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Happy Birthday Komart!
Happy birthday man ;) Have a good one ;) Oh and S.E.D I'll try and have yours up for tomorrow :D Also sorry about some of the picutres, I hope it's not too bad :D Enjoy
About this creation

Komart: Hmmm....

Cossy: Hey Komart, Happ...What are you doing?
Komart: Hmm...

(Cossy looks off into the distance, that same way Komart is)
Cossy: Hmm... I donít see it...
Komart: Hmmm...

Cossy: Seriously what the heck are you looking at?
Komart: Hm, Oh!

Komart: Evening Cossy! Sorry I was just pondering the questions of the universe!
Cossy: Oh ok, I see
Komart: Yes sometimes if I ponder hard enough, things will appear!
Cossy: REALLY!
Komart: Yes, watch!

Komart: hmm... HMMMM...HMMMMMMMM!!!

Komart: Ah, see it worked!
Cossy: Awesome!

Cossy: Then what were you pondering about before?
Komart: Oh I was trying to make myself a party, and it obviously came true!
Cossy: Um, sure weíll go with that
Komart: Excellent! Let the celebrations begin!
(Callan and Davix walk in)

Komart: DAVIX!
Davix: KOMART!
Callan: Sup bro
Cossy: Hey man!

Davix: Merry Chr...I mean Happy Birthday!
Davix: Hope you like it!
Komart: I LOVE IT!

(Komart puts it on)
Komart: OH RIGHT!!!

Callan: And I got you some Hero Factory 2.0!
Komart: Yay! Parts in a can!
Callan: HAHA enjoy!
(Cossy leaves and puts everything in the present room)

Jareroden: Hey man
Komart: JARERODEN!!!
Jareroden: I got you something!

Jareroden: Itís a gold version of your mask!
(Cossy re-enters the room)

Cossy: Hey Jareroden! OH Shiny mask!
Komart: I know itís so cool! Iím gonna put it on!

Komart: I suddenly feel a burst of power!
(Komart starts glowing)

Komart: WOAH!
(He looks down)
Komart: Hey Iím not a midget anymore!
Jareroden: I think I gave him the wrong mask!
Komart: You gave me the mask of life WOOT!
Cossy: This canít be good!

(The mask falls off Komartís face and he returns to his normal size)
Komart: Oh I dropped it!

Cossy: Iíll put this in the present room!
Komart: NO gimme gimme! Oh I hate being a midget!
Jareroden: See ya guys, happy birthday!

Raxonax: Hello boyos!
Cossy: Sup ma brother!
Komart: Hey buddy, What ya get me?

Raxonax: Something beyond awesomeness! Let me just get it!

(And grabs the camera)
Raxonax: Almost got it
Komart: Um?
Raxonax: Almost, Here you go Komart!
Komart: What are you doing?
Raxonax: Giving you Benís camera!
Raxonax: But itís his birthday!

Raxonax: Woops, I dropped it!
Komart: Um I donít think this is gonna work!
Ben: Quit it!
Raxonax: *sigh* fine
(Ben fixes his camera)

Ben: Ok ok, carry on!
Raxonax: Well since I canít give you that, take this!

Raxonax: Itís a golden brick!
Both: OH!!!
Raxonax: See ya later boyos!
(He leaves and Ark Angel enters)

Ark Angel: Sup Komart! I got you this!
Komart: What is it?
Ark Angel: A pokeball!
Cossy: OH is there a mini Galaxus inside!
Ark Angel: Sadly no!
(Ark Angel throughs the Pokeball into the air...)

Ark Angel: Youíll soon see what it is!

(The Pokeball lands on the ground and...)

(...the Pokťmon appears!)
Cossy: Really?

Komart: Thatís no Pokťmon! Itís a Spheroid!
Ark Angel: Hey it got in the Pokeball didnít it!
(The Spheroid runs up to Cossy and hugs his leg)
Cossy: Oh not this again!
Ark Angel: He He, Well Iím off!
Komart: See ya!
(He leaves as Omni enters)

Omni: Hey guys! OH LOOK A SPHERIOD!
Komart: Hey! And yeah itís Ark Angels present to me!
Cossy: Get off me!

Cossy: Get off!
(Cossy shakes his leg)

Cossy: GET OFF!
(Cossy kicks up his leg...)

(...And the Spheroid hits Omni!)
Omni: AH!

(Omni lands on the floor...)
Omni: Uhhh...
Cossy: Sorry bro, I didnít mean to do that
Omni: Itís all good...

(Omni gets up)
Omni: Well Komart, I got you a present
Komart: YAY!

Omni: I got you a slinky! Itís the same colours as me!
Omni: I figured youíd like it! Iíll be off!
Cossy: See ya!

Komart: Entering parallel universe! VOOOM!!!!
Cossy: Um...Ok...

Gallitor: Hey everyone!
Gallitor: I got you a disk launcher, enjoy!
Komart: Sweet thanks!

Cossy: HAHA

Shadavax: Laser pen!
Komart: WOAH! Thanks!
Shadavax: Anytime!
(Komart opens the case)

Komart: Wait where is it?
(Komart looks up)

Cossy: Heís gone!
Komart: He stole me laser pen!

Destrin: ROCKET! Happy Birthday!
Both: ....
Destrin: I figured youíd be speechless! See ya!
Both: ...

Shadowflame: Hey guys whatís going on...WOAH!
Everyone: ...

Komart: ...Oh I blanked out! Oh Shadowflame, Your here!
Shadowflame: Huh... Oh I blanked out! Hey man happy birthday!
Komart: Thanks!

Shadowflame: I got you this cap gun!
Komart: Sweet! HE HE I got an idea for it :D
Shadowflame: What?

Cossy: AH!
Komart: HEHE
Shadowflame: You blanked out bro, anyway see ya!
Cossy: Urgh...

Fortux: EH!!!
Fortux: I got you something speacial!
Komart: OH!!!

Fortux: Itís OWL!!!

Owl: Thatís not me!
Fortux: You know it is!
Owl: I shoot it!

Komart: Well that was an awesome party!
Cossy: Thanks, Iím glad you enjoyed it!
Komart: Oh and now itís time for your present! I canít wait!
Cossy: Oh crud...

Komart: *facepalm* You forgot my present
Cossy: No, I... Well...
Komart: Great...
Cossy: But, I...I, um...

Cossy: I can show you some of my older MOCís?
Komart: OH! Ok that sounds cool!

Older MOCís: You called?
Komart: AWESOME!

(Two of my older MOCís, If you want me to post them, I will :D)

Happy Birthday man ;)

Ok I need some help, I'm running out of ideas for parties, if you can, can you give me some ideas please, it would mean a lot, thanks ;)

S.E.D I'll have your party up tomorrow, Sadly I won't be starting my Dark hunter wave this weekend since I'll be working on that, But next weekend I will start it :D

Volometrix is next, then some Dark hunters :D

Thanks for veiwing!
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 I like it 
  April 21, 2011
YES! Please post your older MOCS
 I like it 
  April 4, 2011
Awesomely funny, as usual. Nice work!
 I made it 
  April 4, 2011
Cheers guys ;) I know S.T.S, Sadly I don't have time to do it this week :/ I got a massive test to study for :/ So I'll be giving him an even better surprise on Friday :D
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
S.T.S .
  April 3, 2011
You do know today is S.E.D.s b-day?
 I like it 
  April 3, 2011
LOL awesome party :D
 I made it 
  April 3, 2011
Thanks Wertman ;)
 I like it 
  April 3, 2011
PPPPPRRRRRPT! sorry, i blanked out... WEEEEELL... that was WOWZA! i can't wait for S.E.D's party! XD
Ben Cossy
S.T.S .
  April 2, 2011
HAHA that was a good party,and yes Destrin is crazy enough to get a rocket.Especially his crazed midget form XD PS can I be in the next one again for S.E.D.
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Toa Oblivious ,Master of Earth
  April 2, 2011
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Peter Crasher the Powerlord
  April 2, 2011
Yay! A brand new Spheroid for me since Roisan died. Anyways, thanks for the special. I appreciate it. :)
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Chaos Master
  April 2, 2011
cool! i was wondering how long you could do these parties...anyway sorry but i got no idea's at all. except maybe make it more party-like instead of just him getting a ton of stuff?
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Cheesy Q
  April 2, 2011
You should defenatly post he older mocs and what IS that owl thing anyway?
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Yoshi the killler
  April 2, 2011
YAY!!! Cool!!
 I made it 
  April 2, 2011
I haven't made you yet Archangel so you won't be able to be in it, When I re-start my Self MOC wave, ask me again and I'll make you, but your going to have to wait, I'm sorry, I don't want to take Self MOC request for a while, Thanks for understanding ;)
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
Could i be in the next one?PLZ?
 I made it 
  April 2, 2011
Thanks guys ;) Don't worry Legofreak, I'll put you in next time :D Ok Cheesy I'll post em :D And that is just some mini statue of an Owl I found :P Ok Destin, I'll have you in again :D Glad you like him Komart ;) Chaos, I guess I see what you mean buddy, Ok I'll see what I can do :D Glad you like it Singe ;) I'll post em Legobob ;) and I'll put you in the next one aswell ;) Thanks Nick! HAHA why yes you have Mr. Strike I'll give you credit when I post em ;)
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
:D very entertaining :P- but have i seen those two before *taps nose knowingly*
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
I would tell Knoxus to send him a present, but knowing Knoxus he'd probably take it the wrong way... :) Happy B-day Peter! Again!
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
Cool! I liked the part where Omni comes in and Komart falls in, that was furny stuff!!!!
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
This whole time, Kenaz was in ancient Greece trying to get something for Komart... Eh, well. I'll just post my new one later. Nice party, the Mata-Nui cameo was pretty coolio :D
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
Ha ha! Happy birthday, Komart, from Zam! Sorry my self-MOC couldn't make it!
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
LOVE IT! it is so funny! my favorite part is when that guy tries to give him your camera LOL!! :D
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
Happy Bday Komart ;) Awesome PARTAY! Would'a been better with me in though XD BTW post the older MOCs! They look awesome! POST THEM!!!! XD
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
The pokeball turns into a byte.. LOL!
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
IDEA 4 TEH NEXT PARTEH:first do s.e.d's party,there could be like a slideshow of everyones version of s.e.d( give them credit) and then...TEH PREZENTZ! oh btw my b-day's on november 4th so...(coughilikestuffthatguys likeiamatomboycough)
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
Ha ha, nice. So many self-MOCs!!
 I like it 
  April 2, 2011
Oh no! I forgot to rate and comment!...Oh yeah...Awesome party. Too bad I'm not in there :P Nice job.
By Ben Cossy
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