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  1. Why are there rules?
  2. What are the rules?
  3. What happens if I break the rules?
  4. What triggers automatic rejection?
  5. What triggers moderation?
  6. What happens if my comment needs to be moderated?
  7. Writing good comments

Why are there rules?

The rules have been in place for years, and are based on your complaints about problematic comments.

See also Why are there rules for appropriate content?

What are the rules?

Bad words:
There are a lot of words you wouldn't use when talking to your mother. Don't put them on MOCpages.

Being mean:
MOCpages is a friendly place, and we won't let you say mean things about other people here.

Writing long words without spaces:
Long words without spaces push things off the sides of the screen and mess up people's pages. These silly words don't get your point across any better than just saying what you mean.

Name, Location, Comments
MOCpages also looks at your name and location when checking comments for inapproprate content.

What happens if I break the rules?

If you write really bad things your comment will be automatically rejected and you won't even be able to submit your comment.

If you write other things that might be OK your comment will need to be moderated by a real live person.

If you are a constant problem your access to MOCpages will be blocked.

What triggers automatic rejection?

Really bad words. MOCpages wont even let you submit your comment if it contains really bad words or inappropriate sexual terms.

You also can't write big long words that don't have spaces.

What triggers moderation?

Lots of things that are usually OK. For example, If you write "beef jerky" in your comment, MOCpages sees the word "jerk". There's no good way for a computer to tell the difference between "beef jerky" and something like "you jerk!" , so a person has to look at it to make sure.

But some words that you might not expect, like "mom", can flag your comment for moderation. (Sadly, most people are saying "it's ugly like your mom" and not "my mom loves it".)

What happens if my comment needs to be moderated?

Most of the comments that are moderated are OK -- you'll see them appear in under a day or two. And you'll get an e-mail when the comment is posted.

Bad comments are deleted before anyone ever sees them, so there's no sense in trying.

Writing good comments

   BAD: "Don't listen to Joe, he's stupid. This is great!"
   GOOD: "Joe, I don't agree. I think this is great!"

   BAD: "Lose some weight or stay out of the pics!"
   GOOD: "I like the 5th picture, it shows the creation better."

   BAD: "How old are you? A 6-year-old could this."
   GOOD: (Don't say anything! Maybe he's actually 6!)

   GOOD: "Wow! This is really cool!"

Examples of good comments

2 out of 5
"Not your best. I don't like the sword, but the whip is good. That's about the only thing I do like about it, really (sorry if I sound mean). There is just too much trans-orange going on. It should be a subtle thing, if you ask me. Please, don't disappoint us and make a better one."

5 out of 5
"*claps* Nicely done, dude. Its good to see some planning before building stuff sometimes, shows that you are thinking about your creations. I must say, this is a good little vignette you got here, I might have to try my hand at this style... once I get back to civilization."

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