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Legendary U.R.S. vs F.I.S. War Series: Part 19: Razor-Edge Tension
Here is Part 19 in Season 5 of my U.R.S. vs F.I.S. War Series! Please comment, rate and enjoy!
About this creation

The U.R.S. team a few floors below the bridge of The Desolation, started to move off, but then up ahead, around the end of the corridor, came the leaders of the F.I.S.; Jamie Clift, General Callum, Arc Commander Stallion and Commander Rogue.

The U.R.S. leaders stopped in their tracks as the F.I.S. leaders spotted them and also slowed to a halt.
The two groups stood staring at each other a short distance apart in the already battle-scarred corridor and not a single word was said, the sounds of the space fight outside just audible through the ship’s walls and shields.

Above them, Blast barreled round another corner and found himself at the end of the bridge corridor. He’d made it.

His destination ahead and the way towards it clear, he ran on then pulled up to a stop in front of the doors.
Taking a deep breath he stepped forwards into the door’s motion sensor’s beam and the door to his goal slid open.

Iadsgb was stood at the far end with Jelli and Fixer and he whipped around at the sound of the door opening.

“Blast!” he cursed his old friend’s name as the U.R.S. leader leapt onto the bridge. The two guards, one either side of the door were less than useless. R.K. shot one in the head as soon as he moved and the other took two shots to the chest and collapsed to one side.

Iadsgb.” Blast panted in greeting.
“You…” The sudden appearance of his enemy seemed to have snapped Iadsgb back to his senses. “Where are the others?” he questioned.
“Below, fighting off your troops.” Blast replied calmly.
Everybody on the bridge was at this point watching the two men, stood at opposite ends of the room talking to each other and they could all sense that at any moment, the niceties could vanish and the room would fill with hell unleashed.

With a sudden flick of his wrists Iadsgb brought out his blasters and the pair took aim, but neither man fired.

They stared at each other across the room and neither of them blinked, both trying to judge and predict the other’s actions.

“This is your final chance to surrender, Blast.” Iadsgb warned. Behind him, both Fixer and Jelli’s hands rested on their own blasters.
“No Iad’; it’s yours.” Blast retaliated.
“Tell your men to stand down and command your cruisers to cease firing. Drop your weapons and give yourself up.”
“Yeah, likely.” The head of the U.R.S. answered and once more the room was quiet save for the battle outside, as they stared each other out.

On The Manipulator’s bridge, Captain Field stood giving commands to the ship’s pilots from where he stood in front of the main viewing wall.
“Sir, there’s something big heading this way!” somebody down in the lower half of the room called and the Captain walked briskly over to the railings and looked down to find who had called.
“It’s getting closer.” The pilot who’d just spoken added. “It’s coming at us fast!” The U.R.S. Captain frowned at the pilot’s screen, which showed a tactical grid of the battle with the positions of each ship in two colours. Green for their side and red for the enemy and there was currently a large red blob moving swiftly towards them.

Field looked out of the window in the direction that the map showed the enemy was coming from but could see nothing. There was only space between them and The Desolation with a few fighters zooming by.
He checked the screen again but it was still showing the red blob heading their way. The red mass was larger than several fighters put together and was nearly upon them according to the computer, but when he looked up again, there was nothing.

“It must be an error, there’s nothing there.” Field told the pilot who shrugged and pressed several buttons on his control pad.
The Captain of the ship stood up and walked slowly back towards the main viewing window, the sounds of the cruiser’s turbo turrets and flack cannons pounding away at his ears. He put his hands behind his back and stared out of the window.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the man was thrown backwards off of his feet as the glass exploded, shattering into billions of tiny fragments, lots of which embedded themselves in the Captain’s body.

He hit the floor screaming in pain and shock, his body covered in blood as hundreds of tiny metal flying machines swarmed into the room.
They seemed not to be affected by the pull of the air rushing out of the room and darted further onto the bridge and attacked anybody they could with tiny razors that covered their bodies.

Just as had happened on The Desolation, the security system came into effect and a durasteel wall slid across the gap, blocking out the sucking air but also trapping the tiny machines onboard with them.
The men screamed as the flying monsters attacked them all.

Captain Field pulled himself along the ground on his belly using only his arms, his legs had been shredded and the metal beasts were still attacking him.

“WHAT ARE YOU?!” He screeched and managed to draw is gun. He fired it repeatedly, randomly and wildly over his back in the hope of catching one and to his surprise, did so. He heard a couple of metal clanks and glanced over his shoulder through his blood-filled eyes and saw that two of the beasts lay smoking on the floor.
“SHOOT THEM!” He cried out, “SHOOT THEM ALL!”

The bridge suddenly filled with randomly flying lasers as the men being attacked tried desperately to fight off the flying death machines, realizing that although deadly, the beasts were easy to kill.

Captain Field pulled out his comlink and typed in the code for Captain Trapp over on The Valentine.

“Field, what’s going on? I saw your window break but couldn’t make out what happened. Are you alright?” the voice of Trapp came trough almost straight away.
“We need you to come over here NOW!” Field cried as he felt a tearing pain in his pain and looked back to see one of the beasts tearing into his back.

“What’s happened?”
“THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!” he screamed in agony. “Bring more pilots!” Field managed to say before one of the bugs landed on his face and he screamed no more.

“Field? Field?!” Captain Trapp was worried but knew he had to go and find out what had happened. “You five!” he indicated to several spare pilots. “With me. Officer Parsons is now in charge here.” He commanded and led the way out of the room.

On The Desolation’s bridge, Iadsgb and Blast had moved a few steps closer together, still staring intently into the other’s eyes, anticipating his next move, trying to predict what would happen, what they were going to do.
The ex best friends, watched every minute twitch or movement in the other, millions of thoughts flying around their heads, attempting to work out the other’s plan of action.
Jelli and Fixer stood back, watching as the two men had their silent battle of metal wits, not wanting to interrupt or interfere.

Then the two head’s attacked. The pair flew at one another, blasters suddenly holstered and drawing their lightsabers. Iadsgb’s green and Blast’s blue blades erupted from their handles and smashed into each other, sparks of pure energy flying from the collision point. For a few moments they stood still, pressing together, trying to force the other back but as they had equal strength, without success.

Iadsgb drew back and lunged but Blast knocked the blow aside. The F.I.S. leader lunged again and Blast parried it, taking his own turn to swipe at his opponent.

Iadsgb ducked under the blade and spun so that they were now stood where the other had been moments before.

In a few moments of calm, Fixer drew his blaster but Iadsgb shouted, “NO! Stand back, the pair of you! He’s mine!”
Jelli and Fixer did as they were told and stood well back out of the way.

Blast lunged now and Iadsgb blocked it with ease before spinning his saber and attempting a cut at Blast’s left shoulder, which was deflected. Blast swiped at Iadsgb legs but he jumped over them, bringing his blade vertically downwards as he landed so it smashed into Blast’s quickly raised block with great force.

For minutes, the two swirled and whirled, blades clashing ten to the dozen as the fight intensified. The duelists realized that neither was going to win by strength alone and so it was fast turning into a very tactical fight.

They were using their brains just as much as their brawn, if not more so, to try and outsmart the opponent and get one up on them and deliver the winning stroke, the blow that would end the war, at last.
Smoke drifted up from a cut that Blast’s blade made in one of the railings on the walkway and then Fixer and Jelli watched as Iadsgb got a lucky kick in and sent Blast crashing through the cut railing.

He grabbed the edge of the catwalk as he fell and quickly hauled himself back up before Iadsgb had a chance to strike again.

As Fixer and Jelli, the two U.R.S. betrayers, watched on, they could both tell that they were witnessing something special. Something important was taking place right in front of their eyes and they were being prevented from joining in by their commander.
But that was just as well, Jelli thought to herself, because if she’d had to join in, she wouldn’t have stood a chance.
These were two of the greatest commanders in the galaxy, battling it out to the end before her very eyes.


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 I like it 
  August 22, 2013
awesome fight! and eww! those bugs are nasty!
 I like it 
  August 9, 2013
Nice work!
 I like it 
  August 9, 2013
Great episode!
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