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Legendary U.R.S. vs F.I.S. War Series: Part 20: The Casualties Of War
Here is Part 20 in Season 5 of my U.R.S. vs F.I.S. War Series! Sorry that it's a day late. Please comment, rate and enjoy!
About this creation

Back in the corridor the fight between the leaders of both teams had also begun.
The U.R.S. forces were now using the stack of crates that had previously fallen on Nightblaze as a barricade and the F.I.S. were using the shape of the corridor to their advantage. It widened at their end into an open square area, not very big, just large enough for moving machinery to pass each other.

The corridor was filled with a storm of laser fire. Scorch marks covered the walls and floor and the crates the U.R.S. were using were already riddled with holes.
The four men of the F.I.S. were outnumbered, but the shape of the corridor put them on equal standings with their enemies a short distance away.

They shot at each other for a long period of time before there came a lull in the fighting. Everyone gradually ceased fire, realizing that they were achieving nothing and paused for a rest.

Padfoot motioned to the other U.R.S leaders, as they all crouched behind the wall of crates, to draw their close range weapons, so as quietly as they could, they holstered their guns and drew their viroblades.
Once they were all ready, Padfoot looked around at them all, one by one, preparing for the assault. Nightblaze saw him looking at him and understood why he was taking them all in and nodded solemnly in return.

Padfoot smiled under his helmet. He knew that this could be it for him, for any of them. Maybe even if the worst came to the worst, for all of them! But he tried not to think of that. Hopefully it wouldn’t happen. Hopefully they would all make it out alive and with the F.I.S. brought to justice. However he knew that the chances of that happening were slim.
The U.R.S.’s second in command held up three digits so they could all see, then lowered one; A countdown to the charge. He lowered another so just the one remained. He paused, took a deep breath, nodded once sharply and then lowered his last finger.

The group of men leapt up and either climbed or vaulted over the crates. They ran towards where the F.I.S. were hiding in their widened area of the corridor and started shouting war cries as they went.

The F.I.S. appeared and fired a few shots, one of which hit Slash in his left arm, but their weapons were now pointless at this range and so they abandoned them in favor of their own viro weapons.

They were about to attack when a sudden crash came from behind them. The U.R.S stopped in their tracks and the F.I.S. turned to see the door at the end of the corridor being thrown out of the way by Captain Biosnake who bellowed a robotic growl and charged full-pelt towards them all.

U.R.S. and F.I.S. alike scattered as they attempted to get out of the crazy cyborg’s way but Flare was unsuccessful and the Captain clipped him on his way past and he flew backwards into a wall, grunting as he hit the floor.
Biosnake stopped among them all and it was only at this point that everyone realized they weren’t fighting.

The fight broke out again, this time with their viroblades or in Biosnake’s case his hook.
The mad scientist didn’t seem to care whom he was attacking, which side they were on, he just wanted to kill someone. His metal eye was blood red again and he attacked anyone in his way.

Captain Trapp had arrived on The Manipulator with the five pilots and they had made their way swiftly to the bridge and were now walking up the escape pod corridor, heading towards the bridge doors.

“Okay men, we don’t know what’s going on in there. So be ready for my command but hold your fire until I say, okay?” Trapp told them all, pausing just short of the door.
They nodded and, drawing their weapons, moved towards the door, which slid open automatically.

The bridge was covered in dead bodies, the pilots who’d been killed by the robotic bugs, and there was the smell of fresh blood hanging in the air. The flying metal creatures were still there, feasting on the deceased but they all looked up as the door swooshed open.

The bugs swarmed at the men entering the room, all of whom, without even having to be told, opened fire on them.
The swarm was filled with laser fire and in just a minute, they all lay unmoving on the ground.

Trapp and the five pilots moved cautiously further onto the bridge, careful in case any more of the creatures appeared. Luckily for them, none did.
The Captain looked away briskly, spotting the chewed up corpse of Captain Field and bent to examine one of the bugs.

It was tiny, only half the size of his palm. Made of some kind of metal, it had minute wings and razor sharp pincers in place of a mouth. Half of its side was missing, presumably where a laser has hit it. They didn’t appear very strong, hence the reason they’d been so easy to destroy, he assumed. It was most likely their size that allowed them to get through the shields safely, too.

“That bastard, Biosnake, must have made them.” He concluded aloud.
“We’re going to need more men, sir.” One of the pilots told him.
“Call for any spare pilots on either ship to get here ASAP.” Trapp commanded, dropping the dead robot and booting it into the crew area.

Biosnake was currently attempting to cut his way into Shock who was frantically trying to hold him off with his viroblade. His back was to the wall and he was jabbing with his blade, trying to fend the madman off.
Next to him, Padfoot’s blade was crossed with Stallion’s as they clashed together. Stallion swiped for the U.R.S. second’s head but he ducked and shoulder barged him backwards.

Rogue wasn’t as accurate with a blade as he was with a sniper rifle. He was landing repeatedly heavy blows on Falcon’s sword. There was not much technique in his attacks but his strength made up for it. Falcon managed to get a quick cut to his opponents side but it glanced off of his armour.

Flare was now helping Shock out, but even with the two of them, it was hard for them to fight Biosnake. They were only just managing to hold him off, let along actually hurt him in return.

The others were all dueling among themselves, fighting whoever on the opposite team happened to be there at the time.
Callum was currently battling Falcon and the youngest member of each team fought with just as much experience and determination as anyone else.

Above them on the bridge, R.K. and Iadsgb were still fighting as well. Blast knocked Iadsgb’s saber aside and punched him in the face. The F.I.S. leader staggered backwards towards the bridge door, holding his face.

Blast advanced on him and he raised his weapon, blocking the attack and then brought his own blade smashing down onto his opponent’s. Blast threw up his arms and slashed at Iadsgb’s chest and he had to slide backwards to avoid being cut in two.

“Now!” the F.I.S. leader shouted across the bridge and Fixer and Jelli took that as their cue to join in.

‘Three on one - not good.’ Blast thought as the pair rushed over drawing their own viroblades.

He shunted Iadsgb backwards then spun and blocked Fixer’s oncoming attack, knocked him aside and dueled with Jelli.

In the corridor, a terrible cry of pain suddenly rang out, reverberating around the walls, accompanied by evil, robotic laughter.
Padfoot deflected a blow from Stallion and turned to see Shock‘s head hit the floor in a pool of blood.

Biosnake removed his hook from what remained of the Lieutenant’s neck and the rest of the body hit the floor.

It had shocked Padfoot but he had no time to weep for the first fallen soldier as Stallion launched a new volley of attacks.
Slash was now fighting Callum just feet away from them and the four were very close together.

Jamie Clift was dueling a frantic Hess, who also had to keep an eye on Biosnake close by who was still attacking Flare. Hess shoved Jamie back and took a swipe at the mad captain, who had his back turned to him but only succeeded in making a tear in his coat. Jamie was on him again in an instant and he had to return to fight the F.I.S.’s second in command and leave Flare almost at the mercy of Biosnake.

Padfoot stood beside Slash and Stallion and Callum moved to stand opposite them. Side by side the four fought their respective partners, Padfoot and Stallion, Slash and Callum, their blades weaving in and around each other’s with incredible speed. The four men stood there with their blades whirring around them, each man intent on trying to find an opening in his enemy’s defenses. An opening that he could exploit and land a killing blow on them.

Stallion shouted something to Callum that the U.R.S. troops didn’t understand and didn’t try to understand. They just carried on defending themselves and attacking in return.
Callum, however, understood the command just fine. It was the command for a move that all the F.I.S. leaders practiced until they had spot-on precision in it.
The Arc Commander called, “Now!” and both he and Callum suddenly started fighting in unison.

Practiced steps, every move polished to perfection, the pair’s attacks became one combined. Each man’s blade crossing in front of the others, helping protect one another as well as delivering attacks together.

The U.R.S. they were fighting were baffled at the moves and had to work even harder than they already were to hold them off. Any openings in the enemy’s defenses that they’d been looking for were non-existent.

Together, Callum and Stallion performed a series of moves, starting with a flurry of sudden slashes followed by a wide, arcing defensive move that forced their opponents blade far from their body and then ending with a lighting-fast thrust straight out.

Padfoot only just managed to block Stallion’s thrust but he realized that next to him, Slash hadn’t been as lucky.

Callum’s blade was driven right through the silver Commando’s chest, right where his heart sat.

“Slash!” Padfoot cried out, still defending himself against Stallion, as Callum retracted his weapon and Slash’s knees buckled under him and he fell to the floor, the life leaving his body.

Flare, who’d managed to get free of Biosnake stepped in to aid Padfoot who was now having to fight both men of the F.I.S. and together, they managed to split them up so that they couldn’t work as a pair, like they just had done, again.


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 I like it 
  August 22, 2013
Brilliant! I love all the fighting! Biosnake is awsome! But poor Shock and Slash. =( RIP
  August 18, 2013
Splendid! Altho I couldn't help laugh at the dramatic lowering of the fingers haha! -Ess
 I like it 
  August 18, 2013
Awesome! Thanks Blast. That was cool!
 I like it 
  August 17, 2013
Looking great!
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