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Kenaz's Birthday Surprise!
Happy Birthday to an epic MOCER! Even though his actual Birthday is on the 28th, I'll give him an early Birthday present ;)
About this creation

(Kenaz is flighting Flare)
Kenaz: I will destroy you!
Flare: Impossible Toa!
(When suddenly he is teleported!)

Kenaz: Now die Flare!
Cossy: What?

Cossy: AH!

(Kenaz relizes whats happened)
Kenaz: Hmmm...What has happened? It appears my necklace has teleported me here!
Cossy: Ouch!

Kenaz: Oh Cossy, sorry about that, I thought you were somebody else!

(Cossy gets up)
Cossy: Thats cool, Hey today's your birthday right?
Kenaz: Why yes it is brother!
Cossy: Ah good, my kitten calender was right!

Cossy: Ok boys, start the present giving!
Kenaz: Presents?
Cossy: Yes were all throwing you a surprise party!
Kenaz: YAY!

Cossy: Oh and Happy birthday too!
Kenaz: Thanks bro!

(Komart walks in)
Komart: Hey bro! Brofist me!
Kenaz: Hey buddy!

Komart: I got you something!
Kenaz: Oh boy! What is it!

Komart: A massive bottle of Coke :D
Kenaz and Cossy: WOAH!
Komart: I'll be off then

Raxonax: Sup guys!
Cossy: Hey there buddy!
Kenaz: Raxonax! How you been!

Raxonax: I'm great man!
Kenaz: How was your holiday?
Raxonax: Epic, Oh and Happy birthday, I got you...

Raxonax: A mini 2444!
Furno: How many times must I tell you, I'M NOT 2444
Raxonax: Sure you aren' you go!

Furno: I'm not going with him!
Raxonax: Yes you are!
Furno: But I don't even look like 2444, my mask doesn't go that way!
Raxonax: Well sure it can, you watch!

(Raxonax twists Furno's mask around)
Raxonax: See...

Raxonax: Oh...

Raxonax: Well um...I'm gonna go fix your present...It kinda broke itself
Kenaz: Um...Alrighty

Cossy: Hey I'll go take this to the present room!
Kenaz: Sweet, Don't drink any!
Cossy: AWW!

Fortux: Hey guys...COKE!
Kenaz: It's mine!
Fortux: Oh...anyway, I got you...

Fortux:...A one point two scale model of the Clone Cadets Clone Wars episode!
Kenaz: WOWZA!
Fortux: Have fun, Oh and happy birthday!

(Kenaz starts playing with the diorama)
Kenaz: Pew Pew, AHH!

Cossy: What are you doing?

(Kenaz gets up)
Kenaz: Oh Cossy *clears throat* I'm...nothing
Cossy: Urgh ok..
Kenaz: Oh could you put this is the present room to plese?
Cossy: *sigh* Yes birthday boy!

Kenaz: Yeah, just put it there!
(Owl walks in)

Kenaz: Oh hey Owl, What you got there?
Owl: Your birthday present!

Kenaz: SWEET! you got me a DSi! Thanks man!
Owl: No problem!
Kenaz: So what games came with it?

Owl: None!, HEHE I'm so evil!!!
Kenaz: Um...

Cheesy Q: Ok..
Kenaz: Hey!
Cheesy Q: Happy birthday!

Kenaz: Sweet!
Cheesy Q: I got you Pokemon Black and White, Just what you wanted!
Kenaz: YUS!!!!

Chessy Q: Hmm...should we catch a Magikarp?
Kenaz: Nah it sucks
Cheesy Q: But it evolves into Gyarados!
Kenaz: True!

Cossy: WOAH! Can I play?
Both: NO!
Cossy: Oh...

Cheesy Q: We'll play more later! See ya later!
Both: See ya!

Cossy: I'll put this away too
Kenaz: Ok...

Cossy: AH!
Kenaz: What the!?

Phosphorus: Woops, Sorry Bro, thought that Kenaz would catch that!
Cossy: Ouch!

Cossy: Today is just not my day!
Phosphorus: So I got you a baseball!
Kenaz: Sweet!
Cossy: But this is Australia, we don't play Baseball! We play cricket? Were did you get that?
Cossy: OH!

Aridike: Hey guys!
Kenaz: Aridike!

Aridike: I got you a pet scarabax beetle!
Kenaz: NICE!

Kenaz: Naw he's so cute!
Solunus: NAW! Hey guys!

Solunus: I brought you an old bionicle comic! Happy Birthday!
Kenaz: Sweet! thanks man!
Solunus: No problem!

Cossy: HAHA
Kenaz: How's that funny?
Cossy:...I don't know...
Morack: HELLO!

Morack: I got you mini pokemon!

Nitro: I got you a new sword!
Kenaz: Mata Nui! Thank you!

Kenaz: Which one should I use?
Cossy: Why not the new one?
Kenaz: But I like my old one too much!
Cossy: *sigh* pick that one then!
Kenaz: But...Hmmm...
Amtrox: Happy Birthday!

Amtrox: I got you a boomerang!
Kenaz: SWEET!
Cossy: Lets throw it now!
Kenaz: Once I get all my presents we can
Cossy: AW...I'll go put it in the present room then!

Gringat: Bouncy ball!
Kenaz: OH MY GOSH!!!
Gringat: Bouncy ball!

Jareroden: Hey Bro, Happy Birhtday!
Kenaz: Thanks man! What did you get me?
Jareroden: I got you my love and respect!
Kenaz:...No seriously!

Jareroden: I'm just messing with ya, I found the remote, here you go!
Kenaz: Oh sweet, thanks!

Cossy: Well I think that's everyone!
Kenaz: Yup I think so too...Hey where is your present?
Cossy: I've been saving it till the end!

Shadowflame: Hey guys! Whats happening!
Kenaz: Oh Shadowflame, I forgot about you!
Cossy: What did you get Kenaz for his birthday?

Shadowflame: Birthday...Oh right...I'll go get it, hold on!

Kenaz: He forgot didn't he...
Cossy: He wouldn't forget you!
Kenaz: Then what did you get me?
Cossy: We it's not really a present but here you go!

A.D.: Hey Kenaz, Happy birthday!
Kenaz: WOAH! It's A.D.!!!
A.D.: Who else would you expect?
Cossy: So yeah, this is my latest Self MOC A.D.!
Kenaz: Best present ever!

Shadowflame: Hey Guys..Oh A.D. Hey!
A.D.: Afternoon!

Cossy: Did you get something?
Shadowflame: Of course I did, I'd never forget your birthday!
A.D.: I doubt it could bet me!

Shadavax: Hey when am I meant to come in?
Shadowflame: Eh now will do!
Kenaz: Two Self MOC's In one birthday! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!
A.D.: Because of me!
Shadavax: Nope, definiately me!
Kenaz: And as my present to you guys I'll end with!...

Shadowflame: But there is five of us, shouldn't it be a...
Kenaz: It's my birthday, I make the rules!

Well I'll post Shadavax and A.D. next weekend :D Also Callan, If you read this, can you please yet me know if you still wanna be posted after you appear in A Story Reborn, or if you want me to post you before, Also I made Davix :D

Well thanks for looking guys!
Happy Birthday Kenaz ;)
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 I made it 
  October 2, 2011
*sigh* How many times must I say this, I'm not taking requests! I will be later (Once I finish my Dark Hunter wave) I don't want to do anything to do with Self MOC's for a bit, sorry, and sorry If I offended you when I said what I said, It's just I've said that about 20 times now, I'll gladly build him when I restart my Self MOC wave :) You'll just have to remind me again please, thanks for understanding ;)
 I like it 
  October 1, 2011
at Cheesy Q : What?!?!?!?! You dare say squirtle is better than mudkip?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!
 I like it 
  April 11, 2011
May you make me?
 I like it 
  April 10, 2011
WOWZA for no reason... DUN DUN DUUN!
 I made it 
  March 3, 2011
To Master N, I can't wait to see your Cossy :D I'll have a look at that HF thingy you were talking bout :) Also Your Self MOC's coming along great, He won't be as big, but You'll love him :D
 I like it 
  March 3, 2011
This is pretty cool, you have a lot of peoples self-mocs there. I wanted to let you know that I just got Surge today just so I could build your self-moc. It should up sometime. I dont know if it is going to be as big as this one shown here, but it should be just as good. By the way, how is my self-moc coming along? And do you think more people might make it? Also, I made a hero factory alternative that looks pretty cool that I hope you and the rest of the guys check out.~Master N
 I like it 
  March 1, 2011
I'm still cracking up about the Furno part. :D Oh, have you seen my Zukon yet?
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Toa Oblivious ,Master of Earth
  February 28, 2011
Imgoing to make something for him today!
 I like it 
  February 28, 2011
Lol amusing! Happy Birthday!
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Peter Crasher the Powerlord
  February 27, 2011
Hilarious special! I need to make mine...
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Chaos Master
  February 27, 2011
lol this was great! the dsi part was great, and the furno and star wars stuff was fuuny too. nice, this was just great!
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Cheesy Q
  February 27, 2011
This is weird. I LOVE Coke-Cola. And I really do want Pokemon White version. Other than that thanks for putting me in and A.D. and Shadavax look awesome.
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Cheesy Q
  February 27, 2011
Oh, and I LOVE Garydos, but HATE Migikarp. Garydos is the second best Pokemon EVER! Everybody knows that Squirtle is the best.
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
S.E.D. (The Editor)
  February 27, 2011
Happy birthday Kenaz! Hey Ben, are you ever going to post Gallitor?
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
Yet another dormant Spheroid in disguise? XD You've got tonnes of self-MOCs here. Wish I could sustain that many at once ^^;
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
nice, thanks for going through all the trouble of putting him in. the first time I read it I was like where did the sword come from?
 I made it 
  February 27, 2011
Alrighty, Everything's fixed, Nitro I put you in :D
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
awesome sauce!!
 I made it 
  February 27, 2011
Thanks a million everyone ;) I'll definiately do that Callan ;) Oh and I'm so happy you like it Kenaz ;) also this applies to everyine, I never destroy anyones Self MOC :D EVER!!! S.E.D. I'm gonna post him next weekend, sorry about the wait :/ Oh and Nick, The pictures got messed up, you are in it :D I'll fix that now :D
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
so cool that i just had to comment twice! I love the part where he breaks furno's neck and when he is playing dsi but you didn't put me in there. oh well.
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
nice i think it is so awesome so sorry i didn't see this sooner I was at a friends house. this is nice. so funny
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
Hey I'm still alive hooray!!! I thought i had been dismantled but i'm not! Oh and i don't like baseball. I'm a swimmer. I love cricket though!
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
HAHA, that was hilarious:D
  February 27, 2011
BTW, if you get Black or White and the guy offers you a Magikarp, BUY IT!! They are VERY rare in B&W, so be sure to! :D
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
Whoa... so many presents... holy smack! Thanks a ton, mate. This is really cool. Oh, and Magikarp: JUST FREAKING EVOLVE ALREADY! And you nailed my personality on the clone wars diorama. I'm so childish. There's too much epic to mention... THANKIES X3
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
Haha, my favorite parts were the Pokemon and the bit with Furno. I recently got like 140 of those mini Pokemon off ebay, and I'm trying to get a warhammer-based game made with them. :)
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
Awesome! Although, I think Aridike would be more likely to give Kenaz a lazer-cannon than a pet beetle...
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
Awesome version of Kenaz!!! And the story is soooo funny!!!!! LOL
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
Awesome! All the Self-MOCs come together! And it's me! LOL! "Oh..." Ha ha! Good job :) Can't wait to see mine :)
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
Totally AWESOME!!! Too bad Callan was SICK!! Just kidding, I'm not really sick, just couldn't make it. :D I guess if you wanna post Callan now, that would be great. Can't wait to see them both, and AMAZING special! :D
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
okey. Well, me do yours on the 28th, and i'll start planning legobob's!
 I made it 
  February 27, 2011
Thank guys ;) Legobob, WOW you guys are so close together! I'll make something for you, but I'll make it different, but yet similiar to this :D Skrall, I'll also do something for you on your birthday :D I Also hate coke, I just used it for jokes :P Oh and I fixed the words :D btw do you like Shadavax? or is it too similiar to Adams? Actually let me know when I post it next weekend :)
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
You made shadavax and it looks like the one Adam Toh made.My B day is on 7 May and hope you don't gave him coca cola because i don't like it especially sweets but not chocolate.And also i notice the words are all mixed up.
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
My birthday is next Sunday!
 I made it 
  February 27, 2011
Thanks guys! And you got him Shadavax Shadowflame :D Wertman, mines on May 28th :D I'll be doing something for me too :D
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
this is awesome! tell me when its your birthday... i want to do something like this! :D
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
 I like it 
  February 27, 2011
lol nice did i get him a present? o idk lol well nice job
By Ben Cossy
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