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Galactic Federation of Free Worlds (G.F.o.F.W.)
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UCS U-Wing MOC (Rogue One)
UCS U-Wing MOC (Rogue One) by tfcrafter 1
TIE-Emancipator by Gorn Veynom
TIE/tb Torpedo Bomber
TIE/tb Torpedo Bomber by Gorn Veynom
TIE-Interceptor by Gorn Veynom
Imperial Autonomous Turbolaser ...
Imperial Autonomous Turbolaser ... by Gorn Veynom
Sheathipede-class transport sh ...
Sheathipede-class transport sh ... by Gorn Veynom
2015 Retrospective
2015 Retrospective by Gorn Veynom
Speeder Bike KH-173
Speeder Bike KH-173 by Gorn Veynom
First Order Transporter
First Order Transporter by Gorn Veynom

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About the GF: The Galactic Federation is a group of Rebels, Jedi, Mercenaries, Imigrants, Senators, loyal Clones, Outcasts, and Russian soldiers who are against the Empire.

GF history: After the rise of the ninth Galactic Empire, General Rham Kota's Militia came to power once more to fight it.

In 9000ABY, the Galactic Empire struck a fatal blow to one of the Militia's very few factories, causing the militia to split-up.

After a few years of small skirmishing rebellions (of which none were official), General Kota's Militia was reestablished, although very few people had the courage to join, for the Galactic Empire, in those few short years, had built the Death Star III. In fear that thier planets might be destroyed for joining the Militia, very few Senators -Garm Bel Iblis, Mon Mothma, Bail Organa were the only ones- rallied to the cause.

In 9005ABY, the Militia was renamed "General Rham Kota's & General Kyle Jackroy's Militia". But that didn't last long. Two days later, it was renamed "General Rham Kota's Militia".

In a few years, the Militia gained enough strength to finally, and officialy, attack the Empire.

Then, in 9010ABY, Order 69 came, in total surprise. Many of the Jedi, and soldiers, in the Militia were killed. Because of Order 69, the Militia went into chaos...

For fifty years the Galaxy was under control by the Empire. Then, a small band of rebels -Daniel Smith, Rham Kota, Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar- formed the new and improved "General Rham Kota's Militia".

In the year 9060ABY, the Militia was reformed into the "Galactic Alliance of Free Worlds".

After a month and a half of no fighting, the Galactic Alliance decided to launch an attack on one of the Empire's TIE facilities. This attack was led by General Van Lembergen and High General Novosad. The attack was a complete success. The Empire retreated. Total casulties of the Empire are unknown, but we kicked their butts!

In 9061ABY (one year after the attack on the Imperial facility), the Galactic Alliance lauched another attack, this time on the Empire's Death Star IIII, which was still under construction. Surpriseling, the Empire managed to fend our attacking troops off. But soon they were over-run. They retreated, leaving part of the Death Star IIII to us.

After three months of brutal fighting, the Galactic Alliance broke the stormtroopers' line. We rushed through and attacked the Empire's supreme commander-Emperor Palapatine XXXVI.

After the crushing blow given to the Empire, it fell. The Galactic Alliance thought we'd had won, but we were wrong; Under the command of a new emperor, the Empire rose. It is called "Imperial Fragment". When news reached the Galactic Alliance about the "new" empire, we sent out troops to all planets under our protection. The fighting is raging on as we speak.

In 9061ABY, the leaders of the Galactic Alliance put out a vote saying that each member had to vote for a political party that the group follows.

After a month of no fighting, the Galactic Alliance lauched another attack on one of the Empire's TIE facilities. The attack was led, again, by General Van Lembergen and High General Novosad. The attack was semi-successful; the Empire's facility was destroyed, but the Galactic Alliance lost many men and starships.

A week after the attack on the TIE facility, the Galactic Alliance, yet again, lauched another attack. This time on Imperialized Raxus Prime. Due to Raxus Prime's unstable terrain and atmosphere, the men had to be careful. This attack, however, was led by High Marshall Smith, AKA the founder of the Galactic Alliance. High Marhsall Smith's attack is going on as we speak. So far, we have attacked the melting facility and defeated many Imperials.

A month after that, the generals' plan goes into action. Colonel Deviss is promoted to general, and General Van Lembergen is demoted and dis-honorably discharged from the Galactic Alliance's army. Many things had changed.

After the new order, the Galactic Alliance of Free Worlds is re-named "Galactic Federation of Free Alliances". But that didn't even last an hour; it was soon re-named "Galactic Federation of Free Worlds".

In 9061ABY, Dis-charged general Sander started the Cold War. This war lasted a week.

Soon, Sander apologized for his wrong doings and was excepted back in to the Galactic Federation. All was happy...for now.

Then, out of the bleu, the Galactic Federation entered war with the Crimson Guard, a formal ally of the GF. Not only do we have to fight the Empire, but now we are about the enter war with the Crimson Guard. The attacks are still in the planning stage, but the three participants are: The DARX Empire (organized the attack), the Galactic Federation (supplying the soldiers), and the Galaxian Region Enterprise (supplying the ships/weapons).

Sadly, three days after the attacks were being planned, Sector-B Spaceyards discontinued the alliance with the GF. Even without them, we will continue to get our weapons and ships from our two other suppliers.

Soon, Sector-B Spaceyards became a supplier again.

Then suprisingly, three weeks after the Cold War started, the GF breaks-off from the DARX Empire, becoming neutral.

Eventually -it turns out-, the leaders of the CG replied, saying, "We will not officialy ally to you. We will form a neutral alliance".

After many months of combat, the war between the DARX and the CG had appeared to end. But it is still unknown to this day if the peace will remain.

In the year 9063, there had been absolutely NO conflict with the Empire or Crimson Guard. But suddenly, the Empire launched a major attack on one of our shipyards. The brave soldiers of the Galactic Federation fought them off as long as possible, but were evetually overrun. The surviving GF soldiers made their way to the escape pods; the ones that made it ejected, but most were destroyed by Imperial TIE Fighters still attacking the outer defences. The soldiers who survived the escape were lost in Space...forever....
The shipyard was completely annihilated.
Total losses for the Empire: 86 Pilots, 267 infantry
Total losses for the GF: 122 pilots, 1089 infantry (possibly more)

After the attack on the shipyard, the GF planned an attack on the Empire's shipyard. The attack was considered foolproof. But when the pilots arrived, they were blown to pieces, ship and all. The Empire had known about the attack somehow. It was not only embarresing, it was horrific.

Ever since the two fatal blows to the Galatic Federation, it hasn't been powerful.

A month after the two major attacks on the GF, the DARX Empire declared war on the GF.

The war was distiguished several hours later by "The Treaty of Naboo", made by High General Novosad.

The GF began building-up a larger naval fleet for protection of the Galaxy and the many star systems that it protects.

The Empire had attacked Felucia, and six GF Marine divisions were deployed to elimate them. The GF Marines and the Imperial stormtroopers are fighting as the days drag on.

After the heavy fighting subsided, all GF Marines pulled-out of Felucia.

Several months after that, in 9065, the Grand Assembly of the Galactic Federation of Free Worlds met with the Imperial Council of Officials and organized a treaty, stating that all fighting it to subdue, and the Empire would stop colonizing planets.

After several long decades, the fighting had stopped. THE WAR WAS FINALLY OVER!
669,000 Galactic Federation soldiers lost their lives as a result of this conflict. It was most bloody and destructive combat the Galaxy had ever known.

Unfortunately, tensions with the DARX Empire are still present...

Our mission: Keep peace among the Galaxy

Current political party: We are a semi-democracy.

Former group names: "General Rham Kota's Militia", "General Rham Kota's Militia (Rebellion)", "General Rham Kota's & General Kyle Jackroy's Militia", "Galactic Alliance of Free Worlds (Rebellion)", "Galactic Alliance of Free Worlds (G.A.o.F.W.)", "Galactic Federation of Free Alliances", and, currently, "Galactic Federation of Free Worlds (G.F.o.F.W.)".


We have allied groups:
Lego Star Wars Hangout
Supreme Commanders Club
Alliance Special Forces
Echo Base
The Alliance of the Elite (T.A.E.)
Galactic Clone Commanders
The ALL LEGOŽ Star Wars
The Group Of Peoples (G.O.P.)
GRE "Galaxian Region Enterprise"
(Ask if you want a group to be allied!)

We sponsor the:
HTML Help Group
2010 Star Wars Tournament

Other groups:
The Trial Room for the Galactic Federation of Free Worlds
The Store for the Galactic Federation of Free Worlds
Galactic Federation of Free Worlds' Recruitment Station

Our suppliers:
Rothana Weapons Engineering
All-$tar Ships & Weapons Inc.
Sector-B Spaceyards
Excelsior Armor Engineering

Enemy groups:
The Darx Empire


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  • Daniel Smith

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    Other Medals: ** [2]

  • Matthew Novosad

  • Combat Medals: ********* [9]
    Other Medals: * [1]

  • Deviss

  • Combat Medals: ******** [8]
    Other Medals: NONE

  • Ben Lidvall

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    Other Medals: NONE

  • Jacob Cuica
    Combat Medals: NONE
    Other Medals: NONE

  • Frennd

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    Other Medals: NONE

  • Kevin Wadowski

  • Combat Medals: *
    Other Medals: NONE

  • Sander

  • Combat Medals: ***** [5]
    Other Medals: * [1]

  • Commander Sidewinder

  • Combat Medals: ** [2]
    Other Medals: NONE

  • Michael Q

  • Combat Medals: NONE
    Other Medals: * [1]

    If you are not on this list, you do not have a medal or you are not a member of government.

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