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Happy Birthday Oblivious and Zupharo!
Sorry about the delay, I was working on something...Something big! :P Anyway, here it is :D I'll be posting my next Star Wars next :D
About this creation

Ark Angel: Then I applied the ointment and the rash went away!
Zupharo: That simple huh! Very surprising... Anyway, it is your birthday right?
Ark Angel: Well it was, On the 13th
Zupharo: Sweet mine was on the 15th!
Ark Angel: Well Ben took his time in posting them!
Zupharo: Heís just been busy with some secret Star Wars project, Itís all good!
Ark Angel: I guess so...
???: AHHHHH!!!

Cossy: Ouch!
Ark Angel: Nice of you to drop by, Hehehe
Zupharo: Oh snap!
Cossy: Ow...
(Cossy gets up)

Cossy: Hey guys!
Zupharo: What happened to you?
Cossy: Oh nothing, I just tried to pick a fight with Mingat and lost, anyway, happy birthday guys!
Zupharo and Ark Angel: THANKS!

Cossy: And because I can, Iíll give Zupharo his present now and Ark Angel his present towards the end!
Zupharo: Are they both Teasers?
Cossy: ... Have you been peaking?
Zupharo: No, itís just they always are
Cossy: Oh right, Yes they are! Anyway...

Cossy: ...Shall we begin?
Zupharo: Huh?

Cossy: Teleporting powers activate!
Zupharo: Since when has he had teleporting powers?
Ark Angel: Just play along!

(The three disappear! And end up...)

Zupharo: What the!
Ark Angel: We appear to have stumbled into an alternate universe!
Zupharo: Where the heck are we?
Cossy: Kashyyyk
Zupharo: Come again?
Cossy: Kashyyyk!

Cossy: This is Ben massive Kashyyyk diorama! This was why he didnít post anything yesterday, He was working on this! Itís been driving him crazy!
Ben: No it hasnít!
Cossy: Sure sure, anyway, Happy birthday!
Zupharo: Thanks! It sure is beautiful!

Cheesy Q: Hello people!
Cossy: Hey Ch...

Cheesy Q: URGH!

Zupharo: Whatíd you do that for!
Ark Angel: ...Oh crud, thatís Cheesy, Sorry, I thought you were some crazy native!
Cheesy Q: Iím not a Wookie, Urgh!
(Cheesy gets up)

Ark Angel: Sorry bro!
Cheesy Q: Itís all good, hey I got you a gift!
Ark Angel: YAY!
Cheesy Q: Its...

Cheesy Q: Some new wings!
Ark Angel: OH! I do like new wings!
Zupharo: Put em on!

Ark Angel: I feel ten times more awesome!!! Thanks bro!
Cheesy Q: Anytime, now, Zupharo!

Cheesy Q: I got you some snazzy looking headphones!
Zupharo: SWEET!

Zupharo: I can hear music!
Ark Angel: Are you sure itís not your heart?
Zupharo: ... Might be...
???: ATTACK!!!
Cossy: What the?

Clone scout #1: Get reinforcements! The Separatists got some new toys!
Clone scout #2: On it!
Rex: Suck laser!
Ark Angel: Hey that hurts!
Cossy: Urgh, Lets teleport back shall we?
Zupharo: Good idea!
(They teleport back)

Cheesy Q: What the! Guys!
Clone Scout #2: Ok I got reinforcements!
Rex: Good work Sergeant!
Cheesy Q: AW man now I gotta walk home!

Rex: Excellent choice Sergeant!
Clone Scout #2: Thank you Captain!
Cheesy: Oh crud...

(They arrive back)
Destrin: AH! Where did you guys come from!
Zupharo: Oh hey there Destrin, we just went to an alternate universe, nothing special!
Destrin: Oh ok, anyway happy birthday you guys!

Zupharo: Thanks man! What did you get us?
Destrin: Just you wait and see :D
Ark Angel: Hey were did Cheesy go?
Cossy: Hey yeah, what happened to him?

Destrin: Bionicle poster!
Zupharo: Awesome!
Ark Angel: Sweet! Thanks bro!
Destrin: Anytime, Iíll be off
Everyone: See ya!

Ark Angel: Pretty neat poster!
Zupharo: Agreed! How the heck are we gonna share it?
Ark Angel: Cut it in half?
Zupharo: That would ruin the poster!
Cossy: Maybe you could...

Raxonax: Hello people of Spherus Magna!
Cossy: Raxonax!

Ark Angel: Hey bro!
Raxonax: Happy birthday Zupharo, and Oh, I forgot you were here Ark Angel, hold on...

(Raxonax flips his mask like Ark Angels)
Raxonax: Ok now we can continue! First up Ark Angel, here is your present!

Raxonax: Itís a Swiss card!
Ark Angel: Swiss card?
Raxonax: Yeah...

Raxonax: ... Itís just a Swiss army knife, but in card form!
Cossy: Whoa!
Ark Angel: T...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Raxonax: I knew youíd like it! Now Zupharo!

Raxonax: A mini Teridax!
Mimic: Um, Iím not Teridax!
Raxonax: You keep telling yourself that! Happy Birthday!
Mimic: Just because I have Teridax pieces does not mean Iím Teridax!
Raxonax: Stop talking Teridax, Youíre a present, they donít talk!
Mimic: Grrr...

Mimic: Iím gonna go check if the Shadowed Oneís got a bounty on you! Iím out of here!
Zupharo: That could be bad!
Cossy: Donít worry, Ben will save us!

Raxonax: Well I must be going too, see ya!
Everyone: Bye!

Jordan 2444: Hey guys!
Cossy: Hey Legofrea...I mean Jordan!
Jordan 2444: I got you guys something! Now since Benís running out of ideas, this was the best I can do, but itís got 2 seats so it should be ok for the both of you :D

Jordan 2444: Itís a very fancy looking car!
Zupharo: Oh fancy!
Jordan 2444: Itís even the same colour as me!

Ark Angel: YEEEHAWWWW!!!
Zupharo: Hey I wanna go!
Jordan 2444: Later!
Cossy: See ya!

Callan: Hey everyone!
Everyone: CALLAN!
Callan: Have I got a present for you guys!

Zupharo: What is it?
Cossy: Yeah what is it?
Callan: The best dang present ever!

Callan: Benís latest Dark Hunter! Seeker!
Ark Angel: Whoa!
Zupharo: I thought he was doing Ancient next?
Callan: He was, but he got...Sidetracked!
Cossy: Hey, you canít show teasers! Thatís my thing!

Cossy: Come on Seeker, move along
Seeker: But
Cossy: Come on
Seeker: Fine...

Cossy: Sorry Callan, but it had to be done; we canít have too many Teasers in this thing!
Callan: Itís cool, but everybody loves teasers
Cossy: True, alright, I guess we can have one more!

Cossy: Ok Ark Angel, Are you ready for your teaser?
Ark Angel: Iím more than ready!
Zupharo: I sure canít wait!

(Cheesy appears out of nowhere)
Cheesy Q: Ouch...
Cossy: Hey! Where did you go?
Cheesy: T...They were everywhere! They attacked me!
Cossy: Ouch, sorry, I guess my teleporting skills are a bit messed up!
Zupharo: Since when did you even have teleporting skills?
Cossy: I have no idea...I guess they are kinda like 2444ís flying abilities! (Wertman 8ís idea)

(Cheesy gets up)
Cheesy Q: Show the teaser Foo!
Cossy: Ok, here it is!

(Part of my next Star wars diorama which will be up shortly, and Zukon! :D His mask finally came! And to prove Iím not a hypocrite, I promised Zukon Iíd build his Self MOC when I was still doing my Self MOC wave (just ask him, itís all true!), so I havenít re-started it, Iím just fulfilling a promise :D SO NO MORE REQUESTS UNTIL I RE-START IT please :D)
Ark Angel: Whoa...

Happy birthday to two great MOCers :D

Like I said before, Iíll post my next Star Wars diorama in a few minutes (Actually itíll probably be after dinner so anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour after I post this itíll be up :D) And tomorrow Iíll post Seeker and the day after that, Zukon :D Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this :D

Happy birthday guys :D I hope you didnít mind sharing a party!
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 I like it 
  May 2, 2011
Haha! I just noticed you said that mimic was a mini teridax when the teridax set is tiny (he is such a migit but dont tell him i said that) but its still cool i just thought i should point that out
 I made it 
  April 27, 2011
Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like it :D And no, I haven't started it again, That was a one off thing, read the intro to Zukon and you'll understand
 I like it 
  April 26, 2011
Hhhhhhaaaaa!!!!!Oh,you started it again,right?
 I like it 
  April 20, 2011
Sweet Seeker looks awesome! I have always loved the Dark Hunters and you're recreating them which is awesome!
 I like it 
  April 20, 2011
GREAT NEWS! i uploaded cossy i hope you like it
 I made it 
  April 19, 2011
Thanks so much everyone! Glad I made some of you laugh :D And I'm happy you liked it Oblivious :D And I'll post him now Zukon :D Thanks ;)
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Toa Oblivious ,Master of Earth
  April 18, 2011
thanks man!
Ben Cossy
Chaos Master
  April 18, 2011
 I like it 
  April 18, 2011
"AH DIE KASHYYYK NATIVE!!!!!" Made me crack up, good job!
 I like it 
  April 18, 2011
great moc as always, ive uploaded my new creation, the one who you said you couldnt wait for, well hes up now so take a look here:
 I like it 
  April 18, 2011
YUSSS!!! SW Dio today!
 I made it 
  April 18, 2011
Thanks so much everyone ;) Glad you liked it Zupharo :D It was a thing in one of Wertman's comic Legofreak :P Thanks S.T.S, Man how many of these do you want to be in :P Michelangelo, He some how teleported back :P Still not sure how :P Your gonna love Seeker bro ;) Thanks Cody ;) And I agree with you there :P Can't wait Gril :D I haven't made your Self MOC Zam, so I can't And thanks everyone else :D
Ben Cossy
S.T.S .
  April 17, 2011
Destrin;AH!Where did you guys come from!This was awesome!And I can tell you how Oblivius and Zupharo can share the poster.Zupharo:Agreed!How the heck are we going to share it?.Oblivius:Cut it in half?.No,all you have to do don't know how you guys can share itXD PS mind if I am in the next party?
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Peter Crasher the Powerlord
  April 17, 2011
Happy birthday to both of them! :D
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Cheesy Q
  April 17, 2011
Yay! Cheesy! Luckily he was able to make it after narrowly escaping a semi-flooded basement. I'm going to guess he rode the tank back until he got teleported.
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
Happy B-day to the lot! And I can't wait to see Seeker! (Alliteration)
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
Insanly good moc as allways i was just writing to say i have finaly got my self moc uploaded so could you check him out, hes Keegax, Toa of magnesium.
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
Happy Birthday guys! Hey Ben, I don't suppose you could insert my MOC in one of the said birthday celebrations (like Jordan 2444's), could you? (Side note; My "alter ego" name is Ben. Honest.)
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
Wow!!! That's hilariously funny!! I like the part when he says " I can hear music" and then cheesy says " I think that's your heart". I've been wanting to make a self moc for you I just need some more pieces.;) I can't wait to see the star wars diorama. It looks EPIC!!!!! I will be posting an epic star wars invasion diorama later today.
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
That diorama is HUGE! Nicely done, I can't wait to see it posted! And your Dark Hunter looks like a jackal. Awesome.
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
How did Cheesy get back if he can't teleport? I knew the next Dark Hunter was Seeker.
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
Wicked awesome! Thanks for putting me in there! I can fly?
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
Thanks a ton man! that kasshyuk or whatever its called looks amazing!!! and cheesy getting stuck in there was hilarious! thanks!
 I made it 
  April 17, 2011
Thanks Nick :D Kashyyyk is gonna be so much work! Thanks man ;) Oh and I promise I'll put him in more :D
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
love it! that kashyyyk diorama is going to be the most epic thing ever. I built a giant republic outpost but nothing compares to what that kashyyyk is going to look like. would you mind putting nitro in some parties I realized he has not been in many. I am already planning some ideas of cossy's party.
 I made it 
  April 17, 2011
Why thank you :D I can't wait to see it :D Let me know when he is done :D I can't wait for your birthday either :D Oh if It's not too much, can you remind me again closer to the date please? Just incase I forget :D Thanks bro ;) And yes please Wertman :D Do it in the next post, like as a bonuc picture :D That be awesome :D
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
shall i post a pic showing what Raxonax looks like with his mask the other way round?
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
wow cool im exited you know what im gonna give you a birthday party and make your self moc because of what your going to do thanx (:
 I made it 
  April 17, 2011
HAHA yeah you should have seen Cheesy take on those Clones :P Thanks for commenting bro ;)
 I made it 
  April 17, 2011
Thats awesome! It's 8 days before mine :P I'd love to give you a party :D I have something planned already :D
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
Ark Angel: Then I applied the ointment and the rash went away!. the best line in the whole thing great birthday and also my birthday is on the 20th of may i know its to early to ask but one day could you post some sort of birthday shout out or something
 I made it 
  April 17, 2011
Thanks so much everyone ;) bad news though, it got darken quicker than I thought it would :/ So sadly I'm gonna have to take pictures of that diorama tomorrow :/ But I promise it'll be up tomorrow :D Good news is I get to work more on Kashyyyk :D Anyway, Thanks Legobob ;) HAHA good one Skrall Razor :P That's so true :P I wonder what Raxonax would look like with his mask the other way...Hmmmm... gonna be epic to see it :D Thanks Wertman ;)
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
i'm gunna twist Raxonax's mask around in dedication of this! HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY ALL!
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
they both walked into the beach like transformers XD
 I like it 
  April 17, 2011
WOAH! Awesome! HAHA it was funny too ;P Can't wait for the SW Dio and Zukon!
By Ben Cossy
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