calena- Great work Kydan!

All at once, he felt happy yet confused as to why he was being cheered.

Kydan- N-no! Really, I-I didn't really do--

Clone Trooper 1- Tremendous work!

Clone Trooper 2- You did it sir!

Clone Trooper 3- We've recaptured Taris!

For some reason, Kydan felt hit heart rejoice somehow. He had never had anyone cheer or celebrate him on anything in his life. He figured that this is what it meant to have lots of friends who aren't afraid of you. He could feel himself blushing and flustered from them. He felt...truly happy for once.

Kydan- W-well I-

Throte- WHY?!

Suddenly, everyone stops cheering as they turn their attention to Throte who had walked up to them all with his two troopers trailing behind.

Throte- Why did you let Higer die!?

Kydan felt confused. He didn't know what Throte meant by Throte's words.

Kydan- ...Let him die?

Snapping his head at Kydan, he glares directly at him with anger in his eyes and expression.

Throte- Of course! We all saw it at the beginning! You knew Gualo's skill techniques that he was using against us!  If you would have told us about Gualo's skills back on the Acclamator, he wouldn't have died! What else is shocking is that your a Jedi! You had the power to save him...but yet, you just stood there and let him die in front of us all!

The soldiers that were listening started to whisper and nodded at Throte's comments. It seemed that he had a lot of points to consider. The only two people that didn't respond to his comments were Calena and Egile.

Clone Sergeant- Of course he's a Jedi! That's how he knew the Sith's skills in the battle! That's how he was able to beat him so easily! He knew all about it and never attended to tell us at all!

Clone Sergeant- There are other Jedi among us, isn't there!? If so, the come fourth and speak up!

Glancing around, the soldiers try to pinpoint anyone that were a Jedi amongst them all. Calena and Egile were starting to feel a bit concerned at the moment.

At this, Kydan started to worry and be afraid. All of them knowing that he was a Jedi working undercover and hiding among them was bad. Calena and Egile were the only two people that knew that he was a Jedi and had no problem with it. Yet, it was the others that they were all concerned about.

He shut his eyes tightly without anyone seeing, trying to come up with a solution to this problem. But, sadly and defeated, he couldn't think of anything. There was nothing else he could do.

Then, out of nowhere, a vision with him and Master Turin appears in his mind, replaying the last event that took place.

Turin- Kydan...promise...promise me this...that you will protect this you matter the cause...

Gaining slightly a bit of confidence, Kydan knew what he had to do. He had to believe what he thought was the right course of action, what was best for him, the Republic and the Jedi Order. Staring at Gualo's dead corpse, he grabs the cloak and armor off him.

Then, for some apparent and sudden reason, Kydan started to laugh. And not like your typical normal laugh.

Kydan's laughter began to become even louder and louder, causing everyone to stare at him, confused as to why he was now suddenly laughing like a maniac. They thought he had suddenly just lost it.


He starts to stand up, grasping Gualo's cloak and armor in his hands. His eyes seemed to falter among them, now not visible.

Kydan- I wish you wouldn't compare me to those insignificant fools. They are pathetic...and weak.

Throte- What?

Slowly, he starts to walk up to Throte and the others, still not showing his eyes to any one of them.

Kydan- Those thousands of Clone Troopers were all but recruits and cadets, not worthy of the title of trooper yet, who also didn't even know how to hold their blasters correctly. Not to mention their shooting was inaccurate.

Kydan- But you. All of you. You are all better than they ever would and could be, even greater than you could even imagine yourselves.

Throte and the other soldier's expression's changed to a pure surprise. They were a bit shocked at what Kydan was just speaking.

Kydan- But me...I am not like them. I have surpassed all of the Jedi. I have faced more difficult challenges and trials in my entire life, and I can assure you, Gualo was the weakest among the many others that I've seen and met. The Jedi could only and simply dream of what I have gone through in my years. The reason I knew about his techniques was due to many reasons.

Kydan stops and stands in front of Throte and a few other soldiers, with Calena and Egile on the left side of him. Picking up his head, his eyes were now clear as day. However, they had suddenly changed. They weren't the brown chocolate colored eyes he had just recently. No. They were now the color of a red rose bud, staring at them all with black pupil eyes.

Just the sight of his eyes caused a bit of tension and fear around them.

Kydan- I know many things that even the Jedi and Sith would say to be...unnatural. I know more than the information brokers and the crime lords across the galaxy could ever learn. I am something that even the Force cannot handle alone.

Throte-...Wh-what? That's...that's far worse than any Sith Lord! Y-your a beast! A vicious monster!

At the same time, everyone, except for Calena and Egile who were just glancing around themselves, started to call out different names at Kydan. They called him "freak", "monster", "demon", "rogue", and so many more. Yet, there was one interesting name that caught his attention among them. And it sounded perfect.

Clone Trooper- Your a freak! A dark, fiendish, mercenary freak!

Kydan- Hmm...the Dark Mercenary...I like the sound of that. Yes, I am Kydan Witress, the first Dark Mercenary. I have been trained to acknowledge both the light and dark side of the Force. But...I prefer more of the darker techniques, if you asked me.

Glancing down, Kydan stared at the cloak and clothing that he had taken from Gualo's corpse.

Kydan- So for now on, don't get me mixed up with those Jedi whelps or Sith-spits.

Quickly, he throws the black cloak over him, covering himself up with Sith robes, followed by a hood, now covering his eyes.

Kydan- Actually, "Kydan Witress" sounds so terrible in my taste. Perhaps more down the line of...hmm...the Dark Shadow, perhaps?

Throwing Throte and the others a devious grin, he turns around and starts walking towards the landing platform, where he waited for his ship to pick him up. Throte and the others watched him walk away, not trying to take a chance to catch him. His own words were enough to frighten them all already.

As Kydan approaches the platform, where his ship, the Black Shadow had now just landed, he prepares to enter his ship. But before he could even step onto the ramp, Calena runs up to him.

Calena- Kydan!

Kydan just stood there, waiting for her to speak. He figured there was no sense of talking at the moment, not with all what just happened back there.

Calena- Why? Why did you say all that?

Biting his lip, without her seeing, he knew that he needed to lie.

Kydan-'s the best thing to do.

Calena- Kydan...

Kydan- ...Here's some advise for you.

He looks over his shoulder as he begins to speak.

Kydan- The Force is very strong within you. History states that the Irune clan bloodline were told to hold a strong connection to the Force as it was passed down for many generations in your family. I can assure you that you will become a great Jedi, once you have reached to Knighthood. Remember these words well; whenever someone asks you to join them, or even asks for their help: No matter what you do...lend out your hand and do whatever you can for them. Never turn your back away from those people. Even in the worst circumstances imaginable.


Kydan- *Smirks* Like all you Jedi say; May the Force be with you...always.

Then, without another word, Kydan walks up the ramp and enters his fighter. The ramp then closes up as the ship begins to hover above the platform, flying towards the atmosphere and into the far reaches of space...

So I'll try to keep this nice and short; This. Was. A. Looong chapter to write! I had spent perhaps nearly two to three days when I did this writing! I'm just glad that I finally completed it at last.

As for this build, I actually thought that it was a bit interesting. I kinda wanted to take the image from KOTOR 1's Taris with its platforms and what not, and this is what I would imagine the platforms would look like these days. But like I said before, I'll let you guys decide if it looks good or not.

To about wrap this up, I would like to give a shout-out to the following:

Master Stark (Darkness Born)
--R.K. Blast--
Michael Kringe

If any of you have the time and patience, please go on over and check them out. They all have wonderful creations for you all to enjoy. Also, lastly, if you are all interested in seeing anymore comics, please come check out the group Lego Comic Masters and Fan Club when you have the time and patience.

Anyways, thank you all for your wonderful comments and ratings so far and please continue to give me some feedback on how the story is going and what I could approve on even. Again, thank you all and I hope all of you have a splendid day/night. See ya' soon!

-D.M. Kydan Witress


 I like it 
  March 3, 2015
TWIST!!! I agree with the previous comment, this is your best chapter yet. Fantastic minifig violence as usual, and boy, I knew something different was up with Kydran, but I certainly didn't expect this! Great stuff!
 I made it 
  January 13, 2015
Quoting Jedi Master Rave Brilliant! Very nice twist at the end, your best yet I'd say. Can't wait for Chapter 10, any idea when it'll be uploaded? :D
I'm planning on uploading the next chapter by next week as well as the other chapters later on. The next chapter is just taking an extra weeks worth due to adding some nice effects. Also thank you all for your wonderful comments. This chapter is now the second best in the series :)
 I like it 
  January 13, 2015
Brilliant! Very nice twist at the end, your best yet I'd say. Can't wait for Chapter 10, any idea when it'll be uploaded? :D
 I like it 
  January 8, 2015
Nice work! The story is interesting and the backdrop is also quite impressive.
 I like it 
  January 7, 2015
Very good! I really like it! Looking forward to the next part!
 I like it 
  January 7, 2015
Love it! I cant wait for more!
 I made it 
  January 7, 2015
Quoting Jensen Anderson Hey bro, another great episode. One thing is I'm not sure how the guy tackled the sith and then he was running. Minor detail, anyways, great episode! My favorite shot was when the dark energy trailed behind him when he ran. Very very cool effect I hope you use more in coming episodes. Keep em coming!
To put it simply; when he tackled the sith, he started running because the others were charging at him too. Hopefully that helps :)
 I like it 
  January 7, 2015
Hey bro, another great episode. One thing is I'm not sure how the guy tackled the sith and then he was running. Minor detail, anyways, great episode! My favorite shot was when the dark energy trailed behind him when he ran. Very very cool effect I hope you use more in coming episodes. Keep em coming!
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