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Legends of the Matoran Universe: The RPG! <INACTIVE>
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This group is a sister group to the Legends of The Matoran Universe group! You can find that here! :D

Launched 14th May 2014!

This tale is set some time after Makuta died on an island named Nambu Nui which is unknown to the main canon characters. (i.e Tahu, Jaller or any other official characters) The island spherus magna where a civil war has broken out. There are 6 regions, Ta-Nambu, Ga-Nambu, Onu-Nambu, Ko-Nambu, Po-Nambu and Le-Nambu. You play as a Matoran, join a faction and play the game!

Map of Nambu Nui!

Nambu Nui was established on Spherus Magna as a peaceful and utopian land. It was protected by heroic Toa and ruled by wise Turaga, from a great fortress in the middle of the island. However, when all those Toa and Turaga were gone, the balance of the island fell apart – the regions of Ta-Nambu, Ko-Nambu and Po-Nambu became largely uninhabitable, causing Matoran of different types to mix in the other three Nambus, and an aristocratic class arose in Onu-Nambu and Ga-Nambu, which oppressed the poorer Matoran of their own districts and in the humble Le-Nambu. Eventually the Le-Nambu inhabitants couldn’t take it anymore and established their own state, the Democratic State of Le-Nambu (also known simply as the South), and hundreds of poor Northern Matoran flocked to it, while other poor Matoran became bandits and preyed on their neighbors. As the Southern Matoran began to expand their territory, the North decided to crush the rebellious Matoran and reinstate their own control. At present, all three factions – the North, the South, and the Bandits, are gathering resources needed for the inevitable War.

Nambu Nui is a diverse island. In the center of the island is a circular lake, which is surrounded by a rainforest filled with wild Rahi. This forest extends into all six Nambus, but is most prominent in Le-Nambu. The regions of Onu-Nambu and Ga-Nambu are less forested but still friendly, filled with huge plains and lush green mountains. In the other three Nambus, however, the territory is too hot (Ta-Nambu) dry (Po-Nambu) or cold (Ko-Nambu) to sustain much life.

"The Furnace Peak" is the name of a massive volcano in Ta-Nambu, which has contributed to the downfall of the region. A series of chronic eruptions has resulted in great rivers of lava flowing down from the volcano, burning much of the forest.
"Palm Lake" is the name given to the lake that covers much of Ga-Nambu. It is named so because it is the central point of four rivers which flow into it from the plateaus in the shape of a hand. Another river flows out of Palm Lake into the ocean.
"Artakha’s Valley" is a canyon in Po-Nambu. It is named so because the presence of water there in the dry Po-Nambu makes it as sought after as Artakha.
"The Den of The Dead" is a series of caves carved in Po-Nambu, so named because the corpses of dead slaves litter the floor of the caves and tunnels.
"The Lash of Karzahni" is the current name of a mountain range that spreads through Onu-Nambu northward to Ko-Nambu, culminating in Mount Kohranu furthest in the north. The name of the island is twofold, firstly because the mountains are jagged and deadly, and secondly because they range is a main place of bandit activity.
"The Sea of Glass" is a lake in Ko-Metru, entirely frozen over except sometimes when the waters from the Kohranu river run into the lake.
Eldimor, a city in Onu-Nambu, is the current place of government for Onu-Nambu, and the home of the aristocracy.
Sageaus, a town on the Onu-Nambu coast, was founded to be a medium between Nambu Nui and Piro’s Island to the south. The project has been suspended due to the bandit influence on the town and the general issue of the South.
Keldar, once a general village in Le-Metru, has swelled up into a city due to its being the center of the South. It was once Nambu Nui’s transport hub as well, linking roads between the four other major settlements in Nambu Nui.
Idiron is a harbor city in the South. After Ta-Nambu became inhospitable, the trade between Ga-Nambu and Le-Nambu became based on the sea, prompting Idiron’s construction. Currently in the hands of the Democratic State of Le-Nambu.
Endelon and Arsus are the two ports in Ga-Nambu. Endelon is the primary trading hub, with land routes built between it and Eldimor and sea routes to Idiron, and Arsus is the center for fishing and shipbuilding.
The Rocks of Makuta, a rock formation off the coast of Ta-Nambu. So named in the memory of the villainous Makuta since they hinder trade between Endelon and Idiron.
"Virtue Lake", the stagnant freshwater lake in the center of Nambu Nui. The ruins of the ancient fortress stand here, in the shape of the symbol of the Three Virtues, which gave the lake its name.
The island is split into three parts with leaders for each side. The North, South and Bandits.The North controls all of the land except Le-Nambu. They controlled the southerners for a long time but then the South got sick of there control from their Northern overlords, so they lead a revolution. The bandits on the other hand, just want complete control, money and to prove that a small group of people can overturn an entire government. So the North is fighting to keep leadership, the south wants to get equal rights and the bandits want to take control of both sides.

The North:
The North is, you guessed it, in the north of the island. They rule over most of the land, but some people there have become corrupt and only wish to make money by any means necessary. (I.e killing rahi for there bones and fur, bribing and threating other matoran and just being complete jerks!). Others, though, are very kind and try to reason with others to get land and not try and take it by force. This sections leader is Commander Spencer.

The South:
The south are second class citizens, mostly living in poor conditions or poverty. Most of the matoran here are excellent hunters. They respect rahi and when they kill one, it is only for the gain off the entire tribe. They hate the North for "stealing" their land and turning great families from the south into greedy matoran, only wanting money. They have kept Le-Nambu through the war. This parts leader is Bumblebee 5253.

Bandits are a small group living in caves or small camps in Onu-Nambu. They are mostly made up from people of the north but there are some from the south who join because they believe the south has become corrupt. They are hated by the north as they do not follow there ways of respect and equal rights. They steal and kill and are outlaws. They are not welcome on either side.
This leader is Toa Chains.

There are 4 classes.

The ranged matoran. Not very good with close-combat.

The hard hitting and deadly. Front line soldiers.

Not very good at fighting, but goes in with other matoran, giving them buffs with there different medicines and herbs. They can also heal other Matoran.

Stealth and ninja like, they are silent and normally attack the other matoran without making a noise. Although If caught, they aren't very powerful.

So the game works similar to LOM, the insergency or other groups of the like. You pick a team make a matoran and post an intro of it showing its skills weaknesses and whatever.
Each matoran must have 5 skills and 3 weaknesses, no more no less. After you made your matoran, you earn points for your team by contributing to that months mission. Each team will have different missions, Here is an example.

"North Mission:
The South have sent a small camp to spy on your cities. You have to take them away and scare the south from sending more spies. You can do this anyway you want. You build must include;
1. Your character and at least 1 other north matoran
2. 2 or more south matoran
3. A small spying device. This can be anything from a pair of binoculars to a giant spy mech. It can be anything but make it creative!
Have fun building. The months challenge will end on *insert date here*"

Then you'll have to make a short story including those creations for the story, for examples;

"North Soldier 1: I don't like the look of this!
My character: I think we can do it
[both soldiers jump out and begin a fight with the spies and kill one]
Spy 1: Oh noes! We must go, now and warn the leader not to spy here again!
Spy 2: k brah.
[both characters leave and the mission is complete.]"

SO now you understand how to do the story. Then there are free builds where you can build a rahi or a vehicle or whatever to get individual points. The one with the most individual points is leading in that round. You can make as many as you want each month and if you get the most individual points in your team then you get the rank of best warrior of the month, for this, the group leader will put a link to your page on their team topic, ASWELL as your page on the main page. Each free build is awarded with 0 to 5 individual points. 5 points is given for an amazing moc whereas a 0 would be a generic, badly built moc.
We will also keep a tally of the points each team gets. Each monthly mission uploaded can get between 0 and 10 points for their team and 5 individual points. (BTW you can only upload 1 monthly mission per month.) The months mission is awarded 10 points for an amazing moc and story whereas a 0 would be a crap moc and story. The leader can also contribute to the monthly mission and add free builds. All three of the Admins and the mod will mark the free builds and monthly missions. We will take an average of our scores and that will be the persons score.

Have fun building, interacting and playing in this RPG. Please read the rules and the rest of the topics for more info!

The Three Most Famous Matoran!
1. Manu
2. Lakkawn
3. Rotu
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LEGO models my own creation MOCpages toys shop Legends of the Matoran Universe: The RPG! <INACTIVE>

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