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The World Court
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 Group admin 
Chief Magistrate Boyle, please respond to our invitation and report to your private chamber. The business of the World Court awaits...
| April 10, 2018, 11:24 pm
Woo! I'm excited.

And rather scared.
| April 10, 2018, 11:26 pm

"Hello" to all the residents of our beautiful, if somewhat damp planet. The first duty that has been given to me to discharge as Chief Magistrate of The World Court is to announce the location of The World Court Building, where we shall convene forevermore in our deliberations!

To ensure that our assembly is safe from the growing conflicts in our world, security preparations are underway. Soon The World Court will be rendered Inviolable to Conventional Warfare, and will stand alone as a sovereign territory!

We shall be meeting one another weekly on the paradisaical Island of A4, yes, up in that scenic (if somewhat chilly), island chain that so many of our number found irresistible beyond sense and reason!

A build challenge shall be announced over the weekend.

That is all. Have a blessed day!

Chief Magistrate of the World Court the First, Patrick Boyle of Lesser Freedonia

"Always Forward!"
| April 11, 2018, 12:44 pm
 Group admin 
By decree of Chief Magistrate Boyle, the island A4 will is now home to the World Court and the icon has been added to the map. There are two important things to remember about A4.

1) The island is considered neutral ground and it is off-limits to combatants. Any attempt to attack A4 is strictly prohibited. If a player declares an attack against A4 it will be declared void and the player will forfeit his attack for that window.

2) The World Court cannot be moved. It will remain in play until the final weeks of the game (date TBA) at which time the World Court will be dissolved and the icon will be removed from the map.
| April 11, 2018, 1:10 pm
(a horrible screeching noise that makes you want to die, a little)


(it's interrupting your favorite show, too)


To all the good people of our over-moist planet, their dogs, and certain notable cats! As you are undoubtably aware, we have experienced a certain... "outage" ...of our plane of existence! I urge you all to remain calm, and return to your daily routines after conducting a brief headcount of your loved ones, co-workers, and limbs. Any experiences of Deja Vu, "Found Memory," or feelings of unexplained loss should be reported to the Department of Congruity as soon as possible!

It is my duty as Chief Magistrate to relate to you this one, specific tragedy! Our new, beautiful, and very expensive World Court Building was only recently installed, and it did not survive this unpleasantness in a usable condition, and it must be replaced!


I am calling on all the nations of the World to construct new World Court Buildings, and the governmental contract to do so requires the following:


1. The World Court Building must be a micro-scale structure (smaller than minifig scale, but people can still be seen), represented at a minimum by the front facade of the building. It must feature a prominent entryway no less than six studs across and with headspace for your microfigures (spec 4). The build will also include a public area in front of the building.

2. The World Court is an old structure that was built upon an even more ancient location of great significance to one of the Lost Antarctic Civilizations. Your moc must include a ruin, either as a freestanding structure, or included as a separate distinct architectural style that your world court building has been built upon.

3. The World Court is not safe merely because convention, it preserves its security and power through armies maintained by an order devoted to TWC rule. The building must be guarded in some way, but how is entirely up to you! Conventional tanks, microscale mecha, or even just a frikin' laser turret on the roof. Anything goes.

4. The World Court is a thriving place, free from the conflict of our world! It must include at least two figures representing civilian humans and a larger than human animal, such as certain livestock or "big game" animals. The people may be brickbuilt or official LEGO microfigures. The animal must be brickbuilt.

Your submission is due in one week's time from today (assume we don't all disappear again! Oh-ho!), and will be submitted for evaluation by our faithful orderlies in the DAS. The victor will be decided by general acclaim through a vote in The World Court, and will be rewarded with a heap of goodwill and a DIPLO boost (because we spent all our budget on the last building!).

Please direct all questions to the appropriate thread.

Thank you, and have a glorious eve.

-Chief Magistrate of the World Court the First, Patrick Boyle of Lesser Freedonia

***Like this challenge? Want more like it? Subscribe to an entire game of Patrick Boyle- Chief Magistrate with your VOTES!***
| April 14, 2018, 2:08 pm
 Group admin 
To clarify this latest announcement, the volatility of MOCpages, and the lovely moderation system on this website, your World Court submission is due by 1pm PDT on Saturday, April 21. This date may be subject to change, so stay tuned.

And no, we don't have an official Department of Congruity. Hope nobody needs it.
| April 15, 2018, 1:05 am
 Group admin 
Chief Magistrate Boyle, please report to your chamber at your earliest convenience. The business of the World Court awaits...
| April 15, 2018, 11:45 pm
To the great folks of our Sunny Seaside Planet which could really use a name, our battles have been fought and our flags are planted. All that remains is for our friends in the DAS to calculate what it all means and break out the ol' box of crayons for a new map.

But, as they say, when the DAS closes a window, they open a second, different window. It is my pleasure as the Chief Magistrate to present to you the item to be voted upon this week.

Proposition 1:
The World Court instructs the DAS to expand the ORBAT by 1 slot effective immediately.

This will be a totally new category added as an addition to the current moc spec schedule, and while the precise specs are being hammered out, I can tell you it will be a relatively small, low calorie build, which will involve no minifigures in any way, and hopefully will fit easily into your busy schedule, while offering some of our more prolific builders something to do until the 30th.

This issue will be settled with a straight up/down vote, and I strongly urge you all to vote "YES" this session of The World Court! I promise you this next category will be a delight!

With best regards but a little side-eye,

Chief Magistrate the First, Patrick Boyle of Lesser Freedonia

"Always Forward!"
| April 16, 2018, 4:16 pm
 Group admin 
CM Boyle, please report to your Chamber at your earliest convenience.
| April 16, 2018, 9:41 pm
*Your monitor crackles with static. You favorite show blurs out, right when Sheila is about to reveal the father*

Calling all Generals of Island Paradise Warzone! I, the Chief Magistrate of the World Court, the First, Patrick Boyle of Lesser Freedonia have an urgent message for you!

Your patrols aren't coming back. Your supply convoy will not arrive. Your lines of battle are compromised, and your command jeep just got crushed by a felled tree.

This, Generals, is an AMBUSH! There's precious little time, and I fear for your safety in AW3 if you can't mount a response!

CATEGORY 16- Ranger

Whether scouting trails, observing the enemy, or conducting sabotage deep in enemy territory, the Ranger provides an out-sized value to the military they serve. Trained in the arts of unconventional and asymmetric warfare, the Ranger can strike undetected and disappear before the enemy can muster a defense. The Ranger typically acts alone, but a small team working together is enough to stop an army in its tracks.

1. Mobility through rough terrain is key to a ranger's effectiveness. You must build a land vehicle or mount no longer than 12 studs, nor wider than 8 studs. It must be capable of fitting a single complete minifigure. It must have a visually identifiable means of propulsion.

FAQ: There is no thematic limitation for this build. It could be any sort of vehicle, animal, or robot, (or other thing), so long as if meets those criteria. Wheels, legs, treads, chainsaw hands, anything goes as long as it provides movement by applying friction to the ground! Official LEGO figurines, such as horses, dinosaurs, and Tauntauns are forbidden for this spec, no matter how nice you make their saddle- this is a building challenge, not a decorating one!

2. Rangers live a lonely life, and everyone needs a friend. Build a non-humanoid companion of no less than ten pieces and include a picture of it with your ranger. Give it a proper name in the write-up. This build cannot double as the first spec. Please include a breakdown shot allowing the DAS to count your pieces.

FAQ: Similar to the first FAQ, AI drones, and robots, and animals, and all that can be built- just nothing shaped like Man. They cannot be used as the first spec, no matter how deep your relationship with horses may be, your ranger gets a separate friend. They can ride along if you can fit them, though.

3. Rangers are a jack of all trades within your military. Create the two following scenes to include as separate mocs for this category. They do not have to include the vehicle or companion, they only have to include your ranger figure.

Your Ranger “silencing” an enemy sentry. This may be a second minifigure, or a brickbuilt creation such as a robot or a security system.

Your Ranger planting an explosive. This scene requires some sort of objective to be destroyed such as a vehicle, supplies, a bridge, etc. Also a bomb, of course.

FAQ: Do try to make them look nice.

4. Write a minimum 100 word story, poem, creed or song to go with your Ranger in addition to your explanatory write-up.

FAQ: Add some sort of title or separation so the DAS knows where your description ends and this begins. I like limericks.

This entry is to be added to the bottom of your ORBAT, as Category 16.

Good luck, Generals, and Godspeed!

-End Transmission
| April 22, 2018, 1:57 pm
 Group admin 
This new category is officially live and has been added to the MOC category specifications thread.
| April 22, 2018, 2:36 pm
 Group admin 
CM Boyle, please report to your Chamber at your earliest convenience.
| April 23, 2018, 1:23 pm
*An overweight man in a smoking jacket twirls his mustache while slowly turning a Unikitty figurine in his fingers*

Sometimes, I think you're the only one who gets me...

*A cough, offstage.*

Crap! They turned the planet back on!


To all the people viewing this broadcast-

HELLO! I am glad to know you're still with us after such a bloody week, which I am certainly not composing some sort of pirate shanty in honor of.

Our good friend, Comptroller of the DAS, Keith, recently visited my office in the newly installed World Court Building and Municipal Bus Stop, and he charged me with providing you with a new voting option.

Keith wanted to stud our world with diamonds worth 40 MILPO each; but who am I, some honeyed troubadour leading you to Rock Candy Mountain? "No!" I said to him, our world wants to earn its power through industrious building. Would have been a bit gauche, anyway.

Then he got all weird and biblical, offering famines and to part the waters of the seas. I tell you, I turned white as a sheet by the time his firey oration was complete!

All of this comes way of an apology, I suppose, that this week's vote is not terribly exciting, as I hastily chose the least offensive option I could as I made off to hide from the DAS in the warm damp of my giraffe enclosure.

So today, good folks of Aquarium Rocks IV, I submit to you Proposition 2:

For the purpose of Embargoing one player.

Each voter will select an opponent to be compelled to attack last in the next AW. The player recieving the most votes will be subject to the embargo. They may place their attack at any time during the AW, but it will be calculated after all others. This player may never again be subject to embargo during DA3.

Please give this topic your full consideration as a worthy topic of Our World Court. The polls will close in twenty four hours.

Thank you for your time, and your faithful participation.

-Chief Magistrate of the World Court the First, Patrick Boyle of Lesser Freedonia

"Always Forward!"
| April 25, 2018, 11:56 am
 Group admin 
Voting on Prop#2 has been extended until noon (PDT) tomorrow, 4/26/18.
| April 25, 2018, 11:23 pm
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